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  1. (blink) I think I actually caught a CB black. That's pretty big, for me.
  2. ^ Nope. The only CB alts are TJ's and I think prize winners maybe? - (noir) and (Duffy) are special cases, anyway.
  3. ^ I like that pair. Wouldn't be able to take it myself since I'm locked but I do like the colours.
  4. Got a lovely 2nd gen pink from a gold/old pink pair! I'm one second gen gold away from being able to reach 5th gen from the dragons on my scroll. It's just a matter of time! Just waiting on an IOU now, and hoping it comes through.
  5. Oh gosh, that would be amazing, thank you! I would love an egg from that pair. Also, Whites and Waverunners look really nice together. I like it. @Souly: That lineage must have been the definition of frustration. I like it though. Hope they choose to cooperate if you do continue it, haha. Grats Dragonpuck. I love that combo. <3
  6. Thanks! <3 Squee. I generally avoid stripes since they can be so stubborn when it comes to producing the right colour, but I happened to pick up a matching 3rd gen last month and fell in love. I just had to build a mate for it. <3 Next on the list is this baby. Think Vines would work in the place of frills? ... I guess I could do a 5th gen with vines - frills - terraes and then something else green.
  7. Awesome, cheers! <3 That is super nice, and it looks like a ton of hard work! Anything above gen 6/7 scares me too much to attempt personally, haha. I hope it works out for you.
  8. Thanks guys! I guess anyone who has tried to make a nebula lineage feels this pain. I hope they cooperate soon though. Jade, I'll PM you! Thanks. # edit: White on the 2nd try! <3 Glorious.
  9. I am going to murder this pair in a fit of rage one day Been breeding them since October and no greens. ... Nebulas, man. They suck. Thanks Amazon.
  10. they better not refuuuseee! I was so lucky to find a good mate for my purple. <3 @Lillysally - That does look really nice. 3: Aw mean. @Amazon - Nice! How many colour patches did you do? o:
  11. Grats Dragonpuck! No matter that it's not a perfect checker... I think I like it better that way. It's interesting! And very pretty. <3 And grats to Dimar too. I need my golds to get the memo when it comes to breeding shinies. I wanna hurry up and breed a gold 3rd gen on my Bright Pink/Gold lineage so I can look for bloodswaps. I have the feeling that won't be easy. edit: Also, yay! I love it when my dragons cooperate. One step closer to finishing this~ <3
  12. Omg. That's so pretty! I love it. All my projects are being really slow right now. >: Though I did trade for this interesting 3rd gen checker from (noir) this week. Also considering taking this Ember/Black checker further ... I <3 male Embers.
  13. Just caught a 2nd gen Heartseeker in the AP. Unexpected, but having a 2nd gen is nice. Not sure how to go about making a mate for it though, since it's paired with a frill... I'm not a fan of stairsteps. Maybe a 2nd gen red...
  14. Sure thing! I'll note you down. My other 5th gen is from that exact line, actually, haha.
  15. finally! I've been waiting on this egg for almost two months! With any luck I'll finally be able to breed this and mate it to my matching 5th gen.
  16. Huh, I definitely missed that. My bad. Still, in comparison the xmas wall lasted days.
  17. It's weird how over Xmas there was a huge wall of holiday AP eggs, but this Valentines there were barely any at one time. I guess that doesn't work in our favour. Anyhow, I bred the necessary eggs to do this today. o: Huzzah. Glad my pairs liked each other. Helix; Impressive. My limit seems to be stuck at gen 6 right now.
  18. I have one holiday/holiday checker going right now - I love Rosebud/Marrow! I can breed my own 3rd gen mate this halloween too. <3 I won't be taking it past breeding 4th gens, since I don't want to release my Rosebuds, but it was so pretty I couldn't resist continuing it. @Daydreamer - That is some awful luck. ): Hope you can rebreed them!
  19. I really love this. Very different! I was arranging something similar with just Sunsongs and golds but you're right when you say metallicfails are a pain to come by.
  20. Be mine! Thanks for the PM.
  21. That lineage makes me smile. Glad someone found a good use for those wrong-coloured Nebs.
  22. I took this little one! Thanks. <3
  23. When I first joined, I liked Whites and Silvers the most. When i came back after my haitus, Magmas and Embers, most certainly. <3
  24. Thank you! All the 2nd gens are mine, so I'm good, actually. But ty for offering! I just wish we had an extra holiday spot because I'd love a 3rd gen daydream to finish the checker... oh well.
  25. I finally bred the 4th gen tinsel I needed! ... It auto-abandoned, but really it's just nice to know my dragons aren't sterile.