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  1. Yeah, sorry for making you guys wait, I got kicked out to an island without internett for a while. But I've got something up now, and I thought you'd like to know that as of friday, I'll be gone for a good two weeks. I'm working in the mountains(again without nett access) My summer's tend to be very hectic and I have less computer time, but I'm trying my hardest to remember to check DC. This RP is kinda the only thing I do on the site so I have an annoying habit of forgetting to pop inn :s But from July 7th I'll atleast have access, and that's a start
  2. Katja sent Jason a grin. “See? I can pay attention on occasion.” Happy with herself, she turned her attention back to the two girls, doing her best to understand what had just happened. “Roodie Forney?” She asked. “What do you mean you might have found him? And why on earth did you need to help him?” She puckered her lips; she didn’t like the tone the girls where speaking in, a lot less than even the topic of time travel and paradoxes. It could only mean there was some serious trouble going on.
  3. Katja opened her mouth to come with a witty comment, but she really didn’t have anything to counter Dax with. She closed her mouth and puckered her lips, a little annoyed, before returning her attention to Jason. At least he shared the same enthusiasm as her for spirit week. “You know what, that’s an ingenious idea!” She said, her face lighting up. “I mean, we have enough experience with bizarre creatures, don’t we? Just imitate a nightmare, and we’re good to go.” She bared her teeth and wriggled her fingers in the way you would do to scare a two year old, stopping just as she noticed the arrival of the two girls. “Oh, hey.” She said, suddenly a lot calmer. A little worried look crossed her face as she noticed they were breathing heavily, “Is everything alright?”
  4. Just bumping this up before it dissapears off screen.
  5. “Of course I’m excited for spirit week!” Katja said, sitting up straight again. “There’s no better way to start of the year,” She continued to ramble, finding the subject of spirit week and homecoming a lot more tempting than that of nightmares. “Since you know, homecoming,” She pointed out, sending Dax a look, “is in a couple of months, it’s not really a ‘welcome back event’” She held two fingers up to mark the meaning of the last words. ((Feel free to do whatever you please, Narvix, I totally get where you're coming from^^ and considering I'm struggling to keep up with one charrie, I can't exactly pester you to have five. ))
  6. Oh, I'm so sorry! I went away for a week, and afterwards I just kept forgetting to pop back inn here and check if something happened :/ I'll get something up today or tomorrow morning. I just have a couple other things to do before I write a post.
  7. Finally, lunch. Though she wasn’t particularly hungry, Katja trailed along into the cafeteria along with all the other teens. Spying around the room she quickly spotted Jason waving her over, and she casually made her way over to him and the others he had called to him. “Heyheyhey!” She said, giving everyone a gigantic smile as she tossed her bag down on the ground. Two seconds later, she sat down on one of the chairs, crossing her legs and leaning a little casually. “What’s new?” She asked, puckering her lips as she saw just who was gathering.
  8. Okay, I guess I lied. But I got something up today. My posts are really sucky at the time being though, I feel like we're just trying to pass the time untill something more interesting can come along. But now that Rose and Leona are returning to the present, do they return to the time they left, or to where we are now? Or return to the time they left and just do a time skip to catch up?
  9. "Miss Katarina Gorbachova will be the Sophomore Social Chairperson! " Katja looked around the sea of people, slightly confused, but happy none the less. She hadn’t thought she was in the running for any of the student body positions, and honestly, it was a pleasant surprise. Made her feel cool. She stood up, and walked over to the rest of the student body. She waited calmly throughout the rest of the announcements, smiling a bit at the thought of spirit week. That was always fun. The assembly came to an end, and Katja trailed a little behind the rest of the students waiting to leave until she was sure that the teachers didn’t have any extra information for her. Finally being allowed to leave, Katja headed outside to find her friends. A rather loud complaint from her stomach reminded her that she still hadn’t had time to eat breakfast, and as she stepped out into the sun, she fished an apple out of her knapsack and bit into it. ((I'm just assuming that they've got the rest of 2nd period off. If that's not the case, I'll go ahed and change it ))
  10. That is a very valid point. And I kinda doubt we'd have any sceptics in the group anyway. I mean, they've all suddenly got some random superpower. Though I still would like to se them eksplain all this to someone who doesn't belive in magic and whatnot However unlikely that actually is~ I should be able to get a post up today^^ Since I've only got morning classes for once
  11. Sounds like an idea to me^^ Looking foreward to the girls having to explain all this x) Hopefully there aren't any timetravel sceptics in the group
  12. The banner will be going in my sig, I just kinda... Never update my signature. I'll try and remember to do that soon :3 Inconviniences should be done now, though I have no idea what the internett rules will be with this family (or the next one. I now officially know the definition of living out of suitcases -.-) But I should be able to post somewhat regularly, I think.
  13. ((Here! Rushed and not yet proof-read, but I wanted it up.)) “Katja, you’re gonna be late!” Katja groaned as her cousin rather rudely hammered at the door. “Kat, seriously, get out of bed, your alarm rang almost half an hour ago!” “What?!” Somewhat panicked, Katja kicked of her duvet and began searching for what to wear, “Why didn’t you wake me sooner?!” Rummaging through her closet, she grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt, before sprinting into the bathroom in an effort to break her record of short showers. Her hair was still wet as she braided it, and the make-up of the day was a lot simpler than usual. But at least she was presentable. Grabbing her school bag and some extra fruit that could serve for breakfast when she reached campus, Katja called out a greeting and hurried out the door. She grabbed her bike, and began pedaling towards school, relaxing slightly as she saw other students arriving as well. She might even have time to eat that fruit she’d brought… No such luck. The bell rang, and Katja hurried to the science class room, along with all the other sophomores. She did what she usually did in this class; she drew, trying her best to keep her stomach from complaining too loudly. Finally, the bell rang, and along with the other students, Katja was ushered to the gym. “I was hoping to eat my breakfast…” Katja sighed, rolling her eyes toward the person she was just about to sit down besides. “It’ll have to wait, I guess.” She smiled slightly and shut up just in time for the principal to start talking.
  14. Yay, banner! Anyway. Just popping in to say that I'm spending my break at this lovely old grandma who is really doing her best to keep me outside despite the coooooold wheather. I.E. Limited computer/internett time, and I really don't think I'll have time to type something up untill I'm on the train again on Saturday. Hopefully I'll have a long enough break at the station to connect to the net and post, if not, I'll get something up as soon as my new hostfamily's internett rules lett me. Also, Narvix, I'm sending you a PM about student body positions. Just putting it out there, in case I don't finish it before we start lunch. So, don't close that too quickly, please :]
  15. Right handed^^ Did you know, 2500 left-handed people die each year by using products for right-haded people? Jupp, we're out to get you.... >:3
  16. I still honestly don't think lowering the literacy level is the answer. Some advertisment on the other hand, could be a good idea. Maybe a banner or something as well? I'd offer up my photoshopskills to make one, but onestly, a rabbit would probably do better. Digital art really isn't my strong suit. :s I've allready come with my plot ideas, and I kinda agree that waiting an rp day would be a good idea. And honestly, all we need to do is wrapp up the current battle and say our characters are too tired to continue. They've been out for a while, and it is late, after all. Anouncement of Spirit Week or something sounds like a good idea for a day plot. All my other ideas are super dramatic, like a fire or a bomb threat If not, Shadow just suggested keeping Leona and Rose in the past a little longer than expected, maybe they manage to do something that changes the current situation? ...That smile placed after 'fire or bomb threat' makes me question my mental health.
  17. ((I want it to keep going. My problem is that I have some major problems IRL that result in less will to put the extra effort in at the moment. Personally, I prefer rp'ing in the others section, since it makes me take a little more pride in my writing. I think Silver has a point, the plot has kinda hit a stand still. What if they all finish the battle and head home for the night? WIth that we can skip til morning, and have something happen during the day. Or maybe they stumble accross something on the way? We were talking about the people who go missing turning into nightmares, weren't we? Maybe they stumble across a clue for that. Or they save someone who's about to go missing. I dunno, just brainstorming ideas here.))
  18. Allrighty guys, this just vanished from the roleplay section. So you know, if anyone has any OOC they want to mention, they might want to post it before our thread vanishes again.
  19. “Swarm?” Katja sent the question at no one in particular, looking around the group to make sure no extra nightmares were hiding. “We like Marcos’ definition of swarm, right?” She rubbed her hands together, slowly moving up to her arms as well in an effort to get rid of her goose bumps. She really wasn’t properly dressed for this hour of day. With Marcos’ departure, the Russian began running, making her way over to the girl. Though she couldn’t properly see who the girl was, she could see that one of the nightmares had moved out of the swarm and was shooting towards her from above. “Hey, Ginger!” Katja yelled, stretching her arm out in front of her, “Duck!” and with that, she fired of a beam, frowning a bit as she just missed the nightmare by a little.
  20. Bumpeh! I'd post, but I kinda don't have anything to respond to yet :s
  21. Seeing my family for the first time in 10 months And by the sounds of it, I'll be doing my first roadtrip through Europe. Which you know, is almost standard in a Norwegain household. By the sounds of it we're still going to visit our family and friends in Canada, though I'm not too sure how we'll have time, considering people kinda have to work a bit to.
  22. Oh, shoot, your right. Don't know how that happened O.o Anyhow, I edited the rest of the sentance inn. Perfect example of why I shouldn't still be writing at midnight... But, yeah, feel free to decide the venom :] I have no idea in mind, just wrote that down because some site said they all were venomous,
  23. Alright, here's an idea. Feel free to remove the venom part, I just got the idea because I was dumb enough to research spiders for this, but I'm not too sure how it fits inn with the style of the other nightmares. Tought me I'm a lot more scared of spiders than I though. I'll probably have a nightmare tonight :s (Not sure if that's intended as a pun or not.) Sea-Turtle/Spider: About the size of a full grown German Shepherd, this spider has the added advantage of having a sea-turtle shell for protection. Just visible from the opening of the shell are the creatures many big eyes, which gives it an excellent almost 360*view. Their large venomous pincers prod out from the turtle shell as well, and are an excellent weapon. Their eight legs make it capable of quickly moving in or out of an attack. Weakness: When flipped on to his back, this creature is no longer capable of moving. Also, anything not covered by the turtle shell is easily injured. ...Noone saw the sneak it's way into this post...
  24. I could probably make it if you want? I'm still on my christmas break untill january 7th so I should have time. Though I am wondering if my idea resembles the armadillo-spider a little too much. Also, I was wondering if we might want to make it a Lead or something, since we allready have a lot of minions?
  25. Oh, shoot, I thought I had this under control! Oh, well, now you see why I wanted that list I meant a bat-sea turtle, I'll go edit that. It was an accident, but you know, that might not be that bad of an idea for a nightmare... You know, like a giant spider with a shell for protection?