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  1. Great! Time to get to work then~ again. When there are two or more people, things tend to get complicated. D: At least for me... xP
  2. You sure? I would probably prefer that, actually... gives me more room for posing. When it comes to couples I'm awfully uncreative in that department.
  3. At least normal is good. I need to practice that more too... oh well. p: I forgot how much couples are a pain in the backside to draw. p:
  4. You're too nice~ Cute is apparently what I'm good at though. Unfortunately... I wanna draw awesome badass things, but it always ends up looking very uh... yeah. Too cutesy. But yeah, okay then. I'll get to starting now~ c: hopefully should be done by tomorrow. thx, c:
  5. Ahh, okies. I don't mind the wait, anyway. ) Just PM me when you're ready - or post here I guess. I'm not fussy about gender, since primarily I want reds for the BSA and I have no particular mate in mind. =) up to you, whether or not to influence it.
  6. Aww, people already? ) Awesome. I have no use for eggs at the moment though, Verr. ): Hatchies only, I'm afraid. If you could grow it and come back later, I'd be happy to have it. Audition: It's okay... I'm probably better with people anyway. Cute OCs though - I like the hoodies~ Pretty lineages. <3 If you can incuhatch them, you would want a couple of the two, yeah? Any pose you have in mind?
  7. Hi guys~ I'm taking commissions because I like purty dragon pixels. Wanted: EG metallics Low gen prize dragons Pretty EG hatchlings CB Thunder [only taking a few commissions at a time.]
  8. I have 39. Back when I raised all of them I didn't have much else to do with my dragons... so I decided to try my hand at an army.
  9. Chicken's Got Talent made me smile.
  10. I never did finish this game... I love it to death, but I got very distracted and I forgot what I'm doing. >: Time to start again! ... When I can be bothered. But yeah. The digging minigames killed me. ]:
  11. Binding of Isaac... strangely addictive. gonna get Skyrim in the mail soon... I imagine I'll be glued to that once I get it.
  12. Left for maybe 2 years. D: Missed 8 event dragons and a ton of new releases... and I have no idea what's what anymore. o: fun times. Hope I can catch up again! edit: and just autoabandoned a PB 2nd gen silver. fack.
  13. Well I thought my first Silver had a great code - Buti, and that's her name now. I think it sounds like 'beauty'. :3