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  1. Nadia nodded, right away getting to work on making it, humming as she worked. She turned back to the counter, cup in hand, and placed it down, then turning to type it into the register. She smiled, the numbers popping up on the register- $3.20. "Anything else, or is that all? And I'm sorry if my customers shocked you." ~~~ "P-Please don't, you might hurt someone..." She seemed very nervous about someone getting hurt, clearly disliking the thought. Sugar frowned, glancing over at the group, before sighing as well. "...I... I'll try to get them to leave, peacefully. I have a way with words..." Even though she was getting ignored before. ~~~ Mihr hummed, finding that quite interesting... But they moved to walk past him, only glancing at him briefly as they moved past him. They didn't say anything, but they needed to pass him to leave, so...
  2. Sage nodded, letting his hands ghost over the cards, before beginning to shuffle them, shifting them into a messy pile, then straightening it out once more, and spreading them into a fan. He let his hand hover over them, eyes closing for a moment, before he chose two cards, setting them in front and gathering the fan into one pile, setting it off to the side. His eyes opened again, and he flipped the first over. 'Are they alive?' The question was answered by the Seven of Wands, no roman numerals on it, only the worlds in silver, shining ink. A woman's silhouette stood in white, her hair and the seven sticks in silver, on a black background. It sat 'upright' in fortune telling terms, but even so, he frowned slightly- though his eyes were relaxed, the gaze calm and reassuring as he turned it onto Violet. "The Seven of Wands... To put it in simple terms- Yes, they are. However, it's not easy for them; They're going through trials- 'Opposition' to their life. If we don't mind them soon, they might not be for long. But... In the end, they are still alive, and isn't that a good thing to know?" With that question answered, he moved onto the next. 'Can we find them?' The question was answered by VII, the Chariot; Two horses as dark blue silhouettes, the space where their silhouettes met being lined with black to show the separation, led a grey, cloud-like chariot across a black sky speckled with gold, which shone in the soft light. He hummed, smiling a small bit; It was upright, and he nodded at Violet, resting his hands before the two cards now. "The Chariot means progression; It means getting through an uphill battle, but ultimately, it means 'yes' when it's seated like this. It'll be a long, hard search, and it won't be straightforward either- There'll be twists and turns, dead ends and we may lose hope, but we shouldn't. In the end, it tells us we'll find them." "Gladly, I'll tell you." Petunia smiled, watching them leave, and going back to her sorting- She paused, however, when he poked his head back in. She had only gotten a short bit of stuff left, and it'd be a shame to leave it all messy like this still, but it was somewhat tempting... "I... Suppose that I could, yes. That's much simpler than making a carousel seemingly 'come to life'. However, if he asks me, I'm telling him that you forced me into it- And please, give me a few seconds to finish sorting all of this. I'm almost done, there's just a bit left..." She had been working while she talked, and true to her word, there were only a couple of items left, of which she hurriedly put them away into the boxes, closed and locked them, and headed out to meet with Robin. Simone sighed, but offered a half-smile at Arthur as they pulled their hand away. "Hm. That's true. Honestly, I've had worse, though. These are at least clean nails this time, not rusty. Urgh. That was the worst. And, of course, my days helping out with target practice for knife throwers... Really, a nail like this through the thumb is one of the least I've dealt with- And it didn't hit bone. I'm just glad my fingernail cleaned up nicely this time..." They sighed, rubbing their thumb gently, the slight sting still present. They chose not to mention that, though, realizing they had likely said too much- But they were just trying to tell him that they were fine, that this wasn't a major injury or too painful of one... Minus the fingernail part. They hated growing them back. Half the time, they wouldn't even bother with it, and they'd be missing a fingernail and feeling extremely tender for the next while. At least this time, it healed up without a problem. "Friendly? Outside of my clown costume? Hardly. I despise it when the crowds stare at me when I'm not all covered in makeup and frills and bright colors. Not that they frequently do..."
  3. ~Nova Mori - Working.~ While Nova had heard the commotion, she was a bit busy and decided her skills wouldn't be useful enough in a fight to go help. She was working on some of the heaters, as a few of them had decided to stop working, leaving parts of the base colder than others- And as they were underground, it already tended to be on the cooler side enough. She sighed, wiping dirt and black rust off her forehead- only succeeding in smearing it more so than before, not that she particularly cared- as she sat back and looked at her work. It still had a ways to go, but taking the moment to assess her work and see what needed to be done helped, and she right away got back to it, her tools beside her, her body having become made of tungsten, the high melting point preventing her from getting burnt or otherwise damaged from the hot temperatures. Her skill was incredibly helpful when it came to things like this, she admitted to herself. While she felt useless in other ways, having no real benefit in battles, she could at least manage to aid them in daily things, like... Repairing when the water system, or heaters, or such got out of hand. But that was all she was good for, wasn't it? Well, no use thinking about it now. She had a job to do, and she needed to focus. She turned her attention back to the metal, the familiar in her hands calming her the smallest bit. She hoped that no one got injured in whatever had happened. ~Aurelia "Aura" Enid - Absit Omen.~ Aura's presence was made known with a sigh as she entered the room from behind Roxanne, depowered at the moment as her gaze drifted across the room, amber eyes focusing on the dust for only a moment before moving to scan Lucian carefully, then shifting to the new male, her eyes narrowing slightly at the sight. She didn't speak for a few seconds, studying him, before she shook her head, relaxing slightly at the sight of no hostile beings. Well- He looked on edge, but that was none of her business, and she was sure he had a reason to. And it didn't look directed at anyone in here, after all, so... "I hope, for once, you made sure to check that he was, in fact, one of us, and not a threat, before you let him in, Lucian." Her tone was guarded, and somewhat pointed. "What happened here? An attack?"
  4. The golden-eyed person waited for their order to be served, taking it and sitting at a lone table in the corner by the window, and gazing outside. They had umber-brown skin with a golden undertone, dark brown hair, nearly a black shade, framing their face. Their hair was short, messy, and the golden eyes held a sharp contrast to the rest of them, as they were dressed in darker, baggier clothing. Their cheekbones were sharp, though their jawline had a smoothness to it. Nadia swiftly turned her attention to the woman, a polite smile immediately showing on her face, as per the norm. "Hello! A new customer? What would you like today?" The brother behind her moved out from behind the counter, moving to clean a few tables that already looked clean. Sugar was among these people in the library, and caught Evonna's gaze, immediately flushing in embarrassment as she told the others to keep it down, realizing how loud they were being. For the most part, these people ignored her, though a few did lower their voices a little. She frowned, troubled, and excused herself from the group, approaching Evonna and standing off to the side, waiting to see if she could get her attention- Without having to bother her directly, waiting until she had a moment. She wore a look of apology on her face, even though the group's loudness was clearly not caused by her in any way; Even previously, she had been a bit quieter than the rest, minus occasional exclamations or giggles. Mihr watched from a distance away, eyeing him with interest, 'hiding' a bit as they watched. They had just been passing through to grab something they forgot- But there was someone left here, dancing and cleaning? Well, that was curious. The smaller figure kept to the side as they watched, though they weren't afraid of being caught- He seemed to be in his own world, especially considering how loudly he was singing. Perhaps they should approach? They decided against it after a few seconds, simply staying hidden and staring. Though, in their white clothes, with their white hair, pale skin, and golden eyes, they weren't exactly hard to spot...
  5. Sage nodded nervously, following behind her, though still mentally putting himself down for his words. He stumbled a bit as he walked, his feet dragging along the ground, but managed to catch himself before falling completely upon his face, sighing softly. He didn't speak until they reached the tent, and even then, his voice was quiet, shaky. "...I'll set the stuff up. Please don't touch anything- Um, not to be rude, it's just- Otherwise I have to cleanse them again." And he hurried around the tent, placing a blue velvet tablecloth over the small, round table, setting his crystal ball on top- made of - and his cards by him as well. He left it at just these for now, but made sure to check to remember where everything else was, as well as setting up a few small candles in jars, before seating himself and gesturing for her to close the tent flap and take a seat as well. Almost immediately, he seemed more relaxed, more in control, eyes half-lidded as he gazed down upon the setting, a slow exhale escaping his lips as he focused. "Now... What exactly would you like to know? There's many questions you could ask... And there's only so much the spirits can inform us in such a short amount of time. We'll check the cards first, of course. They tend to be the most straight-forward, in my opinion." Petunia felt a wave of guilt at that, letting her smile fade away and closing her eyes with a soft sigh. "...I don't mean it rudely. I'm just unused to guests. Even as a magician, I don't interact with the audience much- And I'm not as close to the other members as you may be. I'm not naturally a sociable person. Not like you are. Not unless I really know them, and... I don't know you. Or anyone, come to think of it." She let a softer, more gentle smile grace her lips, eyes opening to focus on them. "If you'd like, I really wouldn't mind sharing the stories behind some of the things. But you should probably make sure everyone's alright, yes. You have a more... Calming presence. A distraction might help the mood around here, and you're great at providing that." She wasn't sure if they'd take her words as compliments or insults, but- Ah. She tried, at least. Simone sighed, shaking their head, but couldn't help fighting back a small smile as they walked- Though they certainly did their best to hide even the slightest sign of it from Arthur. "True. But we can't stop it. Ah, I'm at least not as important as the rest of you, so... The life of a clown is an easy one, when there's multiple." They hummed softly, setting up signs as they went along, though they didn't take a particularly long time to set them up. However, one time, they did manage to send a nail directly through their flesh, earning a muffled curse- only muffled by the fact they moved to use their other hand to shut themself up, biting on one of their fingers briefly, before working on getting it out. It healed fairly quickly, and they glanced around warily; Thankfully, no civilians seemed to have noticed. They let out a sigh of relief, carefuller now with the tools. "I've never gotten better at hanging these signs up. They probably only send me out here because I heal so fast..."
  6. (It's alright! There's not really much to interact with just this second, and I wrote the response before bed- I wasn't trying to make it super long, hahaha.) "Coming right up!" She carefully took one of the Danishes out of the glass display case, placing it on a paper plate as Adian placed the cup of coffee on the counter. She entered the baked sweet into the cash register as well, $4.30 appearing on the register as she hit the button to open it. "That'll be four dollars and thirty cents. Would you like your receipt to go with?" She glanced at the door briefly as another person came in, this one with glowing golden eyes- But she didn't seem to take notice of how strange that was, or, at least, if she did, she didn't show it. They remained silent as they moved behind Cassius, their eyes cold as they surveyed the shop, even with the warm hue of golden. There was movement outside as well- 'Monsters' moving from one shadow to the next, but the twins didn't seem to take notice of these movements.
  7. Nadia nodded to Jack, seemingly taking no note of his cryptic words as Cassius entered the store, smiling at him as she stood at alert, ready to take his order. She nodded, quickly entering his order into the cash register- Just as her brother came out of the back. She quickly told him the order, and he set to work pouring a cup. "How does a danish pastry sound? We have cherry, blueberries and cream cheese, and chocolate. Or we could do a slice of dark chocolate cheesecake." She gestured to them as she spoke, the cherries in a heart-shaped danish, blueberries and cream cheese in stars, and chocolate in a simple circle. the dark chocolate cheesecake had 'clouds' in a vanilla drizzle on the top, going along with the theme of the cafe.
  8. Sage blinked at the sudden voice, glancing over at her, but being unable to help a small smile at the pun. He sighed, shaking his head before staring off into the distance at the other tents, still fiddling with his pack of cards. He took a few seconds to find his voice again, and the words came out in a rush at first. "I'm afraid not, and I... I don't know what the cards would have to say about this. If you'd like, you can come with me to my tent and we can figure that out..." And he flushed at his words, quickly stammering out a correction. "N-Not in any weird way-! Just because- Because my tent has all my other fortune-telling stuff!" He really needed to do this weird thing called 'socialization' and 'thinking before he spoke' more. He mentally scolded himself a few times, the effect showing on his somewhat mentally-pained expression. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' Petunia shook her head, smiling slightly, though it was somewhat fake. She hummed along at their words, nodding in thought, even though she didn't believe what they were saying, not really- If they were lost, wouldn't they have taken less time to come back? They knew where the Circus was going... "No, I didn't make them myself; The dragon was a gift from a child in my audience when I first started out. Her father was a hunter, if I recall correctly, and her mother often carved the bones he brought home, to decorate the place. The horse was from a small gift shop at one of the cities we visited quite some time back- The shopkeeper's mother had it for many years, but ended up passing away, and they weren't on good terms with her, so they wanted her possessions gone." She sighed. "I have more trinkets- But they're buried away right now. Maybe I'll show you all of them sometime." It was an empty promise, as she knew they'd both likely end up too busy with their own performances and forget. Simone seemed taken aback at that- They didn't seem to realize it was a joke at first, opening their mouth to retort, before pausing, closing their mouth, then scrutinizing him. They sighed in the end, shaking their head. "...That's a terrible joke. I thought you were serious, and I was about to leave you behind." However, they moved to start walking at a pace he could keep up with them at, though a bit brisk. "Come on, then. We don't have all day. Best to finish this up and head back swiftly, so we may practice our performances before the residents end up too curious to stay away before we're even finished setting up. They can be quite impatient that way, hm?" There was tenseness in their shoulders, even as their tone seemed relaxed, though formal.
  9. [[Right now!]] "I think your time's a bit off; It's nearly four PM." Nadia Ward glanced up from a list she had placed on the counter, putting it away quickly with a polite, working smile. She nodded, turning to the back, where a freshly-brewed coffee pot sat, humming softly to herself, almost too soft to hear. She poured it into a cup, turning and placing it on the counter. "That'll be $2.20. Would you like anything with it? Cream, sugar, a treat to go along with it?" While she already knew the answer, it was simple politeness to ask. She still waited, just in case his order decided to deviate from his norm today.
  10. Sage met her eyes, but only for a second, quickly averting his gaze out of nervousness. He knew her words were right- But did that mean everyone else was weak? He couldn't help but disbelief that. There was no way they were going to come back without help, but... Would he really dare go against his dad? His father was all he had, at this point... Was it really worth possibly losing that by betraying his father's trust? While he usually wasn't one to make harsh decisions against his son, the circus always had to come first... His father sighed, but nodded after a moment of consideration, waving his hand to dismiss the entire group. "Yes. All of you may." Sage rose to his feet unsteadily at the words, moving to slip out of the tent, keeping his gaze to the floor, hiding shaking hands by fiddling with his tarot card pouch. Maybe... He usually wouldn't dare, but maybe he'd do a reading, just this once, for the circus. He was so worried, after all, and... It couldn't hurt, right? What's the worst that could happen? He pulled a card symbolizing certain death of everyone there? That wouldn't happen. He hoped. Petunia's tent wasn't incredibly large, just enough space in it for a cot and a couple of chests; A mirror sat on the bed, likely going onto one of the chests, but as they were open right now, she didn't bother trying to put it on. The chests were brown with gold-colored metal locks and corners, the sides decorated with small paintings of various flowers, the colors and shapes and sizes and styles ranging; It looked like she had added a flower for every year she had lived so far, twenty-two flowers on each chest, though no two were the same, even ones of the same year. Inside one chest were her supplies, fabric almost concealing paper underneath, and a few props on the top; a small carved wooden horse; a long rope, all coiled up; a small bone trinket shaped like a dragon... There were many, many things she had collected over the years. The second chest had personal belongings, mostly clothes, but there weren't many of even that. She watched them for a moment, thinking to herself, before nodding and directing them on where to place the objects; She could properly sort them before they left next time. "...I suppose that would be nice, a distraction... I might go ask her later." Simone smiled, nodding; They took a very small bit of pride in knowing they won that discussion, but carefully brushed the dust off the papers, holding them much more securely now. "Thank you. Shall we split up, then, to cover more ground? I'll head west, you head east? Ah... And then we could head back to the circus after our piles are done- Rotate around the town until we see the other's posters, clockwise..." They were mapping it out in their head, clearly, trying to figure the plan to cover the most ground without disturbing too many people, or ending up in the same spot so soon. They hummed softly as they thought, something tuneless and only lasting a second.
  11. 3:48 PM, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8ᵗʰ, FALKIRK It was a cold, late-winter day. Even as the sun was nearly across the sky, it hadn't warmed the place up at all; It simply made the snow glisten blindingly white, hurting the eyes of those who dared to look directly at the ice crystals coating the ground. School had gotten out about twenty minutes ago, and many students were heading home, or to the mall, to hang out... Most people were still at work- Such was the case for those employed at the Café des Rêves, still working, now that the rush would hit- Highschoolers coming off of their classes tended to come to this spot. Monsters were roaming the town, not that most people could see them. They slowly dragged their bodies along darkened alleyways, avoiding the light and the reflections of light off the snow; Some were brave enough to walk along the humans, but most avoided them this particular day. It was too bright to bother, except for the "Gods". And oh, some of them were certainly out and about.
  12. Sage's eyes were drawn to her as she reacted so animatedly, watching her without a word, though he flinched when she slammed her hands against the table. He watched as she was shushed- He shared her frustration, but... After a few minutes of more useless conversations, Sage spoke up. "It's only been a day- They couldn't have gotten far, right? We should search the whole town, and-" "We need to prepare for tonight. With them lost, we need all the hands we can get, and we can't let the citizens know something's amiss. We'll proceed as usual." His father spoke up, and Sage took a moment to process before speaking again. "...So we aren't going to look for them? At all?" "None of the lost have been found so far. We don't have the people to do an extended search; We need them to set up and to guard the rest." "But-!" "No buts. We can't afford to lose another." Oh, this wasn't going so well. "Can we at least stay here a couple of nights longer than usual? Maybe- Maybe it isn't like before, maybe it's just... They got lost." "Sage..." His father sighed. "Fine. We need to restock, anyways." Petunia glanced up at the other's humming, before smiling gently at them, though something in her eyes was still on-guard. She didn't usually get visitors, even other circus members, into her tent- It was rare for her to even be in the tent, frankly... "Ah- The last town we were in. When I was travelling around town, a bunch of people were singing it outside a church... I'm not sure what it's about, because I didn't hear the lyrics, but..." She laughed sheepishly, but paused in consideration at their offer to help, glancing at the remaining equipment. She usually didn't let others touch it, but she really needed a nap- And it wasn't like it'd hurt anything for the help... "Sure, why not? I'm just organizing now, really. But I wouldn't mind the company." Simone smiled sheepishly, glancing away with a sigh. Ah, there went their plans. Couldn't get out of this. They were a bit sad at that, but they supposed taking the easy way out wasn't worth the trouble they might cause later on. Even though they wish they could've anyways... "Ah... I apologize. They slipped out of my hands, and... Word travels faster by air, doesn't it?" It was a terrible excuse but... Ah, well. Could have been worse, much worse. They held onto the posters a bit tighter, the wind ruffling their hair and giving a pleasant breeze as it passed... Well. More than just a pleasant breeze, really. A bit chilly.
  13. The circus, the circus! Lord Lune's and Lady Luna's Circus was here! Well, the Moon Circus was just setting up now, really. Recently, something bad had happened; One of their own members had went missing, so they were discussing, in a private tent, what to do about this... Sage was part of this discussion, being the ringmaster's son, and having a higher role as a result. He didn't like these sorts of meetings; They were gloomy, unlike the usual circus cheer, and this one, especially. But it was important, and so, he couldn't miss it. While it was "kept secret" from the others, everyone knew already what had happened, and how they were having a council to decide what to do with it. But it wasn't moving quick enough for anyone's tastes- Especially not Sage. He was getting bored, and he just wanted to go help set up... But he stayed still, listening, though he had no part in the conversation himself. The thought of escaping under the flap when no one was looking occured to him, but he brushed it off shortly, deciding otherwise; Not only would his father get mad, but he didn't really have the courage to, anyways. And besides, what if today was the one day they actually needed or wanted his input on something? That thought made him straighten up, focusing on the conversations happening rather than the thought of going off to help everyone. He couldn't help in daydream land, after all, and all he ever wanted was to be useful. Petunia was cleaning up her equipment, organizing it after the trip, and humming to herself. While she knew bad things were happening, she was certain they would be resolved. Or... Well, she hoped so. She glanced out of her little personal tent, frowning slightly to herself. It would all be fixed, right? Definitely? They'd keep them safe, she assured herself. The higher-ups in the circus wouldn't let any harm come to any of their members, especially not after this, keeping them all on guard. But... What if they did? Anxiety was growing in her stomach, and she forced herself to stop thinking about it and focus on the few objects she brought with her. She didn't need much for her show, but preparation was always nice. It was broad daylight, so the Circus would likely be performing the following night, as was their habit; They preferred to keep a nocturnal schedule, performing with the moon, as their circus was so aptly named after. So she had to hurry up, so she could catch a few hours of sleep, as restless as she was sure they would be. Simone had entered the nearby town, their 'normal' appearance making eyes just pass over them effortlessly as he spread posters for the circus. While they weren't really needed, it was nice to have them anyways, so that they could have that extra publicity... Which meant more money, which meant newer, better supplies, more food- Etc cetera. Really, there was fewer downsides than there were upsides, they mused while pinning another up. Their distraction caused a few of them to fly out, the wind suddenly picking up, and while they frowned... Well, what better way to spread the news than by air? Besides, it made their job a tiny bit easier with that much less posters.
  14. My avatar is Nanashi from 1bitheart(my username's source)!
  15. {warning for non-graphic mentions of murder} You've been haunted for as long as you can remember. By what, you aren't sure. Perhaps you've always searched for what it was; Perhaps not. But it's always made you an outcast; Someone different from others, someone not to be trusted. "That one hears voices," they say, pointing at you and whispering. "That one sees things." You gave up trying to tell them what was happening when you were young, too young to know why they wouldn't listen. Too young for it to be taken seriously, leaving it just a memory in others' heads as you grew older, even though it never faded from you own. Or perhaps you tried to convince them, becoming more and more different from others, so strange they didn't recognize you as their own anymore. Either way, you knew you were never the same as the rest; You knew something was different, something was off. They couldn't hear it. They couldn't understand what you did. They didn't stay up late, trying to drown the voices out with music, trying to blind yourself in pitch black so you might not see it anymore- They didn't desperately search for an outlet, for someone who understood. But no one did. Not until the first death. Not until the news came to you, carrying a phrase you've heard ever since you learned how to think. "Three found dead in their homes, each leaving only a note saying 'the clock ticks on' behind." {Introduction} You've heard voices and seen things ever since you were understood what 'seeing' and 'hearing' was- Perhaps even earlier, but before then, you couldn't register it. You always thought you were alone in this- Until a recent string of murders have been revealed, each note left behind by the victims saying the same thing, something that you've always heard in your head, ever since you were young. No one's sure who or what is causing these attacks, and there seems to be nothing in common with the victims... Nothing, except one of them, in the past, went to therapy for "hearing voices". Due to this one link, you have a sinking feeling you know what's happening. Thankfully, these attacks aren't every day, or even every week; Once a month, it seems, is the norm. But with no pattern, no one can track down what's doing this- ...Or maybe, just maybe, you can. {Setting} The time is roughly modern day, late winter. The place is a large town, roughly 10,000 people residing there. There are stores, restaurants(fast food, cafes, all types), two high schools, and three elementary schools. This place used to be much bigger, and that's shown in the excess amount of buildings for sale- There used to be around 34,000 people, but as other cities began to grow and get more things, the size of the town began to dwindle. Snow is just starting to melt, leaving trees barren, the scenery dull, and a chill in the air. A river runs nearby, leading into a large lake. There's a valley in the town, leading down to a park for wildlife to safely live. No one is aware of those who roam the streets, not quite human anymore, or seeing and hearing things that aren't. {Rules} 1] Respect others and try to have fun, please! If you're making it less fun for other people, or not being respectful, I'll try to suggest how to fix it- Or you'll just have to leave. 2] No character limit, but if your character isn't getting used much/you want to get rid of them, I'll message you about other options. (One option is just offing them, but there are others as well.) 3] Feel free to talk to me about making it more fun for other people! 4] Non-human characters will not be allowed- Not yet. However, later on, characters might get some special things in exchange for something important to them... Or not-so-important. 5] Normal people are probably just NPCs, as they won't be much fun to play. Certain shop owners will be, as well, but you're welcome to discuss with me about relationships with the NPCs(children, siblings, etc)! 6] Wait until your character is approved to start posting! 7] Anyone is welcome to join the discord. You can just pop in to ask questions or see the OOC in there, see how things work- As long as you're appropriate on there! 8] Please message me your forms! 9] No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus! Your character will still develop as they go along! 10] Please censor all cursing past Hell/Damn, and please keep it to a mini,u,. 11] No Godmodding, Powerplaying, etc. I'll be the one controlling the NPCs and the world around you. You're free to give suggestions, but you don't control it. 12] If you have ideas for the plot/creatures/etc, please message me them either over the DMs here or on the discord! 13] Anything else? Message me! {Character Sheet} Name: First and last! Nickname: Optional Age: 14-30 years old. Gender: Female, Male, Other(please specify pronouns)? Sexuality: A fulfilling relationship before you die. Personality: At least include three details(ex. loud, optimistic, outgoing) Appearance: Pictures or description allowed. Or both. Their "Ideal" Person: What they'd sound like, look like, act like, etc. This is to be private and only shared with me(for now)! History: Optional(though I would like to know a few minor details- their living situation, where they work/go to school) Other:
  16. Sip sip. Wonder if I should read more?
  17. Oh, gosh, so much has changed since I was last on here! (I used to be seacatsmew, for those who might remember me!) It's so weird, coming back here and seeing all the new changes... Hello, though! How is everyone doing?
  18. I used to be seacatsmew a few months ago! I changed it to Nanashi though!
  19. The Circus used to be a safe haven for those outside the norm. A place where those who didn't quite fit in- The magical, the supernatural, the 'freaks', as others would call them. A place where humans would think nothing strange of them, just another trick, just another performance. It was something magical, something strange to those who were normal; Something special, something safe to those who weren't. But that has changed. The year is 1884. A string of disappearances has the circus on edge, though the normal people are completely unaware as to what's going on, turning an almost supernaturally unaware blind eye to this. But the circus knows, and as one of their own have recently disappeared, stress levels and paranoia is high, even as they try to keep their guests content and unaware. Those outside of the circus that know what's going on perhaps suspect them; Or perhaps they want the protection. Either way, the circus must stop it before it becomes too late... For all of them. Character Sheet Real Name: Nickname/Title: Age: Gender: Sexuality: Place in the Circus: Personality: Appearance: Abilities: History: Other: My Characters Real Name: Petunia Williams Nickname/Title: Pippa the Bright Age: 22 Gender: Female Sexuality: Lesbian Place in the Circus: She works as a magician on stage, her 'illusions' impossible to tell if real or fake from any angle, no matter how close- But I assure you, they're very, very real. She plays with monochromes and bursts of colors- especially red, or blue-green, which matches her wonderfully- in her acts, and the different effects of shadow and light. Personality: To describe her in three words; Curious, ambitious, and nervous. She's always trying to find more about others, things, or even herself- Her own powers, especially, always trying to push the limits- As often as it makes her crash from low energy. She's aiming for being the best magician there is, even better than those in the circus before her, but she still has a long way to go. And while she tries to be friendly, she's always a bit suspicious about the people who come to the circus and actually talk to her- She doesn't trust them very much, suspecting they have an ulterior motive, even though there's nothing to suggest that about any of them. She's almost always humming a tune, much to the irritation of others; While her voice isn't bad, it does get irritating to hear her hum the same song over, and over, and over again to most people. Appearance: Image. She favors whites and blacks in her attire, with no color except for her red hair and blue-green eyes. Her hair is quite puffy and curly naturally, but she's unable to tame it, even with her own magic. Freckles cover her face, shoulders, and chest, although the latter two you would never see, as she's practically always wearing long-sleeves, as her skin burns easily under the sunlight. She wears no visible charms, and her clothes tend to be a patchwork of white or black, although they always come together beautifully in the end. Her skin is fair and clear, other than the freckles that dot her along her cheeks and nose, no visible marks or scars, unless she's performing. When she performs, she dons a top hat of the color of clothes she chose to wear that day, and her makeup is done simply; Fake eyelashes on the bottom, mascara on the top, light blush and a small bit of red lipstick to make her look almost doll-like. Abilities: She's a magician, working with manipulating what's around her, for the most part; Changing paper to birds that flutter around without the need of wind, moving the heads of wooden animals without so much as a crack, and making different colors appear on what was previously white or black. She's also able to manipulate shadows and the light, but not to any huge extent; She can make 'shadow puppets' that move on their own, or change where a light source is coming from. Her limits come in where, for example, she cannot create something out of nothing, or if there was one plank of wood, she could not make an entire bridge out of it. She works with what already exists, and cannot make new parts herself, while she can alter them. History: She's worked with the circus ever since she was young. Her father was a magician as well, and worked there originally. He met her mother on a trip, and they spent a night together; Then the mother discovered he had real magic, and threw him out, though no one ever believed what she said. When she discovered her child had strange abilities as well, around the age of three, she sent her daughter to the circus, and Petunia never heard from her mother again. Since then, she was trained for taking over her father's role so he could retire, though she's not yet nearly as good as he was. Still, she loves seeing the smile and awe on faces when she performs, and loves making people happy, so she plans to keep at it for years to come. But with the disappearances lately, that might be harder than she first imagined... Other: She views the circus as one big family, kind of. Real Name: Sage Jones Nickname/Title: Just simply "The Fortune-Teller" Age: 20 Gender: (Trans)Male Sexuality: Bisexual Place in the Circus: Fortune Teller Personality: He's a very kind spirit, and is always looking to help others in any way he can. He's soft-spoken outside of his performances, and very nervous, typically keeping to himself and watching others from afar. He likes to aid behind the scenes, but as his powers lie in fortune-telling, he's not typically much help. Sage has a speech impairment in which he stammers or repeats words quite frequently, but he manages to subdue this during his performances... Somehow. Appearance: He has short, mildly curly brown hair, and large hazel eyes; His skin is a tawny beige, and he has a splattering of freckles across his shoulders. He tends to end up wearing comfortable clothes outside of performances, woolen sweaters and sweats, but during performances, wears very fine velvet dress-shirts, typically grey, and black dress pants. Occasionally, he'll add on thin white gloves made of a fine silk. He has multiple pouches at his waist, each made of faux leather and lined with silk on the inside, to hold his fortune-telling objects when he's on the move, as he doesn't like leaving them alone; He wears this even outside of his performing. He's of a more slender build, average height, and a bit thinner than average, but not majorly so. Abilities: He's been trained as a ringmaster, and has the ability to project his voice more than is natural- However, his true talent lies with fortune telling, whether it be crystal balls, tarot cards, pendulums, oracle cards, runecasting- You name it, he can learn it, and get to be fairly accurate. He doesn't like doing fortunes for those in the circus, though, as their futures are a bit more confusing to him. History: As his father is the current ringmaster, he's been raised within the circus walls, learning the people, the show, etc cetera; He's never known anything outside the circus. He realized he was trans at a young age, and the circus was supportive, finding a doctor to perform top surgery on him once he turned 18. He chose to decline the position of ringmaster after discovering the fortune-telling position. He had a gift for it, and he loves it so. Other: N/A Real Name: Simone Martin Nickname/Title: Trickster Age: 23 Gender: Nonbinary(They/them) Sexuality: Pansexual Place in the Circus: Clown Personality: Simone is a kind young adult, speaking quite formally, though a tad on the shyer side. He warms up fairly easily, though, and is an incredibly loyal friend to have. When as Trickster, though, they're very playful, playing harmless pranks and telling jokes on others- It's quite a change from their usual self. Appearance: In their costume, they wear a half red, half yellow outfit, split vertically down the middle, separating the two colors with a row of blue buttons down the front, ending at their waist. White ruffles surround their neck, white gloves and large white clown shoes matching the ruffles. They wear a bright red clown nose, blue eyes peering out above it, and a bright yellow, thin ponytail hanging down, a red and yellow jester-like hat on their head. They stand at 5'6" tall, and the extra padding in the clown costume makes them look a bit bigger than they really are. A black diamond is around each eye, and their skin is all pale, too pale to be natural, bringing out the bright red lips and red nose and black diamonds wonderfully. They're completely different outside of their costume, and rarely seen out of it; It's unlikely anyone would recognize them. While their eyes are still a vibrant blue, their hair fades to a dark brown, and they're very thin, almost sickly so. They favor more formal clothes, dress shirts and black pants and black shoes. They're still sickly pale, but not so much as they are when they're a clown; It's not so unnatural, just makes it look like they've never seen the sun. They carry a parasol around, playing up the illusion that their skin is pale from lack of sunlight. Occasionally, they'll trade out the dress pants for a black skirt, but it's not too often. Abilities: As long as they don't pass out, lose too much blood, or nothing vital is hit, any injury on them will heal, taking from a few minutes to a few days. This makes them a perfect target for learning how to throw knives, as long as they wear protection on their chest and neck. Not that they're fond of sharp objects flying at them, but, hey, they'll take what they can get! This also lets them get away with more risky performances. History: At a young age, they had gotten into an accident, revealing their abilities. They lived in a very rural area, so it wasn't very widespread knowledge, but many people there were superstitious and shunned them for being like that. The circus took them in after learning of their abilities, training them as a simple clown. Other: N/A Lycanious' Characters Real Name: Violet Carbello Nickname/Title: Miss Direction, Vi Age: 24 Gender: Female Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual Place in the Circus: Back-up Ringleader, depending on the dominate language of the region they are currently touring in. Unofficially deals with Public Relations as well. Personality: With her cheerful nature, high energy and melodramatic tendencies Violet feels the most at home in front of a captivated audience. She adores visitors to the circus grounds, typically welcoming them with open arms and offering impromptu tours of the area despite the mixed reception from her fellow performers. Some think of it as foolish naivety, but she insists that it’s far more important to be well-informed on local events and the opinions of the people around them. Violet reads people well, and claims that if someone had ill intentions towards her or the circus she would know. Appearance: Violet is tall, lanky, and generally towers over the average guest. Despite her intimidating height though she is known to have a warm expression and is otherwise very welcoming upon first appearances. Her natural eye colour is dark-brown, almost black, but on stage it is a bright and vibrant shade of purple thanks to an illusionary enchantment on her hat. Mahogany hair is long and wavy, though off-stage she tends to keep it tied back off of her face. As a presenter Violet prefers an elaborate approach to her costumes and often opts for an eye-catching tailcoat and her favourite top-hat. She has a definite fondness for the colour purple and will inevitably incorporate it into any costume she wears for the circus. Abilities: Violet describes herself as an ‘omnilinguist’, someone who is able to recognise patterns in speech with just a short conversation or by reading a paragraph or two. With further exposure she can completely master a language within a few hours. If her claims are to be believed she currently knows 30 distinct languages and is always looking out for more obscure ones to absorb. This ability also extends to animals, though she is mostly limited to reading and projecting vague concepts and often claims that it’s not as useful as people might think. History: Violet was born into the circus life to a fortune teller and, according to the posters surrounding them at the time, ‘the world’s tallest man’. Her mother was an empath but her father had no supernatural abilities to speak of, though Violet did inherit her considerable height from him. Growing up Violet was the only child among the members of her circus, so would strive to make friends with anyone she met at a similar age before they inevitably moved again. It was this behaviour that lead to the discovery of her linguistic abilities, as she would begin to have fluent conversations with visitors while her parents were still struggling with basic greetings. She otherwise spent much of her free time watching her make-shift family practice their routines and longing for a chance to appear on stage herself. They finally relented and let her have a small role as a magicians assistant, which had morphed into a translator for their ringleader and occasional replacement for one by the time her old circus had disbanded. Drawn to the rumours of more beings with unusual powers, she joined the current circus soon after at the age of 18 and has been touring with them ever since. Other: Her job as ringleader is only the theatrical sense, and she has little say over administrative issues behind the scenes. Real Name: Arthur Wallace Nickname/Title: Arthur the Adequate, Artie Age: 21 Gender: Male Sexuality: Homosexual Place in the Circus: Various object manipulation acts, mostly involving juggling or knife-tossing. He tends towards comedy, but has a few more serious routines depending on the crowd. Personality: The general consensus with Arthur is that despite his comedic performances he's a bit of a grump off-stage. Anxiety is common for him, and he does his best to bury it under a heavy layer of sarcasm or avoidance of whatever is causing it which can make him difficult to get along with. Even when relaxed he tends to keep to himself in his leisure hours, curled up in a tent somewhere with a book or a set of paints. Appearance: Arthur is of average build, perhaps a little on the short side. His light-blonde hair is short, cherub-like and only needs the slightest breeze to become a mess of tangles so he often hides it under a hat. He has blue-grey eyes, but also a mild case of near-sightedness so they’re typically hidden behind a set of glasses. For his costume he isn’t picky, usually conforming to the style of anyone he is performing alongside of. He does however have a fondness for pastels, particularly a light-blue tuxedo that he brought from home. Abilities: With a wave of his hand Arthur is able to generate portals to somewhere he affectionately refers to as a 'Pocket Dimension'. He describes it as a rather boring looking void, and as he insists that no one but himself should enter the portals most have to take his word for it. Its main usage is for storing items for him to access at will, a trick that Arthur likes to incorporate into his performances to make objects vanish and reappear. Teleportation is possible through his dimension if he opens up a new portal, but it requires him to be very familiar with the location and due to their constant travelling leaves him with few options. History: In regards to his early life Arthur has little to share, other than the fact that he grew up in a family of considerably influence and they haven’t really forgiven him for literally running off to the circus. Broke and starving he stumbled across the circus at the age of 16, where a few of the performers took pity on him and offered some food and place to spend the night in exchange for helping them sweep up the place. His abilities were discovered the next morning, when one of the acrobats caught him trying to unsuccessfully stuff a spare pillow and blanket into one of his portals. Fortunately for Arthur the intrigue over this ability outweighed the fact he was ‘borrowing’ a few things from them, and after some debate he was offered the opportunity to properly earn his keep as a stagehand. He has since been trained in a variety of juggling and throwing skills, using his portals pull off some seemingly impossible stunts with them. Other: N/A Real Name: Robin Lockwood Nickname/Title: N/A Age: 22 Gender: Gender-Fluid (any pronoun) Sexuality: Pansexual Place in the Circus: Costume / Scenery Designer Personality: Polite and sociable, Robin is one of the friendlier member of the circus. They still treat complete strangers with some caution, but are quickly won over if they seem benign. Given their role in the circus though they don't tend to cross paths with people outside of the circus very often anyway unless they're visiting any local markets. Robin is very much a perfectionist and can have some obsessive tendencies, spending all day and long nights working on a project for the circus until they burn out from fatigue. They constantly need to be doing something useful and excel when it comes to multitasking, but quickly become bored and restless when there isn't much to do. Appearance: Robin is a little bit taller than average and rather slender. They have blue-green eyes, or more specifically one blue-green eye as the other is clouded over and blind. Some nasty-looking scarring runs along their left temple and over this eye, ending somewhere further down their cheek. They do their best to conceal the injury though with a heavy application of makeup and tinted glasses. Hair colour is difficult to pin-point, as they like to play around with dyes and wigs a lot to see what kind of combinations it forms with what they're wearing. Currently it's pure-white and sits at shoulder height. While Robin does not have a distinct costume, as they rarely appear on stage, they still wander the grounds from time-to-time during visiting hours and will use it as an opportunity to get constructive criticism or just blatantly show off a new style that they're proud of. Outside of work hours though (of which there are few) they can be surprisingly plain, opting for a simple buttoned shirt and pants with some well-shined boots. Abilities: Robin is a telekinetic, but their strength lies in the number of objects they are able to move at a time. They find it difficult to lift anything beyond what they are physically capable of, but can have dozens and dozens of tiny objects whirling around them and seemingly keep track of the movements of each one. History: Robin comes from a long line of respected seamstresses, tailors and dressmakers and happily trained for a similar profession at an early age. They don't speak a lot about their early life, but when they do it's with fond memories of their family and they seem keen to visit them again some day. Telekinesis and other related abilities ran in the family, so Robin's ability was evident from an early age and there was always a rumour or two floating around about witchcraft towards them or their relatives. Though reluctant to talk about it, the scarring on their face seems to be related to that accusation. Rather than running off to the circus, the circus actually found them as they wandered through Robin's town one morning. They were in need of some urgent and extensive costume repairs for a show that night, and had followed the local gossip of 'magic tailors' to their family-owned store. After Robin, their parents, and their siblings worked tirelessly through the day to reach the deadline the circus claimed it was in-debt to them and offered a job to everyone there. 19 year old Robin was the one to take them up on the offer, and has been touring with them ever since. Other: N/A
  20. That's because it's excited to be eaten by you! Waiter, there is a cherry in my soup.
  21. Ella, at that point, was pale, and staring off to the side of the tent. But it wasn't the appearance of Bec's change that had scared her. No, it was the fact that she had screamed that bothered her the most. After all, she had seen plenty of bodies in that condition before, but... Never were they alive. They would never scream. "...Appearance of a dead body attacked by wild dogs, screamed, ran away," came the quiet response as Ella closed her eyes, moving to cover them as well as she began to focus herself. She wasn't too disturbed, really, but it was the scream that kept echoing in her head. Something of fear. Something she knew that she may cause, with her alliances. Something that she didn't want to hear again, but felt like she'd hear for centuries.
  22. ((Ella, not Elin. Elin(thine) is the spider.)) Ella was, well. Yes, she was somewhat miserable. She had spotted some... Rather large spider webs on the way there, and she knew that Elinthine had been following them. She was terrified that the spider would strike soon, but relaxed as the tarp was put up. The past few days had been chaotic, to say the least, and she was exhausted. Though not completely physically. She rose to get off, her legs aching, and stretched as she stepped off, the doctor looking up towards the sky with a heavy sigh. She didn't mind rain; It was pleasant, even. No, what she did mind was the fact that her body was stiff from how long they had all been sitting, and her body felt heavy and slow. So, ignoring the others for the time being, she did a few stretches, loosening her shoulders, hips, and legs from their painful stiffness. "Is there anything I should be doing?" --- "...Why don't we change the binding first?" came a quiet reply from the harpy, who rose and slowly approached, beginning to unwrap her leg. He winced at the scent of blood and the sight of it, moving to clean it, first, before wrapping it again. It didn't look as bad, at least. That was a good sign. He didn't know what to do if it wasn't getting better, honestly- Kimon was no doctor, and though he was familiar with injuries from trees, that didn't change the fact that he was worried for Alexa. "...We have to be careful."