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  1. Rose turned her attention to Ryu as he woke up, her breath slightly catching as she saw him look like... Well, like he was healthy, and like he did when they first met. Noticing this made her smile a bit. "Seems like e-everyone's waking u-up. I guess that, um, that means we'll be continuing soon?" Although it was worded like a statement, it sounded more like a question. And it was, she supposed, though she wasn't sure if Ryu would know the answer to it. The reaper watched Mosi, before standing up, stumbling slightly when he discovered one of his feet were numb. Using the tree for support, he stretched as well, before walking over to the river as well, careful not to trip or stumble anymore, and instead keeping most of his weight on his other foot. It was awkward, but Llyr ignored it in favor of crouching by the river and doing the same cupped-hands thing Rose did earlier, though with less spilled out than she had. Ashen turned his attention to the others as they all began waking up, backing away from the arch. He turned and walked over to Xipilli, humming to himself as he did so. "This place is rather interesting," he stated, sitting beside the snake. "Kind of wonder how it came to be. Especially in a place like this."
  2. ((Woops. ^^' And sure!)) Rose continued watching Ryu for a while, before curling up on her side and deciding to take a short nap. She drifted off rather quickly and easily. When she awoke, she wasn't sure how much time had passed, exactly; Only that there was grass now stuck in her hair. She sat up, stretching, before gently taking everything she could out. Llyr had been dozing off for quite a while, when he was brought to full attention by someone moving around. He glanced over to find that it was just Ashen, who... The reaper didn't actually know what the kitsune was doing, and wasn't sure if he wanted to know. Out of a lack of other things to do, though, he continued to watch the fox. Ashen, meanwhile, had stood up, taking the skull with him of course, and started walking around the clearing, after sitting for quite some time. He examined the stone arch of sorts, reaching out to gently place a hand on one of the sides, before quickly withdrawing as he felt a rush of energy. It wasn't the kind that he ate, no. Just something powerful, that grew when you came in contact with it, sending slight shivers down his spine. His hand tingled where it had touched the stone.
  3. Ashen jolted as the water came too close for his liking, giving it a distasteful glance. As soon as the dragon had finished, he moved farther away from the stream, deciding not to take his chances. Even though it wouldn't do anything bad to him, minus soak him and make it harder to summon his fox-fire, he still didn't want to be anywhere near it. Mostly because wet fur was not a fun thing, and sure, he could just evaporate it all off of him, but that took effort, and the fox may or may not have been a bit lazy. Rose laughed as she was covered in water from Ryu, finding his enthusiasm rather cute. She waited until the lung naga and the puma shifter were out of the water before standing up and approaching the water, kneeling beside it and cupping her hands before filling them with water. She drank carefully, a bit of it spilling out, not that she minded. At least she knew where the water down here came from, not that she was really wondering before. Llyr watched with disinterest, relaxing slightly. At least, until Mosi came over and shook the water off of herself, and then proceeded to lick his cheek and flop down. He blinked, startled again, and felt a slight heat rise to his cheeks. Hoping it wouldn't be too noticeable, but having a feeling that it was, he instead let out a sigh, stretching out his legs and watching Mosi out of a lack of other things to do, as well as... He didn't mind watching her. Her purring was comforting as well. ((Four points!))
  4. Llyr shook his head in response when Mosi asked if she had annoyed him yet, pausing beside her when he noticed that she had stopped. He blinked at the sudden change in tone, barely reacting to the punch, minus a slightly confused glance. It reminded him of a movie that Rose had made him watch with her once, but if she was making a reference to that, then... Llyr's thoughts came to an abrupt halt when his suspicions were sort of confirmed and suddenly, Mosi was kissing him. Even when she pulled away, he still hadn't completely recovered from his shock, and only blinked a few times, trying to process what just happened. It was only when Mosi was gone that he blushed. He, the reaper which had weaker emotions compared to practically anyone, was blushing. Said reaper hid his face behind his hands, attempting to recover from that before joining the others. Rose giggled slightly at Ryu blowing bubbles, pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them as she watched him. She glanced over at Mosi when she entered, smiling slightly at the shifter as she flopped down, before looking up, staring at the sky. After a few moments, though, she looked over as Llyr entered the clearing, followed soon by Xipilli and Ashen. It seemed like everyone was just relaxing now that they didn't seem to be in danger, and it was nice. Ashen cradled the skull, brushing some of the ashes off of it, which really only ended up smearing it. He shrugged in response to the boa. "Once again, worse has happened to me," he responded. The fox adjusted his grip on the skull when he was picked up and hugged, pressing slightly into his hand when his ears were scratched, a noise similar to purring coming from the fox. He didn't see much use in answering the question, because it varied quite a bit. He watched as the snake put him down and then went to sleep, before turning his attention to the others. Kitty was lying on the grass, birdy was sitting by a tree and keeping an eye on everyone, mouse was watching the dragon... Blow bubbles in the water, and the snake was napping. The kitsune chuckled slightly to himself at all of this as he shifted so that he sat cross-legged, placing the skull in his lap.
  5. Llyr hummed. "...It shouldn't comfort you. If we hadn't been able to find this exit, your soul would never be able to rest," he responded. "And instead you'd join the group of those giving me a headache." Who had, luckily, stopped bothering him, and instead gone 'dormant'. They only had so much energy that they could use, after all, and most of it was used when they were tormenting the reaper. "A-Agreed," Rose replied. She didn't even have to think about it, really, and instead focused her attention on the end of the tunnel, which was... A clearing? Filled with grass, and with a few small trees, but still with walls of stone, the reasoning for how they could grow was clear and in the form of a hole in the top, letting in more light than anywhere else could have, along with soil instead of stone beneath the tall grass. There was a stone arch as well, right across from the tunnel, and even she could sense something coming from it. It seemed like that was the way out, as the light from what she figured was the sky was too far away to let them reach it. "It never seemed important for me to mention," Ashen responded, approaching Xipilli and placing a hand on his arm, feeling the drain from him almost immediately. He kept the transfer up for a bit, before finally stepping away, deeming the amount good enough. "Oh, it's not a problem. It's easy to recover. As soon as we're out, I'll just go find a campfire or something to feed off of. Or, if you decide you want to pay me back, you can find a match or something and light it for me." The kitsune stretched. "Yelling is the least someone's done to me. Birdy threw a knife through my hand, you've broken my leg, kitty has threatened me, the dragon has... Sort of threatened me, and mouse is probably the only one who hasn't done anything to me yet!"
  6. Rose registered that Ryu was flying once more, and she slowly moved her hands away from her eyes, though she didn't speak. Instead, she chose to watch Ryu, finding a small bit of comfort in it, something appreciated by her after seeing what just happened. Llyr glanced over at Mosi. "You're awfully calm," he noted as he began walking as well, noticing the kitsune head off in the direction Xipilli went. Ashen raised an eyebrow, before sighing. "Well, might as well make sure he doesn't get himself killed," the kitsune muttered, before following after the boa, although the fox was aware that this was completely and utterly unnecessary. He just didn't know when to leave things alone, he supposed. Ah, well. Worst case scenario, he got eaten. Wouldn't be the worst thing that's happened to him, and he could always just float out of his reach if the snake dared to try. He had done it before with other creatures, and it usually worked just fine, so... Although, the dragon seemed to have issues going up in the air. Perhaps he'd just have to get out of the way instead. Either way, he was following Xipilli now. "You know, you could have just mentioned that. I can share energy. Sort of like birds share food, but... Not as gross, and just requires physical contact," he offered. "It'd serve the same purpose." Sharing energy was the same as sharing food to him, at least; And he could find food much easier than the boa would be able to, besides. Kitsune fed off of energy, after all.
  7. Ashen saw red at Xipilli's words. Because, first off, this was his fight, not the snake's. Second off, the only way Ashen would have been killed would have been if his star ball was destroyed or the other fox caught his tail. And third, Xipilli was his. ...Well, not really, but the kitsune refused to let the snake sacrifice himself to let them go. After all, the snake actually had people that cared for him. The kitsune, on the other hand, had no such thing. Only people who would be more than glad to hear that he was dead, and also instincts that were about to get someone killed. Realizing that, while Mosi was holding him back and if he tried to change forms, Mosi would probably grab him again anyways, he adjusted his tails in a way that was barely noticeable, but enough to start a fire near him. The only reason he hadn't done that earlier was because he had to use his 'main' tail for it, and the other fox would have noticed that and yanked it off, and... That wouldn't have ended well at all. Well, that and the fact that the other fox was annoyingly distracting when he was trying to bring his fox-fire into existence, and he needed to focus so that he wouldn't burn everything down. And as tempting as it was to burn Mosi so that she'd let go of him, he had a feeling that was a horrible idea, even through his red-tinted view. Which reminded him that his temperature was likely steadily rising. ...He didn't let himself hope that Mosi would let go of him because of that. The red fox eyed Xipilli for a moment. While they weren't able to understand all languages automatically like Ashen could, they still sensed the thrum. "...Well, I suppose it could be worse." They grinned and were just about to drop the illusion when Ashen launched his kitsune-bi into the kumiho's face, earning a scream from the other. He watched with an unreadable expression as the other fox burned, changing their forms somewhere along the way as they lacked the power to stay like that. The illusion wavered, before breaking, as the other fox's life faded, and the kitsune relaxed, his temperature going back to normal. ...And, seeing as the kumiho died before he could actually drop the trick, Xipilli's vow shouldn't come into play. 'As soon as you lower your spell', the snake had said, after all, and the spell was only dropped when the other fox had died. All Llyr understood was that the kumiho had seriously ticked Ashen off. Or maybe it was Xipilli that made the kitsune mad, he wasn't sure. But the nine-tailed fox spirit was now only a pile of ashes and a glowing orb that was drawn to Llyr and taken by him. "You got it, blackbird?" Ashen asked, appearing much calmer. Llyr nodded. "Great! Now, then, kitten, would you mind letting me go? ...As much as I enjoy being held by a beauty such as yourself, I believe we'd best hurry up and get out of here." The fox smirked back at Mosi. Rose was horrified by what had just happened, and doubted she'd ever be able to close her eyes without remembering that. Not even Devorin's death was quite as... She didn't let herself get anywhere close to finishing that though, instead hiding herself the best she could in Ryu's coils, covering her eyes, even though it had already happened.
  8. "Actually, nowadays, most of us are from Korea. Though quite a few of us did originate from China," the red fox corrected automatically, before they were quieted by the monochromatic fox cutting their bottom lip, and focused on fighting again. "That explains the energy difference," Llyr muttered, keeping an eye on the fox spirits, lest they get closer while fighting. "It's not cannibalism when you're not human," the kumiho responded, pinning down Ashen for a moment to speak to Xipilli and wiping the blood off of his mouth while doing so. "Although, your offer is tempting..." "I swear to Inari, you nine-tailed monster, that if you lay a single paw on him I will-" Ashen switched languages, and whatever he said amused the kumiho greatly. "I might have to take you up on the offer, snake. Especially seeing how my dear snapdragon is reacting." There was a low growl from the kitsune, catching their attention. "I haven't seen you react this way since... Oh." They grinned widely. "You've gained feelings for this group, haven't you? How precious. Do you remember what you did to your lover last time?" "Yes, yes, I killed her, blah blah blah, whatever. Will you stop bringing up the past? It's getting tiring," the kitsune responded, rolling his eyes. "Besides, you're only confirming what they've likely already guessed about me. The only thing you've said that might have surprised them is that I've never straight-up killed someone." Ashen kicked them, catching them off-guard yet again, and quickly restarting the fight. This time, however, the kitsune seemed more intent on wounding the kumiho fatally, and although he summoned no flames, he didn't hesitate to use whatever tricks he could.
  9. Rose's attention was on the two foxes mostly, but she registered that Ryu coiled around her tighter while the two spoke, and she, herself, shrank a bit into herself and Ryu's coils. She didn't dare make a sound, although she had a feeling that if the fox decided to go after her, then it wouldn't be any use in the end. Llyr didn't respond, realizing quickly that while Ashen's soul was divided between to main spots- one of his tails and a small, round spot that was likely his star ball- the other's soul wasn't split. ...Though, souls couldn't be made by illusions usually, and the other one claimed they were a 'kumiho', rather than a kitsune, so maybe they weren't that similar? "And possibly one of the worst," Ashen responded, though he didn't bother trying to lower his voice. The other fox would be able to hear them anyways. "Such kind words, snapdragon." "Well, you know me. Always the sweetest fox I can be." The kumiho's form began changing, and soon enough, they were an exact copy of Ashen... Except for the fact that their ears and tail were red, and that they had nine tails rather than three. "The sweetest, hmm? That's not what I recall..." The other fox continued walking towards the kitsune, who took another step forwards. Finally, the red-furred fox stopped, standing in front of the white-and-black-furred one. "It's surprising that you weren't thrown down here as well. You may not have outright killed anyone, but you're certainly not innocent." "I know how to hide my past. And besides, unlike you, I stopped." The other fox moved closer, until they were only half an inch away from each other. Ashen didn't dare move away or break eye contact. "Then why're you down here, little snapdragon?" the red fox asked with a smirk. The monochrome fox bared his teeth in a way that would have been much more threatening if he wasn't changed to look like a human at the moment, before slamming his forehead into the kumiho's, ignoring the sting from it afterwards. Whatever the nine-tails was expecting, that was clearly not it as they stumbled back, eyes wide as they rubbed their forehead. However, the three-tails stepped forwards and grabbed one of their arms with his free hand, his nails sinking into it and drawing blood. "I'll ask one more time: Will you lower the illusion so that we can get through?" "How about... No? I can't let prey just escape like that, you know." "Now you can't say I didn't try." Dropping the skull, the kitsune shoved the kumiho, forcing them to the ground. The two wasted no time wounding each other with their nails and teeth, which, as uncomfortable as it was as humans, neither of them dared to change, knowing that the other could and would attack while they did so.
  10. Llyr stared at Mosi for a few moments. "You were hallucinating," he responded after a while. "A lot." The reaper averted his gaze, stopping after realizing they were getting literally no where. "Oh, no, if something had a tail, kitten, you'd know. I'm afraid that there's just a slight... Problem." "Not shy, not e-exactly," Rose mumbled, turning her attention to the others, and suddenly realizing that throughout the entire talk, they had barely moved at all. ...Or maybe they hadn't, it was hard to tell. Her eyes widened slightly at this. Ashen chuckled at the snake's efforts, shaking his head. "It's no use, little boa," he stated, glancing around. "I should have noticed this before, but..." "Yes, you really should have, my old friend." It was another fox, this one with red fur and nine tails, but covered in scars and with an energy that was nothing welcoming. "What name are you going by now, dear snapdragon?" "I could ask you the exact same thing." Ashen's voice held a slightly hostile tone to it, while the other fox had a playfulness that wasn't to be trusted. "Would you mind dropping this down so that they can get through?" "Oh? But I won't be getting anything from it, then." The nine-tailed fox approached slowly. The fur on Ashen's tails slowly rose, the tails themselves curling slightly. The kitsune, however, stepped towards the other, as if to protect the others from them. "It's a shame you ended up down here," Ashen stated after a moment, earning what could be described was a curious glance from the other fox. "You weren't all that bad, for a man-eating fox." "You should know by now I don't change as easily as you do, my dearest liar. And there's no need to be so descriptive; Calling me a kumiho works just as well." "But that's not quite as fun."
  11. Llyr was about to respond, but Ashen beat him to it, knowing that the reaper wouldn't likely say the truth about what happened. "Well, you did call Llyr handsome, and an angel!" he informed. "And technically, you nearly died." The kitsune ignored Llyr's glare. After a moment, the reaper sighed, turning his attention to Mosi. "The fox, for once, isn't lying." "Thank you for such kind words, blackbird. You're such a nice person," said fox responded sarcastically. "...Yeah. I don't see him too o-often, but I try to make sure to a-at least talk to him e-every few weeks or so." Rose smiled slightly, her eyes still a bit distant, but for a different reason now. "Maybe I-I'll i-introduce you two when we get o-out? He's a bit, ah, quiet a-around strangers, though." She paused. "...Maybe more than a bit, but..." The human let out a quiet and weak laugh. Ashen finally clicked into what was happening with the tunnel, and gave a grim grin. "...Well, now, it looks like we may have a problem," he stated. ((Did you have anything in mind for the tunnel, or may I...?))
  12. "...The children o-of a-anyone, or the younger siblings of s-someone- The children. I... I didn't tell you before, but I have a younger brother myself, a-and i=if he died because o-of this..." Rose trailed off. "...Talking a-about this i-is just going to make me feel worse." The human fell silent, staring off at a space that she wasn't really looking at. If you bothered to look, it was easy to see that, as well, as her eyes were rather unfocused. Ashen watched the male beside him carefully, before turning his gaze away and adjusting his grip on the skull in his hands. Llyr didn't respond vocally, only putting Mosi down somewhat carefully before continuing walking. After a moment, though, he spoke. "You feeling better?"
  13. "But what about the people who aren't innocent, or anywhere near it, and they've escaped and killing those who don't deserve it?" Rose understood where Ryu was coming from, but she couldn't ignore those who weren't in here, but were still in danger due to this place. "And what about the children as well?" She had a little brother, and she knew that if anything involving this happened to him, she'd be heartbroken. And after this, she'd probably feel guilty, as well. But... "...There's really nothing that we can do that won't lead to innocent people dying, is there?" She frowned. "I guess... Well, you aren't right, but neither am I. No matter what, it'll lead to both good and bad things happening." "Doesn't surprise me. They do that to lots, even their own kind." Ashen didn't seem the slightest bit fazed. He only sped up a bit, to match Xipilli's pace, as his feelings towards being outside again were... Sort of indifferent. This place was a never ending supply of food and entertainment, after all, even though the outside world had better opportunities for tricking people. Llyr shifted Mosi slightly when he heard her yawn and noticed her waking up once more, slightly hoping that this wouldn't be like the last time she woke up. As amusing that was for the others, he had less than no idea on what to do when things like that happened.
  14. Rose frowned slightly. "Then... When we clear o-our names, we should tell them a-about i-it, so that people can't e-escape. R-Right?" she asked quietly. "I-I mean, o-otherwise..." She trailed off, turning her attention to the faint light ahead. It wasn't too much, but it was enough for her to notice. That, mixed with the clean air, gave her hope that they'd be able to get out of that place soon. Ashen stared at Xipilli for a moment before looking away, his usual playfulness seemingly vanished. "You two really are alike," he mumbled. It took him only a moment to go back to 'normal', a smirk on his lips once more. "I'm afraid there weren't many snake-people where I used to live, so there wasn't anyone even close to you," he replied, louder than his previous mumble, with a chuckle. "And I've never been anywhere that your kind might be a bit more common. At least, not that I know of."
  15. ((Indeed it is!)) "I'd imagine we'd come out somewhere close to the entrance, and I doubt anyone would want to be anywhere near it, or expect there to be an exit," Llyr responded. "But if there is an exit... Won't others have found it as well?" Rose asked. Llyr didn't respond. "I'm fairly sure that dogs despising you and chasing you when you come near isn't classified as fitting in," Ashen replied. "Although, it's not as common anymore. But I get what you're saying." He drummed his fingers on the skull he was carrying. "...You remind me of an old friend," he noted, rather suddenly. "Personality-wise, at least. You two look nothing alike."
  16. ((Ryu and Rose are far too cute together.)) Rose moved her hands away from her face as Ryu's voice darkened. "...I'm sure you'll be able to," she said with a soft, trusting smile, before turning her attention to Llyr, who doesn't reply verbally but his expression turns to a bit more focused. "...I can't find it's exact location, but it seems like there's a higher concentration of energy through that 'path," he responded, gesturing to a path of sorts made from a large crack in the wall, a bit farther ahead. The path seemed to be slanted diagnostically as well. "So the way back might be through there?" "Yes." "Oh, people don't like my kind, either. We get mixed up with the huli jing and the kumiho quite often, as well, and seeing as one of those eat the livers and hearts of men they seduce, and the other is..." Ashen paused. "...Okay, well, sure, they seduce married men sometimes, but they don't eat the liver and hearts of people they seduce. Usually." He thought for a moment. ...Besides, even with that little ability, there's lots of cons to match the pros." He shrugged. Llyr shivered at the touch, not expecting that, and sped up slightly towards the pathway. The energy was constantly changing, going from a cleaner and fresher kind, to the kind the dulled his energy-sensing ability and that was everywhere in this place. The former grew stronger as they entered the pathway.
  17. Rose finally recovered enough to blush and avert her gaze, though not enough to respond quite yet. She wasn't sure what she'd even say when she could get out more than unknown noises that sounded vaguely like the beginning of a few different words. She gave up trying to talk in favor of hiding her face behind her hands, deciding if this would be her life now, she could deal with it. She'd definitely be a 'blushi- She cut her thoughts off there, because that was moving a bit fast. "While unlike all of you, it'd be easy for me to just... Change my appearance and make up a new name..." Ashen paused. "...I guess I'll stick around. You're all amusing enough." He didn't have anything else to do, after all. And... Okay, maybe he had a tiny bit of attachment to Xipilli, if not all of the group. ...Maybe. Mosi was close enough to his ear that he had no problem hearing what she said. He sighed at it. She was asleep, and yet, she was still... Llyr decided not to question it. It would save him a lot of time not to.
  18. "Well, that sounds interesting. I mean, people have tried to burn me before, and also nearly killed me, though killing me wasn't their intention exactly- it's a sort of violent and long story- but no one, especially not Mama, has ever tried to sacrifice me. I can imagine how that might be scary, though." Sort of. He decided not to mention how he might want to check it out later; The snake gave him a bit of an idea on where it was, after all, and he might as well not bring up memories like that even more. Ashen easily walked alongside Xipilli after changing shapes to 'human' so that he could carry his skull. Rose was a bit too shocked to react much at all, minus staring at Ryu with wide eyes. Usually, people either said her stuttering and stammering were annoying, or they didn't mind it at all. The latter was very much preferable, usually, but then you have him, calling it cute? That... That was highly unexpected. She didn't mind it, no, it was just that she was sort of in shock, but in a good way, if there was a good way. She only vaguely registered that he picked her up. The part of her mind that registered that figured it was a good thing that he did, because she was sort of having issues right now. Llyr nodded as Ryu said to continue, Xipilli and Ashen not responding and instead beginning to move again, and began leading the group again, back to carrying Mosi. Although, now, he also tried to ignore the thoughts of what just happened with Mosi. A interesting as that was, it was a distraction he could save for later. A little voice from a soul whispered 'it's proof'. He didn't dare question what it was saying.
  19. "It's not a dragon skull. That'd require more effort to get, and besides, as long as I have material to work with, it doesn't matter what it is. ...After all, a leaf works just as well as a skull, and it doesn't turn me into a leaf," Ashen replied. If he was in his human form, he would have smirked. But as he was currently a fox, he instead simply nodded at the skull. "...Ah? You look uncomfortable," he stated. Rose averted her gaze, looking slightly guilty. "A-Ah, well... I-It's not just that," she responded quietly. "...I-It just... Pops u-up. U-Usually when I'm stressed. I-It's not, ah, just because I-I'm nervous," she explained, somewhat slowly. "I-It's a bit hard to control u-usually." Llyr tensed up again when Mosi ended up back in his arms, and was about to respond to what she said- gorgeous? really?- when suddenly, the female was asleep. He stared at her in slight disbelief, before sighing. "Should we start continuing, or wait a bit longer?" he asked the rest of the group.
  20. Llyr sighed. Looks like it was him making someone cry this time, and for a different reason than people normally cried when it involved him. "I didn't mean it like that," he responded. "...I like you. I just... I'm not used to contact," he slowly explained, sort of embarrassed for reasons he didn't quite understand. "Especially not when you're acting like... This. No one needs to do anything they'll regret." "...Well... He i-isn't the b-best at talking to p-people in general, s-so I'm not surprised t-this isn't very d-different," Rose stated. "Afraid not. A giant leaf, reeds, or a skull are the only things that would work; Other bones wouldn't provide enough material to work with, and it doesn't look like there's any plants around here that won't kill me. ...Hmm, but seeing as this place is filled with lots of the dead... I don't think it'd be hard to find one," Ashen responded, glancing around. "Ah, jackpot." The fox stood up and walked over to a pile of bones, pushing them around with his muzzle before he found a skull, still in rather good shape. He began carefully rolling it back to the snake, sitting behind it after he managed to do so. "This should do, when the time is right."
  21. Llyr was a bit confused and uncomfortable with what was going on. Especially when she rubbed her cheek against him, because although he knew it was just because she was a cat, it was still odd, having someone do that to him. "Yes, you are practically drunk," he deadpanned. "Venom must not be completely out of your system. ...And I'd appreciate it if you've stop with the-" He sort of fumbled for words, as he was never good with them to begin with. "The touching," he finally decided was as good of a word as any. "Why are you even- You're-" The reaper's face was tinged a very, very light pink, barely even noticeable, but still there. "My eyes aren't that pretty," he finally said, averting his gaze. How did you even react to a situation like this? Rose turned her attention to the cat and the reaper when Ryu mentioned that the cat was awake, and let out a slight laugh at what was happening and just how uncomfortable Llyr looked at this change of events. Although, it was hard to tell at first, since his face was being squished. When Mosi moved her hands, though, it was a bit easier to see. She quickly covered her mouth with her hands to keep any other noises from getting out. "You have a point, though I'd need to find a skull before I try the dragon. Can't make that much... Dragon, out of nothing," Ashen responded. "But I haven't been a naga for quite a while. It'll be fun.” The fox grinned at the thought. He turned most of his attention back to the birdy and the cat again, his mental grin wider at the reaper's reaction to all of this. "In all my years of life, I've never seen a reaper look this uncomfortable," Ashen stated.
  22. Rose paused, the movement out of the corner of her eye catching her attention. She stared at Ryu's tail for a moment before bursting out in giggles. "Y-Your tail, is, ah, v-very e-expressive," she said with a smile, in between giggles. "I-It's kind of c-cute." Llyr and Ashen both looked over at Mosi. It took the reaper about five seconds to realize what was going on, and as soon as those five seconds were up, he dropped Ashen, earning a startled yelp from the fox, and walked over to the actual skinwalker. "Mosi, you're practically drunk. Come here," he ordered. Mostly because she didn't seem to completely have her balance down, and if she was hallucinating, then that might end up even worse. Meanwhile, Ashen got up, grumbling and hanging his form to a three-tailed fox again. He carefully took his 'star ball' from his tail, grateful that it wasn't so much as scratched, and then shook the dirt out of his fur. He sat down, watching the bird and the cat, grinning mentally to himself at this all. The birdy was quite attached to the kitty, wasn't he? And he was so oblivious to it right now as well...
  23. "I have t-to agree with t-the good d-different part," Rose said. "...Ah, seems l-like I'm not t-the only one s-stuttering this time," she suddenly noted with a slightly breathless giggle. "At l-least we know what t-to expect n-next time, right?" The human paused. "...I-If you're o-o-okay w-with a next time, t-that is!" she quickly added on. "They seem to be busy, so no." The trickster squirmed a bit in the reaper's hold, not exactly used to being carried in a human form for this long, earning a slightly curious glance that the person in his grasp ignored in favor of making it seem like he was trying to get closer to Llyr. The bird tensed up, a clear sign to the fox that he wasn't used to this. ...Which would make this much easier, in his opinion. "What are you doing?" he asked cautiously, ignoring the 'voices' in his head who seemed very happy about this turn of events. "You're warm." That was a lie; The reaper's temperature was lower than his usual one was. Then again, not everyone had fur, or could light themselves on fire without any consequences. "...You still have a bit of the venom in you, don't you." It wasn't a question. "If I did, then do you really think I'd have the strength for this?" The reaper only looked at the shifter with suspicion. This was going downhill, fast. ...But hey, he did manage to catch the bird off-guard, and he didn't seem to suspect it was the fox and not the cat he was holding. "Maybe I do, maybe I don't. How would I know?" ((I feel like this will end with Ashen being dropped.))
  24. "I-It's fine. I'm not hurt, a-and it doesn't l-look like you're h-hurt..." Rose paused. "A-Actually, at first, I w-wasn't sure if we h-had actually fell o-or if I was j-just imagining it," she admitted with a shy smile. "T-That was definitely u-unlike any other k-kiss I've ever had," she stated with a slight laugh. "I can walk perfectly fine," Ashen-Mosi responded, sounding somewhat snappish. Llyr simply raised an eyebrow at this. "And yet, you tripped over literally nothing." "There was a rock." The shapeshifter of sorts paused. "...What happened while I was out?" the not-cat then asked, feigning confusion as the false Mosi glanced over at Ryu and Rose. Partly to make his act more believable, partly because he wanted to make sure that they still weren't paying much attention. "If you're referring to what's happened between those two, they'd explain it better than I." Ashen quickly decided against that, as it'd likely blow his cover, and that was a bad idea anyways.
  25. Rose pulled away rather quickly when Ryu and her hit the ground- though at first, she wasn't sure if it was just her imagination or not, because that was one interesting kiss- looking startled at his reaction. However, at the realization that she was the reason for this reaction, his purring, and how his tail was currently acting, she ended up hiding her face behind her hands instead. Her lips still tingled from the contact, and that didn't really help her much at all. It was a few seconds before she managed to respond. "T-That was... I-Interesting," she said, slowly pulling her hands away from her face but still unable to look at Ryu in the eye. After killing the wolf that had appeared out of seemingly nowhere, Llyr returned to the group and... Was very confused when he discovered that Mosi was gone. He glanced around, slightly concerned, when a slight tap on his shoulders caught his attention. "Looking for someone?" a familiar voice asked. The reaper turned around to come face-to-face with Mosi. ...Or, at least, who he thought was Mosi. The fox was greatly amused when the bird didn't seem to catch on to what was going on. "Up already?" he asked, instead. "...Your wounds aren't as bad?" "Nope. Barely even a scratch left." The fox was seriously out of practice, but somehow, the bird was buying it. "But-" Ashen-Mosi took a step forwards and 'tripped'. Right into the reaper's arms. Llyr stared down at him before simply picking him back up. "How about you don't try to walk," Llyr deadpanned, while Ashen mentally smirked. He was really oblivious right now, wasn't he?