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  1. "I, Black--Squirrel, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow" Tried to Earthquake a few eggs and accidentally killed the one I was trying to hatch. =/
  2. ^ that really sucks. :/ I think that these messages would be rather cute to have running around. And if they're optional, even better for those who want to NOT have them. ^^
  3. Ah, okay. *wanted to ask to make sure* My other dragons on the first post-list all have long lineages too. ^^;;
  4. ... I have pretty awesome parents. They don't go all crazy on me if I chose to dye my hair or cut it. They don't care what I wear, as long as it's not trashy and it fits my size. They don't go all crazy on me for simple things. Just when I do my homework and not turn it in (I'm in Running start, so go figure) They let me be the Star Wars fanatic I am... As long as I can hold a normal conversation...
  5. AP, find eggs I don't recognize from prior owning, and click. If I fail, I just sit and repeat for anything I don't recognize. I wanted a black, so I pretty much hunted for one, and my Canopy and Vine Eggs were just dumb luck, I swear. Hellfire was also by luck. And the Magi, Sunset, Spitfire (though I KNOW it's not rare, it seems so to me) and the Stone. I think i got my Pygmy from the main cave page. Not sure if I actually have rares of any kind (other than, maybe, the black)
  6. *has a Vine Egg,* I couldn't spot any inbreeding, and I also have a (likely) Nocturne egg, though according to the dragon description, very little is known about their behaviors... And if they're frequently mistaken for Gothic statues, then they can be pretty scary looking... When my Vine egg grows up enough to be named, I would like it to be added. ^^ I own a Black Lab/German Shepard mutt, myself, and seeing German Shepard dogs on that list makes me pretty sad. I know a couple of really nice, quiet Pitties and Boxers, too. And some mean as <bleep> Chihuahuas. Why they let the little dogs be as mean, loud, and stuff as they often do is beyond me. =/
  7. *hardcore science fiction fan* B-B-B-B-B-B-BLASPHEMY! The moon getting colonized won't cause the tides to go all crazy. As it is (uncolonized) the moon has been escaping from the Earth's range of gravity about an inch a year. And we just have to build little building that will hold atmosphere in it. Oh yeah, and while the people living there will need to exercise, it wouldn't be exactly to the same extent as, say sitting around the International Space Station. The moon is, if I recall right, about 1/4? No, that's Mars, a planet larger than the moon, smaller than the Earth. Speaking of Mar, we can take some of our Global Warming stuff, pollutants, and use THAT to give Mars a bit of atmosphere, as it warms up over a span of a couple hundred years, at least, plants can be planted and absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and give Oxygen.... *starts getting off-track by going on with other things mentioned in varying science fiction novels, movies and television series* Any way, there isn't anything wrong with wanting to colonize the moon. As said before, was there anything really wrong with Europeans and the ancestors of Native Americans going over and colonizing, in their own ways, the area later known as the United States, and the rest of North and South Americas? And the moon's about 1/4th the size of the earth. Give or take. Not the size of the US. ^^ *wanted to be an astronaut as a kid*
  8. I like this.. ^^ Valentines day dragon types : "We started for the cave to see if you could find a dragon, but, alas, you felt your heart filled with love for the pretty bit of lichen on the wall. You spend the next few hours singing love songs to it until you get chased out by a dragon. You ran out, proclaiming your love" Or something like that because I'm not all that great at this. ^^;;
  9. Tillamook's pretty good cheese, but I prefer melted. ^^
  10. I pull off zombie eyes by looking so far up that I end up blinking super fast. I hold that mode for about a minute or so though. Hard to walk around like that though. And while I have pretty decent drawing skills on paper, somehow it doesn't quite transfer over to pixle art as well.