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  1. squee eeee ~ Aand I'm officially done with finding semi-rare holidays. <3 FOREVER. Thank goodness for that - Alt Sweets were becoming the bane of my existence... well, maybe not that bad, but still. Annoying. Adding to all the praise, but that really is nice, Dragonpuck.
  2. Dragonsrus, I'm jealous. Pretty. Hope it turns out well for you! My babies didn't refuse! Now to breed a gold from them...
  3. Alt Sweets can't be caught regularly. I wasn't around for it, but I think it was as an apology that some people's eggs auto-abandoned. The only 2nd gen alts that exist are if someone breeds their alt sweet and then keeps it on their scroll. They count towards the sweetling limit, anyway. I wish my eggs would hurry up and hatch. ]:<
  4. all this white stripe luck where can I find it? also, yay! Valentine breeding time. I got my 3rd gen Marrow/Rosebud bloodswap so I'm a happy happy bunny. =v= Yay. Pretend that top Rosebud is a marrow and then you have my baby lineage. *Waiting for halloween* & Only 7 more hours until I'm un-egg-locked. D:
  5. A request - would anyone be able to breed a 3rd gen Marrow like this? (also unrelated to her) I can definitely trade if necessary! I have my own fair share of old pink/interesting lineages and shiny things, including a 2nd gen silver if it's of any interest. Also! Looking for a 2nd gen gold like this! I can provide a bloodswap exactly like that. Unrelated to http://dragcave.net/lineage/cp4Qs http://dragcave.net/lineage/0jlud http://dragcave.net/lineage/qIkkv http://dragcave.net/lineage/H41Ob http://dragcave.net/lineage/cfhvN It's all I need to build a 5th gen. <3
  6. ^ I'll try when I'm not egg locked. That's crap luck though. I thought dorsals were meant to be the common ones! Refusal! I'll try next week if you still need one though. A request of mine - would anyone be able to breed a 3rd gen like this? (also unrelated to her) A Marrow, next halloween, or a Pink. I can definitely trade if necessary! I have my own fair share of old pink/interesting lineages and shiny things.
  7. Oooh, that is a very interesting prospect indeed! Thanks for the help. I wasn't expecting to find even half a good mate. I'll take a look into begging people for help, haha.
  8. Pillow/Cloud looks better than I expected. Usually I'm not that fond of pillows. Being egg-locked is boring~ 3: I hear V-day breeding is going to start within a couple of days maybe though. 8D yay.
  9. Rosebuds, certainly. They're so... shiny? Does anyone have an image of the old Val 09 sprite? I remember them being slightly different to how they are now.
  10. Drabrugon - I don't think it looks that bad. Not bad at all, in fact. And sorry River, can't help you there. Hope you can find one. Thinking about starting up my male Swallowtail/Horse checker again. Seeing all these pretty horse lineages. & I finally traded for another 2nd gen white stripe. <3
  11. HotIce - They both look beautiful! I would love an egg from the first pair especially. Thanks! *blue vibes to all!*
  12. Double terrae tinselkin! http://dragcave.net/lineage/dUO8f Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  13. My stripes won't even give me an egg, let alone a white. also, totally agreed ytak. DC forums in general are usually awesome like that. Time to try for a 3rd gen alt vine~ I imagine this could take a while. Also wondering what I could pair with this pretty. It's a beaut, but I can't see a matching mate coming my way next halloween.
  14. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! http://dragcave.net/lineage/A4CM1
  15. aw yiss I've been trying to get a gold from this pair since April! Now I hope he likes the 2nd gen pink I have lined up for him... if he refuses I might cry. HotIce - you could try a combining it with a summer/pink (reverse) checker, but you'd obv have to wait to complete it properly. xP Though springs wouldn't look bad mixed in.
  16. Nerven; I really like that combo. It'd look pretty as a 5th gen, I think.
  17. Rats! ): Blue. ... Nebulas, this is why I don't use you in lineages. Grats Dimar. Nerven- Thanks. If you don't need a certain gender, why influence at all?
  18. Thanks. And probably, depending on the silver. :]
  19. Aqua, that looks like a ton of hard work. D: Really nice though! I hope you have good luck with colours in the future! & grats Dragonsrus. I don't have any PB tans right now, but good luck! finally bred the right colour egg to get this mini-project done. Also received this in a trade which I already have the ability to breed a perfect mate for, which is lucky! Praying it colours red though! And last but not least, got a purple from my tan/purple pair, meaning I can hopefully breed a 4th EG Thuwed. yay~
  20. http://dragcave.net/lineage/LNlXZ this is the sweetness. I only need 1 more 2nd gen before I can try for a 4th EG thing <3
  21. Caught a CB GW. Misclicked a few eggs after, but almost time to drop them, <3
  22. Bumping this thread back to life >w>
  23. bred a PB silver! Quite possibly the quickest IOU I've ever filled, lol.