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  1. I'm kind of mad the deadline "fix" was implemented. D: It's def put a spanner in two of my major lineage projects so I'm not a fan. I don't mind deadlines, as I obviously make them, but I usually only breed them for my own entertainment. I have no idea why people are so offended by them - they're hardly a "scam," - people have the ability to look at the lineage of an egg before they trade for it, and it only takes maximum 10 seconds soo... eh. I'll take a neat deadline over a messy inbred dragon 10 times out of 10. And in the case of Santa, that's just one bad apple spoiling the bunch. :| It was crappy thing to do, but ... idk. I just wish there was a better way to go about it.
  2. http://dragcave.net/lineage/s8okF FINALLY!
  3. Nicoleong9- I agree with purplehaze on this one. They're pretty, but they don't really match well together. I finally decided on an actual pattern for my nebula rainbow lineage. <33 My first attempt at a rainbow. Not so keen on the last quart, but I couldn't find anything that looked any better. >: over 9000 hours in mspaint My eggs need to hurry up and hatch now so I can breed these babies! :3
  4. I caught 2 CB Silvers and a Gold. Kept them all on my scroll, since I had very few CB metals to start with anyway. I was mostly happy about the Gold, since I finally have a pair, after almost 4 years from getting my first one.
  5. ^ I took the white egg. <3 so pretty! Thank you. @Jennabob- So pretty! I'm on my way to making a rainbow lineage too, but right now it's just gathering 2nd gens. x)
  6. Rin, I sent you a PM. :3 Sister- *sends vibes* Hope it turns out right for you! I've had really good luck with green nebs recently. I've had 5 in a row now, and this was after complaining about not getting any since last October. <3 My neb/ww project is really coming along. 5nake- That's impressive! Congrats! Amazon- oh gosh. :3 So pretty!
  7. ^ Grats! I bred my own awesome shiny this week. <3 One more gen to go! Chani- That pairing is pretty cool! I suppose you could put it on the back-burner for a few weeks while you sort everything else out. Happymom- Grats, I think I tried to breed a 3rd gen like that but they didn't give any eggs. ): boo.
  8. *dances* Finally got an alt vine to mate with my other one. ^^ Hope it genders as influenced!
  9. of course they refused. ): ! Finding that male Sunsong took forever. D: *commiserates with sheppardkid* edit: That said, I do have another pair exactly like that, so I guess I can shift the mates around and rebreed my existing 3rd gen. Let's just hope they don't refuse. I feel slightly better now.
  10. Daydreamer - I like the waverunners. The deep-seas are a little dark for me. Finally traded for this which I hope will agree to mate with his intended. <3 I already have a matching 3rd gen lined up! Wish I could continue it further but my god it was a pain to gather the 2nd gens.
  11. I consider CB Pinks to be uncommon, but not "rare". I've seen plenty recently, and they never seem to go that quickly. I definitely wouldn't rate them in the same level as a CB Blusang - if simply because the coast moves so slowly compared to other biomes right now so it's much easier to find a pink. A bred Blusang might be worth it to me though, idk. Bred dragons are always trickier because people usually look for a certain lineage with uncommons. @SnowSherry - Depends on person to person. People without a CB Winter Magi like me wouldn't value it much at all, but it is a very nice low-gen stairstep. Depends what you're looking for, so maybe a couple of uncommons or something. idk
  12. Locked myself with a CB Magma. Not bad.
  13. *fist pump* 2 CB silvers in one day. Means I have everything to make a mate for this guy, and after that, a purebreeding pair which should bring me up to 4th gen overall. <3 (crossing fingers they don't refuse, ofc)
  14. ^ Tell me about it! In the past few days I've probably caught more uncommons/rares than I've done all year. p: But on that note I've also been incredibly egg-locked, which is no good for breeding my even-gens. But at least they decided to play nice and give me exactly what I wanted today! I had to rebreed the purple when the last one refused. & it looks like we'll be getting 2 new releases on the first Sunday of each month if things go to schedule from now on, so I'm looking forward to that! It may put a wrench in my project plans though.
  15. I also caught a CB silver! After no CB metals since 2008, in the last two days I've picked up two... I should probably hunt the cave more often. o.O
  16. Missed a CB Gold egg and got a misclick... but to my happiness, that misclick turned out to be a CB Thunder! My first, in fact. So not bad at all. <3
  17. Hey guys! I'm here searching for a 2nd gen gold from a bright pink! And to make that a little bit harder, a 2nd gen gold that's unrelated to her, her, her, and her! In return, I can provide a sibling to this big guy. So what I'm saying is, anyone open to a mutual IOU? Once I get this dragon I'll have all the tools I need to make it up to 5th gen, so I'll happily add higher gens and other pretty things if you need more incentive! Please just shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  18. ^ maybe when they were first released - I'm sure saw a person trading 2 CB silvers for 4 new releases each in the couple of hours after. They were snapped up pretty quick though.
  19. Oh my god. My first CB gold - scratch that, my first CB metal - since 2008. I'm so happy right now! Makes up for all those I missed.
  20. My CB silver bred a shiny egg for the second week in a row. What is this sorcery? ... of course this was just after a promised a silverfail from this pair to someone. Ha!
  21. Within the past 24 hours, I've caught a CB Ice, Black and Nebula. For me, that's pretty awesome.
  22. I saw that too. Did a double take at the second one.
  23. I've seen two CB golds today! One I was overburdened for (I reflex-clicked a red! D'oh!) And the other I was too slow for. This is frustrating. Especially the first one.
  24. ^ No such luck there for me! I had to rebreed the purple from this lineage because it refused a few days ago. It upset me more than it should have. Anyway, my dragons finally produced a green nebula! And only after 4 months or so. And especially thanks to those who gifted me 2nd gens! They all ended up green as well! I wonder how long my nebula luck is going to hold out?
  25. I clicked a CB gold in the cave... and got an overburdened message. OTL fffffuuu