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  1. Wow I Logged In On Time! Got All At Once, Click After Click. Never Done That Before! I Was All Ready For Spending Most The Day Clicking For Them (Like Have In Past). Just Sad Never Got All The Around Site "Candy?" Before I Crashed To Sleep And It Ended.
  2. So how do I no get the item? The cute white dragon?
  3. Is there no next on the first chapter? As I cant continue and no item is infront of it...
  4. I cant seem to get the first page to work I got the others but not the first page...
  5. My GOD! After all day clicking around just to glimps the egg I finally get there on the 5pm (uk) drop and get 1! Egg. Frantic clicking and refreshing....ugh...
  6. Im with you on that one Totally lost
  7. -gasps- Yes! At last. I even made me Mum look round from her soaps I cheered
  8. Aaaah Come back from work to find their all gone.... VDay Strikes yet again for me....I hate VDay....
  9. Ugh I give up...errors and lag...Im going back to sleep...give me day of work not this frustration again...
  10. Yeah I get glitchy error to....shame have work so Ill prob miss vday once again