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  1. they have the concept for that many, but theyll scrap many of them or improve of them.
  2. yes, the first time you're with a monster go in with a lance or SnS (only if its not a water fight), these have shields and are fast enough to allow you to dodge or completly block allowing you to learn the monsters movement. if you want you can also strike back if you feel safe. in addition also be sure to make multiple sets of armor (whole sets of armor to get skills, or atleast make sure the seperate parts make skills) and weapons to kill monsters the fastest. i didnt do this the first time i did this and it took forever cause i only used the spiral splash lance.
  3. so hows that goons scizzor? this was once the case but as of late, i dunno.
  4. or just liked the show, theres been people that name themselves after cartoon characters in the past. like one dude changed his name to optimus prime.
  5. just because i feel like she always dresses in style.
  6. Heavy metal, it was terrible and non of you should consider watching it.
  7. god it takes all the creepiness of the mascots at amusement parks and makes them even creepier
  8. cant believe they offed xion and demyx, blegh.
  9. so youre angry at a problem it wouldve had regardless of what system it would be on? to your second point, thats not a rainforest, atleast i dont think. anyways i honestly have no clue what youre talking about with the aptonoth, so i really cant offer a statement on that. as for the shininess, i really dont care about it.
  10. why would there be haze when the opening takes place in a different area though? although ill rewatch the videos and look at what youve mentioned. btw, Capcoms making monster hunter for the ipod and already made one for the 360 (which is a port of one for the pc), plus theres one for phones. its not exactly a sony exclusive.
  11. .....that episode was JUST on....
  12. if you dont mind me asking, how is lower quality than this? im just curious at this point.
  13. looks interesting, is there an estimated release period? like later this year? edit apparently being a unicorn and Pegasus gives you their obvious abilitys, why would you want to be an earth pony?...
  14. My little pony on red eye? yes, i know, it only mentions apple jack for a bit, but still its funny none the less. incase you dont know, red eye is a parody show similar to...i want to say the colbert report, but its even more out there than that. most of the is completly random (such as the linked "white board" parody, which goes absolulty nowhere), but there is some actual news reported...like being able to rent a country for like 80 grand a night. i know, its on Fox, but still the show is pretty funny, and i at least recommend watching this clip. oh right, warning, second half of the video (long after they make the "connection" with applejack) they say the "p" word, but seeing as youre on the internet you shouldnt be offended at all. if you CAN BE, just dont watch past 2:10 or so.
  15. monster hunter tri fail when i first started playing online. i was used to getting all my supply's from camp so i went in 3 times in a damn row with nothing (so no whet stones or potions, which is freaking basic 101). needless to say they got pissed.
  16. Its hard to argue with someone whos right, then says in the next sentence a statement such as "many MH fans dropped out of the fandom because of the move, and others felt like we were being forced to buy a Wii. ".
  17. been posted before. funny really, after that video, tons more people had the courage to do college stuff on MLP, whether it be public speaking, or in this case, physics. that or they just bothered putting them on youtube.
  18. once again, because the playstation 2 controller is SO different from the CCP it makes it automagicly better and makes the game play x1000 times better right? actually they put it on the wii because they knew itd sell better, and it it did. although, i bet the fact it was somewhat cheaper also played a small hand in it
  19. every monster felt like a new monster because well, besides three they all were. tbh they should have a subspecies for each monster that handels a different element like P3rd in each game now. itd reduce the chance of tri happening again (and by that i mean ice and thunder being used by like 1 monster each) and oh please, like putting it on one of the most uncomfortable controllers known to man with a similar button layout would automagicly solve everything.
  20. im NOT wasting time killing vespoids when theres a 3 ton bomb ****ting jay leno trying to kill me. besides, the only armor thatd help me is if i gemmed in parlays negate or whatever.
  21. how wrong you are, we must exterminate the vespoids. "lawl, imma paralyze this hunter" BZZT it cant get any worse... uragaan" DERP, RICK ROLLIN TIME" OH GOD NO *squish, dead*
  22. really? i thought the controls were good on both the wiimote (which i honestly only used for ls after i got the CCP) and the CCP. saying the CCP controls suck is akin to saying the playstation controller sucks, considering the only difference is the shape of the controller
  23. you mean the new class of monster they havent invented yet? either way does that mean akantor is a fanged wyvern?
  24. well one thing tri did right was the amount of new monsters. as far as old ones go there was just the raths and diablos right?
  25. yeah, it would be nicer if the animals were atleast able to roam about. but oh well. whenever i think about that i get sad. then i think if i DONT eat the meat, they lived and died a ****ty life for nothing! excuse me, im going to make hotdogs for lunch now so they didnt die in vain.