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    Im a newbie to Dragcave and the forums and decided to join once the temptation overwhelmed me to get my own dragons after seeing them around on GaiaOnline's forums and always clicking and viewing them.
    I love to draw and occasionally write my story about my infamous character, Murasaki Manoko. I also love music and Vocaloids and even have two (also infamous) fanmade ones, Yuugao Shokubutsu and Ritoru Meka. Dragons are something I adore more than any other mythical creature there is, the main god-like figure of my story is a rainbow-striped dragon with a long golden mane.
    I am sort of a Weeaboo, but its not very obvious, i rarely try and speak Japanese, the only time i really use it is when im telling the names of my characters to someone. I dont say "Arigato!" or "Nani?".
    I love Pokemon, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Left 4 Dead and some other games.
    I currently plan on buying Pokemon White and a toy i saw on Valve's store.
    I have a pet guinea pig named Skunk and he is my snuggly baby~
    Ill add up a drawing of mine to the Forums as an Avatar picture later, once i know what i should draw for the picture~