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  1. Book Number:23 Number Of Pages:876 Book Title:The Mists of Avalon Author:Marion Zimmer Bradley Summary:The legendary tale of King Arthur told from the the perspective of the notable women involved. Primarily from the focus of Morgaine, known also as Morgan Le Fay. Book Number:24 Number Of Pages:765 Book Title:The Dublin Saga: The Princes of Ireland Author:Edward Rutherfurd Summary:The history of Ireland brought to life through the lives of many fictional families whose lives often intertwine. Beginning in the mid 900's and ending during the early reign of King Henry VIII.
  2. Dearest Journal Not much has been going on here lately. The Mistress has been working hard at getting all of her crops in before the end of the season. All of the Magi's said that she should have let the keep the solstones set to spring and summer only, but she wouldn't have it. She loves all four seasons, and just wanted the stones to give the best conditions for each season. Seren and I tried once again for another egg but were unsucsessfull. We have high hopes for the next time though. I've been enjoying spending time with my grandchild. She is an incredibly beautiful Sunstone. I really enjoy spending time with her and discussing philosophy and ethics. -Rhewi Benyw-
  3. Dearest Journal, I was quite shocked today when the female Vampire made her way to my lair today. She and the two males rarely leave there own lair for any reason except to hunt or the rare occasion when they are given an egg to attempt to turn. But she came with an interesting idea to pass on to the Mistress. She said she was to shy to attempt to tell the Mistress herself because she believes she is to firghtening to look at. Though it may be true that she has a fearsome appearance, the Mistress spends just as much time visiting them as she does the rest of us. I think the poor girl is just shy. But anyhow, on to the idea she passed on to me. She said that we have a problem with speaking with the nearby towns. She said that we should use a system with ravens or some other bird. It would be unexpected for one who lives with dragons to utilize any other animal for anything other than food. I think the Mistress will like this idea too, for it fits right into her plan of making us all feel usefull for more than just companionship (which means the most to her of course. she loves us all dearly). It gives us a sense of pride to have a task to do. Keeps us from getting fat and lazy anyway. Soon Seren and I will attempt to bread again. The last time we just were going through the motions. We don't care any less for each other because of it, we were just driven by instinct. But I have hope for the next time. -Rhewi Benyw-
  4. Dearest Journal So much has happened in the days since last I wrote. The training and orginizing of the defence forces have gone well. We all train mostly in defensive actions to minimize damage to ourselves while maximizing damage to any who would seek to harm us. It's working really well as an early notice of visitors also. We found this out when the Mistress recieved a visitor the other day. He was a sailor who was lost at sea, and was spotted and brought in by one of the Deep Sea dragons. He had survived a great wreck cause by an awful storm. But how he survived no one really knows, not even he. The last thing he remembered before waking in the Mistress' home cave was falling over the railing into the churning sea. But as to how he arrived here is a testament to everyone taking to heart the message we were given. "An observant and ready dragon will be prepared for anything. From a friendly visitor to the most deadly of attackers." He was a good man and glad for all the help he was givin by the Mistress. I think he was a bit overawed by her because of the rapport she has with all of us. In return for the new clothes she made him in preperation for his having to travel in a season so near to winter. He helped her to gather the crops from her garden and milk and eggs from her goats and regular chickens (she still hopes to find a special chicken in the magic egg cave someday). For that she even gave him a bit of traveling food and one bolt of fine woolen cloth she wove from her sheep. The cloth was to be used for trading for any supplies he might need, for she had no coin to spare for him. He swore he would repay her somehow but she said there was no need to do anything but spread word to any who asked that she was kind and wished to live in peace with he neighbors. She would not bring war to them, but will only defend herself if it were brought to her. Besides that however, we had a double new family member celebration. The Mistress had been given both a Cheese egg and a Paper hatchling. We had such a raucus celebration that the echos of it were heard for days through all the passages in the mountian. 'Tis good to have some fun now and again. -Rhewi Benyw-
  5. Book Number:19 Number Of Pages:186 Book Title:M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action Author:Robert Asprin Summary:While Skeeve is away on Prev, the rest of the gang helps out in Skeeve's old kingdom. But whether or not it's a good thing is yet to be seen. Book Number:20 Number Of Pages:171 Book Title:Sweet Myth-Tery of Life Author:Robert Asprin Summary:Skeeve's back on his home turf, but he doesn't quite get the welcome he was hoping for. Book Number:21 Number Of Pages:181 Book Title:Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. Author:Robert Asprin Summary:A parallel tale to Sweet Myth-Tery of Life. Covers the events during and somewhat after. Told from Guido's point of view for most of it before it switches back to Skeeve. Book Number:22 Number Of Pages:219 Book Title:Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Capture~~re-read Author:Kathryn Lasky Summary:Soren is xaptured and taken to a dark and terrible place. It's there that he met Gylfie, another young owl who wishes to be free. Together they must learn to fly if they are to ever make it out alive.
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    Stephen King

    I think Stephen King is a fantastic writer. I'm not a fan of all his books though. I found myself getting bored with some of them, like the Dark Tower books and The Shining. But my favorites by him are, The Stand, Eyes of the Dragon (which does give mention of a dragon that gets killed, and it's head plays a very important part throughout the book), Carrie, It, and The Green Mile. Fantastic coincidence right at the moment of typing this. I'm watching the Family Guy episode where they do three versions of different King stories.
  7. Dearest Journal There was a slightly distressing event today. A small fight broke out between the Terrae and the Spitfires. It was an unfortunate and disturbing thing to see. I couldn't get any info from either of the two clans as to why the fight occured. But what I heard from round the cave gossip was that someone said something and offended somebody else. I had to tell the Mistress about this and see if she could get it figured out and resolved. After I told her, she called all the Spitfires and Terraes into one of the side caves for a private discussion with the Stones standing guard at all the entrances with all the Pygmies ready to send for extra help if she called out for it. She know's we would never intentionally hurt her, but she wanted to be prepared incase it got physical agian. Afterwards, she called everyone to the main meeting cave (thankfully the Magi had just finished the comminication mirrors so all the water types could be included without having to be uncomfortable) to go over a special plan she devised after everything else that happened. She told us we were all going to start training and devising defense tacticts for our turf, both outsid and within the mountian. She said she had been hearing rumors of other Families/Clans being attacked. She doesn't want us to be alarmed or live in fear, but she figured that it's better to be prepared for it just in the minimal chance it happens. It will also give everyone a chance to work off some tensions and energy while learning how to work together. She has already set up a schedule for each clan to come to her and tell her what special things they might be able to do. That way she can plan tactics for any situation that might come up. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to think in terms of battle, but it will give everyone a chance to do something. Anything that gives some confidence and sense of responsibilty is a good thing though. I think it will all work out. And its better to be prepared for it even if it never happens, then for it to happen and to be caught unaware. The best thing though, the Pygmies will be used as messengers. Thus keeping them out of much of the mischief they tend to get into without even trying. -Rhewi Benyw-
  8. Dearest Journal It's been so long since I last wrote in here. Not much has happened to be of note. But there have been some new eggs and youngsters. We finaly got a Pink egg (hopefully male), and a Cheese egg. I can't wait till that one hatches. The welcome fest will be tons of fun. The Mistress has been reading so much lately. When I asked her why, she said she was taking part in some kind of book chalange. She needs to read 250 in one year. Or at least give it her best effort. I hope she makes it. -Rhewi Benyw-
  9. Book Number:13 Number Of Pages:188 Book Title:Myth Directions Author:Robert Asprin Summary:Skeeve once again gets into trouble across the dimensions. This time he gets suckered into stealing the ugliest object he's ever seen. Book Number:14 Number Of Pages:141 Book Title:Hit or Myth Author:Robert Asprin Summary:The King of Possiltum wants a vacation, and leaves Skeeve in charge. Unfortunately, he's left with more than just a day on the throne. Book Number:15 Number Of Pages:165 Book Title:Myth-ing Persons Author:Robert Asprin Summary:Skeeve's partner has gone missing while searching for a couple of crooks. Now Skeeve hast to seek him out in the home dimension of the original nights children. Book Number:16 Number Of Pages:162 Book Title:Little Myth Marker Author:Robert Asprin Summary:Skeeve bluffs his way through a high stakes poker game. Not only does he win a bundle, but he also gets and IOU...named Markie. Book Number:17 Number Of Pages:150 Book Title:M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link Author:Robert Asprin Summary:Skeeve and the gang have formed into a reputable business. Of course, that doesn't keep any of the out of trouble. Book Number:18 Number Of Pages:180 Book Title:Myth-Nomers and Im-Prevections Author:Robert Asprin Summary:Skeeve's partner leaves for home in a huff. Unfortunately, it's one of if not the nastiest dimensions around. And that's right where Skeeve goes to look for him.
  10. Dearest Journal The Mistress is not very happy right now. She was in discussions with another human about trading that red egg, and then the person told her the egg they had wasn't a Pink egg. She was so upset because she felt as if she was being strung along just for someones sick joy. She had to re-enter her trade so hopefully serious people will see it and want to trade. Soon I will be ready to mate again. I can feel the urges and changes again. I almost hope that it will be an Ice egg if I have one. I've told the Mistress that if it turns out that way to put it up for trade for one she wants. I know it sounds a bit callous to do so, but I know how badly she wants to bring the other kinds into our home. She understands and even snuggled up to me as best as she could. She learned a long while ago not to go for the full hug or even a simple pat on the flank without the proper cold weather gear.
  11. Book Number:9 Number Of Pages:212 Book Title:The Last Unicorn Author:Peter S. Beagle Summary:A unicorn discovers she is the last known of her kind. She goes on a perilous journey to find them. Along the way she gains companions both complex and simple in their natures. Book Number:10 Number Of Pages:437 Book Title:All Creatures Great And Small Author:James Herriot Summary:The first in an amazing set of novels about the wondrous, difficult, and sometimes humorous life of an early 1900's Yorkshire country vet. Book Number:11 Number Of Pages:203 Book Title:Another Fine Myth Author:Robert Asprin Summary:After his master is assassinated, Skeeve, a magicians apprentice is stuck with a powerless demon. Book Number:12 Number Of Pages:186 Book Title:Myth Conceptions Author:Robert Asprin Summary:The job of Court Magician is supposed to be a breeze, right? Not when your name is Skeeve and your expected to stop an enormous army hell bent on adding your kingdom to the empire.
  12. Dearest Journal The Mistress is in the mood to trade eggs again. She wants desperatly for a male Pink for influencing particular eggs. The first Red egg we've gotten is to be traded for one. Our Magma's first egg (that comes out as Magma) is already earmarked to be given away as a gift to someone else. The Mistress says she is doing that because she wishes to "Pay it forward". Someone had gifted to her the egg which our single male Two Headed hatched from. She feels it's only right to do so for at least one person. The Mistress is still hoping to get some metallics and a Thunder egg soon. We are all aware that traiding will probably be involved in the aquisition of these eggs. It's just a matter of whose eggs it will be. But I will willingly give up another egg true to kind if it means we get the final member we need for summoning the great Guardian. On to other things. My dear young daughter has finaly matured. She say's she's not yet ready to mate, but i've noticed her making eyes at the Black dragon Cysgodol. He's attached to our Magma, but they haven't had a single egg of any kind in all the times they have tried. I think he's going to look for a new mate soon. If he does, I think my daughter may try to woo him. She has her fathers romantic streak hidden in her. But unlike him, she tries to hide it. -Rhewi Benyw-
  13. Dearest Journal So much has happened lately. My first child with Seren has gendered female. And she has the most beautiful red wings. Dear Seren is overjoyed with the results. He says that her markings are extra special because some of the starlights are shaped to look like me. I don't see it, but I will humor him on it. Her patterns are just very hypnotic to me. I could stare at her for hours and just trance out. She laughed so hard the first time it happend. After her father told her what happend anyway. Now she tries to keep her wings folded up when ever she can, just so i'll pay attention all the time. I just hope she finds a good mate someday. The Mistress has finally gotten a new striped egg. Our Red Stripe finaly bred true to kind. He mated again with our Winter and they had a lovely Blue Striped egg. I'm happy for her that she has another dragon type crossed of the big list. And speaking of the list. It has such a funny name. She calles it "The Gigantic Big Ole List of Unmet Friends". It makes me giggle a bit just thinking of it. She has it printed on giant strips of cow hide that are tacked to the walls of her cave. And when ever she gets one from the List, she waits till the egg hatches, and then has it help her hank it off the wall. When this happens, everyone who is in her cave gets to yell "Welcome New Friend!" All the hatchlings love this since it's such an event. Of course any new additions to the dragon types already living here get a more intimate greeting either from thier parent, or if they were brought in, one of their own. -Rhewi Benyw-
  14. Dearest Journal Seren has begun his own journal today. And if I know him even a little, it's probably filled with declarations of endless devotion and love. I think it's rather sweet. And i'm glad that he has taken to the maturity of mating and fatherhood so well. He mother hens that egg more than the Mistress herself does. Unfortunatly I cannot touch the egg to much to keep from feezing the hatchling. Seren, bless his ever shining wings, promises to make sure our children (he's determined to have as many as I want) will always know how much I care about them even if I cannot cuddle them as I would wish. We both hope that Seren's ability to handle the intese cold that I give off will pass on to our children of his type. I just hope it comes out healthy since for a short time it had to be hidden away due to potential sickness. Thankfully it's better now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Side Note--The Mistress has promised to crochet me some very heavy and thick gloves so that I may touch any of my eggs and young hatchlings that are Nebula. These kinds of loving touches are why we all care so deeply for her. It's that love that keeps our quarrels to the bare minimum that are bound to happen. We all hate to make her sad. Even the Vampires act better than all the stories we hear of their kind living elsewhere and in the wilderness. Ours rarely bite willy nilly on eggs. Only those of unwanted common matings are offered. Bless our home and hopes for it to stay the way it is for as long as possible. -Rhewi Benyw-
  15. I've found some old, unused parchment to use as I see fit. Thus I have decided to do as my beloved and keep a journal of sorts. I do remember fondly the day my beloved looked upon my tiny new hatched form for the first time. Twas then I knew what love was. Before I had even known of which gender I would be, I have loved her. She did not look upon me with hatred or disdain as one would have expected. For her fist child was given in trade for myself. The Mistress had a desire for one of my kind and knew that one of my beloved's eggs would be highly sought after. Her kind is so very rare. But as I grew and showed myself to be male, I desired her to be my mate. At first I feared her previous mate would fight me for the right of it. But he cared little for her in that manner anymore. Truly was my heart gladdened by it. Thus did I go about the course of courting her. I did but hammer my mind to create the poems and letters that did so melt her heart. And in my fear of catching her anger, 'twould have gone on for so much longer had I not dallied that day and been caught out at it. But oh joy! She was happy and joyus to find that the purpotrator of such declarations of love was honest in it. When she took me to mate was the greatest moment of my young life. And yet it only gets better from the on. Our first attempt at conception was successfull. We have a lovely young nebula egg. I wonder if it will be male or female. And will it have my coloring or temperment, or what might it have gathered from it's mother. 'Tis true I wished for the egg to be an ice. For I believe the Mistress would have let us keep it, for it would have truly been born with love. Seren Gwryw
  16. Book Number:7 Number Of Pages:169 Book Title:In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Author:Bette Bao Lord Summary:A young Chinese girl comes to america with her family and has a difficult time fitting in untill she discovers baseball. Book Number:8 Number Of Pages:115 Book Title:Night Author:Elie Wiesel Summary:The true accounts of terror lived within the Auschitz and Buchenwald concentration camps. Told from shortly before his capture from his home in Transylvania, till the time Allied troops arrived.
  17. Dearest Journal There is so much wonderful news! First of all, The Mistress has completed her move into the complex. I must admit we were all a bit worried when she didn't show up to visit yeaterday. She rarely skips a day. But at least all was well today. The Mistress said that she had to finish the land deal so she could claim full ownership of the mountian we live in. Now we have full rights to this mountain and about a three mile radius around it. She has renamed it the "Lonely Mountian" after one from one of her favorite books. It does fit in a way since we are seperated from the main mountian range by about four miles. We threw a grand party in celebration of this event and the Mistress' move. Now we are truly a full Clan now. The other fantastic news is that Seren Gwryw and I have become mates. And we have just had our first egg together. It is a Nebula egg. Seren said he was hoping that it would have been an Ice like me. I'm just happy either way. He's so good to me and our egg. I'm glad the Mistress traded for him. I may have lost an egg. But I gained a true mate. Oh! I nearly forgot. Our Vine finaly bred true to type. She was so excited that she finaly got a vine egg. And wonder of wonders when he gendered, he was an Alt! Of course now she's strutting around boasting about it. But i'll let it go unless she drags it out fr to long. She's generally not the braging type, so it should be ok. No one will begrudge her this triumph. -Rhewi Benyw-
  18. Book Number:5 Number Of Pages:373 Book Title:The Lord God Made Them All~~~re-read Author:James Herriot Summary:A continuation of Mr. Herriot's life as a country vet. It also has chapters of his trip to Russia as the on board vet for some sheep. Rating:5/5 Book Number:6 Number Of Pages:912 Book Title:Kushiel's Dart~~~re-read Author:Jacqueline Carey Summary:Phedre no Delauney is marked by the gods to recieve pleasure from pain. As she trains to become a high class courtisan, she has no idea that she will one day be the guiding force of the salvation of her homeland. Rating:5/5
  19. Dearest Journal Work on the complex is almost finished. All thats needed is to finish building the Mistress' home. All of the eggs and hatchlings have been moved to her cave so she can spend quality time with them. She still makes a point of coming to visit my lair every day after her breakfast. I've become her second in command. We got a new egg today. It appears to be a Dorsal egg. I think it's part of that special lineage the Mistress spoke about earlier. It will be well taken care of. I found out who was leaving me the poems and notes. It's the young Nebula who we got in trade for my egg. I caught him in the act of leaving me not just a new poem, but also a choice tidbit from his most recent kill. I must admit that I do find him to be attractive. Mostly it's due to the fact that it's obvious he cares. I'm not even in season yet and he acts this way. I think that I might take him as a mate when the time comes. He is now courting me openly, and to my suprise, no one is poking fun at either of us. This was a good day. -Rhewi Benyw-
  20. Dearest Journal The preperations for the Mistress's living space are going well. Everyone is more than happy to do the work. She's still coming every day to check on us and the eggs'hatchlings. But she's been bringing most of her stuff with her each time too. Soon though she will need to have one of us help her with the really big things. I've put up a notice for volunteers, and I just hope I don't get to flooded with names. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wasn't going to write anything else today, but a strange thing happened today. as I was walking back to my lair after the day's work was done, I saw a folded square of hide with my name printed on it. Written on the inside was the most beautiful poem I have ever seen. I know it couldn't have been from my previous mate Gwyn Gwryw. We have long since gone our seperate ways and are all the happier for it. I've not been making any advances towards any males, nor they to me. I'm utterly confused as to who gave it to me. I'll have to find a quiet time to ask the Mistress if she wrote it, or knows who might have. -Rhewi Benyw-
  21. Dearest Journal Things have gone quite well since I taken up this leadership thing. But now the Mistress has tossed something new at me in the form of a new list. So now I've begun the preperations on this new list the Mistress gave me. She wishes to move into the cave complex with us. She will be farther from the wild's cave, but she would rather spend much more time with us without having to trudge all the way up the mountian every time. One of the bottom caves next to the lake is to be given an opening that will only be accesable by boat or dragon. The Mistress will make her home there. But to make it habitable, she wants the Magi to create and attach some solstones. I had to ask her what those were, and she told me that it's a spell she found in an old magic book that gives regular stones the ability to give off acttual sunlight in an enclosed environment. She wants these to be made in the renovated cave so she can raise some livestock, chickens, and a small garden to feed herself with. I think it's such a lovely idea to have her with us all the time. So besides getting the Magi to work their crazy magic, I need to convince the Stones and Greens to carve out that opening. Get the Canopys to find hoards of wood to use for the boat and house. I can probably convince the Water, and Water Walkers to use the stone pieces to make a dock. The Mistress will like that, and call it being resourseful. Then the Harvest need to find some good dirt, and some produce and grass seeds. The Mistress wll be bringing all her stuff from her old home. I hope we can pull this off. -Rhewi Benyw-
  22. Dearest Journal The Mistress retuened today with an answer to my question. She said that she talked with the others in the complex. The information she gathered was quite interesting indeed. It seems that the simplest reason is because I'm one of the summoners. "That CANT be the only reason!" I said. She laughed and said no, it wasn't. Only most of the dragons feel that way, the Vampires only respect me for the fact I can beat them senseless if it were needed. And the pygmies just don't care at all. She told me that since I seem to handle it well, albeit a bit unwillingly, that I might as well go along with it. So now the Mistress will be coming straight to my section of home first each time she comes to visit. It's a bit of a change for her to vary from going randomly around to whomever happens to be inside and awake at the time. I've been given a list of tasks now to work on. I guess I can do this. At least I won't be bothered all the time. Even with the Pillows around and more than willing to keep guests comfy, it's still to cold to be stay for very long. I hope I don't let her down... -Rhewi Benyw-
  23. Dearest Journal Why is it that the whole complex seems to act like i'm the leader of this clan? I'm certanly not the oldest here, nor am I the most avaliable. Yet they all seem to come to me whenever something goes wrong. I'll have to ask the Mistress about this the next time she visits. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dearest Journal The Mistress came today. I asked her about the leadership thing. She took some time to consider it and said she would "come back to me on it." Whatever that means. I don't think she took my concerns on this very seriously since she appeard to be holding back a giggle. I just hope she doesn't wait to long about it. -Rhewi Benyw-
  24. Book Number:4 Number Of Pages:432 Book Title:All things wise and wonderful (re-read) Author:James Herriot Summery:A continuation of the true life tales of James Herriot, a country vet in Yorkshire England during the early 1900's. Rating:5/5
  25. Dearest Journal A rather strange event occured today. The Pillow's all moved closer towards my frozen lair. They clamed it was to feel more comfortable because of the summer heat. But I believe they simly grew tired of that Misfit pygmy plucking out bits of their fur. I don't mind it since we will most assuradly get more visitors. They can simply huddle down between the three pillows and keep so very toasty. We had two strange namings occur today as well. Both came from the outside and have no family ties within our home, save those of species type. The first name was given to an adult female Neotropical. She had yet to recieve a name from the Mistress. On this particular day, the Mistress mumbling to herself and she made tho rounds to each egg, hatchling, and adult. All I could make out was "which one...silly...python...". It was truly discomfiting to see her in such a state. Then suddenly the young female called out "It's Landing! Kill It Dead!" The Mistress rushed over to see what it it was, and found it was just a small bird that had flown to high and collapsed. The mistriss just looked at her and told her she was silly. Then The Mistress' face began to get that look of naming inspiration and said "you'll do just perfectly. I need a female and a male for a potential mating with an egg i'll soon be recieving. It must be given a silly name of a particular bit of human comedy. Since I can't really know ahead of time which gender it will be I must prepare accordingly. Thus you will be named, Dead bishop on the landing." The other naming was for a young male Flamingo hatchling. He is still learning his words, and thus has a habit of repeating the few he knows for all occasions. He's quite fond of the word "spam" for some reason. And no one knows from where he picked it up. But the Mistress found this to be all to the good as it served her purpose accordingly. She named him Spam spam spam egg and spam. Now that this has been accomplished, I hope the other unnamed dragons will get a regular, non-silly sort of name. -Rehewi Benyw-