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  1. A piece of advice to people who don't want their '11 eggs to die of sickness: If you don't mind waiting and watching views build up slowly, I find sticking mine on DDF (Daily Dragon Fix) and DDF alone builds up my dragons' views slowly but safely over a couple of days. By the time I get to 4 days they'll have built up a nice little ratio of V/UV/C. I think it's a safe option if you're away from your computer for a few hours, as I've never had an egg or hatchling sick by being there. </buttingin> I'm glad I was able to snag one of the '11 eggs. One was all I wanted, a single CB to breed next year for my second
  2. Only snagged myself one '11 Valentine (I'll breed myself a second next year when they start producing eggs ). I then managed to scoop three uncommon/rareish eggs from the AP, so I've not done badly today. Can't wait to see the signature banners (if some get made).
  3. I've checked http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com. It is down. Or at least it was when I checked. I'm just going to be patient and come back in a few hours. I should have at least one free slot if my Pygmy or Daydream has grown up.
  4. I've started naming some of my dragons with a mix of their parents name if there's a ' in the parents' names. Also, my Ocredrake had parents who had 'Snow' as a surname, and his code was OtAm. So I combined that with my normal 'double-barrelled name' rule and called him 'Otam-Snow' Just waiting to get a CB Ocredrake so I can can contunue the line. :3 EDIT: Forgot to add - any eggs I keep of my own dragons' breeding inevitably get named after their parents (Wyv-Finn, Indy-Ite, Emeral-Tai)
  5. Quite a few of my dragons are inbred, can't remember them all though! But I'll talk about my two frozen hatchlings, who are brother and sister (their parents in hatchling form, lol). Both are inbred on their father's side, who has a bit of inbreeding a few generations back. I adore them though.
  6. About a month ago I helped a friend to hatch an ER egg. She named one of the dragons after me, as thanks. Was so happy and honoured. ^^
  7. I do also breed some of the dragons who were inbred some point down the line (usually many generations ago). Why? To maintain the common:rare ratios. EDIT: I do keep most of these eggs though I must add.
  8. A good deal of the dragons on my scroll have been inbred at some point in their lineage. I keep them and love them because otherwise I know that they'll end up like one of my Dorsal/Pebble Dragon children. DEAD. Because the person who caught it obviously saw the inbreeding in the great-grandparent stage of my Dorsal and somehow that made it worth a hell of a lot less. It was painful to check it every few days and see no views on it. I wanted to post it on my DDF, but they'd refused help and therefore... >.< scrambled egg.
  9. Ah, so that's what's happening! Here's hoping we can all get back to business soon. I say we should soon, I wasn't getting anything but a 'this server is taking too long to respond' message a few hours ago. At least now I can see the Dragcave background and links even if I am getting a database error. :s