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Returned thanks to the interest of my family. Will be quiet, lurking in the trading section.My ScrollI accept IOUs.

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    Hello! So, my name is Puppy or Roxy, although I go by the former. I'm Homestuck and enjoy drawing and playing games in my free time. I'm very busy and usually slow in replying to PM's, so please be aware of that.

    Regarding IOU's:
    IF I OWE YOU SOMETHING LET ME KNOW. I have lost my list and my inbox is/was very cluttered, so it's hard to make sense of it. I can assure you I do not wish to run away with your part of the trade, just please let me know.
    And I have to add I trust you on this. Please don't hoax me with this.

    Please do not ask for egg requests. I love to gift, however, I have just too much on my plate to do this, and after a long time of absence, I have to make sense of everything again.

    Please please /please/ don't request art. My status is in my art thread. If you do request however, I'll ignore you. I'm sorry.

    Yes, Fin is my sibling. Family are those who you think are family: blood has no say in that.

    I owe:
    VampireArmy: 1 CB Dark Myst Pygmy hatchling, preferably male.
    tjenni: 2nd gen colored Stripe (any), 3rd gen Purple checker from Purple x Rosebud
    Nyrha: First Silver offspring from Silver stairstep Moon Son