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  1. :>> finally got one of my eggs The bunny with an egg tied to it's back :3 I also made the blue one with the orange/yellow pattern that scrolls down (which I haven't gotten yet o3o). hope everyone likes them I had a had a lot of fun spriting and animating them. Neither are references to anything, I prefer to not make references most of the time so no one feels out of some sort of loop.
  2. I don't understand what eldermore is, and looking at the egg list I have no idea which one you're talking about none of them look squid like besides the cthuhu egg? pm me which one you're talking about because you've talked about eldermore so much you've made me curious I feel like I'm out of some sort of pop reference loop.
  3. haha, that's why I try not to make references with my eggs :> one of mine is quite derp though so I think everyone will like it.
  4. naw, they take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes, so you've just rolled some bad odds so far probably.
  5. Here comes Peter Cottontail Hoppin' down the bunny trail Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its way... :> Can't wait for egg collecting!
  6. crrrimeny so many friggin password leaks and whatnot these days. uhg. eventually I bet I'll just be changing my password every day at this rate in a few years. I just can't keep up with all this nonsense I can't even keep track of all the sites I have accounts online how in the world am I going to be able to have unique passwords for everything =_= Maybe I should make up some physical notebook at this point, seems much safer than a password manager imo... Don't have to worry about anyone cracking into /that/ database or some sort of magical virus that logs all your passwords or somet
  7. dawww those birds are adorables. Well Happy valentines day everyone :3 edit: oh I snagged 4 lol... whelp I bet those will probs be nabbed from me since TJ's post says take 2 lol oh well
  8. the only one I've experienced is the The Berenstain Bears Mandela effect. I still can't believe it's Berenstain not Berenstein...
  9. Fanservice!~~~~~ Avery Showing off dem nips ;D ;D ;D
  10. lol had problems geting patches (it kept reseting everytime hehe eventually pushing 2 move keys and moving constantly while I located patches solved it hehe same thing happened when I finished the main quest, nana kept telling me about how unstable the temple was every step I took trying to walk away from them. I was finally able to escape by using the same technique as I used with patches... X3
  11. Ya I'm in the ice temple and he won't talk to me either, the ice puzzle is also impossible to do in reverse AKA you can't get back once you've completed it. I'll do a "out of bounds" reset. maybe I was supposed to talk to him before the ice puzzle EDIT: Resetting Worked!!! When I finished the ice maze this time Avery slid over and completed it too which he didn't do last time. Not sure why the bug happened but this might help others!
  12. wat, no one goes into BSA section Hopefully this doesn't get moved there, I'd rather like TJ to see it hehe. but no I didn't go in there, I figured the BSA section was for suggesting new BSAs for existing dragons and that this would be more of a HTML/CSS thing.
  13. ya I didn't accept any wrong offers either. It just bugged me that it wasn't easy to tell from a quick glance. surprising you said it's been suggested before... I didn't see any threads when I searched "trade" on this. Must have been further back than I checked...
  14. Hey I thought it might be a good idea to like make a bit more distinction between trade offers. just because if you have a couple offers it can be just /slightly/ confusing since with offers in the middle, the "accept this offer" button for the offer below it is closer to the egg's picture than the "accept this offer" button for that egg (visual). Obviously SUPER minor, like TJ this is super low burner stuff don't rush to fix it. I feel like maybe lines separating the offers or just putting boxes around each offer (like what lineage pictures have maybe) would be just a good quick way
  15. I would think that considering how devastated a lot of people are that gloating is not very mature. For most of the people here trump does not have our best interest. Even if voting for him was in your best interest you should respect that some people actually fear for their lively hoods because of this.
  16. I am, very disappointed with the world. I hope that the people wake up and see trump is full of quickly. I do hope that no one assassinates him, I dislike pence much more. This is so messed up though. I am no longer proud to be an American. Hate won today. I do hope everyone stays calm though, and does not do anything rash. Keep a close eye on loved ones around you.
  17. kinda want to add that I'm definitely getting sick of grabbing halloween eggs The halloween wall gets larger and larger every year. I know for sure on years before this you had to hurry to snag extra halloweens after the new dragons had hatched. There's just no end to them this year.
  18. darn, oh well it wasn't anything that important, I just managed to delete my post on one of the rare occasions I actually got first page on a news post
  19. there's 3 different kinds of zombie pygmies wyvern, lindworm, and standard western. So ya it would help with zombies.
  20. Is there a way to see what posts you've deleted? I think I accidentally deleted a post of mine somehow.
  21. congrats Odie :> *throws cookies and cats everywhere* WHOA DAMN animated sprites? oAAAAAAAAAo tha'ts crazy! hope that becomes more of a thing animation is cool!
  22. oooooo downy I wonder if it's a feathery dragon :3 got 1 gonna wait a sec for the lag to die down a bit before grabbing more
  23. mmm They have plenty of hatchie slots. I'm sure keeping a terrae hatchie is fine. best to not drop perfectly good hatchie imo unless you absolutely have to.
  24. a good trick if it's boiling down to forgetting to check back every 10-15 minutes is setting a quiet timer to help remind you. Although I do know what you mean if it's just general busyness, I was frosting cookies like crazy and getting my halloween costume all ready for a party for like the past 2 days straight.
  25. probably just some late treat submitters. It happens every year I think, at least it's pretty normal for new treats to appear