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  1. tentatively almost done! I can't decide whether or not the 2nd gen bright pink throws it off or not. I do strive for perfection. Grats Nerven. And Elayne I'm super jealous of that gold. haha. Pretty nice lineages! Stripe/gold is a good combo.
  2. success! eep. Hope my other pair cooperates when they breed... then maybe I could go for 4th gen. <3
  3. After all this good luck everyone's been getting, I just know my metals are going to tell me to f off when I get to breed them. Hah...
  4. Ooo, congrats Nerven! I agree that the community here is amazing for gifting and such. I just got this beauty today! <3 Now I'm just praying and hoping that it doesn't refuse my PB silver... I think I might be properly devastated if that happened, lol. ...And now everybody send good breeding vibes to my silvers so I can fulfil the bloodswappy IOU I gave out for that baby. Metallic breeding is annoying. D:
  5. Kleptomaniac's Personal Lineage Projects - of which there are many - u/c Last update: 17/02/16 (DD/MM/YY) Scroll link: yro Notes: + I am willing to breed for other people's projects whenever I can, if I am able. + PM me regarding requests, or general questions. + If I take a while to reply, it's nothing personal and doesn't necessarily mean no. I'm just avoidant. I'll get back to you eventually! Ongoing ___ Lineage name: Every Rose has its Thorn Breeds of dragons involved: Rosebud, Marrow Type of lineage project: EG Checker (seasonal) What are your goals for this project?: 5th gen+ How can others help? n/a at this time. Notes about your projects: Currently involved dragons - Rogue War (IV) (wrong gender, rebreed next halloween) (IV) Completed Projects & Pretties I Can BreedFrilled Earth - Frill/Terrae EG project, gen VI Pale - PB Albino, gen VI White Clouds - White/Cloud EG Checker, gen IV Bright Christmas - Yulebuck/Bright Pink/Pink EG Checker, gen V Cloud Candy - Cloud/Alt Sweetling EG checker, gen IV Purple Sun - Horse/Sunsong, EG, gen VI - female 5th gen bred by daydreamer09 Influential & Fertile - Pink BSA/Purple BSA, EG checker, gen V Royalty - Old Pink/Gold, EG checker, gen V (note: still looking for another unrelated 2nd or 3rd gen gold) Nebula rainbow - Mixed EG rainbow Swamplight - Green Nebula/Water Walker, EG checker, gen V Gold Star - Gold/Green Nebula EG checker, gen V Pure Silver - Silver, gen V, PB EG Silver Dead - Silver, gen V, deadline DG PB Black/GW EG Mirror from (noir) Red/SW 3EG checker w/ spriter alt Purple/Tan RW 4EG Thuwed Pink/Albino 3EG Thuwed
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/c8spi - er ma gerd. <3 Recently I've been getting a lot of pinks but this one is just too pretty. <: http://dragcave.net/lineage/jv7tJ - I like the colour combo, and it's only 4th gen.
  7. dragonsrus- I'm not too keen on the neb/pink/silver combo, since the nebula is a lot bolder than the rest, but the gold/stripe/xmas is very nice. Grats Lily! I'm jealous! Apparently golds and silvers are coming back after a long drought but I haven't seen hide nor hair of them. ): Lulu, that nebula rainbow is stunning. <3
  8. Oh gosh, that's some tough luck there. Apparently it is too much to ask though. I had a similar problem with my CB blusangs, since I find it impossible to catch anything even semi-rare from the cave right now. I hope you can find another CB black at some point!
  9. Thanks Shamiir and Lulu! Shamiir, I might still PM you about that though. One of my 3rd gens isn't perfect since the 2nd gen pink is a bright pink dragon, so... <3
  10. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Qkqeq low gen tinselkins are the best tinselkins. <3
  11. ^ Sent you a PM. one step closer! Now I just need another 3rd gen and I'll be set. *squee* Adding to that I got my 2nd gen thuwed today so it looks like I'll be starting up a pink/albie lineage. <3
  12. A pleasant surprise to wake up to a new pink on my scroll today. Thanks TJ.
  13. Voardrem, I could have a go at breeding you an unrelated 6th gen in a couple days - but that's as far along as I have Amazon, that's so pretty.
  14. ^ Nice code as well. I can breed a 2nd gen but my pink is a little tied up at the moment. If you get offers for other 2nd gens, enough to make a mate, drop me a PM. Also, these two have to stop giving me the wrong colour egg. I just want a mate for her. ):
  15. ^ That is pretty awesome. <3 I grabbed it. Thank you!
  16. Well that's easy. Catch more caveborns, instead of being lazy and picking stuff up from the AP. Back when there was no lineage page it didn't matter so much but now I kick myself because I have so many messy dragons on my scroll. ]: Don't freeze my CB seasonals and let the messy ones grow up! Don't go on a 2 year hiatus? And the obvious... more CB bright pinks and frills.
  17. Ideally a perfect checker mate from an alt sweet - but otherwise I could work with a daydream x pink sweetling pair. I'm pretty anal retentive about checker lineages unfortunately. But thank you for offering alternatives! You have given me a couple of ideas for if i can't find a suitable mate in time. edit: eee thank you! I'm all set for val 13 now~ <3
  18. Congrats guys! Lots of pretty stuff! dragonpuck, I love the idea of your stripe lineages. Very pretty. Also I just realised there's less than a month left til valentines, so I have to ask - can anyone here be my hero and breed a mate for him? D: I can trade for it, if desired. :3 Just let me know!
  19. blah - this might work? idk, I like it anyway. and sorry lolchen but I just bred my red neb. I could try next week if you still need it by then, <3
  20. Oh my gosh, guys that would be amazing. <3 I never expected to be able to take this above 4th gen so any help is honestly appreciated! I'm definitely interested in both. :]
  21. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. And thanks. Missile is a top pomeranian!
  22. 5th gen double bronze/terrae lineage anyone? http://dragcave.net/lineage/KvOEo Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  23. Nervenklinik, I'm gonna PM you. My pair was feeling gracious enough to give me an eggy. <3 edit: And I got my egg too! Nearly there! I <3 old pink pairs. I'm waiting for an IOU of a gold x old pink to come through - or for my own to breed so I can build a mate for her. I'm already (sort of but not really) half way there.
  24. Lolchen; PMed you as well. Neveren, I'll try when I'm not egglocked, which should be soon. I hope my pink/yulebuck pair decides to cooperate today! I'm getting antsy waiting for an egg. :[
  25. And if it's still available and you're still offering, can I be on this list too please? I just found an awesome possible mate on the AP! lineage