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  1. Oh good, Lord Starscream is here. I can put my hammer down for the night. All hail Lord Starscream! Give 'em no quarter!
  2. Project Sphear after finishing I Am Setsuna.
  4. I've seen members use it when they're setting up new breeding topics and events, when they're not ready to post them. Then they notify a mod when they're ready and we can unhide them for them. 47,833
  5. *puts hammer down for the night* It's heavy after a long day of hammering. I'll pick it back up tomorrow. ZERO!
  6. *hammers random things* Oh, am I in the thread again? Might as well reset the count while I'm here. ZERO! *goes back to hammering random things*
  7. *strolls in with hammer on her shoulder* Zero. *strolls back out*
  8. Okay so, as a heads-up, since Guardians are my favorite dragon mentioning Guardians will just get me in here faster. ZERO!
  9. Did you know, I completely forgot it's been ten days! Then I saw Pilauli here and it reminded me she's back. *Ahem* *Hefts hammer* ZERO!
  10. I am on board with this! I don't breed, but I'll gladly grab to tear down walls!
  11. Nintendo's announced an LE Switch Lite with the Sun/Shield pattern: https://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/nintendo-switch-lite-zacian-edition/ I'm not getting it since I have a regular Switch, but it does look cool. I typically have a rule where I don't raise a Pokemon I've raised before, but I may break it for Obstagoon (I raised Zigzagoon in Ruby). I definitely want to add it to my party. Weezing in a top hat is adorable.
  12. There's discussion happening about this right now. We or TJ will update once we know for sure.
  13. I'm not going to close this down, but I'm going to post a second warning, here and now: keep this thread on this subject. This has already been closed once, and I see the majority of members are keeping this on topic, so I'm going to leave this open. But this is strike two. A third strike will close this down for good.
  14. I think turning this into a group or thread is a great way of tackling these walls, if enough people are on board to keep it going. We've had threads similar to it die over the years, but I'd love to see it revived.
  15. Since the challenge is over for the year, I'll close this thread out. Please check out the new 250 Book Challenge thread for 2019-2020 for the latest challenge! If anyone still has updates that they'd like to add to their totals for the past year, please send me a PM and I can get it done for you, or re-open the thread so you can add it and then I can close it down again.
  16. I think it's the Coffee Mug. Finished this one fairly fast. Nice random Shiny I grabbed from the Lab when I couldn't find anything in the Shelter. I love random shinies when Pokehunting.