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  1. Cnalb nodded, glad that they'd be leaving the glowing cloud. Even though it was still bright, it would be easier to deal with when the thing he was standing on wasn't one of his least favorite things. He lifted off of it and followed after her, and although the silence didn't bother him, and was actually preferable, he figured he might as well ask some things and see if he could get any sort of information from Arinoir herself. ...Which was doubtful, but still worth a try. And thinking back, there was something that he had sort of noticed before she had lifted off. “Why were you so quiet for a bit? Your mind seemed to be... Elsewhere.” He was rather satisfied when it didn't sound accusing, and instead just sort of disinterested. He wasn't the best at keeping his tone from sounding rude usually, after all, even if he was good at keeping an expressionless face. So the fact it, for once, did not sound like he was about to start a war was a nice change, even if he doubted he could manage it again. Well, whatever. Most were used to it after about five sentences from him, anyways, since it wasn't like he ever sounded happy. Or even content. At least, in the presence of other living creatures. He would (very rarely) smile, even if it wasn't too noticeable, when he was alone. Solitude was a nice thing in his opinion, after all. Now with twice the amount of thoughts on his mind, most of which he'd likely dismiss later and ignore until he forgot, he turned his grey eyes and the majority of his attention to the deity of light, waiting for a response to his question. ...Or maybe she'd try to avoid it. He never knew with her, not really. Probably because he didn't like to pay attention to whatever she did. ((I am sorry I don't know what to do with Cnalb minus grumpy, mental monologue, so that's pretty much all this is.)) Ivory was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the frisbee until it hit her. Recoiling slightly, she turned to find what had hit her, staring at the frisbee on the ground when she noticed it. But then who threw it...? Her question was answered literally moments later when a strange voice she had never heard again spoke to her. She looked up quickly, earning herself a face full of hair blocking her view. Half paying attention to what they- she, from the sounds of it, actually- was saying, and half on getting her hair out of her face, she blinked as she finally could see again. Though she could see before. It was just a bit annoying, having red everywhere, too. ”It's fine. Worse has happened to me before,” she responded, brushing off her apology. ”Sera...? Oh, right. My name's Ivory. Nice to meet you too.” She smiled slightly, and then a meow caught her attention, and she seemed to completely ignore the other girl's presence, now looking around for the source as she hadn't been paying much attention to it before. It could be a stray, a wandering outdoors, or a lost one, but if it was friendly, then she wanted to pet it. ...It wasn't every day she found a friendly cat, after all. And maybe it was the cat she was looking for, too! That'd be a bonus. Even if it wasn't, though, it was still a cat. Now seemingly forgetting that she was sort of talking to someone else, she began actually searching for the cat in the general direction she had heard it.
  2. ((The fox is a flirtatious jerk.)) "Not a very suitable song for this place," Ashen called out when Mosi began to sing. "Hush." "But Blackbiiird!" the fox whined, earning yet another glare from the reaper(which made the fox grin). Llyr fell back into silence, sort of tuning the noise out to focus on any hint of anyone else around. While he didn't mind the noise, it got distracting, and he'd rather not deal with a sneak attack of some sort. Especially considering anything could attack at any moment. Rose quickly and quietly hurried along once Mosi told them to keep moving, feeling like any and every noise was too loud in this place. ...She was probably just getting paranoid, though... She jumped a bit when Ryu spoke, before processing what exactly he said. "Family? No, not... I, um, I live alone," she responded, stumbling over her words a bit and glancing at the male before returning her gaze to ahead of them. "...And yourself?" she asked. "Almost everything is twice my size," Ashen responded, still grinning from his exchange with Llyr. "Usually, that is. I've carried things twice your size before, anyways. Had a skull on hand at those times though." He shrugged. "...You know, that whole shapeshifting thing. Skulls help. So do bones. Otherwise, our shifting skills are limited." He thought for a moment, before remembering what else Xipilli said, and laughed. "Oh, darling," he began, "then you probably shouldn't see me outside of this place."
  3. Cnalb cast a disdainful look at the table when it roared, turning his attention back to Arinoir after she made it vanish. He figured answering the first two questions would be useless, though the answers would both have been 'yes', or some form of it. "It does not matter to me," he responded indifferently. "Wherever is fine." He didn't know practically anywhere in this place, anyways. And while he might actually find out something if he chose a place, he, again, didn't know anywhere in her realm. It was to be expected though, seeing as he avoided leaving his own unless he had to. Even then he was hesitant. Not because he had things to do, no, he could care less about that. It was usually just cursing and blessing people temporarily anyways. No, it was simply because he didn't want to deal with anyone, be they deities or humans, though he found it easier to deal with the latter than the former. Not as many formalities. Also, he could easily crush them if they got too annoying. It wasn't as easy to do that with powerful, immortal beings. ...Probably why he didn't ever hear of it, frankly. That, and the whole 'doesn't work well with others'. He didn't notice that there were still teacups left, as he wasn't exactly paying much attention to everything that she was doing, instead averting his gaze because this was far too much light for him and he was getting a headache. Though he wasn't sure if it was from the light or dealing with Arinoir. ...Both, probably. Ivory, at that very moment, was at a park, sitting on the swings and staring at, well, nothing. It was fairly easy to tell that she was lost in thought... For about three more seconds, before she stood up, deciding that she was done sitting around and doing, well, nothing, for now. Besides, she did still have things to do. Sort of. If 'looking for a cat', 'going to go check out some frogs', and 'finding that one weird rock again' counted, then she had things to do. 'Wash some of the things off her arm' was somewhere on that list, too, but she'd do that when she got home, and wasn't in the middle of walking to the place she had found the frogs a few days ago. She had to grab more markers too, she remembered, quickly adding that to her arm in the dark green that she had chosen earlier to bring with. There was no real reason for the colors, minus making it look pretty. A thought came to mind and she quickly scribbled it down, remembering that she had washed it off previously; 'find a cure(maybe)'. Not that she had been making any progress for this curse. ...She had, however, learned a bit about deities and the one that cursed her ancestor- Airynose, was it?- in the process. Not much, though, minus that they were a deity of light, had a twin or something named something weird, and then some boring things she hadn't bothered to try and remember.
  4. Llyr returned shortly, noticing Mosi was distracted, Ryu was a bit away, Rose looked confused now that she wasn't completely flustered, and Xipilli and Ashen were... He didn't even know, minus that Ashen was grinning(a bad sign) and Xipilli was looking a lot better than before(a good sign). He quietly approached Mosi. "We should be continuing soon. Find somewhere that's not in the open, before night falls... If it's even still day." It was impossible- for him, at least- to tell time in the strange place; There was no visible sky, and the shadows never seemed to change. Always the same pitch-black darkness, which didn't really help figuring out where the stone floor ended and turned into a wall. Rose had dropped her hands back to her sides after her blush had died down enough that it wasn't as noticeable, and was now shifting her weight from foot to foot silently as she watched everyone else, wondering why Ryu had moved away, if she had done something wrong, or if he was just too embarrassed. Either way, there wasn't much she could do about it. In fact... There wasn't much she could do at all, at that moment. Everyone else seemed to be busy, and she didn't want to disturb any of them. She was going to check her pockets, but she realized that the vest she always forgot she was wearing only had various objects that were there for weird reasons and also an old book, which she did not want to try reading when it was this dark. ...Well, maybe she'd just wait a little bit longer before she decided to do anything. "Good, because I'm not in the mood for carrying over double my weight of naga for... Who knows how long," Ashen said, chuckling. "Although I doubt they'd let me touch you. Oh, you missed it! I managed to make Mosi mad and also almost lose my hand to Llyr!" he cheerfully stated. "Well, I could have grown my hand back, but he still did some damage." His grin almost seemed sinister when he said that, as if he held some form of resentment for that. "...And before you ask, no, I didn't enjoy the injury much." He wasn't a big fan of being in pain, after all. ((But Ryu, being trapped in an abyss that may be all of your demises is the perfect opportunity for romance.))
  5. "They purr when they're injured or frightened, as well, if I remember correctly," Llyr said. The male rolled his eyes as the werepuma started making kissy sounds at Rose and Ryu, rising from where he had been sitting. "Something's nearby. I'll be back," he said before walking towards the place he had sensed the strange energy. It didn't feel hostile, exactly, but he didn't want to risk it and have it attack the group. Rose hid her face behind her hands as Mosi began making kissing noises. Her blush had spread to her ears and neck, turning them both pink, and at this point, she was honestly wondering if they'd ever go back to normal again. She moved her fingers apart to glance over at Ryu, a small smile appearing as she noticed he was just as embarrassed. ...She quickly averted her gaze, though, and moved her hands to hide her eye again. "Why thank you," Ashen responded with his usual smirk, meeting the snake's eyes for a moment before glancing over at the dragon and 'mouse', chuckling as he noticed what was going on. He paused in his tracing, glancing back down at his tail again, smirk fading. "Your tail's softer than I would have expected," he mused, resuming his movements carefully. His smirk returned as if it hadn't left in the first place as he finished the last constellation he remembered clearly enough to copy, turning his gaze back to Xipilli's face when he was finished. "Feeling better now?" he asked. While the words usually would have been said with concern, Ashen's tone was more curious than actually worried.
  6. (('Tis fine, I understand completely! ^^ ...I'd freak out. And then laugh.)) Cnalb's face remained perfectly expressionless as she turned into a copy of himself, choosing his words carefully. "...You still look far too cheerful," he finally said, narrowing his eyes slightly. While he usually had on an expression that could best be described as 'indifference', though 'annoyance' was also common for him, the look in the other deity's eyes didn't completely match the expression. "To answer your questions... My opinions are not something that would interest them. It has been the same as always. One had, but that was settled before they could do any sort of 'damage'." A pause. "I do have spare time as of now, but I refuse to go anywhere with you until you have returned to a form less similar to mine." He attempted to use a sort of polite tone. Though, it didn't exactly sound that polite. Yes, they were twins, but it was still unsettling, especially considering they looked nothing alike. And he didn't want to have to stare at a copy of himself that could glow. And sparkle. And had Arinoir's voice. Frankly, he didn't want to stare at Arinoir either, but it was preferable to this. He was already regretting coming here, if he was being honest with himself. But this was- hopefully- the easiest way to find something to use against her. And if it didn't turn out well? ...There were sure to be other ways.
  7. "It was easy to tell by how they reacted to our defenses, seeking out the slightest chink in the armor and digging in. I'm sure you'll get a chance, anyways." The reaper's yellow eyes opened to glance over at the human and the dragon, showing faint amusement when he noticed the two were both now awake and, from the looks of it, quite flustered. His gaze returned to Mosi after a moment, watching as she looked around before his eyelids hid them from sight once more. Ashen chuckled when the tail moved underneath his touch after tracing a certain constellation. "Quetzalcoatl, hmm?" he noted, his humming resuming soon after he spoke, tracing more constellations on the male's tail, including a few of the constellations that didn't exist anymore, but did when he was just a kit. His humming soon turned to a few random lines being sung to himself before resuming his humming, only to do the same with the next song, if it had words. His voice wasn't the best or the worse, although he could have changed it if he wanted to. He didn't feel like messing too much with it right that moment though, as sounds weren't his strong point, which often led to his voice cracking. Which could get annoying. Especially considering he was trying to do something- multiple things, actually. Trace constellations, sing, and control the fire butterfly... Thing that still sat on his hand. Rose stammered out a quick "It's fine," before quickly untangling herself, stretching once she was up and ignoring the heat that currently reached her ears. She glanced at him from the corner of her eye, but quickly averted her gaze as her mind decided to bring up her memory of being stuck like that and made her face burn a brighter pink, if that was even possible.
  8. "It probably is. Chemicals and all of that," Llyr responded calmly when she asked if it was possible to prove someone's orientation. "One was a human. There was a fairy, a banshee, a chimera, a griffin, a werewolf, and a human. Souls don't lie as much as the bodies do, and I caught a glimpse of them." His eyes opened. "Reapers do the dirty work of most higher ups, as we're... Able to access the dead to question them as well as some of us being able to see the living's souls just as clearly." His eyes closed again. "If you count all of the chimera's heads, there was two greater. The three have separate brains. And souls. Same organs otherwise, though. ...But those are still valid points." He shifted slightly, keeping his eyes closed and an 'eye' out for any sign of magic that wasn't the heavy 'fog' that coated the land, numbing his magic sense a bit, but not too much. Ashen nearly jumped as the tail curled around him once more. A slightly more mischievous smirk, one that had appeared on him many times before, appeared on his face. If it was going to be like that... Well then, he saw no reason he shouldn't continue, now that the eyes were off of him. Tracing a leaf on it, mindful of the movements of the snake's tail, he switched to constellations as soon as he was finished with that, tracing each one he remembered carefully on the snake's scales(and he remembered a lot of them). His humming picked up again, ranging from classic piano pieces to what was likely metal. What could he say? Living so long ended with you learning quite a few songs, when you bothered to listen. Rose, who had previously been sleeping peacefully, woke up as her mind decided that was enough sleep for her for now. She had slept fine last night(...well, she hoped it was last night, and that they hadn't been down there for more than a day yet), so she didn't really need too much sleep. Upon seeing how the dragon was coiled around her, though, her face turned a light pink color, both out of embarrassment and surprise. She paused, glancing around the area to find the others. Mosi and Llyr speaking, Xipilli sleeping as Ashen played with the snake's tail, reminding her a bit more of a child than a three-hundred-year-old fox who was probably responsible for a lot of things, and Ryu still sleeping around her. So, she probably didn't sleep for too long, then. That was good. She glanced back down at the dragon- Well, his head, that is. She probably wasn't moving anytime soon, not that she minded too much.
  9. Llyr nodded. "...Forgot about that," he stated, somewhat quietly. His eyes slipped close, his breathing evening out as he focused. When he opened them again, he glanced over at Ashen, raising an eyebrow when he noticed what the fox was doing. It didn't seem to be harming the snake, though, so he turned his gaze back to Mosi, acting as if he hadn't seen anything odd. Which was true, sort of; He'd seen much stranger things than a fox playing with the tail of a snake, which seemed to be responding. "My alibi isn't as believable as yours, as I wasn't in town. Without anyone else knowing where I was at the time, too." His eyes slipped closed again. It helped him focus, and also tune out the souls which seemed very enthusiastic about the two of them ending up in a romantic relationship, to the point that one or two contemplated possessing him. Something that was quickly shot down as they realized it was extremely hard to possess reapers, since they had to house the souls inside of them until they could get rid of them without being possessed accidentally and such. Ashen was highly amused by the movements of the tail, though slightly taken off guard when it had curled around his hand. He wasn't completely sure whether or not the movements were positive, negative, or neutral, but it wasn't moving away from him, so it couldn't have been too bad. He traced one last shape- a flower- before withdrawing his hand. As fun as that was, he had felt someone's eyes on him, which made him a bit wary, even if it only lasted for a moment or two. However, when he looked around, he didn't see anyone looking at him. But he was sure that he didn't imagine it.
  10. ((Llyr's not much better. )) Llyr raised an eyebrow at the sudden question. "Yes, we work together. If you mean am I married, no. ...If you mean otherwise, still no." He paused. "Not everyone is anywhere near as accepting of death. There's people willing to do anything to stop it. Or cause it. Sometimes they do both." His tone suggested that had happened before, more often than what some people might have thought. "...I'll take it that, from the way you've been speaking, you don't have anyone at home for you either?" he asked, watching the woman somewhat carefully and ignoring the whispers of the souls in his head, which ranged from 'smooth' to 'ooh are they gonna kiss' to... Well, you get the point. The souls were sort of annoying if you paid too much attention to them, so the reaper ignored them the best he could. Which was a bit hard when they spoke directly in your head, but he managed. Ashen's face seemed to light up as it responded again. Even more so when he realized Xipilli was still asleep. Although the fox was slightly curious as to what he was dreaming of, he couldn't manifest in dreams(yet), he settled for continuing to play with the snake's tail, using a bit more pressure than his previous, light-as-a-feather brushes as he, still rather gently, drew various shapes on the tail, ranging from the generic shapes such as triangles and squares and hexagons to more complex things like wings and eyes. He was quick to pull away whenever the tail moved too much, though, and only resumed when it had stilled for the most part again.
  11. "It's not as fun as it seems. We're bad with socializing because of it, and merciless. Which is the reason we're taught to control our emotions in the first place. We can't let the souls stay in their bodies. ...We're solitary, usually, because of this, too." Llyr followed where she was pointing. "'My' human girl? She belongs to no one, and as long as she doesn't nearly die again, I could care less about who's comfortable with her. She doesn't look like she's not enjoying it, after all." A pause. Mosi told him about her past, so why not share a very small tidbit from his in return? "...Long story short, I met her before I retired. She was supposed to die, so I was there to collect her soul. But at the last moment, it changed, and she was supposed to live, instead. It's not often that happens, so it interested me... And so I stuck around a bit longer. Which led to me not being unemployed." He turned his gaze back to Mosi. "...I don't like necromancers. They take the souls back most of the time. Vampires aren't as annoying as retrieving souls you've already gotten once before are, because it's never as easy to grab them the second time around." Dead bodies could be just as stubborn as the live ones, he had learned. "No one tends to like reapers. We are, in a way, responsible for every death that happens. Seeing one of us in our work clothes means someone's died, and everyone tends to fear what they don't understand. To them, death is something sad and unknown. To us, death is a part of our daily lives. They don't know what happens to the souls, we do. For all they know, we could be destroying them." Another pause. "...You have some of the worst cooking skills in the universe." He sighed. Ashen continued to watch, his grin growing in size slightly. He reached out again and traced a scale, just as gentle as before. His other hand had a butterfly made of his blue fox fire on the back of it, as his palm was currently pressed on the ground to keep him from falling over. At some point, he had turned to face his tail, now sitting on his legs, as it was easier to reach his tail that way. And more comfortable. He withdrew his hand after tracing it another two times, watching it rather excitedly now that he noticed he had actually gotten a reaction from it.
  12. Llyr simply raised an eyebrow when she poked his cheek after complimenting his eyes. "We're taught to control our emotions at a young age. Helps with our work," he responded. "...My eyes are yellow. Yours are, too. Yellow, that is. And pretty." If he was anyone else, that probably would have sounded much more flirtatious, or shy, or something. But, of course, it was Llyr, so he used the same tone he would have used to state that 'the sky is blue'. He paused. "I don't think I want to know how you managed to light water on fire. There's ways, yes, but..." He sighed, shaking his head. This woman confused him more than anyone- male or female- had managed to before. Then again, when someone was only acting nice to you to get a soul back, it made them easy to read. Ashen's humming paused momentarily as his tail moved again, but resumed quickly. After it stopped again, the fox hesitantly reached out and ran a finger over the scales, keeping his touch as light as he could as to not disturb the male. Quickly withdrawing his hand, his humming grew silent as he thought. He hadn't ever been able to get that close to a live snake before, so the skin was warmer than he had felt before, which was a bit different than what he was used to. It sated his curiosity, though, so he allowed a small, somewhat triumphant smile appear.
  13. (('Elusive cooking male'. Pfft.)) "Remind me never to let you in the kitchen," he responded. It probably would have been a bit more humorous if his facial expression didn't seem to be stuck in indifference most of the time, his tone usually matching it. "Good to know that we'll have somewhere to hide, though." He glanced over at the fox who was trying to both ignore and listen to them at the same time. Especially when Mosi mentioned him. He seemed to want to say something, but held his tongue, scanning the area and meeting Llyr's gaze for a second before continuing his search. The reaper watched for another moment before returning his yellow eyes to Mosi and Xipilli, deciding to finally sit down on his legs instead of standing, which got sort of uncomfortable after a while. Ashen paused as the snake's tail moved near him, turning his crimson gaze to it. He stared at it for a few moments, before scooting slightly closer to it, curious. And slightly more cautious than he'd usually be. But he didn't know how light of a sleeper Xipilli was, and he didn't want to wake him up- And Blackbird and Mosi both didn't trust him. Especially Mosi. Mosi seemed to absolutely despise him, in fact. And as amusing as that was- oh, if she had seen some of the things he'd seen, she'd change her tune- it meant she was dangerous. Now close enough to easily touch the snake's tail if he wanted to, he simply watched it, to see if it'd move again. His humming started again- Something he had been doing a lot, but it amused him enough, and it could easily lead to breaking out in song and dance, which was always fun. For him, that is. Not so much for others when he stepped on their toes. Sure, he could dance perfectly fine, but it was fun to pretend you couldn't and squish their toes.
  14. "A lot did. Reapers leaving the... Whatever you want to call it, isn't a common occurrence, so news of it spreads like wildfire. And scythes are a pain to destroy. They're given to the person who forges them in the first place so that they can be melted down again, so it could have been anyone." Llyr watched as the knife he had thrown, currently laying discarded on the ground, dissolved into two souls which both returned to him. "And jealousy is highly unlikely. I was average for a reaper. They'd have to have skipped souls if they were below." He paused. "...You know, if we're seen by anyone from the Council when we get out, we're probably getting sent back here. We'd have to find a safe house of some sort. Unless you'd like to return to this place." Rose jumped yet again, slightly, as Ryu spoke. And then... Wait, was he purring? She smiled as the sound happened again. Funny that, in a place filled with monsters and bones, there were still things that could cheer her up. Sort of. Deciding she might as well do as he said, as only Llyr, Mosi, and Ashe- Her eyes widened as she noticed the fox was gone. However, her uneasy quickly vanished when she spotted him, returning from somewhere. Somewhat pleased that he wasn't dead, as the might need his help later, she allowed her eyes to close. Within a short while, she was asleep. Finally reaching the small group again, Ashen hushed his humming again, scanning the area to find that everyone was still where they had been before, although now three out of the five were asleep. Seeing as the two who were still awake were currently busy with a conversation, and they looked quite serious, he decided to make himself somewhat useful, and keep an eye out for trouble. He sat down cross-legged, red eyes scanning the area every now and then.