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  1. alright, so the idea is that there's a younger person- 14-18, not sure yet- and they have an 'imaginary friend'. the imaginary friend, imaginary for short, helps them get through daily things that might not seem like much, but are so hard for them to get through. and then something that shouldn't happen, happens. the imaginary becomes real. so, they have to deal with both their own issues and getting them used to the world- of course, the imaginary still helps, but... is anyone interested?
  2. Bhrys sucked in a deep breath through their nose, the water filtering out through their gills, before slamming into it once more- And it was moving more! Their gills flicked back in relief, as well as for searching the water for any sign of the human. Sure, it wasn't moved much, but... With her help, it was at least enough space for her to sneak out of. They weren't sure what to do now that she was free, though. They hadn't really... Thought that far, more worked on impulse and went with the first thought they had. Slightly because they were still irritated that another sea serpent was in their territory, as small as said territory was, and had acted like they owned the place- Really! Did no one have manners nowadays? Bhrys had to keep themselves from releasing another bubble and wasting their breath out of annoyance. -- Tyne followed, silent and wary, behind Atasi. As they approached, though, he moved slower, eyeing the scene. Two- three sea monsters, and... Was that a human, in the cavern one of them had just opened? His interest was taken now, and he eyed the human for a moment longer, before shifting to attempt to conceal himself from view of the other serpent. "I think he's a bit busy," Tyne noted quietly. "...But there's a human over there." And a nod in the direction, the merman keeping his voice down. "Perhaps they could use our help getting free of this place...?" -- Caithness watched as- Villads, he registered- set off, fidgeting with his hands as he worried his lip. There was a jolt as Vogel spoke to him, stilling his actions as he turned to face him, before slowly nodding with a cautious smile. He gestured for the other to lead, forcing himself to relax, as being all tensed up likely would tire him out. Besides, maybe this really was safe. Worst that happened, they were in a public area, at least- No one would try anything too bad there, right? Though... His mind flicked back to what he had said about the sapient life forms in the sea, and he frowned slightly again. He couldn't help it; It just... Didn't seem right, to him. Sure, they were dangerous, but... He just didn't think it was really what people should be doing. Especially since they were sentient- But at the same time... ...It was safer this way, right? And besides, it wasn't affecting him, specifically. So... It didn't really matter what he thought of it, he decided. He'd never have to personally deal with the consequences- Right?
  3. @shadow; Kimon... Is going to be completely terrified, and I'm looking forwards to this greatly. Shove the harpies together, yes, good. I approve of this.
  4. Caithness had gathered by now that these two were nothing near friends. Or acquaintances, even. They didn't seem to get along at all- One had taken the other's backpack, and the other had dropped a guitar off on a bench...? He still wasn't sure what was going on, but he had to admit, it was... Sort of interesting, as terrified as he happened to be. He still wasn't sure if he was safe there or not. At least it seemed like the one man- Vogel- wasn't about to hurt either of them. He hoped not, at least. That was not why he had followed them, after all. No, he had come to make sure they were both okay- The opposite, even, but it seemed it wasn't needed. Both were fine, after all. Uninjured and healthy, if a bit irritated at each other. But that wasn't his power; He couldn't help with that, especially seeing as there was no way for him to communicate with either of them. Maybe? He wasn't sure if the other would, by some miracle, understand him, but... It was doubtful. He didn't put much hope into it. After all, not many people really seemed to know it that well. Which was a shame; It really was useful to know, and- He jumped, taken out of his thoughts as Vogel turned to him to speak, looking even more terrified than before. He relaxed a bit at his words, though, realizing he meant no harm to him. He paused, before nodding in thanks, smiling weakly. He could probably find something to write with, after all. Though it might be difficult, it'd at least give him a way to 'talk' to the two- Even if it wasn't the most efficient way, it was better than charades. Charades, Caithness had learned, were very hard to make others understand properly. Too many things you could mean. He, himself, nearly yelped when the man ran across the street, stumbling back a bit and already preparing to hum something to help- But he knew it wouldn't be much use, as if he really got hurt, the male would barely be able to do anything to help. But it didn't look like he was going to, as he approached again, holding the bag, and the younger male let out a shaky sigh of relief, the most noise he had made so far. He nodded at what he had said, jolting when he pulled the notebook out; Caithness accepted it with still shaking hands, smiling thankfully and nodding to him. That was... Awfully kind, honestly, and he appreciated it quite a bit. Now, all he needed was a pen or pencil... ((Realized this is easier to read than a block of text-))
  5. Kimon paused, before nodding. "I... I should? I've... Stabbed myself on the branches before, so... I think I should still have it." He nodded, more to himself than anything. "...A-Ah... If... She's okay with it you c-can. But... It's up to her, not me. I-It's not me being moved from person to person..." And a quiet, concerned chirp. "...B-But... Be careful, if so." He shifted so that, should she agree, the other would be able to grab her a bit easier from him. It would make it easier, he mused; He could grab everything quicker for her, and the stranger could carry her up to his home so she could rest safely. And while he was still a bit unsettled at the thought of bringing people he just met into his home... Concern beat fear for him, at the moment. The human was injured, and needed help, after all. Divina jolted at the new arrival, tensing up as she glanced up from the ball she had curled herself up into, silent for a few moments before shuddering. Someone else she had never seen before, something else. She couldn't do anything but stare for a few moments- They were much, much different than the shapeshifter, and it was harder to ignore the fact that they weren't human. And the 'jewelry' on him- She had to hide another shudder, swallowing down her fear and taking in a deep and shaky breath to steady herself. After a few seconds, though, she spoke up. "Wh... Who and what are you?" The bones on the newcomer unsettled her, and she pressed against the tree in an attempt to add more distance, as small as the distance was. Still, it was something, and she felt a bit more comfortable with it.
  6. It... Took nearly no effort to send Bhrys spinning through the water with a squeaky noise, and they took a bit to reorient themselves before huffing and blowing another bubble. Deciding that they might as well leave the two to their verbal fight- if they kept doing this, he could call for backup; he did know that one sea goat, after all, that would be more than willing to deal with a fight, even if he lost again- the small sea serpent moved to instead slam themselves against the rock in an attempt to move it. Sure, it hurt, but... So did their nose. And the human had helped them with that, so... With another bubble, they slammed themselves against the rock again, perking up when it moved. Just a few more hits... "...I barely met you, and you're already offering to take me to meet your father?" Tyne, no flirting. Too late, apparently, though. "As flattered as I am... Ah. Well, why not, actually? I have nothing better to do." And if he made himself seem good and harmless to him, maybe it'd be easier to trick the mermaid. "Besides... It'd be interesting." And he mumbled something else to himself, but grinned, moving to relax and somewhat float in the water more than swim, waiting for her to take the lead. Caithness slid to a stop as the two halted, and for a few moments, he was unable to completely process all they were saying. He shook his head, shivering, and covered his mouth, trying to find a way to communicate that he wouldn't, couldn't talk- It felt wrong and the words would always get caught in his throat, choking him. Still with a hand over his mouth, he nodded in response to the stranger who... Had been rambling about mermaids, before turning his attention back to the other one, who seemed quite panicked over a guitar. He wasn't sure what to make of this; but, then again, he had only seen them partway through. How long had they been running? Caithness decided he didn't want to know, shaking his head and attempting to sign something out, letter by letter- He didn't know if either would be able to understand sign language, but it was worth a shot, right? 'I'm sorry I'm not a radical or anything I was just worried one of you would get hurt and-' He cut himself off as his hand stilled, realizing that he was signing too fast and too shakily for anyone to likely understand him. Caithness... Was greatly beginning to regret having followed these two. Especially without a way to communicate, unless, by some miracle, one- or both- could understand his shaking hands. Or maybe charades would be a way to communicate? He wasn't sure, but... ...Coffee sounded nice. And maybe he could borrow a pencil or pen and a napkin to write down some things, speak to them in that way. It was worth a shot, at least. Though, the one who tossed the bag- He was really making him rather worried over the fact of... Well, he didn't know the first thing about the 'radical'- In fact, what if he was one? What if he was going to try doing something to them What if he was going to suspect Caithness of being some underwater creature, and that was why he wouldn't talk, and take him for testing? ...The selectively mute male was afraid, now.
  7. Actually, I can help answer this! If you read the thing I wrote on the main post, it sort of states that no one is sure how to stop it; But the locals are pretty sure it can be stopped! Maybe? Actually, that might be part of the plot right there. Figuring out if you can. Sorry for intersecting; I just figured I'd try to help answer this as much as possible!
  8. Also! Please note, both of you, that I am researching the lore as I go- For example, selkies, I've been trying to learn more so that we stick to what their basic lore is. Another thing is that... Honestly, I considered serpents and dragons to be the same, originally, because I had no mention of sea dragons. Silver has amazing points here! And your definition says 'land or sea serpents or dragons', referring to both as the same. Please just. Let this be. I'll add a section on what I think sea dragons should be like, and it'll be basically the same as what Silver is saying. I don't want to start a fight about this. It's simply that... When I accepted him, I was thinking that serpent = dragon, and if it's like Silver said, it's fine. But I really don't want too extreme of differences between serpents and dragons. They're both sea monsters, after all, and- There are so many different types of sea serpents! Bhrys has hands and feet and they're still a sea serpent. So, due to this, I thought it'd be the same. Just... A differently built serpent. I don't mean to start any fights. Your explanation is fine with me, it's just that I don't think dragons should be more ancient than serpents. And the whole 'magic' thing- All had magic, once, actually, in this! I'll be writing a bit about that, and it'll be available to anyone who wants to know, or people with sea serpents that have actually studied human history. Evan will know it in case anyone wants their character to know but doesn't have an older sea creature to ask. The basics are... Humans abused their power, so they got them taken away. As a result, however, all lost some power to prevent a major imbalance. Even sirens had more power before!
  9. "If... If you're okay with it, I can take you to... My home, it's... It's a tree house, I guess it'd be called. I have a medical kit there; I tend to get injured a lot while flying, so..." He trailed off, softly chirping out a tune to try to help comfort more. "...I can carry you up. I have a hammock inside- I could bring that out, and you could get on it...?" It was quiet, just a suggestion, but Kimon watched with concern clear in his face. He really was quite attached already to her, and the harpy really didn't want to see her in pain for much longer. She was already lost and confused; She didn't deserve to be hurt, too. Especially in a foreign area. That just wasn't right, or fair to her. "...Oh! And... I'm so sorry, I didn't get your name...? Mine's Kimon. Kimon Mimoza." He cocked his head, trying to keep her mind off her injury and instead on simpler things, other things. "No, I'm-" She shook with another whimper, shaking her head as well. "F... Far from here. Very, very far... N-Nowhere that e-even has a place called Drazem..." And she shook her head again, Divina moving to wipe away the tears that wouldn't stop, sniffling as she shivered. Out of what, she wasn't sure, but... "I... E-Earth. T-That's the name of... Of the planet."
  10. That reminds me, though- SM, would it be alright if Kimon is trans? Just to fit with the usually-female-harpy thing. If not, it's fine, I was just wondering, heh.
  11. A leviathan is actually the same as a sea serpent! It was a sea serpent monster of immense size. That, and sea dragons and sea serpents are closely related in this one; In fact, sea serpents are sea dragons that evolved to fit the water better than their ancestors. Having nose gills wouldn't make any sense unless they're something like... Actual gills instead of nostils, because otherwise, there's no way for the water to exit as easily and it'd be harder to breathe. I actually forgot something on my own forms- Tyne has gills on his neck. So, if it's as you say, breathing might be a bit more effort for him, rather than the effortlessness it would take Tyne, for example. Capricorns have this issue, actually. And I think I'm going to edit the Capricorns a bit and make myself a giant one, since no one seems even slightly interested in them.
  12. ((Bhrys is tiny;;) There was a blank glare from Bhrys for a few moments before they faded to the color of the rock, and... Slammed themselves against it. With a whine, they began slamming themselves against the stone, causing it to start to move- And sure, they were in pain, but- "...Why are both of you still here?! This is my territory!" ...The small one is angered. "You aren't just supposed to enter another serpent's territory without permission! Get out already and take your pitiful quarreling somewhere else!" ...Anger indeed. They even released a bubble out of anger. Wow. Bubbly bubbly anger. "Neither of you have any manners and the human is my prey if anyone's! My territory, my prey. Get out!" ....Bhrys, calm down, they are much larger than you. ((just a short thing because there's not much else for Bhrys to scream---))
  13. "New York.." Before the harpy could mumble anything else, the other stranger cut in, and he blinked, cocking his head. He didn't know what either of them were talking about, but he did know that the girl wasn't anywhere near her home, and combined with everything else that was going on... "...We... We need to treat your wounds before you lose too much blood. Then... You two can talk during...?" His voice grew quieter at the end as he began to lose confidence, flinching into himself a bit for even suggesting such a thing. Why did I even think of speaking up? I'm such a fool. His thoughts screamed against him. At that... Divina paled, falling silent and staring in shock for a few moments. This- It had to be a joke, right? There was nowhere called that, but... Nothing looked familiar. And there was a shapeshifter, and... Nothing was right. Nothing made sense. So was it really too odd to consider that this might be a different world...? "D... Drazem...?" she managed to get out after a bit, her voice little more than a whimper, even as she tried to sound strong. "..This.... T-This isn't a joke.. Is it...?" And with a soft and muffled sob, she slid to the ground, crumbling into herself as she began to shake with poorly-concealed tears.
  14. That reminds me, I need to put the recap up-- But. ...Hopefully, Engel will be able to knock some sense and morals into Tyne---
  15. There was a surprised squeak from Bhrys as they were scooped into the mouth, wiggling around and sliding a bit as the serpent tried to bite them, before they were dropped at the sound of a roar. They flailed around at first, trying to gain their bearings back, before letting themselves fall to the sand, taking a few seconds to reorient themselves. And then they noticed that there were very, very big sea serpents, unlike them- They were small, yes, but these ones were much, much bigger. Realizing neither was paying attention, they moved to swim away- Where did the girl go? They didn't yet thank her. Noticing the place she had escaped into was closed up, they swam over and started trying to push the rocks out of the way with their- still painful- nose, their hands providing not much help but trying anyways as they began to pull the rocks out. ...Hopefully she wasn't crushed. But then again- Most of the place was stable, they knew, and... She seemed to have no problems breathing underwater, at least. Still, they worked fast, not knowing how long humans could last in a place like that. Tyne blinked in surprise, drawing back and staring. "...You could be here for hours, though, if you do it alone. I'll be careful, I've dealt with fragile things before," he offered, though he made no move to touch it again. Usually, they were more than willing to let him help, but... This mermaid interested him. He'd have to keep an eye on her, he decided, if she was going to remain around this place. It seemed like his plan wasn't going to work, though. He silently cursed himself for having so many faults in it; If he had planned it a bit better... Ah, there was always next time. And besides, maybe he could salvage this one, yet. He just had to be patient and careful- And make sure not to bring suspicion to himself. It'd be easy, if he played his cards right. He just hoped that the mermaid was less wary of him than the last had been. Caithness... Had been perfectly content to swing, until he realized that people were... Running nearby? Someone seemed to be chasing someone else. And- Was one wet? ...Confused and concerned, he slowly let the swing stop, before climbing off and following. He was curious, after all, and... If he wasn't noticed, it'd be fine, right? He didn't want a fight to break out, either. Maybe he could help if he followed? ...Or, at the least, if anyone was injured, he might be able to help with that. He really wasn't sure why he was following. But if something went awry, he could just turn tail and run, right? ...He hoped so, at least. He really didn't want to cause any trouble, or- For anything to happen, really. Though, one seemed to be carrying a backpack, rather than wearing it... Was... Were one of them a thief? He stumbled at that thought, but caught himself, slowing a bit as he spotted curses appearing on the arms of the chaser. ...Was it really his place to get involved? But at the same time, he didn't want to see anyone get hurt. Swallowing down his fear, he followed once more, though his hands were shaking a bit more than before.
  16. Kimon made a confused noise at the question, and was about to respond when the female he was holding spoke up, sounding quite panicked. He swallowed down another chirp, shifting to hold her closer and maybe offer some comfort- As well as take most of her weight. She was nice to him and injured, after all; He wanted to do all he could. And... She did sort of compliment him, in a roundabout way. He had to admit that he was a bit weak to compliments. "...I... She has a point. And... Why do you want to know...?" He frowned, furrowing his brow. "B-But... We're in the woods near... Ah, I don't remember the town name. Fallstar...?" ...So close, yet so far. "I don't leave the forest much." A weak shrug, and he averted his gaze, shifting in discomfort. While most of the attention was on the other stranger or the girl, he still felt uncomfortable with the little attention he was given. Divina paled, but took a deep breath in, forcing herself to calm. "...What's... The continent called? Or... Anything about this place?" She was going to try to figure out just how far away from home she was first, she decided, slowly making her body relax. "I... I'm sorry, I'm just... Very shaken. I've never met anyone like you before, and.. I'm sorry." Lashing out was no way to get help, after all. She decided to change her approach; Besides, Randi looked just as shocked. It was unlikely she'd know why or how she ended up here.
  17. Ah... I'm sad to see you go, but I understand. If you ever want to rejoin, we'll gladly welcome you back! Good luck!
  18. There are 8 people. I'm so happy. It's been so long since I've seen this many people in there!! Which is weird. If it was offline, I'd be freaking out- Actually, anywhere else and I'd be.
  19. Bhrys froze up at the woman's words, glad that they couldn't actually properly look at the figure fast approaching- Benefits of eyes that couldn't move, they supposed. But that didn't change the fact that, if they didn't move quickly, they'd end up as dinner. ...A very wiggly dinner, because they were slimy enough that it was likely they'd just slip around instead of be successfully bitten, but still. With almost ribbon-like movements of their tail, they launched themselves towards the shore, deciding it was worth the risk as their tiny hands that didn't really provide much grip tried to pull them up. And... ...Also attempting to eat a crab on the way, and failing. Hey, they were hungry- And they didn't even know if the human was really all that harmless or not! Besides, if she was, she was their meal! ....Change of plans. Irritated now, the serpent pushed himself back into the shallows, facing the other's direction, though... Since their eyes weren't exactly straight ahead, they... Really couldn't see much. Whoops. ((eat the axolotl)) Tyne straightened up at the noise, eyes flashing as he glanced around, his expression fading to almost cold and calculating for a moment before he turned his attention back to the female, and- His expression flashed an almost cruel smile for a second, so briefly you could barely see, before he appeared concerned and alarmed. "Oh, my... Your fin is stuck! Here. Let me help." Coating his words in false kindness, he moved to begin to untangle her, hiding a smirk all the while.
  20. Kimon flinched at the yelp, but moved to hold her a bit tighter, glancing down at her legs- Was something wrong? He softly chirruped at the sight of blood, wrapping his wings around the girl as she clung to him, slipping one underneath her arms to support her better, though it felt odd to him. "Careful..." he whispered, concern clear in his tone as he turned his attention back to the other winged stranger, shifting to look in his direction and... Maybe shield the human's eyes from him a bit, as she had seemed quite dazed when looking. Perhaps it'd be easier for her to hear, but not be able to completely see? He wasn't sure, but the strange lady had his worry, and he wanted to at least try to help. "S.. Starfall? I... That's..." She was going to say a 'weird name', but considering she knew of towns named Elbow and Eyebrow... Yeah, she was in no position to judge. "...Where is Riverside?" Okay, well, it was a fairly common town name, but Divina needed a place to start, at least. She hesitated before answering the woman's other question. "Well, I've been taken from my home and left to likely waste away in a forest that doesn't seem to be anywhere near where I live. Ah, but right, I'm not in danger at all." She placed her shaking hands behind her back, biting her lip and glancing around.
  21. There was a shrill chirp from Kimon at the appearance of the new stranger, and his feathers puffed up as he jumped back, flapping his wings to get him some more distance. At first, he contemplated how quickly he could get away from the scene- The stranger didn't seem very interested in the harpy, after all. However, realizing the human was harmed, he changed his route, though hesitantly, to flutter in front of her and spread his wings to hide her a bit. "W-Who are you?!" ...Defensive, now, of his possibly new friend, it seemed. Then again- It was a miracle he even managed to speak to her, so it was rather understandable why. After a moment, he glanced back at the human, inching back towards her and... Turning to face her, deciding that she was a bit more priority, and offering a talon. ...He didn't have hands, after all, and he didn't want any feathers pulled by accident. His talons would work just as well, he figured, though he hoped she wouldn't be put off by it. It wasn't as if they were dirty, after all. "M-Miss..." He trailed off, glancing back at the other stranger, before focusing his attention on her. Divina stammered for a moment, before pausing and swallowing. It took her a second to manage to reply. "...Divina. A- A shape-shifter?!" If she hadn't witnessed it with her own eyes, she would've doubted the new woman, but... The proof was staring her straight in the face. She couldn't help but believe it, really- Or, at least, choose to think it might be true for now. She hoped she hadn't been forced to eat or drink anything while passed out; Sure, that'd make this all make a bit more sense, but... She didn't want any side effects. "Where is this place? What do you plan on doing to me?" she asked, though her tone was more afraid than angry. Because Divina was absolutely terrified. She just wouldn't admit it.
  22. if i just painted i could forget for a bit, but i dont have the room to paint again
  23. Bhrys jolted as one of the humans returned, and spoke to them. The words were a bit jumbled up in their head, but they understood what she was asking, sort of. But that was when fight-or-flight began kicking in- Wasn't she going to hurt them?! But then she began to move, and they watched cautiously, vaguely registering she stated she had no weapons. And, yeah, it didn't look like she did, but... Well. They were a bit too dazed to think much through, and nodded, tail curling a bit. "H... Hurt? Yes." Though their voice was raspy, they managed to get that much out, moving to bury their nose under the sand a bit. They didn't use it, anyways; They had gills. He nodded, listening closely, though Tyne began to move his tail a bit more in an attempt to cause the currents he created to move Atasi's fins juuust enough to catch. Because, apparently, Tyne is going to be a jerk. "Tyne. There's a few serpents around here, I believe; I know a couple have tried to nip my tail fins off..." He smiled back, attempting to make it seem a bit more genuine. "Though, the sirens can be a bit more dangerous."
  24. Username: seacatsmew Name: Divina Mayler Age: 17 Gender: Female Appearance: Dark red kept in a braid that either rests over her shoulder or hanging behind her, and almond-shaped hazel eyes. A heart-shaped face and a pear-shaped body, and lightly tanned skin; 5'6", 145 lbs. She tends to wear loose clothing, such as oversized sweaters and boot-cut jeans, or long-sleeved shirts in the summer; She's not very picky about her clothes, as long as they aren't too revealing; However, she tends to always have a necklace or two on her. Third time's the charm! Personality: Tends to take risks. Sympathetic but tends to often break 'rules', and go against what others tell her to do. She's a bit reckless and impulsive, and has a habit of rearranging things; Even if there's no reason behind it. She doesn't really like dealing with others too much, but will do so if needed, though she tends to be kind of bossy. She's had an interest in magical beings ever since she was young, and tends to have her head in the clouds a bit. Native or outsider: Outsider Power/species: N/A History: She was born into a higher class family, and was taken care of well; Her every need was tended to. She wasn't especially talented at anything, although she took an interest in medicine; She focused on improving her skills in that specific area after she turned 14. Around 16, she picked up a job helping out at a local clinic; Finding that she enjoyed it, she kept it up, learning more along the way. Other: Quite skilled with medical things. Username: seacatsmew Name: Kimon Mimoza Age: 19 Gender: Male Appearance: Something similar to this. While his wings are larger and his feet happen to be that of a crow's, he otherwise looks quite human, with pale skin and white hair, along with piercing blue eyes. He tends to wear clothes that almost seem to blend into his wings, the colors near or exactly the same, but otherwise tends to wear sleeveless formal clothing and loose jeans. His ears resemble a great horned owl's, almost, producing from his head in feathery tuffs of an iridescent black. His hair only reaches a bit past his shoulders and somehow always remains straight, and he tends to look rather serious. There's scars along his sides, but they're always hidden; They were from crashing through trees when he was little and trying to fly. 5'9". Personality: Somewhat if a pacifist, disliking conflict; When given the choice 'fight or flight', he typically chooses flight. Somewhat shy, surprisingly, and nervous around others, though most wouldn't suspect so at first. He tends to hide away from strangers, staying quiet and almost seeming cold at first before he warms up, which is when he turns into a giant feathery sap. He's very protective of friends and will care for them more than he cares for himself, even, along with putting them as priority instead of him. He's not very good at hiding his panic over the world being destroyed, often making quiet and worried chirps out of seemingly nowhere, and then proceeding to get embarrassed over it. Can be a bit of a perfectionist. Native or outsider: Native Power/species: A harpy of sorts. Capable of flight and making bird sounds, along with understanding different tones of chirps. History: He was raised within the forests, making friends with the birds within, and raised by his two parents and older sister. While he didn't know many other beings within, he preferred it that way, favoring the company of the birds over the company of the more humanoid creatures. When he began flying, he was a bit of a klutz, often falling through branches; This gained him quite a few scars, but didn't deter him in the slightest. He learned how to fly around eight years, as his sister left to find a part of the forest to call her home. His life was fairly average, overall, his parents passing from old age- It was when the world started falling apart that his life changed more, as his sister was one of the few casualties the world had taken. Terrified and despaired, he began moving through the forests more, paranoid that he'd be the next. Other: Has a collection of odd and abandoned trinkets he found in the forest. Divina is a jerk and Kimon has done no wrong. Also I think I may make another outsider? Maybe.