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  1. Having a gun will not make you 100% safe, but it will stop many crimes. Nothing is 100% effective. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens only makes it 100% less safe. The situation you gave is a bad one. The gun isn't going to make you safe, but it is going to give you a chance. If they know you have a gun, maybe they'll think twice about trying to get into your house. If you hit one of them, the rest will be at least worried. Sometimes it can backfire, but if you don't have a gun chances are they do and you will wind up dead. To those who say that other countries live without it that's good for them. However there were a few rights that this country was founded upon. The right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to the pursuit of happiness (which is supposed to be translated as the right to property and the pursuit of property). The freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms. These were all laid out at the founding of our country and cannot be changed or America loses what makes it America...
  2. Does anyone on here have a server? I have one, but i can't open it to everyone since it's hosted on my computer and my router doesn't let me
  3. I'm looking for a small laid back server if anyone has one
  4. Some maps are not fun...i ran into one where no neutral mobs spawned...wasn't fun
  5. This winter has been warmer than last year but last year Texas had the most snow ever recorded. We even had a white Christmas...something that hasn't happened in a LONG time. If the world is warming wouldn't it stay warm every year?
  6. Guys Bloody asked me to let everyone know that she is having a lot of trouble right now. Her mother has passed on and she is having to move in with her uncle so she can't be online very much any more. Let's keep her in our prayers.
  7. I thought the wool regrowth was already included?
  8. That is one epic project...
  9. The earth is actually getting gradually colder... Also did you know that one volcano puts out more Co2 than every car in the world burns in a year? It's not like the earth can't adjust to it. In fact there are times when there were so many volcanoes going off the sky turned black over most of the world...and we are still around Also the earth was never always hot. Remember we had ice ages? Parts of the earth may have been hotter than they are now but they were also colder. The earth has always gone in cycles.
  10. I randomly clicked the first thing i saw on the hourly drop...then i noticed there was a CB black on the page...i clicked it and got the locked message because i had just got my last egg on the click before which was not even rare...i want to cry :'(
  11. How do you guys find fun servers?
  12. Me and my brother were playing together today...i my first slime in a huge cave we found...then i found some of that blue stone (i have only seen it once and there was only one block)...then we ran into a creeper and i fell into a lava pit trying to get away....
  13. Aaaand...i'm done...wow that was really fast,...i love the eggs though TJ and staff
  14. Well you could just do a drawing and i could crop it and stuff for the sig...
  15. I have a complaint to make...why is the NDER in the url not case sensitive? My parents have web blockers that make it so they must approve sites i am on and for some reason the program won't accept a url with capitol letters. I'm pretty sure everything online is supposed to be case sensitive but whenever i type http://coup-detat.info/nder it doesn't work
  16. Still open for requests? I would like a sig for my personal lineage project. It is the Nightwalker lineage and it has Male Embers and Female Whites. Maybe you could do it so there are a male and female snuggling and then their children around them? Or maybe just the male and female? Just use the text "Nightwalker Lineage" and have a night theme
  17. The Egyptians or the Spartans seem the most interesting to me...and since the Spartans are fairly easy to understand i like the Egyptians more
  18. Is minecraft any good if you don't play online? I am thinking about getting it but i wouldn't be able to play online very often...
  19. Username: Noctern First Name: Silver Metallic Middle Name: Harvest
  20. Orange that's not quite my belief...I believe girls shouldn't have to fight in battles for a few different reasons. First of all i believe that it is a man's job to protect his family and country. Men, psychologically as well as physically, are better at the physical protection of people. I am one of those guys who believes that the knights should have never gone away. At least the respect for women part. That's not saying that girls have to work on laundry i just don't think they belong in battle. My other reason is the mental state of a man. Men are instinctively protective of women. That's just the way we are. Yes we can train with women enough to where we think that we can handle it but in the end every man has something deep down inside him that won't let him do certain things that might be needed in a battle. Even if the girl isn't all flirty and pretty guys can be attracted to her. Even if they aren't they would probably go out of their way to keep her safe which might endanger the whole mission. This might sound really wrong to you but it's just what i believe...
  21. I'm not saying don't go for it...maybe by the time you can they will allow girls...i am just personally not for it on many different levels
  22. It tastes so good...although it is true bad things happen when you drink to much...and after that you dislike it for a while
  23. One of the cool things about the SEALs is the fact that they don't allow girls...no offense but it seems like more of a guy thing. Another thing is that although it is true that some girls can be stronger than most men on average guys are stronger...it's not sexist to have separated sexes in the Olympics is it? One of the best shirts i have seen lately read Osama Bin-Laden - 0 | Navy SEALs - 1