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  1. Here's my vase! One of everything and then some Is there a maximum number of flowers that can be had?
  2. Yeah I ended up with 5 somehow, haha. If only I could transform them into a Holly my scroll would be complete.
  3. I got 5... O_O Wish I could get rid of some for a Holly. I need to finish my dang scroll already!
  4. I have two extra male hatchies that I don't need. Feel free to PM me if you want them! I don't want them to grow up on my scroll... CLAIMED! Thanks and enjoy
  5. I have two extra hatchies that I don't need. If you don't have any yet, PM me a link to your scroll
  6. Last year was 2/5, and this year was 1/3. The first one this year turned, which was a surprise lol
  7. Fertile eggs taste exactly the same as infertile ones. All eggs that are going bad taste gross though...so maybe you just got a bad egg?
  8. This is 100% false. I have 22 chickens with a rooster (and have hatched many chicks) and all of the eggs I eat are fertilized. The only way they get any blood in them is if they are incubated, and even then it takes 48 hours for the circulatory system to even begin to develop. At 3 days the blood vessels are visible to the naked eye if you were to candle it. Also, the yolk doesn't turn red as it's just a food source for the chick. The blood vessels form on the inner membrane of the egg. There should never be any loose blood in a developing egg unless your chick is dead. *off soapbox*
  9. I LOVE THE TINY ROOSTER! So freaking cute.
  10. Whyyyy do I always miss these releases?! Here's hoping I can get a pair of each
  11. Ah man! I just found out there were new eggs . Hope I can get a few!
  12. What is the time interval in between eggs showing up? Does anyone know?
  13. I don't understand the box of chocolates...has anyone figured out what it is yet? I've already sent out two cards to random peeps
  14. I have yet to see a Rosebud even pass through the AP...
  15. Woot! Got my second Gold Wyvern...so I is happy.
  16. Well I managed to get 3 Moonlights and 1 Shimmer egg in my first drop this release. Not too bad...just hope I can get that second Shimmer!
  17. Are they just being dropped at the top of the hour now? Yeah I know this is NOT going to be an easy catch...but school is more important so I'll just have to be patient this time. *shrug* Hopefully I can at least get a pair of each.
  18. Oh no! I've been in the middle of my toughest week at school and in the lab and I JUST noticed there was a new release. UGH. Well I guess I'll be one of those last minute stragglers trying to get at some eggs! They look gorgeous.
  19. WOOT! 5 new eggs so far, and my first two zombies! One adult and one hatchie Also got a pair of Marrows, and two pairs of Pumpkins (one for freezing). I'd say it's been a very successful Howl-o-ween
  20. Wooh! I have a zombie hatchling so far, and now to try for an adult... Edit: WOW! SUCCESS!!! Now I have one adult and one hatchie. My first two zombies!
  21. I'm currently starting our Medical Laboratory Science program at my uni. It's going to be HARD, and it isn't my dream job, but my dream is to not have to work and be able to volunteer/raise guide dog puppies for the rest of my life, hehe.
  22. I love pets! Currently I have two pugs, a cat, two dwarf rats, one crested gecko, one male betta fish, and a flock of eight chickens with more chicks on the way!!! I have a long list of animals I'd love to own as well, namely reptiles to create a collection
  23. I LOVE my rats. I have two adorable dwarf rats named Milo and Oliver. They are basically like little puppies in a cage, haha! I also have one crested gecko named Zima. She's absolutely gorgeous! In the future I'd like to get another crested gecko, a gargoyle gecko, a pied ball python, ferrets, guinea pigs, and of course dogs/cats.
  24. I'm pretty sure it was Banjo Kazooie on N64. We got it for Christmas when I was 10 I think. We were so excited about it! Never did beat it though...HAHA