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  1. This is my dog, Jack: https://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/4..._20270672_n.jpg He is a border terrier mix who is about 5. We got him from a rescue center in England - where I live. He is very eccentric and does all sorts of cute things - like hiccuping *really* loudly in his sleep. He was a little difficult to train, though. His story before us was... He live with 3 other dogs. One of them was like the mother dog, and she kept him and the two others in order. One day, she died. Jack went wild, and, though the kennel owner tried to persuade them that neutering him might help, they proceeded to dump him. He was there 3 days before I got him, aged 3. His name... When we got him, he was called J.D. We didn't like this name in a dog. So we went to a friend's house, and we said to her husband: 'What do you think it stands for?" And he, in typical man fashion, replied, "Jack Daniels." And thus, Jack. My other dog, Kendra... She is more of a mystery. I can't find any pictures of her on this computer, but anyway... She is large and black, like a German Sheppy, but thinner, and more wiry-haired. Her eyes are large and amber, and she has some silver hairs in winter. She might be a dog called an inuit dog, a husky mix with wolf ancestry, or some people say she has greyhound in her. I don't care, because she is beautiful. She is mostly loyal to my dad - when we first got her, she would jump over the fence and follow him to work, and she's also very sensitive. Interestingly, Kenny has fulfilled the Mother-dog role for Jack. Her story before us (She came to us already named Kendra, also aged 3, but we've had her nearly fiver years, and Jack only 2 and a half...) Apparently, her owner was to ill to care for he anymore. But she had many problems, such a separation anxiety, that made us suspect more to it... And now, we are getting a kitten! Midsummer Night's Dream She is a pedigree British Shorthair blue. Although she is my sister, OceanSong,'s I named her. But since her full pedigree name is a bit of a mouthful, her nickname will be Middie. Obviously I don't have much to say about her just yet, and we're only getting her on 15th August, but she's so cute! And that's my pets x3
  2. Planes ._. I just think I'm going to die all the time... As it is, I'm flying alone. Across the Atlantic. Tonight. *Waaaaaah*
  3. https://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/4..._20270672_n.jpg My doggy <3
  4. Similar to me... I wish I was one of those people who lives and breathes horses... I'm okay with the mess and upkeep, it's just that the cost and my current situation...
  5. I successfully handled a rampaging pony aged 11.
  6. Laughs as Annie is caught in ebil snare. Gently detatches win.
  7. Magma dragons are the alt* version of ember. *See how do I get an alt? What are the different biomes?
  8. Oh, but where did it go, Shadow? *smirks*
  9. Banned for becoming a whateveryouare.
  10. 3rdtimelucky


    *Steals Durppie's money and buys more cookies*
  11. Rebekah <3 *Incidentally the best name in the world.
  12. Same way as you ( ^ Broken ninja smile... someone get him to a hospital!)
  13. (There is *nothing*. It was a photograph, soooo )
  14. That pikachu thing is *Cute* <3
  15. It is debatable whether I am wasting my life
  16. I saw the SIKU one on the IRC and I didn''t notice!
  17. Gah, I'm so excited! We're moving, and we're going to have a garden. *Dream of garden-ish things and runs away, dancing...*
  18. Well... My mind makes up weird things in the dark... Weird things.
  19. My sister OceanSong's getting a little British blue kitten on 10th August! So excited. Maybe I will bother to find a picture later. Or maybe not... But she has a proper breeding license, and such a beautiful name. Midsummer Night's Dream: Middie for short. (Naturally I thought of it ) Beautiful blue shorthair, and when they open, her eyes will be yellow. YAY!
  20. My sister is getting a British Blue kitten called Middie, and I'm so excited! *sings* But I can't find a picture. Maybe OceanSong can...