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  1. @ dragonpuck - My pair also gave me a green. ): Sorry. My rainbow lineage is once again thwarted by naughty nebulae. ):
  2. Ahh, my browser was opening up the image only, and not the page with the photobucket interface. That helps. Thanks! Grats Varekis! Looks pretty. <3
  3. That's really pretty! o: And really? I think I've been looking at the AP at the wrong time of day then. But anyway, I'm all geared up for 4th gen barring refusals now, thanks to a lucky AP find and the breeding/gifting thread. <3 Thanks Smiley! That's really helpful, though the images seem a lttle small? I dunno. I know photobucket has a horrible habit of resizing large images though. '
  4. Well, nebulae can be very tricky. Ha. The only neb I've had from my pair has been a purple so far... But congrats on that little one colouring right! But yeah, a bloodswap sounds great! I'm severely lacking in CB hellfires, so I need some help getting to the much further with it anyway. ' Haha. I'm with you on the male hellhorse thing... it's the same issue that I have with the soulpeace dragons, in that it doesn't match either of the parents in a way that I find appealing, even though I love the sprite individually. Does anyone have a link to the picture with all the lineage sprites on it? I know that someone made one, but I can't remember who it was for the life of me. ): I regret not saving it when I saw it.
  5. Ae0nian, I might be able to breed you a green Neb x Gold 3rd gen when my pair comes off of cooldown. Also, I like this checker. The hybrid matches really well with the female parent.
  6. Aah, that sucks Daba! My metals have been ok this week and given me two pretties, including this one today. I wonder how hard it'll be to find a swap for? 3:
  7. Thanks guys! I guess that saves me a lot of rebreeding anyway, haha. And I never noticed that dragonsrus, but now that you mention it I've noticed all the CB pairs all face the same way as each other. Hah. That's neat, and completely unintentional. Daba, I'll shoot you a PM. & I too have given up hope on finding more CB Blusangs. I'm kind of happy with my two though.
  8. Grats, dragonsrus. That's a lot of pretty metals! I wish mine had bred like that this week! hope this colours right! That said I'm thinking of rebreeding it now with Royal Crimsons... they weren't released when I started the project but I think it looks better. p: idk. What do you guys think? (I should have known making a nebula rainbow would be a pain in the butt. D: ) btw, anyone need a 2nd gen Blusang from a f Silver? I'll probably gift it away in the trade forum if no one does, but figured I should check here first.
  9. Two terrae tinselkins! http://dragcave.net/lineage/Bz7lt Claim my eggs/hatchlings! http://dragcave.net/lineage/bqSoO Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. oh my god. They both refused him! What are the chances? .-. Time to rebreed again, I guess... @Daydreamer- Pink/Sweetling/Spring looks beautiful I can't help though, sorry! Also, anyone want this little pink beastie?
  11. Successfully repelled a misclick. Woohoo!
  12. I know that feeling exactly. ...at least my female hellfire played nice.
  13. Clicking blindly apparently works. I caught a ton of new eggs on the first drop before I went to bed. <3 (There were like 800 people there too. o.O)
  14. ^ Grabbed it! I couldn't resist. Thanks! <3 It's so pretty. also, half way done with my rainbow! <3 Nebulas are such a pain.
  15. http://dragcave.net/lineage/vSWr9 oh gosh. o/u/o Thanks, Chanilove. <3
  16. Second refusal in as many days! There must be something in the water. :/ Hah. I can rebreed the third gen for this one though. (Thank goodness.) At least I have this egg to be happy about. <: Half way to building a mate for this~ Thanks Souly. It really is. Hopefully I can breed my own PB to replace one of the two soon. Also, very pretty lineages! Red Dorsals are perhaps just as frustrating as Nebulas.
  17. ^ if anyone's looking to go further in their green neb/gold lineage, I can give a 3rd gen. in other news, they refused. (ugly sobbing)
  18. Just bred a 2nd gen PB silver! The first egg these two have produced! Finally I can make another 3rd gen. <3 Also bred a 2nd gen silver from a purple dragon. Building a mate for him~
  19. ^ that's gorgeous. I love it! Metals refusing is always a bother, but wow. I don't have too much to say on my own lineages. At least I'm a couple of steps away from completing my nebula rainbow lineage though... I just have to wait for the last two pairs to cooperate and give me the right colour nebulae. <: Bred this recently. :3 I'm ready for next halloween, haha.
  20. I hope they like each other. o v o I already had these two refuse today. ): @ Elemental One - I took your egg. I already had a white/cloud project going before this so it'll be loved.
  21. High fives all round! I love this lineage. I still have to breed the bottom pink for myself because i abandoned that one like a dummy, but that shouldn't take long.
  22. Amazon- Thanks! I'm aiming for 5th gen but it's getting difficult. If you want, I could try and breed you a 3rd gen but obviously it'll be related to my dragon, ha. Pretty! Sister- Sending good vibes to those two! Nice.
  23. http://dragcave.net/lineage/b9MDX Props to my dragons for cooperating on the first try. 1 gen away from finishing this project.
  24. I've been awol lately but I actually got a shiny on the very first try! Trying to build a mate will be no fun at all, since I'm still short a second gen gold, but I'm surprised they cooperated so soon. Tikindi- Not big on mixed lineages, but the bottom half of that is very pretty. edit: dragonsrus- Congrats! That's really pretty! <3