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  1. ((Sorry, I haven't been on in a while. Will edit my post to be an actual RP post)) Draertes stopped just before reaching Eternal Slumber, realizing that this Soulpeace looked drastically different from any of her children. Where her childrens' hides and feathers shone richly and unmarred, this one was far from it. She recoiled at the scars, paying cursory attention to dodging any attacks from the Vine or the actions of other dragons for that matter. The largely irrational part of her was still screaming about her family. This...one can't be any of them! Just go and leave. She abruptly turned and bounded off, retrieving her spear. But as she picked it up and spread her wings for flight, Draertes remained frozen. That Soulpeace's condition was so pitiful. If he had been her child, she wouldn't have stood for any of the abuse he'd clearly taken. Her eyes widened, then tightened in anger. Where were his parents? Ugh! The White shook her head, baring her teeth in resolve. Didn't matter! Where was her family? But try as she might, the White was rigidly frozen in place. Finally, her wings dropped like rocks and her posture slumped. Once again, the White dragon headed towards the group, dragging her steps. Her head ducked in response to something-something involving trees and howling. As she slowly walked over, for the first time she paid some attention to the other dragons. The two zombies made her jump back. Not to mention the Nexus dragon. Oh, those vicious beings. Definitely dangerous and a good candidate for the "Threats to Family" list. Draertes's eyes narrowed and she gave the Nexus a wide berth. That makes two of us. Her telepathic voice, normally sweet, was heaped in distrust as she scanned every dragon in the area. Have any of you...seen two Daydreams and two Soulpeaces? Once again, she looked at Eternal Slumber with visible disappointment and disgust at his wounds. Besides that one. Draertes amended quickly.
  2. ((Huh, strange. Must have been a quirk of the messaging system)) I need to find them. Find them. Find them. A white dragon slowly flew over the forest. Barely above a few feet above the treetops, Draertes's wide blue eyes darted wildly over every inch of vegetation. She gripped the wood shaft of the dragon-sized spear tightly in her foreclaws as if letting go would kill her. Every so often, she'd move on, hovering over to the next patch of trees. Or her head would suddenly snap around, attempting to catch sight of any baby blues or shining feathers. Cleckle! Narmasha! Holima! Fralix! Come back! NOW! She shook the spear, causing the golden bells at the end to ring together cheerfully. There was a time her mate used it to call back the children when they were hatchlings. The irony was not lost on her. The day was a repeated cycle of mental shouts, scrutiny, and bell ringing. She was sleepless, and her wings were aching and tangled with leaves. It became mindless work, almost taking her mind off why she was doing it. Almost. Find. Them. Find. Them. The snarls and sounds of battle from far off alerted her. No! No! None of them knew how to adequately defend themselves! They were all so naive! NO! It was her time to save them they had to be saved saved and rescued and back home Her wings practically screamed at her, but Draertes was a white blur sailing towards the battle and mentally shouting in that general direction. Cleckle! Children! If you're there, GET OUT. Don't be a hero! Just get out! She barely noticed the Vine Dragon or the others for that matter. As soon as she saw a mix of blue and purple, Draertes dropped to the forest floor out of exhaustion and relief. The spear dropped out of her grasp, but the White dragon hardly cared. She was too busy running towards Eternal Slumber. Get out of there! It's too dangerous!
  3. Oh jeez. Ouch man. I won't lie: looks are something that tends to stick with me when it comes to even thinking about having a relationship with anyone. I tend to mentally disqualify "ugly" people from anywhere near my romantic thoughts, though this is something I've only recently picked up on. I even tend to give some physically attractive people "the eye". Also, I tend to mesh better with nerds in terms of friendship and that may be a reason why I like glasses... But someone has to not only get my attention, they have to maintain it. A sense of humor is a must, as well as approach-ability. And definitely a strong moral center. Making the occasional racist joke is hilarious, actually hating and bullying others for stupid reasons is not. Confidence helps, though certainly not unwarranted self importance. Intelligence is also something I look for. Also loyalty and honesty, because if I'd give someone the world on a platter, they better not discard me or plant cruel lies around. Imagination and ambition is a good thing too. Someone that's admirable. Someone that can keep pace as we do awesome things to the world. Someone who deserves to be treated like a king or queen, and will do so in turn to me. Someone who I might draw the occasional male body part on while they sleep and run from as they chase me around the house
  4. ((Hello, I previously PM'd this character sheet a week ago and had no response. Is the RP full or may I pop in? Name: Draertes Tumeric Species: White Dragon Age: Old enough to be considered an adult, the equivalent of a human entering middle age. Appearance: Not too different from a normal white dragon, if a bit on the small side. She does have a faint pinkish-yellow shine to her hide, though this is seen mostly in strong sunlight. Slightly dirty from travel. In place of a staff, carries a spear with an elm shaft and iron tip bearing a small stylized design. Also has a worn purple ribbon with gold bells tied around the spear's top before the iron part. Personality: Draertes in most cases is a kind, forebearing dragon with the occasional paranoid thought and a gift for making compromises between others. She will gladly heal anyone in need, though she will hesitate visibly at more dangerous looking individuals. But she's gotten better at socializing with others and trusting authority figures. This is not most cases. Taken out of her element, Draertes is a strained, borderline hysterical dragon who just wants to find her mate and offspring. Hopefully unharmed, or barring that, healable. She fully well knows that being dismissive of other dragons is not only impolite and contrary to her usual nature but potentially life-ending. However, it's too much effort for her to think about where her family's gone, why they haven't come back, who could possibly hurt them, why they would be in some random forest of all places, how her remaining family is doing, banish the paranoia taught by her mother, AND remain civil all the time. She wants answers. Now. Lineage: She has a White dragon father and a Sunrise dragon mother, with one Sunset brother. Has a Daydream mate and three adult children. Two of her children are Soulpeaces, while the other is a Daydream. History: Draertes's mother was exceedingly distrustful of the clan she grew up with, and not the most stable of dragons. Her father was one of the few that tentatively earned her trust by healing her every time she was injured. He was also a bit frightened of the Sunrise dragon, especially when she demanded abruptly one day that he visit her den immediately. And at least a little more when she placed a bunch of gifts around him and actually spoke to him in a non-hostile and sincere manner. When Draertes hatched, the time she spent with other hatchlings was restricted heavily by her mother. They were all looking to kill and squash anyone that could be squashed. The leaders were a sham. Violence was always around the corner. Her father was more lenient and sometimes snuck her out to play with the clan. Relations with other hatchlings and non-parental adults were initially very awkward due to all the things said about them by her mother, but improved with time (and nudging from her father). Eventually she met her mate, Cleckle Tumeric. He was odd, but a mostly harmless odd. In addition, he helped socialize her and her mother with the rest of the clan more. Years passed in bliss. Until one fateful birthday, her children were reported missing. Cleckle gathered a search party and traveled to find the children, only for all to remain away for a month. The search party returned. Maimed. She only had one lead and it was a particular forest not controlled by her clan. Some dragons popped in and out, but that was it. Telling only her parents and brother, Draertes set out to find and bring them back herself. Extra: The spear was pushed on her by her mom and brother. The bells are enchanted to be silent unless the wielder wants them to ring. Useful for stealth and calling back some lost dragons. ))
  5. Glad the animals are okay now, although I thought there was a certain cooldown from being picked for jury duty. Not sure on that... Been a while since I posted here. Glad to see some regulars though
  6. Festivus. Get your beer can poles out, fellas. Why can't I breed this two headed dragon to this xenowyrm?
  7. Not an example of my laziness, but someone else's. https://i.imgur.com/2CdpRbL.png It's got a swear word in it, otherwise I'd just post it as an image here. Don't wanna get warned again for the no-no words. ((woops, forgot to put it in the first time))
  8. Sup Brair! How's Leineia doing? As for undertale references, not quite. I was listening to Stronger than You (the original Steven Universe version, which does have a few undertale spinoffs I think) while thinking about Dark Souls. Then I started thinking about if the player character was a dragon fighting bigger scarier dragons. And singing a cheerful number to reassure themselves that they wouldn't get squashed. And saw this dragon's name. Personally I didn't see it as my saddest or most intense description, sort of meh to be honest. Thanks for the feedback though.
  9. Yep. Also dragoon13, nothing really happens they just stay on your page for your viewing pleasure. The Undertale eggs were nice, but whoever made the Satori one is a real MVP.
  10. Breeding an enraged Aegis with a gold Lunar Herald or a Tri Horn Wyvern. The colors seem to remind me of Commissars so I may have some Warhammer 40K themed names...
  11. Is this hatchling's name acceptable? It's innuendo based off the parents' names and species. I was also considering "My Parents Got Freaky" as a name for the hatchling, but that might be too out there. https://dragcave.net/lineage/UXudn
  12. Did you keep Buffy? If you did then they won't give you the cat.
  13. You can catch up on days you missed.
  14. Cute or horrendous pun, but no one should be offended by that. we are way too small potatoes for fox news
  15. 101. Let the Plated Colossi dragons access the pantry.
  16. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link:filari Forum Name: Durppie Dragons releasing/released: Tangar Another Tangar
  17. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link:filari Forum Name: Durppie Dragons releasing/released: Guardian will be released about 2 hours from now Released
  18. Leon Kuwata died from trying stuff at home.
  19. Name: Frisk Age: Around 7? Gender: Non-binary. Appearance: Frisk has brown hair that ends at the shoulders, with bangs. They have dark brown eyes, tanned skin, and are short due to being a child. They wear a blue shirt with pink stripes, blue jeans, and small brown boots. An old bandage may be on random parts of their body depending on where the latest injury was, and carries a stick around. Frisk is 4' and 49 pounds, average in comparison to children of a similar age. They have a round face that doesn't seem to make drastic expressions too much. Personality: Frisk is an easy-going child who generally has good inclinations. Surprisingly blase about talking monsters, silly spoopy skeletons, anything really. The child will go along with whatever fun craziness is going on. Seems to think of everyone as weird funny friends they can do random stuff together with...perhaps after a long conversation that could be fatal to them. But hey, risk is a part of life. Nevertheless, they still want to get back to the surface. Trait: Determination Weapon: A Stick. Seems oddly compelling to dogs. Armor: A Bandage that seems to be getting...icky. But sometimes it makes you feel better despite the ickyness. Other: Allergic to Temmie. Doesn't really care if you call them a he, she, or child.
  20. How about that second human?
  21. These ones are kinda cute. Undertale: Asgore x Toriel Alphys x Undyne The Royal Guards Dogamy x Dogaressa Mettaton x ohwhoarewekiddingnoonecanmatchhisfabulousness Woshua x Mr. Clean #bestship #cleanestship#loveknowsnobounds Kill la Kill: Mako x Ryuko Mako x Gamagoori Satsuki x Nonon Tsumugu x Aikuro RWBY: Any combo of the main four that isn't Yang and Ruby Emberald Arkos Seamonkeys Renora Black Sun Yatsuhashi x Velvet Ozpin x Glynda Crosshare Those other two guys from Cardin's Team Magnhild x Cardin's Legs Touhou: A lot of stuff