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    Not looking for unbreedables.

    Tinsels I have for trade purposes:
    GOLD -
    4g stair/various purple-coloured (breed with Nebula)(Living in Sin)
    5g stair/blacks (Living in Sin)
    5g stair/sunsets (Living in Sin)
    5g stair/green Nebulas (AGYI)
    6g even (breed with 6g White)(Gold Epica)
    7g stair/vines (Gold Epica)
    10g messy (Gold Epica)

    SILVER -
    3g stair/green Nebulas (LAdy of Silver Dreams)
    4g stair/White (Patxaran)
    5g stair/Blue Nebulas (Inextrica)
    5g even (breed with 5g Stripe)(Erno)
    6g stair/male Hellfires (Artemis)
    6g stair/Pink (Erno)
    6g stair/various pinks (Penk)
    6g stair/Ice (Dawn's Silver Medal)
    6g stair/female Hellfires (Penk)
    8g stair/Blue Nebulas with Rosebud feature (Inextrica)

    BRONZE -
    3g stair with Terrae (Alcoholic)
    4g stair with Ice (Brazen Zalvaris)
    4g even (breed with 4g Stripe) (Darkrose)
    4g even (breed with 4g Purple) (Bronze Ivy)
    4g and 10g stair/ember (Bronze Ivy)
    4g stair/Green Nebulas (Cielatahl)
    5g even (breed with 5g Magi) (Darkrose)
    5g stair/vine (ARMY)
    5g stair/black (Alcoholic)
    6g stair/alternate white and BBW (Galletian Victory)
    6g stair/female Hellfires (Galletian Victory)
    6g stair/moonstone (Cielatahl)
    6g stair/stripes and whites (breed with white or stripe) (San Victorus)
    7g messy (Alcoholic)


    GOLD -
    6g stair/Luminas (Simoniac)
    6g stair/Lurkers (Angelight Goldenpearl)
    9g spiral/Tsunami (Sugoroku Statr)

    SILVER -
    3g stair/Nhiostrife (Claude Monet)
    6g stair/Purple (Dazzling Girl)
    7g spiral/Shadow Walkers (Echoes in the Deep)
    7g spiral/Moonstone (Quantum Color)
    7g stair/Moonstone (Jewel)
    8g stair/Golden Wyverns (Shao Shi)
    9g wave stair/Blusangs (ProwI)

    BRONZE -
    5g stair/Water (Seaglory of Christmas)
    5g stair/Royal Blue (Schimmernder Drache)
    6g stair/Lurker (Satan)
    6g stair/GW (Crazy Little Diamond)
    5g and 6g stair/Royal Blue (Royal Huntress)
    6g stair/Red Nebula (brFA8)
    6g spiral/Wrapping wing/Arsani (Merry Times of Plenty)
    7g stair/Tan Ridgewing (messy) (Utren Shim)
    7g stair/Blusang (Felix Felicis Leviosa)
    8g stair/Ice (Royal Huntress)
    9g and 10g stair/GW (Royal Huntress)