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  1. I think this should be zero. ^^ Which makes this zero!
  2. Hello and welcome! Please don't include your scroll in your posts, you are welcome to add it to your signature (along with your dragons) if you would like us to view your dragons. You can also post your dragons in these threads for clicks and views. Fansites are also available for you to post your dragons; here is the list of fansites you can choose from. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  3. I'm super-pumped from the ALCS and on later than usual tonight and this thread will suffer for it! ZERO!
  4. It's a joke egg, this has been brought up before here.
  5. I was leaving the count alone because I loved the creativity of counting in negatives, and was just waiting for someone to break the pattern. Thank you Bigbite!! *sips rocky road mocha* ZERO! *sips rocky road mocha*
  6. Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 432 Book Title: Death Masks Author: Jim Butcher Summary: The great wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden has to recover an artifact of Christ while dealing with the stress of a vampire duel and his unresolved feelings for his almost-vampiric ex-girlfriend.
  7. This isn't exactly fixed, the problem's just disappeared for the time being and for an unknown reason. I'm leaving this open for that reason.
  8. BOO! for broccoli! Good luck everyone, and thank you Feesh!
  9. Stop it! Stop it right now! ZERO! Ah, that's better... *drinks kombucha and takes off for the night*
  10. *note to self: don't mix cold brew and iced tea* Zero... *looks for the Pepto*
  11. @RainDear Description Force what you're looking for?
  12. *drinks cherry mocha* ZERO ZERO ZERO ZEROOOOOO! *drinks cherry mocha* And I love my graphing calculator, it's a TI-86, a good twenty years old, and still amazing. *drinks cherry mocha*
  13. Zero is the best number by far, though. ZERO! *chortles uncontrollably*
  14. You can never have too much broccoli. Ever. Entered, thank you Feesh!
  15. @ValidEmotions is it possible to feed adult creatures? Trying to raise my rat for today's objective.