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  1. Woo! No val limits mean I can continue my rosebud/marrow checker! <3

    I think I'll be trying Arsani/purple ridgewing and something else smile.gif They look nice together.

    Promised a 2nd gen Heartseeker/Blusang to someone.

    Val 09 I have no idea

    Sweetings should be fun, I'll have 2 3rd gen sweetling eggs and their matching mates to trade or gift!

  2. Spring, I sent you a PM with a stripe/yulebuck egg.




    They're a huge pain, right? I have another pair that I've been trying for even longer.

    I'd say they're worse than Nebulas sometimes. tongue.gif




    Thank you! If it's also unrelated to the parents of this one we could try a 5th gen bloodswap if the stripes play nice. tongue.gif

  3. Anybody need a 4th gen gold/green neb baby? tongue.gifhttp://dragcave.net/lineage/6Ndl7

    No guarantees on the colouring just yet, and I can rebreed it if it ends up purple, but I know it was mentioned someone was doing this lineage. I doubt I'll be going past 4th gen anyway. <3

    gone. tongue.gif


    Also, whee I have 4 3rd gen pure white stripes. happy.gif Hope they cooperate sooner or later.