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  1. There have been cats around me all my life (22 years). I cuurently have 4 cats--3 male 1 female. Monster's a red with white. Miyo's a white with red. Norrit's black with a white throat. And Bella's grey and she is the only one with a balance disorder due to a fall on her head. None of them are a specific breed.
  2. I simply love chickensoup! mjam! It's homemade and somehow that always tastes better than from the supermarket.
  3. Not realy on original collection but I collect Dragons. -Pictures, cards, statues,etc, etc. I used to collect Pokémon, but I've outgrown that. Still have them, though.
  4. My brother and I don't play D&D on the PC but we have D&D as board game instead. It is fun!
  5. I like to have a normal cat. The cats I have now are sweat but crazy!