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I am the very image of death. Looking for the codes Antum, Heart, Lava, or similar to Shadow. Wishlist!lavadone_by_shadowheart626-d75zqcm.png1B6.png1B8.pngart_sig_by_shadowheart626-d75zq6p.gif I wouldn't trust me with IOUs I am quite forgetful, just to warn you. I will accept IOUs~

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    dragon cave
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    I LIKE: computers, art, and lazing around...

    Trade Wishlist: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455&view=findpost&p=9171814

    Currently I'm making (in order of priority)

    Red X black Checker (looking only for CBs for this one going to have astrict naming scheme)
    black x brute checker (looking for CBs as well since it's a song lineage)
    sunsong X black (female blacks will accept 2nd gens)
    Sunsong X purple ( female purples will accept 2nd gens)
    Sunsong X terrae (female terraes will accept 2nd gens)
    a even gen lineage were all the CB parents have cool codes. (will accept 2nd gens)