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  1. mjhsucks

    Warrior Cats Books!

    11 people got hit by a thunderpath monster >:c
  2. I dont get those :/ They're knida pointless
  3. mjhsucks

    Deviant ART

    Are you serious?? Thats awesome. I hate it how dA think naked chicks are art but if its a naked guy.. "OMG PR0NZ. BUNNED FUREVER"
  4. mjhsucks

    Lady Gaga

    ew. I HATE her D|
  5. mjhsucks

    Deviant ART

    You know, one day I think that dA will go up against the mods and take over the world. would be quite easy to d so
  6. mjhsucks

    Deviant ART

    I've gone WAY beyond any 'bubble' and it gets so many faves and the mods dont care :'D Its amazing
  7. mjhsucks

    Deviant ART

    I know :'D But its like youtube :c people be hatin and the mods do nothing about it
  8. mjhsucks

    Deviant ART

    I know D: darn homophobes
  9. mjhsucks

    Deviant ART

    Well, I'm a member of dA and I like it, but there are some people who don't think the same. What are yalls thoughts?