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  1. Egg-nog is a drink made with milk or cream and raw (pasteurized in store brands) eggs. It's full of sugar and spices like nutmeg. The 'traditional' kind' is alcoholic as it has brandy, rum, whiskey, ect. The kind I referred to though is the non alcoholic that hit stores next to the milk for a limited time each year. It has rum flavoring but is good for all ages. I'm in America and even though I heard goose is the traditional Christmas meal I don't know anyone personally who has done it in my lifetime. (Older family members talk about it back when they or people they knew raised geese themselves). Where I'm at the goose is not in stores. I heard it's different elsewhere. Ham and turkey are the big Christmas dinner sellers. My family always did turkey and stuffing with a ham as well during big get gatherings. Sides were sweet potatoes casserole, deviled eggs and homemade yeast rolls. Then either green beans simmered with spices and bacon or green bean casserole. And mashed potatoes or potato salad. Dessert is lime jello salad, pumpkin, cherry, and apple pies. Giblet gravy is also a tradition in my house, even though if we go with a fully cooked bird we have to buy the giblets. Some find it gross though my family loves it.
  2. I was on a guessing game on Halloween treats and picked egg-nog. I was informed this was Christmas. This didn't seem correct as where I'm at this long awaited treat comes out in late September with ghouls and ghost on the package when Halloween candy and costumes hit the shelf. (it does stick around til early January but that still makes it a holiday treat, not Christmas). When I discus it with someone they said we also brought how Hay rides earlier than most people and those too were Christmas traditions in a lot of places. This one really surprised me because I thought hay rides were a harvest festival thing started during haying times. This made me curious and I tried to look up histories on these holiday perks. I found things backing hay rides as more fall than winter traditions. Nog was harder as the information was all about the Alchohol versions. This got me wondering about other traditions people might have. So I want to invite People to share what they do during holidays. What you look forward to, share if you know the history. Just share stories (especially if it's something your family came up with. Those are always heartwarming).
  3. Has anyone had people actually try to cure you? I actually had someone insist on handing me their baby after I said I didn't want to hold it because I had a fear of dropping it. I'm not kidding. I had agreed to watch her while the mom went into a smoking lounge. I was rocking her little carrier getting surrounded by several co-workers. Mom comes back and lets me know I can hold her. I explain in detail that I can't get over the fear of actually having a helpless life in my hands and she unstraps the kid from the carrier and hands it to me! It didn't help my friend thought that my owning cats made my argument sound stupid. (Before she handed me the kid I pointed out cats land on their feet.)
  4. No kidding. It's like people with problems think they can make other peoples lives work to make up for what went wrong for them. I had another nosy biddy not talk to me for a week because when she asked 'why don't you date.' I told her 'because I don't want to.' She replies 'that's not a good reason' I admit I lost my temper (Not happy about it but sometimes this gets annoying. When did a work place become a dating business.) I flat out told her 'Dating is a choice and if I don't want to then that's all the answer I need to have!'
  5. Some people at work heard me mention to friends how tired I was of a co-worker talking to me about dating. This guy had plans for at LEAST three kids. I said wasn't looking for a relationship and didn't want kids . . . ever. One of the older women went into lecture mode about how I needed to consider my future. I would need a spouse for company and kids to care for me in my old age. (having kid just for retirement insurance seems evil) Here's the funny thing. This women is on her third divorce and constantly complaining about her kids who are all either in jail or constantly coming to her for money. Talk about the blind leading the deaf.
  6. I've been having trouble with people trying to date me, to fix me up on dates, or 'help me out' by trying to 'let' me babysit for them. Does anyone else have a problem with people not understanding that a spouse and kids is not for everyone.
  7. Battle of LA the worst scyfy movie ever. No explanation of plot anywhere in this film No saving points at all. You think they are giving you a reason for something and you get nothing but more randomness the makers probally thought was cool but actually causes it to make less sense. The thing that makes me the angriest is they give it practically the same name as another movie so you pay money for it thinking you're getting another movie.
  8. I had to take my little girl into the vet due to a puffy teary eye. Turns out she needs this nasty ointment put in her eye twice a day. At first it was a real drama. She kept finding new ways to make it difficult. For a ten pound animal it takes two people to get the treatment done. We tried to wrap her in a blanket and the second time we did that she pulled her head in like she was a turtle and we had to wrestle her out of the blanket. And the funny part is when it's over she runs to the shelf where we keep the treats and mewls for one because she learned quick that just like nail trims she get's a treat after the humans are done with being mean. For Christmas I guess she decided to have mercy on us because she FINALLY seems to realize it's easier on all three of us if she holds still and just makes noisy protests. (Not to mention she get's her treat faster)
  9. I was talking to some friends about the 'nine life' wive's tale. I was wondering how many lifes people figure there cat's have left. Far as I know my boy has all of his though I wander about some of what he does when I'm not around. I think my girl's got seven. She had a close call with the second story window and wound up outside in a bush bawling her head off. And then she tried to run like a cheetah into my bedroom when the door was closed and rattled her brain.
  10. Does anyone have any tips for preventing static. It's getting cold here and whenever the temperature drops our cats, my large male the worst, get real bad static. And even though the male collects the static worse my little girl seems to suffer for it. We pet him and then when she pokes her nose on us she gets shocked. And it's hard to explain to her we didn't do it on purpose. She got it so bad one time she dodged my brother petting her the rest of the day. Some people suggested running a dryer sheet over there fur but that seems iffy. Someone even pointed out a all natural brand when I mentioned the guaranteed chance of ingesting the power while grooming. Has anyone heard of this.
  11. AS odd as it sounds I'm having a really hard time with a friend who is too encouraging. She seems to think if you can write or draw you can just go out and get published. She doesn't seem to understand what goes into this. And me actually explaining things like agents and selling she sees as pessimism. She thinks me and a friend should shoot high on our work and doesn't see the point in thinking real. She even tried to talk us into self publishing and when I read the writing book I had on the subjet she thought is was just trying to discourage.
  12. She's a beauty. And she has such a perfect tabby M. Maybe you could call her Mary. Sounds like she knew she wasn't wanted and saw a good cat person.
  13. https://i.imgur.com/8bPWD.jpg Aw it's an orange cat and a black cat with another front end instead of a tail :-} Just kidding, but it does look that way with the cute little sleep pile they're in. Can't tell where one starts and the other ends.
  14. A lot of people tell me that I should feed only canned because wet food has water content and cats get most of there moisture from food. I never understand why everyone insists that cats don't drink enough water to digest dry food. I believe this was invented by wet food makers. When I've read about carnivores it's mentioned they must drink because of the high water needed to digest MEAT. Which is what cats eat. My dad got more than his share of the feral cat population at his apartments because he put out water along with the food everyone else put out as well (no one else thought about water). Because cats drink water. In all the health guides I read if cats are not drinking they gave a list of things to discuss with a vet. Trust me my cats drink. Even if they've finished eatting there daily treat of canned food instead of there regular wet. Lions on tv drink from the watering hole after eatting. tigers not only drink but swim.
  15. I have some friends who are currently trying to get me to show them a story I'm writing. I thought of it when I get a good amount written, as I would like some opinions, but I'm a little shy on it seeing as they seemed rather disapointed when I told them it has no romance. Not to mention they can's even watch a horror movie without closing there eyes and it's horror/adventure. Does anyone here know about these critique groups I've been hearing. I heard there are groups that will give creative and writing advise but I also hear you have to find one with actual writers and not opionated wannabes to get good advise.
  16. Really silly question. I have had Mewlie spayed a couple weeks ago. (yay no more annoying heat cycle) Unfortunatly I forgot to ask the vet how long before her tummy will be furry again. I've had males neutered but never a female spayed. And never any other reason to shave a cat. So how long before her fur grows back?
  17. It can be hard as cats can have different 'voices.' Best bet would be to look at other signs, like body language. A growl will USUALLY be when they are angry. A purr happy or wanting comfort. Ocassionally you get a cat with a puppy like attitude that makes tougher noise when playing. MOST cats I know lead up to growling with a shrill angry whine like noise.
  18. I'll get shot at work for saying this. But I agree twilight stank. It did not translate from book well. It was a first person point of view book. No insane girl thoughts to carry the story in movie form (when I first read the book I honestly thought the series would end with Bella being in an asylum the whole time). They neglected all flashbacks from the book that could have kept the movie from slagging into snooze festdom. The insane classmates randomly drinking fertilizer water and such were all the perk ups you got. They took an interesting book and put no thought into the screenplay, all they paid attention to was how hot the guys needed to be to draw in maximum estrogen levels into the theater. Sorry I had to get this off my chest. My buddy who made me watch it is now trying to force me to watch New Moon.
  19. If the person who has been helping you throughout the whole movie does something, hid a secret from you, tells you something you don't want to hear or any other such maddening thing. Don't storm off mad or run them off. Something bad will happen to one of you.
  20. I get asked a lot at work how Mewlie got her name. I find it funny very few people ask about Mitzu who was named after a fictional animal but Mewlie who likes to go 'mew, mew, mew,' stumps them. How did anybody here name pick cat names.
  21. We have to be very careful not to run out of cat food in our house. There is very little in the way of people food to substitute that both cats will eat. Mitzu only likes tuna, canned chicken and Mil-not. They wouldn't even eat hamburger or hot dogs. About the only people food mewlie will eat is mil-not and cheese whiz. As I posted before, she won't even eat tuna (Though she eats tuna flavored cat food ). Not very healthy. Anything else the best she'll do is take tiny nibbles as she plays with it. I admit it is cute watching the puppy with peanutbutter routine as Mewlie eat's cheese whiz though.
  22. As tempting as it is to, no. Most artist have day jobs. Art doesn't pay as much as people thiink.
  23. That's adorable. Lyra thinks she's the boss.
  24. I've heard that a lot of naturalist don't believe cheetahs are true wild cats. They are more like established feral species like mustangs or dingoes. Supposably they are descended from 'hunting cats' that used to be kept by royalty and rich. Don't know if it's true but I thought it was an interesting theory.
  25. Wasps. Red wasps, yellow jackets, anything wasplike except those black dirt dobbers that make those perfectly round holes in the ground. It's weird. I am freakishly afraid of wasps but not thise little dirt dobbers. I also don't like elevators.