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  1. couple lurker and desipis eggs still up for grabs~! just 1 desipis now
  2. all the parents are named (the lurkers' names are particularly great) and just saying, but i love seeing what folks name the babies =] 2G Lurker PB #1 (lineage) 2G Lurker PB #2 (lineage) 2G Caligene (Holly father, lineage) 2G Omen PB (lineage) 3G Desipis (checker GoN/Avatar fathers, lineage) 2G Desipis #1 (night Solstice mother, lineage) 2G Desipis #2 (Spirit Ward father, lineage) 2G Desipis #3 (Spirit Ward mother, lineage)
  3. Dropping a few cuties~ 2G Rosebud x White [lineage] 2G Rosebud x Aegis lineage] 2G Sweetling x Daydream (#1) lineage] 2G Sweetling x Daydream (#2) lineage] Enjoy!
  4. Valentine, with your black eyes See my love is dark but sure As boundless as the skies And every bit as pure <3 Edit: All gone! Hope recipients will enjoy them~
  5. This is the potato you should eat!