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  1. Done! Collected all the eggs Thank you so much for the event and opportunity to get the previous eggs~! Good luck to those who are still hunting them 😄
  2. If nobody claimed #3 I'd love to have it 😄
  3. It looks awesome~! Thank you so much for the cookie~ ❤️
  4. If you have a tree (3rd row) cookie left I'd love to have one if possible~ ❤️
  5. The last cookie left and it's all yours~! Sending right away~ ❤️ Edit: Send! 😄
  6. Send the cookie~! 😄 If you want to send a cookie my scroll name is BlackPearl77 Thanks~!
  7. Sure! What is your scroll name where I can send it to?
  8. You are most welcome~ ❤️ Thank you so much~ ❤️ It's so cute Last ones left:
  9. Sure! 😄 Sending the Premier Star Ball your way 😄 @biruko: Sending the Pikachu your way 😄 Also my scroll is BlackPearl77 if you want to send something 😄
  10. Sure and thank you very much! ❤️ I'd like #4 the starry night if possible 😄 My scroll is: BlackPearl77 Send!
  11. Omg so many beautiful and awesome artwork cookies!! ❤️ I made 5 cookies which are up for grabs/trade, but please only contact on this topic if you are interested! I'm very sorry that my cookies look so plain^^, I wish you all a healthy 2021~ ❤️
  12. Done! Thanks for the hunt and for the awesome eggs! ❤️ Here is how I do my egg hunt rest assured I'll add a spoiler for the people who don't want to know my work method.
  13. Changed my username from Black-Pearl77 to Astateria 😄 I'm finally free of my old username on here and it suits me way better 😄 Changed once again my username from Astateria to Alityria. Hopefully the last time changing usernames.
  14. Today's fortune: The admin gives you his favor today. Shine on, you crazy diamond. Oh TJ (Nah kidding) I believe I have collected all the Trick or Treat Trinkets for now, since I can't find anymore
  15. OMG! I must have the Starscream egg!! I just freaking love Transformers and Starscream is one of my favorite characters <3 Even though I'm lady of 23 I collect everything from Transformers! <3
  16. Woohoo got them all 40~! Thanks for the awesome event C:
  17. Yay done~! <3 Got them all 53 eggs. Goodluck everyone with hunting~!
  18. 47/53 Getting closer~! Can't wait until I have it complete <3
  19. 33/53 Going good~! <3 Will be done today if everything goes well^^
  20. I totally forgot about this last year.. But this I won't forget it The eggs are really looking so awesome^^ Got already 20 =D That in one day^^
  21. Than I'll film it! >
  22. Before you said Wolverine I was thinking that TJ might be the Punisher, but I like X-men a bit more.