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  1. im really sorry, drama and school have been very busy lately, and i've been behind on my work. i'll try to reply tomorrow!
  2. "...It'd only make sense for more people to be here. Why would it just be us two? Neither of us are special. So, it's only logical for more people to be here. Otherwise, what would the use be? Two humans? Unlucky or not, I highly doubt the world is that cruel- Or kind, depending on how you look at it. No, it would likely take more than two." She frowned at his other question, reaching in to pull the rest of the arrow out before moving a cloth to wipe off the blood, disinfecting the needle once more and beginning to stitch up his injury. "Trusty scalpel. Cut through the webs. I don't like to relive the memory; She left for a bit, so I escaped," she lied. Well, it wasn't completely a lie. Elin had used her scalpel to cut her out, and left the cavern while Ella 'escaped'; It was just stretching the truth. A lot. Thankfully, she was used to telling lies, so she managed to say it without her tone wavering. And it would have been odd to look at him, anyways, since she was busy stitching him up. Working while lying was easy, honestly. "I just hope she doesn't follow me." That was more of a lie; She knew that the spider would likely do so, to keep an eye on her.
  3. "Yeah, working out here would be fine. I'll go grab everything," came Ella's response. She paused at the door as he began to speak, though, listening quietly and frowning slightly. It was after a few minutes that she spoke up, keeping her eyes averted and using a somewhat detached tone of voice; Had to keep things professional, not get emotionally invested. Especially considering what she was going to do to them. She almost regretted it, but... Maybe she could bring this man with her, home? Surely, Elin wouldn't mind... "Rain, hmm? I hope he's not injured... Ah, maybe I'll have to do a check up anyways. Best to be safe rather than sorry." She was only speaking to herself, just a mumble, before she raised her voice to speak to him instead of to herself. "It's fine. Not the first time I've been threatened here- And a bullet would've been a quicker death than being eaten alive. Because, apparently, that's what some of the locals want to do. Eat me alive. This is a very lovely change from that." More silence, but she hesitated before opening the door, lowering her voice a bit. "...Food would be great. I don't remember the last time I've eaten." And she slipped inside. It didn't take long for her to gather up all of the stuff and head outside, though it did require a couple of trips. As soon as everything was settled, she sat down behind him, rubbing the cream on first with a quiet hum. "...You're all lucky to have made it out with such minor injuries. But then again, I suppose I'm far too used to people coming in after cracking their heads open from falling down stairs... Funny how such mundane things can sometimes cause worse injuries than fights, huh? Still, it's a good thing that none of you are bleeding out." Well, now, she was rambling on, more than anything. Idle talk as she worked. "And that I came here when I did. I arrived from the woods, though. Deeper in- It's not somewhere you'll want to go, there's... A spider that lives there. Not very friendly." She didn't really want to say too much about it, but she had already thought up a false story to cover herself. Ella couldn't let them all know, after all, that she was really there to help the spider- No, that'd be a bullet in the chest for sure. And as favorable as that was to being eaten alive by the spider... "I'm guessing most people from Earth might have wasted away by now. Stumbled into things, less fortunate than ourselves. Either that, or they're terribly lost... Or on the other side of this place, completely. Ah, I almost pity them, but years of work have made me numb to death..." And she sighed, moving to begin to cut the wound open. --- Kimon fell silent once more, listening to the two as he preened more, a somewhat nervous habit of his. He glanced over in the direction Hector had been staring at, freezing up in his movements as he spotted the pillar of smoke, silently hoping it wasn't in the forest- And, if it was, that it wouldn't reach them. He curled up a bit tighter, appearing to become a head attached to a blob of feathers, almost. He couldn't help his fear. Lots of things were happening; Bad things. So many bad things...
  4. "Yep," came the response from the doctor to the man, before she quickly returned her attention to Phill. "Should only be a few days. You'll need to be careful with it- injuries like this take a few months to heal, but you're lucky it's not worse. I've seen people walk in with injuries like this, but splinters all around, and infections- Their nerves never healed completely. Yours should heal up fine, though, don't worry." She switched to stitching it up, Dr. Barrett's hands careful to hold the wound together. "Typically, I'd have something stronger to numb the pain, but... We're not in any hospital. But that should do it. You'll need to be careful not to strain them too much or push yourself, and they'll need to be cleaned if you get anywhere dirty, but you should be fine now. Or, at least, you won't bleed out on the floor. Now, I believe I have to go retrieve the other man..." A pause. "...Try to relax. If you need any help afterwards, I'll just have to clean up." And she moved her things to a different, clear spot, and slipped out of the room. Seeing the sight of him smoking outside, she sighed very heavily, shaking her head. "That's not healthy." Her tone said she could care less, however. "Your turn. And while I'm no therapist, you can talk to me afterwards. Patient confidentiality. I've done it before," she offered, Ella moving to survey the area. "...I don't want to know your life story. I'm not asking for that. But the added stress won't help you heal at all, especially considering how much you've all been through. "Or are you worried about Phill? He'll be alright. It'll heal."
  5. "Your body has likely gone into shock, as well. It's shut down that part to keep it from bleeding out and wasting any of it's energy. And... If your muscles have been cut, then it'll take quite a while for them to heal. I'm afraid I didn't really look all that much for anything specific, but..." Ella frowned. "I didn't think any nerves were cut, at least. You'll have to give it a bit to get feeling back, but you should be alright. Now, for the next part... This one is going to sting a bit more, as I'll have to put disinfectant in it, but I'll use the cream again." She moved to the other side, rubbing the cream around his injury once more. As she waited for it to take effect, she soaked another cloth and began gently cleaning the blood up, causing the water to turn a slight red. Ella paused, frowning softly. "...I haven't been here long, but you seem fairly similar to a human's anatomy. So it's not too difficult. And if you heal at the same rate... It'll be a while."
  6. Scanning the objects, she nodded, uncapping the disinfectant and pouring a small bit into the water, and... Ah, she had a scalpel on hand; Good. It wasn't much, but without a knife, it would do. But that was all she had on hand, so... Still. Good enough to begin. She smiled at the woman, rinsing the scalpel and nodding. "Yes, he'll be fine. It didn't hit anything major; He'll need to recover, and I'm not sure how long it will take him- I don't mean to be rude, but I usually work with humans." Ella turned her attention back to the wound, carefully cutting it open, years of practice making it easy to dodge major things as she spoke once more, responding to the man. "I'm from Canada," came her simple response, working the wound open. "And you?" Soon enough, there was enough room that she could take the barbed head out, wincing at the sight, but quickly moving to disinfect the needle before beginning to work on sewing it up, humming softly as she worked. "I'm almost done. It'll be over in just a moment, then I'll move onto where you were stabbed... Alright?" she asked, her voice soft once more as she tied the string, leaning back finally to admire her work, lightly tying a bandage and a wet cloth around it to help with the pain when it returned feeling. "Next. This one should be quicker, don't worry."
  7. "It's nice to meet you too, Phill." She smiled gently at him, only briefly glancing over his ears and tail before focusing on the wound once more, and slipping on the rubber gloves. "I believe the arrow is a bit slanted, but there doesn't seem to be too much damage. I'll have to dig a bit to get it out, but the cream is for numbing, alright? You'll barely feel a thing, and I'll stitch you back up right afterwards. I won't lie, it's gonna sting a bit- But it'll just be like you're being pinched, nothing more. I shouldn't have to cut in too much. I just need to make sure I don't rip anything out when I pull it out." Her tone was very gentle, and she smiled once more, opening up the tub. "This stinks a bit and is going to hurt to apply, but it'll feel better quickly. I just don't want you in too much pain when I have to operate, and it'll all be over soon, okay?" she cooed. "I don't think they punctured a nerve. You're very lucky, and very strong for doing this well. Just a bit longer." ...She couldn't help it. Phill was in pain, and seemed fairly upset and stressed, and was nicer to her than the previous man. She only felt right to treat him kinder and try to soothe him the best she could, as she began to apply the cream to the area around the wound, spreading it about an inch each way.
  8. Ella nodded, stepping inside and surveying the area; Listening to the woman, she nodded once more, moving to settle beside the one on the floor and examining the wound. After a few moments, she drew back, turning her attention back to the others. "Check this place for a knife. Since this thing is barbed, I can't remove it with my hands. Find any spare cloth, anything that looks like a first aid kit- It's best to be over supplied than under. And a needle. Needle and thread would be great. These are deep enough that they're going to need stitches- And ice. Dear lord. You guys are in worse shape than I expected." Having told her orders, she moved to carefully touch the skin around the puncture, mumbling a soft apology before sighing a bit. "...Does it hurt to touch it lightly like this? What about around here?" She moved her finger as she spoke, attempting to figure out if there was any splintering. She really hoped there wouldn't, but... She withdrew her hand as she waited for a reply, Ella retrieving the bandages, disinfectant, and syringe from her coat. She patted around, sighing in relief when she found a small tub of numbing cream, and a pair of rubber gloves- She knew she had those with her. Finally relaxing, she paused, realizing that she hadn't even introduced herself yet to those in the room- Especially not to her patient. "Ah... I'm sorry. My name is Ella Barrett. Dr. Barrett to the jerk who pointed a gun at me, but Ella to the rest of you." That's not how you make friends, Ella. ((I'm honestly not sure what is happening at any point in this RP--- I think we should still be accepting...? But I'm not sure about the timeline, either.))
  9. Ella jolted at the sight of a gun being pointed at her before anything, before sighing heavily, fixing the man with a glare. ...He looked human enough, and... She hadn't seen any guns around before- Maybe he was human as well? His getup, though, made her wary, and she slipped her hand back into her coat, grasping the syringe. Not that it would do much, if anything, but it made her a bit more confident to hold, even if it might make them more suspicious of her. She straightened up once more, attempting to look unafraid. And, at this point, she really wasn't scared. The man was promising a quick death. Maybe this was all a dream, anyways. "Wow. Has your mother ever taught you manners? Like, I don't know, don't point your gun at strangers? Look, I was just trying to find a safe place after the ground tried to collapse beneath my feet." ...Well, she had planned to be nicer, originally- But she was sore and hadn't slept for a good twenty four hours, and having a gun pointed at her did not make her suddenly so much more cheerful. She didn't remember the last time she had eaten, either- Irritation was strong in her. She glanced past him, noticing the injured people on the ground, and moved to rub the bridge of her nose with a very heavy groan. "...And I do hope you know how to treat wounds, make sure there's no splinters left, no infections..." Though worry was inching it's way into her voice. Patients always came first to her, and seeing people in such a dire shape made her very unsettled. What had happened to them? ...And honestly, did he know how to treat such wounds? She was all too familiar with wounds similar- The wood could splinter and cause more pain and infection if the wood wasn't treated right, she knew. Well. That's what she knew from people who got branches stuck in them, at least.
  10. Oooh...! That'd work! ...Elin isn't misunderstood, she's just hungry. Bribe her with food and she'd switch sides super easy. She's a sort of. Huge glutton, the mages likely bribed her with food, actually. "If you help us, you'll have lots of humans to eat." Score. She likes sweets though, bribe her with cake or something and she'll be all yours--- But alright! Thank you for that, that should work, so I'll go edit my post right away!
  11. Elin is! Ella... Is not. Ella is a very tired doctor taken from Earth and honestly just wants to go home. Elin is 90% evil though, and 10% just in it for the food. Ella, meanwhile, honestly does not care. She just wants to go back to the hospital. It's very likely that Elin has tied Ella up and has her in a web somewhere- But? She is a doctor, if that counts. Otherwise, I don't thiiink we have anyone that can heal...?
  12. Ella was tired. But then, wasn't she always? After being caught by a spider, trapped in her web, and then being promised a way home if she tracked down those trying to 'save' the world that was past salvation- She was downright exhausted. Brushing the spiderwebs off her coat, she sighed, looking around, and- ...Was there smoke coming from the chimney of that house? She froze up at the sight, knowing that she'd be expected to check it out. She hoped no one was hostile there. Honestly, she had nothing on her except a syringe she had before she had blacked out and awoken here. She was in no state to fight, and the spider hadn't given her a single thing to defend herself with. Thinking back, it likely wasn't a good idea to trust some random stranger who had first tried to eat her, before deciding to keep her alive. Especially considering how unsettling she had looked- But maybe that was being rude of her, judging by appearances... She didn't look the best either. But, ah. Distracted by her thoughts, she didn't realize her feet were moving on their own accord, heading closer to the house. She sighed heavily, raising her fist to knock, but hesitated- Maybe she could just pretend that they weren't there? ...Except, she really wanted to go home. And this world didn't seem like it could really be helped. So... Would she really be doing any harm? Taking a deep breath in and straightening her back, along with reaching into her coat and holding tightly onto the syringe, a very useless defense but there anyways, she knocked three times, hard, on the door, before stepping back and waiting. She shifted from foot to foot, her throat already feeling like it was closing up as she waited, before she realized... She needed to be harmless. Convincingly innocent. Ella withdrew her hand from her coat, hunching over a bit and attempting to look as exhausted as she felt. Maybe she could pretend she was nearly attacked, and was looking for a safe place? She had heard the world was collapsing. Maybe the doctor could pretend she had narrowly escaped such an area, and was looking for a stable area.
  13. "Nalom... Is a world. A planet; We're on it right now. As for where... I think... I can't remember what the other planets are? I... I'm sorry, I sort of only learned what was necessary for survival. Harpies don't really go to school. Or anything of the sort. We usually just attack people." He shrugged sheepishly, rising to shift from foot to foot. "...I- Not that I do! But- Ahh." Kimon flushed, at a loss for words. He had verbally cornered himself. Nicely done. He curled his wings around his head as well, turning into a feathered ball of shame and embarrassment.
  14. Noticing that she had fallen asleep, Kimon carefully freed himself, placing her down on the bed and retreating to a corner of the nest to wait for her to wake up. Well. That was the plan, at least, but after a short bit, he dozed off, nestled in a pile of feathers and soft down, his wings tucked around him as he settled into a ball, almost. After quite a few hours, however, his rest was disturbed by noise, and he shifted with a yawn, eyes opening slowly as he stared at the other two, staying still for a bit as he woke up more. It took a few minutes for the harpy to finally stretch his wings out slightly- not by much, there wasn't enough room in there without hitting somewhere else, due to the size of his wings- before folding them once more against his sides and moving to sit on the pile of feathers, still drowsy but less so now. He didn't make any move to speak, though. Not yet, at least. Not that awake. Still, it didn't stop him from listening and preening himself while he waited, blinking his eyes tiredly at the two as he... Basically melted into a feathery puddle.
  15. There was a soft hum, and he relaxed, finding the action more comforting than he expected, even to himself. "...It'll be okay," he whispered to her, smiling softly. "It'll be okay." After a few moments, he shifted to glance over at Hector momentarily, though he didn't try to free himself in the slightest. He shot him a questioning glance, as he seemed unsettled; Kimon couldn't help the slight worry growing in the pit of his stomach at the sight. That couldn't be a good omen, after all... ((timeskip sounds good to me!))
  16. A long time ago, there was a god named Ura. She was feared as the god of destiny, always taking the form of a large cobra; While it was said she was able to take the form of a human, people whispered that she was weaker in this form, and therefore would never take it around humans. While she was widely worshipped, people often called her cruel and unfair, giving and taking from anyone she felt like and only caring for her own amusement. Even with offerings aplenty from those that needed her, she wouldn't always lend her aid, even in the slightest. And so, a group of people turned away by the god in their times of need set off on a journey to take her down to their own level. And through many trials and tricks, they finally arrived at the god's palace. The leader was the only one to directly approach, and the god, amused, gazed down at him with a cruel gaze. He waited for her to speak first, but she did not; And when he opened his mouth to ask a question, she hissed at him, her long body curled around her throne as she looked down at him. What do you bring as offering, mortal? "I bring nothing but myself and a request of you." And you expect me to listen without a gift? "If you fulfill my single request, I will bring you all you want." A god has no need for mortal objects... But you have me interested. Go on. "Is it true that you can take the form of anything you wish to be?" Yes. "Even the weakest being? And can you prove this?" The god, oblivious to those behind her, glared down. You doubt me? Then I have no choice. And with those words, she uncoiled from around her throne. Skin after skin she shed, until she was left in the form of a human, smirking down at the man. While only her shed skin clothed her, she still held the air of power around her. But her mistake had already been made as she spoke once more, her voice having lost it's hiss. "Now, you do owe me, mortal." "Oh, no. You owe me." And with those words, the rest of them struck, caging the god and leaving her without her skins; A set of impure nickel handcuffs were locked around her hands, and a chain of the same metal was locked around her waist. "You have betrayed the humans that worship you, and therefore, you are the one to have a debt, O 'God'." "You won't get away with this," hissed the god. "We already did. You are weak, and unholy, now. We have claimed the throne of godhood, and knocked you down." The human leader leaned close and grinned, though it was more like baring his teeth than a smile. "You will bow to us, 'god'." Years have passed since the god was captured, descendants of the original ones that captured her beginning to rule over the mortals; However, while they had tried their hardest, they were not able to provide balance like the god could. Those who seemed good became evil, those that had seemed spoiled were pure. The world was off-kilter; But still, no one dared free the god. They thought they could stop it, but they were wrong. There was no stopping the world with a mortals grasp, not without help from the holy. But humans were naive and didn't trust the god, so they let their world fall to waste. ...Or, at least, that's what a young woman had claimed. Outcasted and shunned for being a 'prophet' of Ura, she had warned them all of something big to come. “When the first is reborn, they will reach the age of unrest. And they will free the gods from their prisons.” But is it true? Who knows. Either way, a change is approaching... ~~~ Rules Nothing OP(even the god has a bunch of weaknesses) and no Gary/Mary Sues! Also, no godmodding or powerplaying. The characters each should have one power, as the god gave them it in return for... Going to probably try to force them to come rescue her. If you'd like to join and no one else has, you're free to choose if you'd like it t be a 1x1 or have another person join! Just tell me; It doesn't matter to me either way. They both have vices and virtues. Form Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance: Power: History: (optional) Other: Characters seacatsmew Name: Sariel Clarke Age: 19 Gender: Female Personality: While Sariel is somewhat pessimistic and overall gloomy, she has a knack for puzzles and finding ways out of situations. She tends to be rather kind to animals, but not very nice to... Well. Humans. She does have a soft spot for some, but it's not very common; Rather, she tends to mention how she may be able to see when they'd die. ...This, however, has never actually happened. Appearance: Sariel has dark olive skin, with a bronze glow. Her eyes are chestnut brown, and tend to be on the wide side at all times. Her hair is pressed flat and reaches her shoulders, and she tends to wear flowy and long garments, though thick. On rare occasions, she wears a veil and circlet as well. Power: A prophet; Able to receive messages from Ura that, sometimes, tell the future. Sometimes it's nonsense though. History: TBA Other: Very tired of dealing with Ura. Any questions, let me know!
  17. "...I'm sorry. It would've been worse if I hadn't done it quick, i-it should numb soon..." he quietly stated, shifting to kneel on the bed and spread his wings in an offering of a hug. That was how humans did it, right? And it was to give comfort? He wasn't completely sure how it worked, but he wanted to help in any way he could. This seemed like as good of a way as any, he figured, the bit around his neck puffing up as he let out a soft chirrup. He just hoped she wouldn't blame him for the pain- Hopefully, she understood that he only had her best intentions in mind, and didn't mean to put her in more pain. But, just in case... "I didn't want it to hurt..." he mumbled, shifting to very carefully wipe a tear off her cheek, as difficult as it was to move his talon while kneeling- Along with not harm her further with his nails. But he managed. Besides, he had seen humans do this before as well, so... Maybe it was comforting too? He wasn't sure. Kimon just hoped they weren't threatening actions.
  18. Oooh... I like it! That's a pretty cool plot. And it actually gives reasoning as to what's happening w hoops--- EDIT: Username: seacatsmew Name: Elinthine, but Elin works fine Age: 23 Gender: Female Appearance: With the lower body of a golden orb weaver spider- a picture of one is here, if you'd like to see- and the upper half of a human female, she's hard to miss. While her lower half is fairly simple, her top has an abnormal, almost golden skin tone, speckled with white dots. She has five black eyes, arranged in a semicircle on her face, and rather sharp fangs- It's easy to tell that you shouldn't let her bite you. Her hair falls into two messy white braids, and she tends to wear blouses that are too big for her, hiding her hands and slightly falling over the front of her body. Personality: Cruel and cunning, Elinthine is an opponent not to be taken lightly. Looking down on all other species, even those she works with, she doesn't seem to trust anyone other than herself- But for good reason, as she's been betrayed many times in the past. Rather easily swayed with the promise of food; She's sort of a glutton. Native or outsider: Native Power/species: Half spider, half human, Elin is a bit of a threat. She has the ability to spin webs and walk on them without an issue, and is capable of climbing walls surprisingly easily- Though she'll fall off the ceiling. She also has quite the poisonous bite. But no one ever really comes close enough for her to bite them, and also, if you bring a spider stick- one of those really long branches that help knock spider webs down- then she's sort of. Really not that much of a concern. Minus the wall thing. History: Shunned and outcasted by many for looking so monstrous, Elin was taught from an early age to fear and hate many other species for their treatment. While many saw her as 'lesser', having less human than spider-like qualities, she saw them as lower than her, and began preying on the natives. At an older age, she was approached by a mage who had been included in the deal with Zalam. It didn't take much for her to agree to help. Other: Honestly just feed her and she's happy to help whoever- Username: seacatsmew Name: Ella Barrett Age: 32 Gender: Female Appearance: With her blonde hair in an inverted bob, and her grey-blue eyes always seemingly in a tired glare, Ella is not like wine. Her looks have not 'improved over the ages'. No, she just looks more tired than ever. Her skin is fairly pale and she wears a white lab coat, and a name tag that reads 'Dr. Barrett'. There's blue scrubs underneath- And she always carries bandages, gauze, and disinfectant spray on hand. Personality: If there was one word to describe her, it would be tired. Used to dealing with unappreciative patients and impatient people, Ella is very sarcastic and blunt at times, but her work always comes first. She refuses to take anything rude from anyone, and will frequently put people down if they act like they're better than everyone else. She really needs a vacation. And not this kind of vacation. Native or outsider: Outsider. Power/species: N/A History: Working as a doctor ever since she reached 23, Ella graduated medical school and moved onto actual work with people. Originally, she was very happy to work with people and help. She quickly learned that it wasn't all that people said it was, but determination pressed on. She wanted to help. And, sadly, becoming a children's doctor was not an option. She's had a fairly okay life, otherwise, on good terms with her family and boss. Other: Probably the most likely to threaten someone if they don't let her focus on something.
  19. All we really had planned was "the world is literally falling apart" "what do we do" what would you do for a klondike bar But I'd love to hear it, if you don't mind!
  20. Kimon glanced over with a soft chirp at the sight of the two, and hurried over, shifting to lift himself on one talon instead of both. He didn't want his feathers getting into the wound, after all. "This is going to sting a bit... I'm sorry." And, with a frown, he quickly tugged the stick out of her leg, wincing at the blood, but dropping it off to the side before pressing a cloth down on it- Hard. He flapped his wings to rise a bit, using his other talon to lift the leg into the air, propping it up on a pile of hides and feathers. Still pressing down on it, he carefully shifted in the air to pull the remains of the kit close to him, rummaging through with his free talon to find a small bottle of water infused with herbs, designed to clean wounds. He lifted the cloth and poured it on the fabric, wincing as he knew it'd hurt when he applied it, but pressing the cloth back down afterwards and tying another around it, tight. It'd be uncomfortable, but would help with the blood, he knew. "...There. It's... It'll need to be changed, but..."
  21. I'm here! I'm pretty sure that as co-owner I'm able to possibly help with forms? SM's still around, life is just a bit busy for us both, I'm pretty sure. And my absence didn't help.
  22. ((sORRY I AM HERE)) Kimon nodded, hurrying now. He knew the forest like the back of his hand, thankfully, and moved along the uneven path without trouble, glancing around and fluttering up once or twice to see if he could spot his home. Soon enough, he did, and he swiftly moved towards it, turning towards the other two when they reached. "It's just up here. Can you carry her up?" he asked Hector, already spreading his own wings in preparation to head up. "If not, then just call and I'll bring down the kit." And up he goes with a few flaps of his wings, stirring up the dirt and rising into the tree house-like building. Well... It was more of a sphere with an opening; An oversized bird's nest. But, still. Kimon quickly set to work gathering up the supplies he'd need, humming underneath his breath.
  23. I'll go edit that on the form right away- Sorry for forgetting to come online for a bit, life was busy. And I could toss another character your way, Silver, for if Arkhesis swims away, if you'd like! That way, more character interaction.