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  1. I caught all but the green eggs.. I will have to release some of the others to at least get ONE
  2. I have to say, so far this dragon is my FAVORITE looking egg from this 'birthday bash'
  3. I think that, if it's possible, there should be a contest on who can make the best skin. Like have a month or so where people put in their 'entry' into it and like the top 10 or something get chosen to have their skins displayed on the forum. It would also be a good idea for the actual site too. Have no idea if that's possible or not Just to make it so it's less work for Staff/TJ.
  5. Go to My Controls > Edit Avatar Settings (bottom left) > Choose an avatar from one of our galleries > Use the dropdown to go to Dragons by Mysfitt and hit go.
  6. Happy Birthday DC! Don't get TOO drunk!
  7. I was able to breed a bunch of eggs for my 5th DC birthday celebration. I also bred 2 IOU eggs, one tinsel and one gold shimmer.
  8. FINALLY a mate the picky silver didn't refuse
  9. My first rare was a CB Silver surprisingly. It was my 17th dragon if my "Sort by date" can be believed.
  10. My shimmer and tinsel gendered properly and I saw that my DC birthday is coming up, so I decided I am going to breed all my metals on the 19th and FFA them on the forum to celebrate. It is actually 2 weeks after that but with the new dragons coming out I didn't want to lock people unnecessarily. Hopefully my metals are nice .
  11. I got so many IOUs yesterday! I got 3 2g metals, and a 3rd gen bronze shimmer x pillow and my first ever gold shimmer. It's a 3rd gen gold shimmer x spitfire! ^^ *happy* edited for bad links
  12. YES! They liked each other! My AP grab turned green! *happy*
  13. I tried to breed me a magma from a male silver for a lineage I wanted to make.. and instead of a magma.. they bred me a silver.. So now I need TWO magmas from silvers and my dragons are laughing at me. So YAY but at the same time *sobs*
  14. Congrats all!! They liked each other!. Holly x Turpentine looks AMAZING!
  15. Welp, a friend of mine needed thunders from silvers so she had mates for hers. And after I bred some of my CB metals I got a 2g Thunder.. and two silvers. T_T A 2g Male Silver x Female Thunder and Male Thunder x Female Silver Now I need 2g thunder x silvers LOLOL!
  16. I know I just recently posted but I just HAD to share! Another 2g Holly IOU came in so now I can breed 3rd EG Royal Blue x Holly *squee!!!*
  17. Yay! I got my bronze shimmer IOU! Isn't it gorgeous?! Hopefully I can trade one of it's babies for a gold so I have all 3 colors!
  18. I have 3 shimmers growing! I got my IOU line from Jewel in! <3
  19. I traded a bronze shimmer for this shimmer! *happy*
  20. Wow! I bred a 2g spring x gold o.o and I have a mate for it so I will be able to breed this soon!. I also bred a 2g silver x red so now I can breed this So excited!! :wuv:
  21. Male Silver x Female Crimson looks AMAZING!
  22. All 10 of my royal crimson hatchies gendered right! They are all named too! ^^ *happy*
  23. Got these names for the new dragons =3 Crimson Adults dark crimson color New BSA Royal Crimson Adult Royal Crimson Dragons Royal Crimson Female Royal Crimson Hatchling Royal Crimson Male Massive Size Confident Regal Bearing Soulpeace Female Soulpeace Adults Soulpeace Male Soulpeace Feathers Soulpeace Wings
  24. I love the Male Soulpeace, however the 'feathers' on the female sprite look funny to me. @_@