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  1. ...Technically, if you did it creatively, yes, I would allow that. It'd be interesting, to say the least. And I'll work on a few humans right away! I've been trying to multitask- But there shooould be another soon, too? So!
  2. ((I've heard of that show! And... That. I can't even deny that it sounds like something Ashen would do, and I give all permission to slap him as a result. He deserves to be turned to stone. That's a really good story though!!!)) "Ah, only a few centuries! That's barely anything- And I did have the company of others for a few years between them. ...Not for long, of course, but what can I say? I guess I've always been selfish." A shrug, and a crooked smirk. "....And is it really self preservation when it'd probably put me in more danger?" ...The kitsune wrapped his arms around him in return, though, humming softly. "...Yeah. Your timer, your soul..." He fell silent for a few moments, before letting out a shuddering sigh. "...I don't think... I could ever express how glad I was that we could save you, that... That somehow, we pulled your soul back." And he shifted to pull her, face pale at the memory. It didn't take her long to return in a beige, oversized sweater, and she let out a squeak when he hugged her, but quickly relaxed with a quiet giggle, smiling shyly up at him. "I love you too, just a-as much...!" And she moved to press a quick kiss to his cheek, smiling all the while.
  3. Merfolk can be anything aquatic, really! ...Mooostly because I plan on having an axolotl merperson. (Edit; an axolotl sea serpent sounds more fun to me, but the point still stands!) But the only thing is- Actually, discuss whatever, and if you do it in a creative way, there's a high chance I'll be fine with it- I'd love to see what you can come up with! Invertebrates and aquatic mammals are fine with me. (Same with amphibians, though it depends how you play them- Axolotls are a-okay because they're aquatic and rely on their tail more than their legs, for example, but salamanders, not so much.) I think I might tinker with him a bit? But yeah, I'll have him! ...Well, a variant of him; Might not be as friendly, but, well, considering the circumstances... But alright, I'll reserve them for you!
  4. Index Main, World, Creature Information Rules, Character Sheet Characters Recap[You are here!] Recap -Tyne is trying to make Atasi owe him something. He's not succeeding, as she just slapped his hands away from her tail. -Bhrys was almost eaten by Arkhesis, who is currently having an... Argument of sorts, with Ejderha. -Engel was trapped in a cliffside tunnel. Bhrys is trying to get her out. -Villads got sprayed in the face with water by Vogel while trying to sleep on a bench. In revenge, Villads took his bag, gave him is guitar, and ran. Vogel chased. Caithness spotted them and is following because he's scared. -Alison witnessed a merperson getting dragged away, and is currently working at a cafe. FAQ Q. Do merfolk have to be fish? What about aquatic mammals or invertebrates? A. Merfolk can be anything aquatic, really! ...Mooostly because I plan on having an axolotl merperson. (Edit; an axolotl sea serpent sounds more fun to me, but the point still stands!) But the only thing is- Actually, discuss whatever, and if you do it in a creative way, there's a high chance I'll be fine with it- I'd love to see what you can come up with! Invertebrates and aquatic mammals are fine with me. (Same with amphibians, though it depends how you play them- Axolotls are a-okay because they're aquatic and rely on their tail more than their legs, for example, but salamanders, not so much.) Q. Wait does this mean we can have frog merfolk? A. ...Technically, if you did it creatively, yes, I would allow that. It'd be interesting, to say the least.
  5. Index Main, World, Creature Information Rules, Character Sheet Characters[You are here!] Recap Accepted Characters seacatsmew Marcus Pheonix AroaraAngelwolf Silverphoenixx Backup777 xvi Doctortear Fractional Pi Day
  6. Index Main, World, Creature Information Rules, Character Sheet[You are here!] Characters Recap Rules -No Mary, Gary, or Anti-Sues, please! No one needs to have lived a perfect life nor the worst one ever- Sure, a parent could be killed from those of the sea, but if both died, wouldn't they be adopted as a result? -Please try to keep a minimum of three sentences per post. More is very much appreciated- paragraphs are wonderful, even if it's just one- but if you can't, that's alright. Just no one-liners, please! -Godmodding is not allowed. Please. We don't need that here. -Powers are not supposed to be super strong. There's no complete manipulation of fire or making plants spring out of nothing; Same with immortality. We're not gonna let humans have that much power. -Please PM the forms to me! It makes it a bit easier to find them. -Character caps- for now- are one of each aquatic(4), unlimited humans. This rule will likely change. Character Form Username: Self-explanatory. Name: First and last; You can include middle name(s) if you'd like as well. Age: 15-21 for most, I'd say. Sea serpents can be older. Gender: Can be whatever you want! Sexual/Romantic Orientation: May not have any reason to be in this, but if romance happens... Can be the same or different. Species: What are they? Personality: How do they act around people they've just met? People they've known for a while? Appearance: Pictures are allowed, description is appreciated. Both would be great. Skin, hair, eyes, body shape, how they walk, clothing, height etc cetera. Ability: Limited to one for humans. Merfolk, capricorns, selkies, and sea serpents can both change into a human form and have an extra power; Sirens can change and have their voices. History: What's influenced their personality? What made them think of the humans or non-humans the way they do now? What about their family, how do they tie in? Can just be a few lines. Other: Anything I missed? [b]Username:[/b] [b]Name:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] [b]Gender:[/b] [b]Sexual/Romantic Orientation:[/b] [b]Species:[/b] [b]Personality:[/b] [b]Appearance:[/b] [b]Ability:[/b] [b]History:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
  7. What lurks beneath the waves was never meant to be discovered. IC Index Main, World, Creature Information[You are here!] Rules, Character Sheet Characters Recap The sea has always been a dangerous place. But starting eight years ago, it became so much worse. The world became so much worse. After all, when you give humans 'powers', you can't expect all to go well; Can you? Eight years ago, humans began to evolve. No one is quite sure what started this, but the results were rather influencing. They began to gain abilities that no mortal had known were possible before, that were so rare that no one believed them- But as more and more people gained these abilities, it became harder and harder to keep thinking they were fake, to contain them and pretend none of them existed. And while none of the abilities were especially powerful, as they ranged from healing minor wounds to speeding a plant's growth to being able to speak to animals, that didn't stop humans from finding ways to use them in horrid ways, causing an outbreak in criminal activity. Thankfully, as almost everyone was beginning to gain new powers, they were contained after a year or so, as the novelty began to wear off, though slowly. As these powers began to appear, a small group of people capable of breathing underwater and withstanding the pressure emerged. The ocean was still so mysterious, but now, they could shed some light on it- Couldn't they? With this thought in mind, the group signed up as volunteers to explore beneath the waves, unaware that they were to make a grave mistake. While it took a few years, they began to find things. Curious, unknown things. Scales that belonged to no creature they knew of, bones that couldn't belong to a fish- They were so human, after all. They found remains of civilizations and proof of someone, or something, existing underwater. Something living underneath. But it wasn't until two years later when they found the proof; A corpse of a merperson, buried under fallen rubble. People were shocked by the find, but with this, more possibilities came to light. What about the sirens, half-bird, half-human beings of Greek legends? Selkies, the seals that could remove their skin and take on a human form at will? Capricorns, the half-horse, half-fish hybrids of the zodiac? What of sea serpents, coiled up and waiting beyond the shores for some poor human to near and be trapped in their jaws? While people began to become afraid, it wasn't until the group had an unfortunate encounter with such a being- a sea serpent or merfolk, no one was quite sure- and lost three of it's members and multiple limbs of the remaining ones, that people truly began to fear. As beasts began to emerge from the water, striking back at those who dared disturb their rest, people began to warn others from nearing the shores; Walls were built around the cities near the ocean, rivers were carefully kept under watch, and as the creatures began to take on their more human forms and infiltrate the city, tests were run to make sure only humans remained in the towns. Any aquatic beast that took a human form and was found was killed on the spot, and any siren that was spotted above the walls were shot down. People began to regret using their new abilities to explore the seas, and travel became more limited as boats became little more than spare wood. However, perhaps not all is as it seems. Some humans were still brave enough to venture out onto the shores and return, alive, telling stories of the things that the creatures have been through; They spoke of how many wished to have peace- It was simply that their nature was as predators, and not all had taken kindly to the approach. They told those that would listen of the injuries both sides had gotten, how it would be safer for both sides to call a treaty; And, perhaps, a group of humans might be brave enough to venture back to the sea... Or maybe a group of sea folk would be willing to try to sneak into a town. The choice is yours. Now then, shall we begin exploring? World Resembles our Earth. Takes place mostly in an area close to the ocean, though characters may be from other towns; Walls are built around those near the sea, and the lighthouses are a bit more like watchtowers. Set in 20xx, so, fairly modern; Not much advanced technology, although it's constantly improving. So they say. People believe it, so who are we to say anything about it and ruin the peace? The city it takes place in is called Klolis, a fairly large place, though not overpopulated- In fact, population has dwindled since the danger of the sea grew apparent. Full of nature, parks, malls, and fairly small, odd shops, it's a pleasant place to live for anyone, though especially families... If you ignore how close it is to the sea, and the occasional sounds of sirens attempting to lure others out- Followed by silence after they end up chased away, usually with dangerous objects. People are usually encouraged to join in. But, really! It's a nice place, otherwise! Merfolk Half-aquatic beast, half-human beings that live in the sea. Appearance, size, and behavior depends on the merperson; A deep sea dweller won't be the same as one that lives in a coral reef. Capable of disguising themselves as human, but if water touches them, they'll be forced back. Typically has an extra, minor ability. Can be almost anything aquatic, not just fish- Just specify what and we'll discuss it! Selkies Seals that shed their skin on land to become human, and place it back on to become a seal again. Stealing their skin will get you a sad selkie that's forced to remain human. Males and females- and those that are non-binary- are all said to be quite beautiful. While they tend to be less aggressive than sirens, they still are capable of harm. Sirens Dangerous half-bird, half-human creatures that lure sailors to their doom with their alluring voices. Or, used to. Now that the ocean is mostly off-limits, their powers are much more limited. While the tales used to say their voices could lure anyone to crash by singing of what they desired most, they can be ignored, though it's difficult. Sea Serpents Typically large, serpentine creatures of the deep. Often quite wise and old, they rule the depths, protecting the waters from all who dare approach. They range from benevolent to cruel, and their shapes and sizes differ quite a bit, though the large, snake-like beings are the most common. Capable of taking human form, as well as another power, minor, but stronger than a merperson's. Capricorn With the head and upper body of a mountain goat, and the lower body and tail of a fish, they're the creatures in our zodiac; Both benevolent and malevolent capricorns exist. The longer they stay out of the water without changing into a more humanoid form, the more of their fish tail they will lose; They're not quite capable of hiding their mountain goat horns, usually, nor the scales on their legs.
  8. ...Yes. We should, definitely. We must return this to its former glory with our absolutely spectacular personalities.
  9. I've returned, sort of- ...Is it just me, or is it quieter around here...?
  10. ((I'M SO SORRY I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT DRAGON CAVE AND I THOUGHT I HAD REPLIED AGES AGO I'M GOING TO START SETTING REMINDERS TO MYSELF I'M SORRY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO CONTINUE THIS I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY)) Ashen's smirk faltered, and he paused, before sighing and spreading his arms in an offer of a hug to the naga. "...I'm sorry." And silence for a moment. "...I guess Rose was right, when she stated I should actually consider other people before I speak, hmm?" "...I, ah-" And now Llyr was stammering, flushing quite a bit, before he sighed and hugged Mosi back. "...I just don't want the others to try to hurt you." ...That was a very weak attempt at an excuse, honestly. Llyr, please try harder. Rose didn't take long to finish her tea, rising once she was finished with a soft but fond smile. "It sounds beautiful...! I can go get my sweater right a-away." She hesitated, however, her smile growing a bit. "...T-Though I doubt i-it could beat your beauty..." And off she goes.
  11. ((Ahhh, I'm so sorry-)) "Oh, I'm wounded. Will you end up falling for the flames instead, then?" The fox's tone was playful, though, and he rose to his feet, stretching with a yawn. "That sounds fun enough. Why leave it at just scaring them, though? A little 'detour' never hurt anyone, right? ...Minus that one person. But besides them... Well, I see no harm in it, do you?" He smirked. "Because I am, and because it's technically true. Though they're drawn naturally..." Llyr stated matter-of-factly, even as his blush grew brighter. "...Perhaps it works for your heart too. I might have to make sure the other reapers don't come near you, just in case..." The human blinked at that, surprised, before smiling up at him and nodding. "Ah, that'd be nice! I-If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to see it...!" ...Honestly, she was happy as long as she was by his side. But that sounded interesting to her, so she did want to see it, now.
  12. ((Mosi is great and Llyr is trying so hard not to show any reaction.)) Ashen blinked, turning his gaze to Xipilli, before smirking at him. "Not at all, koibito. Simply shifting to get more comfortable- Besides, you seemed content on your rock. I was almost worried you were going to end up falling for it, instead." He chuckled, tails swishing slightly. And there went his attempts at not flushing, as his cheeks became dusted with a faint pink. He halfheartedly glared at her, though there wasn't much annoyance actually behind it. "...All the better to call souls with," he responded, though quieter now. Trying not to seem as flustered as he was. Rose nodded in response, rising to her feet and hurrying after him, stifling a slight giggle at Llyr's attempts to hide his reactions to her actions. She sat beside him, a bit closer than what was necessary, but... Ah, well. She enjoyed his company, of course, and it was comforting to be this close- Why was she even trying to explain her reasoning to herself, anyways? She decided just to enjoy the show, as he had said, and wait for her tea to cool a bit.
  13. ((Sorry. Couldn't get enough energy to reply- I should be able to more often now, though.)) Ashen sighed to himself after a short while, stretching out and rising to his feet, smoke gathering around him before he transformed, blinking his eyes. After a few moments, he sat back down, leaning with his back against a tree, staring at the sky, now, though still paying attention to the rise and fall of energy from the flames, his own taming it and calming the occasional spike by taking it away. Easy enough. Llyr paused at that, flushing a bit, before shaking his head, raising an eyebrow at her. "...It made perfect sense before, as well. It's for your safety as well, anyways; You should've taken that into consideration before you almost burned it down, as..." He trailed off, shaking his head again to rid himself of the thought. Rose blinked in slight surprise at being caught, before smiling up at him and nodding slightly. "A-Ah...! I-If you don't mind, I-I'd love s-some! A-As long a-as i-it's not a bother, that i-is..."
  14. The fox kept an eye on the fire, making sure none of it got out of hand, and if it seemed like it was about to, he simply manipulated it a bit to be more tame. He had more than enough energy at that time, so it was easy to control the flames. He didn't really need to pay much attention, thankfully- The fire was mostly fine by itself, and otherwise, the energy was enough of a giveaway for him. So, instead, he watched the snake with a half-opened eye, his tails flicking every now and then when the wind hit them in a certain way. A light blush dusted Llyr's cheeks, but his expression, otherwise, stayed the same as he turned he gaze to Mosi, Rose falling silent. "Need I remind you of the results last time? If we didn't have a fire kitsune with us, we'd have lost our shelter," he deadpanned. "And I doubt we could all fit in the fox's burrow, should that happen, and no one else has a place outside of town. So, no." If Ashen even had a burrow, that was- The reaper knew next to nothing about his home, wherever and whatever it was. And he didn't really want to know, either. Rose smiled slightly at his response, as well. It was rather amusing to see the usually expressionless reaper get flustered so often, even if he was getting better at handling it. She quietly peeked into the kitchen, watching Ryu. It was nice to have a place this peaceful, after all that had been going on. Especially because it meant they didn't have to be on the run all the time. And it reminded her a bit more of a home, as well, seeing how everyone tended to act around here. It really was something she had missed.
  15. ((Sorry!! Life has been bad to me lately, but yeah, we can skip to that part!)) Now that the plan was finished, and they were safe, Ashen had decided to take a break outside of the cabin. He missed the land quite a bit, after all, and though he was so horribly dangerous to it all with his fire, he knew he could control that. So, he stayed outside of the cabin, resting quietly in his fox form by a tree. It was a nice change from the abyss, that was sure, even if hunting was more fun down there. But... It was so much more lively here, and the energy was a comforting feeling. The kitsune took none- He only paid attention to the ebb and flow of it. Llyr, on the other hand, actually did decide to be inside the cabin, leaning against a wall near Rose, who was sitting on the ground and fidgeting with the edge of her shirt. After all of this, she was tired- more mentally than physically, but still, exhausted. She knew that she wouldn't be able to rest properly until this was all settled, though, so she didn't bother to try, instead just quietly speaking to the reaper, who mostly stayed silent, something that the human was used to at this point.
  16. ((Ah, alright! Sorry, then. And then how about we just skip to them travelling to the town, or...? Get the plan of sorts for getting Ryu getting into his house explained a bit and all of that.))
  17. ((Bump! Are you alright?))
  18. "It's fine with me. And there's nothing I'm trying to hide, so they can snoop all they want," Llyr responded. Rose looked up at Ryu. "A-And i-it's fine with me too! I, ah, I have nothing to hide e-either, so..." she trailed off, averting her gaze once more. Llyr glanced over at her and, adjusting Mosi so that he had a free hand, reached into his sweater pocket while walking over to her. With a closed hand, he held his fist out to the human, who glanced up, slightly surprised, before holding her hands out, cupping them carefully. The reaper dropped something into them, and withdrew his hand. In the human's hands was... A ribbon? It was a lovely, dark shade of brown, with the slightest hint of red, similar to Rose's eyes, but otherwise, there didn't seem to anything special about it. ...Minus the fact that her face lit up in surprise and happiness when she saw it. "Thank you, Llyr!" she said with a smile. The reaper only nodded in response, supporting Mosi the best he could with both hands once more. Ashen smirked. "Good; I'd rather not be the cause of some humans becoming scarred for life," he said, as if that was the real reason he was a bit concerned. He turned his attention to Xipilli as the snake curled around him, noticing him moving, and watched as the naga lit a small fire. Realizing why fairly quickly, the fox's eyes lit up and he brushed a tail through the flame. It darted down his tail, and was absorbed into the base, for lack of a better term. He sighed contently, the fire returning more energy than most things would. After all... Fire was his element. "Why, thank you, my little boa," he said with a wink.
  19. ((If you need, you can rant to me in a message. I don't mind.)) Ashen grinned widely at the dragon's words. "Well, I'll be more than glad to help you, then," he said, tracing one of the skull's eye sockets idly. "Creating distractions is what I do best, after all. And besides..." He lifted the skull, smirking at it, rather than Ryu. "...'Poor Yorick' here's gotta be used sometime." He turned his gaze back to the dragon, chuckling to himself and lowering the skull while he did so. This would definitely be fun, but something occurred to him. "Er... They won't pry too far into my information, will they?" he asked, pausing as his grin slipped. ...While there was nothing 'bad' there, he'd rather people not know too much. It made everything so much harder for him. Somewhat absentmindedly, his temperature rose and he moved closer to Xipilli, basically offering his heat to the snake. ...Frankly, at this point, what he was doing could easily be seen as courting. Sharing food was a common thing between fox mates, and sharing energy probably counted as well. Llyr raised an eyebrow at Mosi. "...That's odd, but there's been stranger things." He turns his attention to Ryu. "While mine might be more difficult, as I'll have to sneak into the Reaper Headquarters and ask the blacksmith, and check on the souls as well, if any of them can do anything, then it'd be appreciated." He let out a slight sigh at all of the work, simply because it was difficult to get into the Headquarters on an average day, and... Now? He didn't even work there anymore. It'd be a bit harder now, and your average person, or creature of any sort, couldn't grab the souls like reapers. Rose paused, glancing around. "Well, i-if i-it's not too much trouble... T-Though, seeing a-as mine i-is tied i-in with Llyr's, i-it might be sort o-of difficult a-as well." She fiddled with the bottom of her vest, keeping her gaze on it.
  20. ((It's perfectly fine! I understand that you're busy. ^^)) Rose blinked. "Are you sure you can get there without being caught...?" she asked hesitantly, not wanting Ryu to be thrown back into the abyss, or worse. Because while they could escape from the abyss... If they were to kill him... She didn't want to finish the thought. Ashen chuckled at the snake's response, before turning his attention to the dragon. "What's your idea? ...And does it involve deceiving people of authority? Or anyone at all, really." He sort of doubted it would, because the lung naga was far too nice, but there was always a chance. And he hadn't done enough tricking lately, not really. The reaper flushed slightly at the mention of what had happened, before adjusting Mosi slightly to carry her better. "As you wish, princess," he responded, glancing over at Ryu as he announced that he had an idea. "And good to know you like the smell of death." Well, not death exactly. More like what had been described as 'funeral home' by multiple people. He waited for Ryu to answer the kitsune's question, or for Mosi to continue the conversation. Whichever one came first, really.
  21. There was a river towards the south, only about a few miles away from the area they were at now. It was flowing towards the north-west area, leading to a small wooded area; Following it upstream would lead to an area closer to town, although it wouldn't lead directly to it. Rose was squinting at the light, but the discomfort was a very small price to pay, in her opinion. She glanced over at Ryu as he followed, her eyes slowly adjusting, before looking around once more as everyone arrived. There was no real sign of how they got back up, as the 'gateway' closed behind them, although she figured that it was still there, just invisible to the eye. ...But she was only guessing, as she couldn't sense the energy like some of the others were able to. Ashen glanced around the place one last time, before walking through the archway, following the rest out. The sunlight was a very, very welcome change, especially considering that he had always preferred heat to the cold, and he let out a contented groan as it hit him, his eyes adjusting to the light somewhat quickly. He cradled the skull in his arms as he looked around, not quite recognizing the place they had ended up. "Feels good to be in the sunlight again," he muttered. "You also shouldn't have jumped into the abyss, but it seems you have a habit of both grand entrances and exits," Llyr replied, although it wasn't said in a cruel tone, just an amused one.
  22. Llyr was about to respond, but was unable to find the words, as... He really was not expecting Mosi to kiss his cheek. He was frozen for a moment, before sighing and shaking his head, muttering something about how he'd never understand her, before rising to his feet. He glanced around at the group, before heading through the archway himself. Rose nodded, quickly standing up and stumbling a bit, as she had stood up too fast. She was still for a moment, regaining her balance, before approaching Ryu. "This place... I-It's history i-is rather i-interesting," she noted. She hesitated, glancing over at the archway, before deciding she might as well- Llyr and Mosi had already went through, after all- and darted through it before Ryu could stop her. She sort of regretted it, when she ended up dizzy and lying on the ground near Llyr and Mosi, and in some unknown place. She slowly pushed herself into a sitting position, and then she stood up and looked around. It was a bit of distance away from the abyss, and also slightly hidden by a circle of rocks. The sunlight shone down on them, something that she had missed. Ashen paused, following Xipilli, and placed his feet back on the ground. He lifted the skull to look at it in the face, and feigned distress. "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy," he quoted, looking upon the skull with sadness. That quickly vanished when he lowered the skull, smirking slightly. "That's easy enough. Now then, Ryu's right- The only energy I've gotten from here was from criminals, and even that stuff has a weird taste. Though it still does the trick." He grinned at the snake. "Nagas first," he said, gesturing to the archway with a slight bow. He glanced at Ryu as well, as the two of them were both nagas, and he was therefore technically speaking to both of them.
  23. ((Sorry for the while it took for me to respond!)) "I believe he's trying to make fun of the elder council's choices," Rose explained. "...Since where we are right now is practically a crack in the ground, and if they created it..." She trailed off. "And the arch is a gateway. Likely to where we came from, or close to it," Ashen added on after a moment. Llyr stared at Mosi for a moment, before responding. "Maybe you are." He turned his attention back to the stream, watching it flow past them and further down. "...You're a mystery to me sometimes," he quietly stated, resting his chin on his hand as he changed how he was sitting so that he was cross-legged. Ashen turned his attention to Xipilli as the snake moved, going silent for a bit as he watched, not having much else to do. Finally, he let out a huff, lifting his feet off of the ground as he began floating again. It looked almost as if he was sitting on air. With a skull on his lap, of course; He didn't want to lose the skull. Although, it occurred to him that if anyone spotted them but didn't recognize him when they escaped, carrying a skull around was rather suspicious. ...Ah, well. He could make up some story about it, worst comes to worst.
  24. Ashen turned his attention to Ryu, rather than the sleepy snake, when the dragon began speaking as he touched the arch. His ears turned slightly, and he tapped a finger on the skull in his grasp in thought. "Good to know that the elder council decided a giant crack in the Earth's surface was a good place to build a gateway of some sort," the fox muttered to himself, eyeing the stone arch with a bit of amusement. He knew that there was probably a reason behind it, yes, but also, there was a chance that his comment would annoy Ryu, and while he may have mostly stopped bothering everyone, it just wouldn't be right for him to ignore a chance to. Rose watched as Ryu moved, blinking as he became a blur and was suddenly by the arch. She pulled her legs up her her chest once more, resting her chin on her knees as she listened to Ryu's explanation, or maybe he was just stating what he noticed out loud without any real reasoning, as to what this place was. It made sense, at least. ...And then Ashen spoke, and she wasn't even surprised by his words, seeing as he seemed to enjoy trying to get under everyone's skin. Llyr stared at her blankly for a moment, before sighing heavily. "It's disturbing when you do that," he deadpanned, sitting back. "Looks unnatural. Though not everyone would notice that." Oh dear, the souls were 'active' again.