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  1. ...Well, Ryu didn't move away, and the 'hiss' was close enough to a 'yes' for her, although it did startle Rose a bit, seeing how close they were to each other at the moment. She hesitated again before drawing away slightly, tilting her head a bit- she had kissed people before so she knew how it worked, just... She wasn't used to this sort of situation- and leaning in, her eyes closing partially as she did this, though not completely, so that she knew if Ryu wanted to change his mind at the last second. However, when it didn't seem like it, she closed the almost nonexistent gap between their lips, along with her eyes, and kissed the dragon, ignoring the cheer from Ashen. Or at least trying to. She wondered if her face would be stuck this red forever. Seeing how Llyr stiffened, turning his full attention to Mosi, Ashen grinned and took a rock from the ground. This was not his best idea. He was going to do it anyways, but it was definitely not his best idea. Making sure that the reaper still wasn't paying much attention, he threw the rock over to an area he was sure the reaper couldn't see all that well, causing a few more rocks to fall. Perfect. The bird's attention went to the rocks, and he put Mosi down to go and investigate. While the reaper did this, the fox put step 'two' into place. "I'm going to go check this area out a bit more. Don't wait up," he announced, switching back to English, before leaving with a wink to Xipilli. Since the bird could see souls, the next part was a bit more difficult, but that just made this more fun! Besides, there were tons of weak decoys around here that would distract blackbird long enough for Xipilli to get Mosi(if he hadn't already) and give him time to transform, while not exhausting the bird or making him more irritated at the fox than normal when he figured out that this was a trick. It lit the tail of a nearby sleeping dog of some sort on fire, and watched as it woke up and bolted, paying little to no attention to the kitsune that had sort of hidden himself, and instead heading for the reaper who was the closest otherwise. With the reaper now actually distracted- though it wouldn't last long at all- the kistune changed his form into a perfect imitation of Mosi and quickly went through his- her?- memories of the shifter's personality so that he could pull this off easier.
  2. Rose's breath caught in her throat. "...I don't plan on it," she responded, surprised that she didn't stutter, considering she wasn't even sure if the words would form. A thought came to mind, one that refused to go away. It would be so easy to just lean forwards a small bit and... Her face burned even more at the thought, but now, it wouldn't go away. "A-Ah... May I...?" she mumbled, unsure of what exactly she should do in this kind of situation. Well, as long as Ryu didn't ask her what she meant, she should be fine. Sort of. She wouldn't be a puddle of embarrassed goo, at least. Llyr paused slightly when Mosi actually made a noise, and twitched. Was she waking up...? It occurred to him that if she wasn't being carried when she woke up, she might... Not hit someone. Just in case. "...We should take a break soon," he states, loud enough for everyone to hear(and also ignoring what Ryu and Rose seemed to be about to do, because it was none of his business). "I had to learn something from those few centuries," Ashen responded, glancing over at Rose and Ryu. "And seems like not only will we be breaking soon, but also, those two may or may not finally end up kissing. Took them long enough. We already both lost the bet, sadly."
  3. ((That is honestly a better idea.)) "Well, I f-figured it was w-worth an ask, at l-least," Rose said. "...And if I would h-have rejected i-it, then I w-would have been m-making a big mistake," she added on, a bit quieter, her ears feeling like they were burning. But it was true. At least, in her opinion, it was. "That's simple enough. Next time we take a break, he should put her down. And when that happens, if there's a distraction that gets him a bit farther away and also gets his full attention..." The fox chuckled. "Well, I don't imagine we'd have much difficulty, as long as I'm supposedly 'missing' from the group again."
  4. ((Exactly! Heh.)) Rose's eyes widened when she realized what he was referring to. "J-Just because you're not e-exactly normal in any way doesn't m-mean that I w-wouldn't. ...I t-thought you would have n-noticed that much about me, at l-least," she replied with a small smile. "W-What do you have t-to do for the r-ritual?" she asked a moment later, a bit curious about what exactly was required for it. She was wondering what actually happened during one as well, but if Ryu didn't know, then asking would be rather useless. "Engañando al segador podría ser divertido," Ashen replied easily. "Si usted puede ocultar Mosi..." He smirked, and his ears and tails 'disappeared'. "Yo puedo hacer el resto." (("Cheating/Tricking the reaper could be fun. If you can hide Mosi... I can do the rest."))
  5. ((Soon; I'd give them another break before leaving, though, just so that they're ready once they're up.)) Rose's face was, once more, red at his question. "A-Ah, well, um..." That was a bunch of nothing. "...Yes." And that was an answer. Though there was no real reason to be embarrassed- they were soulmates, after all, as Ryu said, and seeing as he had to tell her all of that, he was the one who should be embarrassed if anyone- she was, anyways. Although, in her defense, it wasn't every day that it was revealed you were literally a part missing from someone else's soul. "Sounds like a plan," Ashen stated, smirking all the while. "Ah, I haven't had someone helping me with a prank like this for a looong time! This is going to be fun."
  6. "The worst of it w-was about... T-Three years ago, I guess?" Rose replied. "...Yeah, three years s-sounds about right." She nodded slightly. "It's a r-rather good thing t-that they weren't back then if t-that's the case. I probably would h-have been more worried f-for your life than for m-mine," she said sheepishly. "And if I would have..." She trailed off, not wanting to finish that thought. She decided to change the subject a bit. "I... I'm glad you t-told me. ...It's k-kind of nice t-to think about," she admitted, averting her gaze. "A-And it explains quite a bit," she added on, much quieter. "A-Alright, maybe I need to give you more, heh, credit, deshi. Or would you prefer discípulo?" Ashen asked with a smirk, having recovered. "Either way, I underestimated you. If only by a bit." An idea came to mind, and his smirk widened. "...In fact... I might need your skills later on. Or soon, maybe; We'll have to wait and see." ((Both mean 'disciple'.)) ...Meanwhile, Llyr was honestly questioning the kitsune and the naga. He soon decided it was useless trying to figure it out, though, and focused on trying to find the exit to this place instead. At least the fox wasn't bothering anyone this time.
  7. Rose was still a bit overwhelmed by all of this new information- it explained a lot, actually, but while she as very accepting of new things, she was also not used to this much at once- but she could handle it, so she nodded for him to continue. The story behind how he knew of Devorin made sense, at least. "...Well... I'm s-sure she might be relieved to find out that h-h-he's gone, maybe. ...If only because h-he can't escape this p-place at all, now," she said. "It's... Too bad that h-he, um, h-h-he turned out like that, though..." Alright, now she was just sort of rambling. She shut her mouth before anything else could get out for a few seconds, before speaking again. "W-Wait, so, back w-when I had, um, h-health p-problems, if the surgery wouldn't have worked, t-then you could have died, a-as well?!" she suddenly asked, her eyes widening. "O-Or am I misunderstanding something...?" "'Interesting' isn't quite the same as 'a suitable partner'. I find plenty of things interesting, after all, and I'd still advise you not to get tangled up in me. It seems it's too late for that, though, and you won't listen anyways," Ashen said. "Good one. Though, you still have work before you're anywhere near my level. ...Likely because I've been doing this ever since I turned out to be a yokai instead of your average fox." He shrugged, tails swishing, and smirked at the snake, placing a hand on one of his shoulders, managing to change his expression to a completely serious one. "You have great potential. I probably won't be around to see it, but still." He managed to keep a straight face for about three seconds before bursting into laughter, withdrawing his hand.
  8. ((THAT'S ADORABLE! Also no "oh hey I'm going to die before you" talks are needed for those two now! Yay!)) Rose... Was not quite expecting that. Her face turned a shade of pink. "W-Wait, s-so..." She didn't finish that. ...It was sort of cute to imagine that, though. She half-wondered if the type of 'soul' Ryu was talking about was the kind that Llyr saw, and if Llyr knew about this or not. Well, it was easier to ask than to wonder, right? "...The kind of souls that Llyr sees, or a different type?" She realized that Ryu might not know it, as dragons probably couldn't see them, but it was worth asking. Ashen stared at Xipilli in silence for a moment, slightly awestruck. "Where have you been all my life," he said after a moment. "Trick question, you weren't alive for most of it. But the point still stands." The fox smirked at his own sort-of joke. ((Couldn't think of much else to write.))
  9. Rose paused, thinking. Although she had a guess on what Devorin meant, she wanted to make sure she was right and not just assuming things. "...What e-e-exactly did he mean b-by 'permanent b-bond'? Just to be... Sure," she asked after a second. She hesitated before asking something else as well. "Also, h-how did you know h-him? I-If you don't m-mind me asking." It wasn't likely a question that Ryu expected, but she was a bit curious. After all, she didn't know much at all about most of their group. Or, at least, she knew a bit about them all, but pasts was a topic that they all had seemed to avoid a bit. "Does making someone think leaves and rocks were money count?" The fox paused, realizing how that could be taken. "...In my defense, they were rich and full of themselves. I mean, past experience says they'd still arrest me for that, but it's better than leading them far away from any civilization," the fox added. "...And as fun as breaking out of jail is, the last time I did that, someone actually had to bail me out- believe it or not, I have friends that will- and I had to pay them back. And they didn't want money." His ears flicked back at the memory. "...Besides, any kitsune could do that. It wasn't as if I was in this form at the time." He chuckled. "It wouldn't work, anyways. It was what I gave her that was poisoned, after all, and it was indeed me who gave her that, though I didn't mean for it to be poisonous. I'll just ask some of the bakers about it." The way that he said 'ask' implied that he was likely going to be threatening them more than actually asking.
  10. Llyr began walking as soon as Ryu nodded, not completely waiting for the others. Not like he ever actually did previously. ...Well, actually, he was pretty sure he did one time, though he didn't exactly wait for the fox. With good reason, though. The kitsune could catch up quickly enough, and besides, he tended to be more trouble than he was worth. If they accidentally left him behind, then at least they'd be free from his... Him in general, actually. Rose, eventually, managed to stop her tears. She was glad that Ryu didn't put her down, because she wasn't sure if her legs could hold her up all that well right now. She knew that she could stand and everything, but... She'd rather not be tripping over stuff. Especially considering that if she did, and ended up injuring herself or something, her blood would lure creatures. And seeing as their group was made up by an unconscious shifter, a reaper who could apparently actually get mad, a kitsune who likely cared more for entertainment than actually helping them out, a snake who had already been hurt a lot, a dragon that just finished a fight and was still partially injured, and a human that had little to no idea what she was doing. Yeah, they didn't need too many more encounters. Or any at all. "Looks like we might both lose the bet," Ashen noted as they began moving again. "Well, they're no fun." The fox huffed, though he didn't pull anything that he did last time again. As tempting as that was. "...Hmm. Everyone else seems to be reuniting with long-lost... Enemies and lovers, down here. Wonder if I'll see one of my old 'friends," he mumbled to himself. ...Maybe it wasn't best to mention that now, considering the current state of their group, but the fox wasn't one to filter his thoughts and words that often. Which was rather obvious.
  11. Aaand cue the crying again. Not that Rose could help it. She was surprised she even managed this long, honestly. But the sobs were quiet now, almost silent little things that shook her shoulders as her tears slid down her cheeks. A silly thought came to mind, distracting her a bit- he claimed that 'nothing would touch her', but he was touching her right now, wasn't he? Not that she minded. It was just a small distraction from her sadness, and so she focused on it a bit, as it helped her calm down a bit with the strangeness of it. Ashen's smirk only grew wider when he heard Xipilli giggling. While this definitely was not his original plan, it'd at least be amusing to see how this would play out. And maybe he did have a bit of attachment to the snake. ...He'd just have to wait and see if this would actually go anywhere before even thinking of mentioning it. Llyr, meanwhile, was ignoring Ashen and Xipilli betting on how much longer until Ryu and Rose kissed, along with the two kissing. This was none of his business, and he had no interest in it being his business anyways. Instead, he picked Mosi back up carefully, and waited for the dragon and the human to be ready to move.
  12. Rose was quiet for a second, before a tear escaped from her eye. And then another. Soon enough, she was crying, her shoulders shaking with her slight sobs. She turned her gaze to his face and smiled, although it was more relieved than happy. "I-I don't t-t-think I could e-ever be s... Scared, of y-you," she responded, struggling a bit to get the words out in between her quiet sobs. Feeling his tail around her, she finally let her legs give out underneath her, lifting her hands to wipe away her tears. It didn't do much, though. ...At least her sobs had stopped, for the most part, minus a slight hiccup every now and then. "...I'm j-just..." She paused, unable to find the right words for a moment. "A-A bit r-relieved, I g-guess," she finished. Ashen nodded at that with a slight smirk. "I don't have much to bet, but I'd give them three minutes," he responded in a whisper. He paused, smirk widening, and turned around to face the snake. "And I'll give us about ten seconds," he added, before pressing his lips to Xipilli's. He drew away after a second, his smirk reappearing within seconds, and turned back around to watch Ryu and Rose. He had been meaning to do that ever since the snake kissed him first.
  13. Rose flinched slightly when the flames went up and Devorin laughed. Her eyes widened partially when he changed, as that was literally the last thing she expected. In fact, she hadn't even thought that he'd be able to do that. As he walked towards her, she forced herself to stand her ground, unsure of what the dragon was going to do but not about to surrender. At his words, though... Well, she felt sick. That was definitely the last thing she'd ever do- in fact, she'd prefer being dead to that- but before she could even manage to respond to that, she discovered that she wouldn't have to worry about that because the dragon was screaming. She wasn't completely sure what had happened at first, but then there was a familiar color and she wasn't shaking quite as badly anymore. The human's eyes focused on Devorin, rather than the dragon around her, to find out the cause of his scream. Her eyes quickly locked onto one of his wings as the two dragons hissed at each other, the female staying quiet and just staring at his wing, as there wasn't much else she could do at that very second. She turned her attention to what Devorin was saying as soon as the hissing stopped, her eyes moving to his face. Permanent... Bond? What was he talking about...? ...Well, there was talk of burning, so that didn't seem very important to her right now. Especially considering Ryu's horns were now in the other dragon's stomach- she felt her own stomach rise into her throat at the sight- and then the dragon's body was in the river. Although it sickened her, she couldn't quite bring herself to look away. ...Besides, if she couldn't stomach this, then she wouldn't be able to handle this place at all. She was silent as Ryu roared, a sound that seemed rather sad to her. But she doubted it was supposed to be happy in the first place. She stayed where she was, afraid that if she took a step, her legs would give out and she'd fall. Instead, she just watched as the dragon approached her, making sure not to look at his horns, before stopping a few feet away. After a few seconds, she spoke. "A-A-Are... Are y-you... Alright?" she asked, looking at his injuries rather than his face. Seeing that the battle was over, Llyr began heading over to where the other dragon's soul floated, the soul weapon vanishing in his hand. As soon as he got closer, the soul began moving towards him, drawn by the natural 'gravity' that reapers had when souls were involved. As soon as it was within reach, the 'bird' took it, before turning around and heading back to Mosi, Xipilli, and Ashen.
  14. Ashen chuckled at the snake's words, but before he could start heading back, Ryu fell and he was being dragged away instead, heading behind Llyr. The fox found it rather cute that Xipilli thought that the bird could protect him, honestly; Or maybe it was just the distance? Or the fact that any attack would hit the reaper first. Well, he was no mind reader; He couldn't tell. He glanced over at Rose, who had been left behind amidst all of this chaos, and smirked slightly as he saw fire around her, weighing his options. Now, the kitsune could go back and help the human- he was immune to fire, after all, a benefit of being a fox of the fire element that he was rather grateful for- or... He could just wait and see what happened. ...Well. He wasn't just going to barge into someone else's fight. And besides, he doubted that Llyr could protect both Mosi and Xipilli at once, should the dragon who could breathe fire attack them. Rose's eyes widened and she froze as fire lit up around her, and then Devorin landed. She gulped, hesitating, before narrowing her gaze and straightening up slightly. It'd do no good to show even more weakness in front of him, after all, would it? And fear was definitely a weakness. She tightened her grip on her dagger, although she doubted it'd be much use against him, a dragon. The human stared back into the dragon's eyes, rather than averting her gaze like she normally would, and stayed quiet as she tried to figure out what the best option was. Running away was impossible. She could try to attack him, but that might fail and lead to him burning her alive or something- And besides, his scales looked really hard. Waiting around was sort of... Well, she didn't know how much longer she could stand, seeing how much she was shaking, even though she was trying to stop it. Combined with the fact that the heat was making it difficult to breathe, there was no real way to win for her. And Ryu... She had seen him fall. As much as she wished to go and help him, it was impossible with her being trapped and all. She wondered, faintly, in the back of her head, if he was still alive.
  15. Rose started when Xipilli grabbed her, but realizing it was just him, relaxed quickly. Well... At least, until the snake was grabbed, and her along with him. She let out a cry of alarm, grabbing onto the snake and holding on, although it didn't seem like the naga was letting go of her anytime soon. But still, better safe than... Well, dead, right? She cast a glance at Ryu, her eyes widening when she noticed that the dragon was now not quite as... Human-looking. She only half-registered what Ryu said, as she was still processing everything that was going on, but it likely wasn't all that important for her to hear, especially considering that in the next second both her and the snake were falling. She shut her eyes tightly, preparing for impact, and yet... Her and Xipilli both slowed their descent and landed softly, rather than what she was expecting. She was still for a second before opening an eye, not completely believing what was going on, but she was met with the sight of both her and the snake still in good condition and now on the ground, as well at Ashen walking over to them, clearly in no rush. Half of his foxfire followed him, bobbing up and down around him, while the other half remained with Llyr and Mosi who had stayed put. "Well, I see that my concern wasn't necessary," he stated, though judging by his grin, the fox wasn't actually all that concerned. Not that Rose expected any less from the three-hundred-year-old male. Frankly, she was surprised that the kitsune had even walked over to check on the two of them, though she suspected that it was more because of the snake than anything else. Ah, well, at least the fox was making an effort to not be a complete jerk to him now, even if he still seemed indifferent towards the rest. And by 'indifferent', she meant 'trying to annoy and/or fluster them at any possible opportunity that presented itself'. Said kitsune paused, before holding a hand out for Xipilli to take. Not that the naga actually needed it or anything, but he figured that it'd at least be a nice gesture. And maaaybe he had another reason for it. Maybe.
  16. Rose forced herself not to react at what the other dragon- Devorin, she believed Ryu called him before? Well, it didn't matter- was saying. Which was easier said than done, because her mind quickly went to the worst-case-scenarios, even though some of those were highly unlikely. Ryu would win, surely. ...Especially after seeing his reaction. She wasn't quite aware that anything had that much power(although, thinking about it, she was pretty sure that she should have considering the stories some of them were telling). Ashen watched the battle with feigned disinterest, deciding that, seeing as Ryu's element was sort of his opposite, he'd attempt not to anger the dragon to the part of being drowned. Water was no fun when you couldn't swim. ...Well, water wasn't much fun at all to him, even if he could swim, but what else would you expect from him? Turning most of his attention back to the battle- keeping the rest on his flames, because as fun as setting random things on fire was, now was not the time for that- the fox continued waiting for someone to either die or someone to surrender.
  17. ((Go ahead.)) "A-Ah?!" Rose's face flushed pink once more at the unexpected compliment, surprised. "N-Not really... I'm not t-that good," she responded, before turning her attention back to Ryu as he flew ahead. She hesitated, a bit confused, but it quickly became clear as Llyr and Ashen reacted, and as she heard Ryu's voice, louder and more challenging than normal. She hesitated, tightening her grip on the dagger in her hand as she watched for a threat. Ashen put the puzzle into a pocket, his eyes reflecting the blue flames he materialized as soon as the dragon spoke to them, causing them to appear almost purple-ish. One of his ears twitched at the dragon's voice, picking up the very faint sound of wings as well as he focused a bit more on what he could hear, rather than what he could see. Ah, well, this was much more interesting than a puzzle, in his opinion(though the puzzle was still fun). He only made a few flames, though, as there were others as well. Llyr put Mosi down carefully, bringing a sickle to life again. It was rather hard to hold someone in one hand without disturbing any injuries they still had as well as hold a weapon in the other, be prepared to use said weapon, and not hit the person you're carrying with it all at once. ...And he might have been good with a weapon, but he wasn't that confident in his abilities.
  18. "O-Oh, I-I was a, um, a waitress, i-if that's what you're referring to," Rose responds. "...Well, to be more a-accurate, I was the o-owner. ...But we didn't have, ah, have many o-other e-employees, so me a-and Llyr were u-usually running i-it... But since i-it wasn't the busiest little cafe, i-it was e-easy e-enough to manage with o-only two people." She looked up at Ryu as well, but stayed quiet, as she had nothing to say. Ashen began trying to solve the little puzzle. Although it wouldn't take him much effort usually, he wasn't completely trying, because he wanted to make sure it'd last a bit longer than a minute. Well, that and he was also somewhat subtly listening to the others speak. After all, he didn't like not knowing what was going on around him. Especially considering he wasn't sure if he'd be able to learn any of this otherwise, seeing how little most of them trusted him. ...With good reason, of course, but still.
  19. "Oh, I wasn't referring to the birdy and the cat. Besides, I don't feel like being stabbed by Llyr again," Ashen said. "...And while you could consider this 'playing matchmaker', in reality, I'm just looking for some entertainment. The dragon's partially right when he says that I don't give a damn about any of you." ...He wasn't too keen on the thought of someone else hurting them, especially the snake, now. The fox might have been a cold- ironic, in his opinion, seeing as he was a fire kitsune- and heartless creature, but he was a bit possessive over his 'toys'. Not enough to bother anyone too much, but enough for it to bother him when someone else broke them, or tried to. Rose flinched when Ryu swooped down, not completely sure what he was doing. A thought came to mind; If all Ashen wanted was entertainment... She turned and walked back to the fox, who gave her a questioning glance. "What do you need, little mouse?" he asked. Rose didn't respond vocally- not at first, at least- and instead reached into her vest and took a small metal puzzle out- One of the ones that were made up of two different, identical pieces, and you had to get the two separated. "You... You said y-you wanted e-entertainment, right?" she sort of explained. The fox blinked, before taking the puzzle from her, eyeing it. After a moment, he grinned. "Domo arigato. Thank you, little mouse," he said. The human nodded in response before hurrying back to her spot. ...Llyr just sort of started ignoring the fox, because he only seemed to do it for the attention. And if he didn't get it, then he might eventually give up, which would save them a lot of effort, along with keeping him from ticking all of them off once more.
  20. "...I-If you're sure," Rose said in response once she managed to recover enough from Ashen's words. "...Just... If there ever is anything..." She trailed off, deciding that she should just be quiet, since it didn't seem like Ryu really wanted to talk, and she wasn't going to press him. Ashen was about to 'boo' when no one kissed when he felt a tail wrapping around him and pressure on his lips. Neither of them lasted very long, as the culprit released him and went to Rose's side, but it still wasn't something that the fox was expecting. ...Not that he minded. He smirked at the snake's back, licking his lips. "Well now, the snake's getting more interesting than before," he mumbled to himself, his eyes shining with amusement. "...Now, where was I? Oh, right." The fox fake-pouted at Rose and Ryu and 'boo'ed at the two. "I see no kissing from you two!" Another glare from Llyr, who found all of this rather silly, considering everything that was happening. ...Frankly, he didn't even understand why the snake actually kissed the fox. Creatures with normal emotions were strange. ((Who needs souls who talk in your head when you have Ashen telling people to kiss, and not giving up until they do?))
  21. ((All Llyr's going to hear in his head when he finally admits that he likes her is squealing and the souls shouting for joy. He's going to have such a headache from all of this.)) Llyr tried to ignore the feeling of her breath on his neck, though it did give him slight relief that the sight of her soul and Ryu's words weren't able to give him. After all, the dead didn't need to breathe. ...But the souls were getting louder at the fact that he had noticed even just this small little fact, which was why he was trying to ignore it. The souls weren't even trying to be quiet at this point. "...Ryu? Are you, um, are you okay?" Rose asked, noticing the dragon was a bit quieter than before, as well as he seemed a bit troubled. "...If you want, um, I-I'm not sure how, but... If I can help in any way... I can try," she offered. "...I mean, I know I-I can't do much, but, um..." She trailed off, unsure where she was going with this, before she quickly realized her error. "E-Er! I mean, um, I can d-do a bit, but, ah, I don't k-know if anything c-could help!" she quickly corrected, remembering the multiple conversations they had in which Ryu told her to, basically, be a bit more confident in herself. "I'd imagine so. ...Ever ate a porcupine? Those things would probably ruin your insides." Ashen paused, glancing over at the other two groups of two. "...Are you serious...?" he muttered, narrowing his eyes. "Just how oblivious are all of you?" he asked, louder, staring at the dragon and the mouse specifically, seeing as the other group was made of an unconscious cat and a blackbird who probably didn't even realize how he was acting. "Just kiss already!" He grinned impishly, holding back his laughter as Rose's face turned red at his words. Llyr only sent him a glare, which he ignored, because he'd bug those two later, when the cat was awake. Or maybe he could trick him in some other way...? A plan came to mind, but he'd have to wait for the perfect opportunity or else it wouldn't work. ((Who has been dubbed the mouse by Ashen! He just hasn't really paid much attention to her in a while, because blackbirdy's more fun to torment in his opinion, if a bit more likely to try to injure him.))
  22. Llyr nodded in understanding, before picking her up carefully, carrying her with an arm under her knees and his other around her back. Without another word, he began walking, shifting both his and Mosi's weight so that he could carry her for a longer amount of time without tiring himself out. He didn't know how long, exactly, they'd be walking until their next break, after all. And though he could probably get someone else to carry her... Well, he wasn't sure if the shifter was strong enough to attack people in her sleep again yet, and they didn't need anyone injured from a sleep-attacking woman. Seeing as Llyr was beginning to move, and knowing the others would follow soon, Rose quickly began following behind the reaper, glancing around as she did so. Not that she could see much at all, but still. "I'll take that as a compliment," Ashen said with a smirk. "Oh, and I'd probably do both. After all, best to leave a warning for anyone else who dares try to follow, right?" He chuckled as he began to walk, following the others as they began moving. "...Besides, it might distract them a bit, even if it's a bit harder to focus on keeping the flames under control and alive while fleeing..."
  23. Rose was silent for a moment, before understanding what Ryu meant by the water scythe. "Ah, good... But Mosi isn't awake yet, is she...?" she mumbled to herself, switching her gaze to the cat. "...At least she looks better..." She was quiet for a second, before turning her gaze to a figure that began to approach. Ashen chuckled at Xipilli's reaction. "Oh, of course. The birdy's not an easy one to kill, and if he was dead, I'm pretty sure that the dragon wouldn't be making a water scythe," he responded, gesturing to it before it fell. "...Speaking of the birdy...." Llyr arrived back at the group. He glanced over everyone, his eyes lingering on Mosi a bit longer than the rest, his eyes turning a lighter shade for only a second as he checked on her soul. Finding that it was doing much better than he last saw it, he walked over to her. "When will it be safe to move her? This place is going to attract others."
  24. Rose watched his reactions, and, still quite embarrassed, walked over to him. "You're going to hurt yourself if you keep that up," she mumbles, standing on her tip-toes and trying to reach his arms to pull them away from his horns. And not quite reaching, due to the height difference. Llyr sighed, relieved, when the naga was down. Now came the easy part; Getting the soul. After finding that it didn't come out after a moment, he made a small cut near where he spotted the soul to help it out. As soon as it was out, he narrowed his eyes at the small, glowing orb. It would be so easy to just destroy it, and no one would ever know... But... He was always taught never to do that, no matter how bad the soul was. He hesitated, before taking it, and staring down at Ray's lifeless body. After a second, he began heading back to the group, his sickle changing back into the souls it was made of. "Oh, but that's no fun. And besides, if I would have, then I wouldn't have gotten you to smile," Ashen responded with his usual smirk, pleased that he succeeded in his mission of sorts. ((It's fine; I get like that a lot too, so. ^^'))
  25. ((I swear I didn't just forget about this. I just started public school again, so it's a bit harder for me to get the energy to respond, but I'll try to make the time between my posts shorter! ^^)) Rose's eyes widened at the dragon's reaction, before she giggled. Actually giggled. "Y-You know, you're kind of cute when you're embarrassed," she mumbled, averting her gaze with a small, shy smile. ...Hey, in her defense, she was just getting revenge of a sort on him for making her blush so often. And besides... It wasn't a lie. He really was cute when he was acting like this, though she worried that he'd end up injuring himself. ((Alright. ...This will be the perfect opportunity to lay the whole prank plan into place then, as well.)) The reaper took a deep breath in before holding his sickle out, the point facing just below the naga and swinging it up when he thought that the timing was right. And trying(successfully) to not think of what would happen if it wasn't. "I'm no time kitsune, but I'm fairly sure it's only been half a day. Or a full day. ...If it was years, everyone would look a lot older, and probably be grumpier," Ashen responded. "And none of you have actually needed to eat anything yet, so it couldn't be much longer than a day or two." He nodded to himself, seemingly confident in his estimate. "Unless this place's time moves slower. Or quicker. ....Ah, well, it doesn't matter." The fox shrugged, his tails swishing behind him. "It's not a problem. You couldn't help it," he said in response to the snake's apology.