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    My Bronze Prize currently is NOT available for breeding requests or trades - DO NOT ASK.

    I am always happy to take breeding requests for my other dragons however! If you would like a certain species/lineage, let me know. :D

    I will keep breeding/hunting until I get the egg(s) that are owed. However, I will not contact you after each breeding unless you specifically ask for me to do so.

    Metal/Prize dragon breeding slots are at the bottom, under IOUs.

    ----- My Breeding Agenda: --------------------

    1. PointOfOrigin - 2nd gen Tinsel from tantdxSpeckle-Throated (sent)✓
    2. joliver1998 - 2nd gen Tinsel from tantdxHzcg4 (sent)✓
    3. ilovechewbacca - 2nd gen GoldxAutumn OR GoldxTea
    4. speakingtomato - 2nd gen Tinsel frm tantdxRed-Finned Tidal
    5. izuzi0 - 2nd gen Gold from JArmMxNvjfi

    ----- IOUs: --------------------

    - ilovechewbacca
    2nd gen Gold from GoldxAutumn OR GoldxTea
    2nd gen Silver from SilverxBlusang ✓

    - pinkgothic
    3rd gen Valentine Bloodswap (Neflv x 2THMV) (Teleport sent)

    ----- Future Trades/Owes Me: --------------------

    None at the moment!

    ----- Metal/Prize Breeding Lists: --------------------

    Again, my CB Bronze Tinsel is NOT up for breeding and there is no list or requests for it. However I will breed my lined Tinsels and Shimmers, as well as metals. I have several Coppers, Silvers, Golds, Tinsels, and Shimmers of all colors to breed - if you are interested in an egg, let me know.

    Red Copper Dragons:
    1. Open
    2. Open
    Green Copper Dragons:
    1. Open
    2. Open
    Brown Copper Dragons:
    1. Open
    2. Open

    Silver Dragons:
    1. Open
    2. Open

    Gold Dragons:
    1. ilovechewbacca - 2S65O
    2. Open

    Bronze Tinsel:
    1. Open
    2. Open

    Silver Tinsel:
    1. Open
    2. Open

    Gold Tinsel:
    1. Open
    2. Open

    1. Open
    2. Open

    1. Open
    2. Open

    1. Open
    2. Open