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  1. Well then, guess I need to figure out what biomes these guys are in...
  2. It just had to be minesweeper, the one game I can never win.
  3. It's happened to me three times now. I have to refresh the page and reset the day to get away from the lamp pole after. Really annoying. Edit: Four times now. Got stuck on the side of the lamp pole when I tried to add the decorations a different way. Really getting irritated now. Five times! The game just completely freezes when I try to add garland to the lamp poles. Janus stopped moving and everything...
  4. Ugh, stuck helping Vala - the game keeps freezing up my character after the snowball breaks. I've been struggling to get past this one and it's so frustrating I'm about to quit. My character will just keep walking after a snowball breaks and the only way to stop them is to reset. Edit: Finally completed that day, augh. Was getting sick of Perl talking to me, lol.
  5. Holiday Breeder Forum Name: Taintedtamer What I can breed: (italicized means no CB of that breed) Valentine Valentine 2009 - 2 CB, 3 2nd Gen Sweetling - 5 2nd Gen Rosebud - 2 CB, 3 2nd Gen Heartseeker - 2 CB, 5 2nd Gen Arsani - 2 CB, 3 2nd Gen Radiant Angel - 2 CB, 7 2nd Gen Heartstealing - 2 CB Halloween Pumpkin - 6 2nd Gen Black Marrow - 2 CB, 7 2nd Gen Shadow Walker - 4 CB, 7 2nd Gen Cavern Lurker - 7 CB, 5 2nd Gen Grave - 8 CB, 2 2nd Gen Desipis - 12 CB, 4 2nd Gen Caligene - 7 CB Christmas Holly - 2 4th Gen Yulebuck - 2 CB, 3 2nd Gen Snow Angel - 4 2nd Gen Ribbon Dancer - 2 CB, 4 2nd Gen Winter Magi - 2 CB, 8 2nd Gen Wrapping-Wing - 2 CB, 6 2nd Gen Solstice - 2 CB, 7 2nd Gen Mistletoe - 2 CB (Already bred for 2015 season) I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Both PM Link: PM Link Here Scroll Link: Scroll Link Here
  6. I am not able to play the game at all. I picked my name and now it's just a gray screen. Really annoyed, not sure if I'm not hitting a button or something to start? Space/Enter do nothing, I really want to get in and start playing... I'm using Chrome - I refreshed, erased cookies, tried again, restarted computer, and nothing is helping. Just gray/black screen forever.
  7. Super creepy adults, yikes. I wish the skeleton pattern on them was more pronounced, but they're alright. Graves and Shadow-Walkers are still my all time favorites. <3
  8. Can't wait to see the updated sprites!
  9. Still golds from what I can tell.
  10. Still bronze - darn. Lol, I have enough bronze and blue to last me a lifetime. Hopefully those silver ones make an appearance, though I still need some gold ones as well.
  11. Going to bed in hopes that golds re-release tomorrow - or silvers, silvers would be nice.
  12. Still no silvers, right? I just need them and a few golds and I'll be set with my scroll quota...hopefully tomorrow golds will return like everyone guessed.
  13. Ah man, I don't need any more Bronze dragons either.
  14. I have my fill of Blue Lunar Heralds - gave three CB eggs to my friend since I just have too many! Waiting for them to shift silver, not sure when that will happen....
  15. Man, not finding any of these guys today...
  16. WELL, I boned myself on this one - had no idea a new egg had released at all. Augh...not going to get hold of one of these guys anytime soon. Edit: Right after I said that I managed to get one of the gold ones.
  17. So I was flabbergasted when I bred two Astrapi and got a Mageia egg. 0-o Bred all six of CB pairs and the two Astrapi are the only ones that went 'rogue' on me, lol. Here is the rebel egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Z4zzk
  18. The progression is really cool - still not a fan of the male, lit up or dark, but that female is gorgeous. <3
  19. Wow, that female! <3<3 She totally makes up for the weird, wonky pose of the male. I'm so glad she looks as cool as she does.
  20. I really don't like the male adults, I hope the females look better. The male's pose just looks so wonky and he's so dark it's hard to see him...
  21. Auuuuugh, I've been stalking the Alpine region all morning...still no luck getting 2nds of each egg. @-@
  22. WOW WOW WOW WOW! Oh holy - these are so beautiful! Ahhhhh, I just adore them! I want so many of them and I still haven't found any additional eggs...alfksdjf;laksdf. Back to hunting for me. I must have all the beautiful xenowyrms.
  23. My first set of eggs hatched, though I'm having a heck of a time getting a second of each egg now. @-@ I've been hunting for hours and haven't seen a single Mana egg pop up.