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  1. I have two female rats and they're the sweetest little creatures imaginable. I also have two male guinea pigs, three cats, one dog, and a number of fish. I hate it when people ask me why I would consider owning "all those animals" and even "those disgusting things with tails". I just reply with "They don't bother me and they're very good pets." My friends aren't grossed out expcept for the tails, but other than that they think they're pretty cool. I hate it when people ask me "Don't they carry diseases? And don't they stink?" Uuum, not if you clean the cage out regularly, and gee, I've had my
  2. People at my school are stupid. If you don't give them a high five when they have their hand out or something or they say they like something even something little like a food or movie for example and you say "Nah, I don't really like that." even in the most polite way ever, they say "Wow you're so racist." even if you're the same race. They think its funny or something and try to make people laugh. It makes me so mad!
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    I like cats, I have three, and I think tigers are absolutely beautiful! It sucks how much of their home is being destroyed
  4. I'm not exactly one for weddings because I think, why spend so much money on one day, just to say "Hey, I love this person." and make that statement official. I'm not against marriage, but I'll probably end up just going to a drive-thru in Vegas. If I ever do have an official wedding, it will be very small, and my colors will be teal and a very light pink.
  5. My biggest pet peeves are when people wear their pants too high, mispronounce things, don't fold towels the way I do, don't like someone/something because of something really stupid, and when people are really picky about what they eat. Just wondering about other peoples' biggest pet peeves?
  6. A.J. are the initials of my first and middle name, (it's been a nickname for awhile) and my birthday is on the 20th. Not very intersting, I know, but I figured I'd share.
  7. ohmygosh i loooooove cheese!! 8P
  8. Yeah...usually it's a song or a famous guy lol. Right now the song would either be Hear Like Mine-Miranda Lambert or One Headlight-The Wallflowers. And the famous guy would be George Eads who plays Nick Stokes on CSI. I think he's suuper hot and I love southern accents.
  9. Rocky mountain fried oysters although those are quite popular, and mayonnaise with pickles on bread is sooo good!!
  10. Yes, only for some dragons though, not all. Good idea
  11. I had a weird dream where I was married to this guy that I had seen that night on CSI (he ended up being the murderer) but he was normal. And we lived in a big house and he thought this was all normal and I was forced into this mindset that this actaully is normal. Anyway, we had all my animals (two guinea pigs, two rats) in a room but I didn't trust him so I always locked the door so he couldn't get into the room. It doesn't seem very important but in the dream it was a big part. Also, when we were getting married we texted each other our vows instead of saying them aloud but I don't even lik
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    Rebecca Black

    Its so sad because ARK is putting out people that honestly can't sing (besides Rebecca Black, have you seen the others?!) and probably tell them they can, and then people tell them to go kill themselves because they can't sing or isn't worth anything. It's so sad. What if she actaully did kill herself because of the comments? Just because someone can't sing doesn't me people have to be so brutle. She's what? 13? 14? I bet over half the people that said those things on YouTube can't sing either.
  13. Worst movie I've ever seen by far was How Do You Know. The whole time I wanted punch Reese Witherspoon's character in the face. She couldn't make up her mind about anything and kept doing stupid stuff. I love Reese Witherspoon, and it wasn't the acting. It was the whole concept. Honestly, the most exciting part in the movie was when I sneezed. And that wasn't even in the movie. Well, whatever, it just sucked.
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    I used to be as obsessed as any other crazed Twilight fan, but now it's just boring to me. Totally over it. I went from Edward to Jacob pretty quickly, then to just disliking it in general. Also, I don't think Taylor Lautner is that great of an actor. Nothing is really believable and I saw him on SNL and it wasn't funny with him. The first movie was good, but I saw the second one and it blew. I didn't watch anything after that.
  15. Totally with you on that one, but my mom looooooves him in Chocolate!!
  16. George Eads as Nick Stokes on CSI!! I'm a sucker for a guy with a southern accent
  17. I get deja vu a lot, though, I suppose a lot of people do. An old grand father clock I inherited started ticking unexpectedly. I think it's my grandma
  18. I think this is a great idea! If somethings happened like when a dragon has hatched or something, I would like to know when it happens! Great idea, I would definitely (with an I, not an A) use it!!
  19. aj20

    Rhea's Art

    I love ALL of those dragons! They're super pretty and look great!!