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  1. He flinched away, Kimon's wings moving to wrap around himself as he stared with a slight flush. There was a pause as he fumbled for words, quiet chirping the only noise he made for a few seconds, before he managed to speak up. "I'm... A h-harpy. You're... Are you not from around h-here?" he asked, his voice a bit quieter from before now that he had her attention. "Or maybe you... Just h-haven't been in the forest before...?" Divina yelped. It was a miracle she didn't scream, frankly. She pressed herself against the tree as a squirrel turned into a human, thinking back- She hadn't eaten anything, let alone herbs that would've caused hallucinations. So- Was this somehow real? Or did something else happen while she was asleep? She wasn't sure, but she didn't trust it. "...Lost? I'm- Yes, but more importantly, what and who are you?!" Divina, that's rude. Be nicer.
  2. There were more movements, and Bhrys... To put it likely, they freaked out, flailing in a flurry of bubbles as one seemed to try to scream. Of course, in their panic, they failed to notice a rather large rock in front of them, and... Slammed their nose against it, recoiling as their skin flashed multiple colors and patterns. Thankfully, they noticed that there wasn't much more movement in the water- but ouch. That had hurt. An awful lot. With a poorly concealed whimper, they curled up, mimicking the color of the sand as much as possible- Though, since their skin kept changing colors... It didn't work too well. ...They really hoped that they wouldn't be attacked. "Hello, there." The merman grinned, moving to float more than swim, though with purposeful movements of his tail still- He wasn't going to abandon his plan just yet, after all. "I don't think I've seen you around before... If I had, I'd surely remember. What's your name?" They were just pleasantries, nothing important to his plan- He knew it was the best place to start, though.
  3. Kimon frowned a bit more as the woman fell, but puffed his feathers up a bit as she drew herself back up- Those weren't very nice looking injuries... Perhaps he could- But she suddenly set off, much quicker than before, and he silenced a startled chirp. The harpy waited a moment before following once more, more cautious, but faster as well. He didn't want to lose sight of her, after all... Although, he felt really rude for following her like this, without her knowledge. He gathered himself up after a moment, still hurrying after, before quietly calling out. "U-Uh, miss?" Divina... Was lost, really. She had managed to get herself even more lost than before, it seemed, and she huffed, moving to lean against a tree trunk as she paused to listen and gather her bearings. Her breath slowly calmed as she closed her eyes, falling almost eerily silent as she listened close. Leaves... Her breath.... Birdsong... But where was water? She released a slow and heavy breath, rather shakily, before opening her eyes again.
  4. And- There! The merman perked up at the sight of movement, moving to stare a bit more, and... Wait, no. That was just a mermaid. He frowned, flicking his fin in annoyance, before slowly smirking. Just a little chat wouldn't hurt... Right? And if the coral caught on her fins, well... It wouldn't be his fault. He couldn't control the currents his tail created, after all, and if one pushed a fin just so to make it catch onto her tail- Well. He couldn't be blamed then, could he? In fact, maybe he could even save her. So, with this... Very cruel plan in mind, he began to approach. ...Tyne no. Bhrys stopped in place as they noticed movement in the waters, camouflage kicking in as they moved to stare up in fear, and- Oh. A human. ...Well... They had a good reason to be afraid, then, they decided, moving to try to press against the ground more to hide themselves completely. Not that it would work, of course, but... They were going to try, certainly. They were rather scared, after all, though... If it came down to it, they figured that they could fit her into their mouth... But they'd rather not, after what happened last time. ...Having no teeth as a sea serpent could be a burden sometimes..
  5. Alright, there we go! ...And before anyone asks... Yes, I. I felt the need to start Alison off with that horror. The merfolk isn't any character or anything, they're just some random poor soul who was caught. But at least there's no saltwater in the cafe now? EDIT: if Bhrys gets eaten before we even make it to the second page i will cry
  6. It had started off as a fairly normal day. Alison had been working a shift at the local cafe in Klolis, smiling and greeting each customer, taking their orders and quickly working to fill them. She hadn't suspected anything about the newest one, simply awed by the colorful hair and almost ethereal features, until she had accidentally spilled the cup of saltwater they kept near the counter on them. It was for protection; It was advised for every store to have one, really, though not required. But when scales began to appear on them, and when their look changed to horror as people screamed- Well, her own turned to horror as well as she took a few steps back. It didn't take very long for people to spring out of their seats to help drag the merfolk away- But it didn't take away the terror it had in the first place. ...They hadn't been doing anything wrong, Alison realized. But it had started off fine. Caithness had instantly regretted heading outside to the park. There were other people there, unlike usual; He shifted uncomfortably, eyes shifting from place to place as he tried to spot somewhere that they wouldn't likely care if they saw him. ...The swings? Swings were nice, he decided, quietly going over to them and sitting down. With simple movements, he began to swing himself back and forth on it, soon getting quite a bit of height. He wasn't afraid, though. No, he knew that, even if he fell off and scraped his knee, he could heal it. He'd be fine. He knew he would be, he had done it before. Didn't make him any less nervous, though, about the fact the other people may watch. Tyne hadn't done anything yet. No, it was annoying that he hadn't, in fact- No humans were near the shores recently, near his hunting grounds. And it was so incredibly boring that he had even begun to contemplate seeing if he could hunt sirens, instead- Although, in the end, he crossed that idea out. They were too difficult, and he doubted they'd taste good. Birds didn't taste good. It wasn't likely that sirens would, either. But he wasn't even looking for a meal- No, he just wanted simple entertainment! ...Of course, his form of entertainment usually ended badly for those involved, but... He didn't really care. It was merciful, even, to them, after all. Bhrys was... Tired. But they wouldn't sleep, couldn't. There was too much of a risk in resting this close to the shore, even with camouflage. If any humans brave enough to leave spotted them, they'd be doomed. So, they wouldn't sleep. Not yet, at least. Not until they had to. But... Even so, there was lots to do without sleeping! The rocks were fun to stack, even though their limbs didn't work very well for grabbing things. Or swimming. Really, it was just so that they could walk on the sea floor if they didn't want to swim. But nudging the rocks worked just as well, they figured, carefully pushing each into place with their nose, turning it into shapes. ...What else was a sea serpent to do?
  7. Divina awoke with a start as she felt something brushing against her cheek, closing her eyes tighter as light hit her face. Her bed seemed colder than normal... And why was there a breeze? Had she forgotten to close her window? The blankets must have been underneath her, but they felt rather odd. She moved to roll over, but yelped as she hit something hard instead, eyes blinking open to see... A tree. She froze in place, moving to sit up and take in her surroundings properly now. Grass, trees, various other plant life, birds singing... It was all very foreign to her. This wasn't her room, or anywhere near it- She wasn't in her house anymore, definitely, and she didn't remember any forest nearby, anyways. ...Where was she? A forest, it seemed, but- Where? Where was home? ...Had she been kidnapped? But if so- Why here? Why not some building, rather than what seemed to be the middle of the woods? Sure, it was even worse, if Divina was being honest with herself, but... It all seemed very strange. Too strange, even. Rising to her feet, she frowned, glancing around. More trees. Yeah, this looked like a forest. After examining herself for any injuries, she began to walk, listening for the sound of water. If she followed a river, she could find her way home, right...? Kimon yawned as the sunlight filtered through the trees, hitting his face as he woke up. He had been napping for a while, but the mixture of sunlight and... The sound of someone walking? Woke him. But- The sound was a bit too heavy for anyone who wandered the forest daily, so it couldn't be anyone he knew... Curiosity fought against caution as he moved to rise, feet gripping the branch underneath him as he moved further down it. He peered through the branches, spotting... They looked human, but- He'd never seen them before. With a wider frown, he moved to glide down from the branch, slowly moving to follow out of curiosity. ...She didn't even seem to know where she was. How odd.
  8. "Ah, I understand how it is. A stroll sounds lovely. Especially if it's with you, little snake..." Ashen grinned, drawing away and offering him a hand, the other behind his back. "Shall we?" ...Apparently, the fox was going to act like a gentleman for once. But would it really work. "...I can't believe you did either. Really... I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on you if that's a habit of yours, Mosi." He shook his head with a slight smile, though, sighing against her. "...Then again... I don't know if I could ever take my eyes off of you, really." Rose's eyes widened in awe at the sight, and she took a soft breath of surprise in, slowly examining each corner. She didn't speak for a while, only staring, her mouth slightly agape. However, after a few moments, the human spoke up. "It's... Breathtaking. Beautiful..."
  9. I'll be home in a short bit! I think we should begin then? I mean, we're past where I said we should begin at, so- Any objections?
  10. My pants are inflated but at least I'm warm and ready for the pictures.
  11. And the mermen. Really, no matter the gender, skirts, dresses, and kilts are easiest for them to wear without damaging. And they can wear them with their tails usually! Bonus!
  12. Aroara's got it! Or... Or, if your merfolk is feeling particularly bloodthirsty, you could always take a corpse's clothes. As for if they're splashed with water while they have pants on... They rip. It was either that or make it very painful for them as their legs try to join but can't. I decided to be merciful; There's ways to keep the water from doing this, but most merfolk aren't aware of this. (For example, salt water is the only kind that'll cause this, unless their bottom half is completely submerged, or mostly submerged, in it. But for merfolk that aren't aware of the fact freshwater doesn't do all that much... It's fun to see them panic sometimes.) Honestly, I'm going off the Little Mermaid. Ariel got no clothes when she turned, after all.
  13. I'll send you whatever comes to mind tomorrow morning that you'll need to know, and for the rest, all are reserved! And yeah, alright- They're really good so far though!!!!
  14. Please reread the rules! Along with this, I think actually that? Might be a bit much, having two sentient beings on one- If Katy was just a lure, and nothing else, it'd be acceptable, but keeping it like that would lock up both sea serpent and merfolk in one go. That, and if Katy can 'detach' herself and change the attachment into a psychic link, that'd be a power in itself; Which already presses the limits. I'm really sorry!
  15. It's alright, I understand completely! I don't mean to rush you; I just thought that it might be nice to start with the whole 'group', heh. And that way, no one is too far behind- Take your time, though!
  16. ...Why would I give people clothes that easily? Unless that's their spare power, nope, they only have on what they wore before. So... Supply your own clothes, whoops. And I think we'll start once I get Aroara's characters? So, soon, hopefully! ...Selkies in legends don't get clothes when they shift, so why should I give the rest any- Though uh. This is still staying PG 13, it's just. Get your own clothes-
  17. What lurks beneath the waves was never meant to be discovered. OOC The sea has always been a dangerous place. But starting eight years ago, it became so much worse. The world became so much worse. After all, when you give humans 'powers', you can't expect all to go well; Can you? Eight years ago, humans began to evolve. No one is quite sure what started this, but the results were rather influencing. They began to gain abilities that no mortal had known were possible before, that were so rare that no one believed them- But as more and more people gained these abilities, it became harder and harder to keep thinking they were fake, to contain them and pretend none of them existed. And while none of the abilities were especially powerful, as they ranged from healing minor wounds to speeding a plant's growth to being able to speak to animals, that didn't stop humans from finding ways to use them in horrid ways, causing an outbreak in criminal activity. Thankfully, as almost everyone was beginning to gain new powers, they were contained after a year or so, as the novelty began to wear off, though slowly. As these powers began to appear, a small group of people capable of breathing underwater and withstanding the pressure emerged. The ocean was still so mysterious, but now, they could shed some light on it- Couldn't they? With this thought in mind, the group signed up as volunteers to explore beneath the waves, unaware that they were to make a grave mistake. While it took a few years, they began to find things. Curious, unknown things. Scales that belonged to no creature they knew of, bones that couldn't belong to a fish- They were so human, after all. They found remains of civilizations and proof of someone, or something, existing underwater. Something living underneath. But it wasn't until two years later when they found the proof; A corpse of a merperson, buried under fallen rubble. People were shocked by the find, but with this, more possibilities came to light. What about the sirens, half-bird, half-human beings of Greek legends? Selkies, the seals that could remove their skin and take on a human form at will? Capricorns, the half-horse, half-fish hybrids of the zodiac? What of sea serpents, coiled up and waiting beyond the shores for some poor human to near and be trapped in their jaws? While people began to become afraid, it wasn't until the group had an unfortunate encounter with such a being- a sea serpent or merfolk, no one was quite sure- and lost three of it's members and multiple limbs of the remaining ones, that people truly began to fear. As beasts began to emerge from the water, striking back at those who dared disturb their rest, people began to warn others from nearing the shores; Walls were built around the cities near the ocean, rivers were carefully kept under watch, and as the creatures began to take on their more human forms and infiltrate the city, tests were run to make sure only humans remained in the towns. Any aquatic beast that took a human form and was found was killed on the spot, and any siren that was spotted above the walls were shot down. People began to regret using their new abilities to explore the seas, and travel became more limited as boats became little more than spare wood. However, perhaps not all is as it seems. Some humans were still brave enough to venture out onto the shores and return, alive, telling stories of the things that the creatures have been through; They spoke of how many wished to have peace- It was simply that their nature was as predators, and not all had taken kindly to the approach. They told those that would listen of the injuries both sides had gotten, how it would be safer for both sides to call a treaty; And, perhaps, a group of humans might be brave enough to venture back to the sea... Or maybe a group of sea folk would be willing to try to sneak into a town. The choice is yours. Now then, shall we begin exploring? Rules -No Mary, Gary, or Anti-Sues, please! No one needs to have lived a perfect life nor the worst one ever- Sure, a parent could be killed from those of the sea, but if both died, wouldn't they be adopted as a result? -Please try to keep a minimum of three sentences per post. More is very much appreciated- paragraphs are wonderful, even if it's just one- but if you can't, that's alright. Just no one-liners, please! -Godmodding is not allowed. Please. We don't need that here. -Powers are not supposed to be super strong. There's no complete manipulation of fire or making plants spring out of nothing; Same with immortality. We're not gonna let humans have that much power. -Please PM the forms to me! It makes it a bit easier to find them. -Character caps- for now- are one of each aquatic(4), unlimited land. This rule will likely change. More info, characters, and recap in the OOC.
  18. Alright! I hope you have fun! I might expand a bit on the info tomorrow if I have the energy and inspiration to? I think it might be somewhat lacking, so if any of you have any recommendations for things to add, then please tell! Also, I think I might make an OOC for this soon-