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  1. Hello and welcome! You should make a thread in Original Works to show your work (if you want to share). That picture is adorable. Cats never cease to amaze me, cramming into spaces.
  2. Hello and welcome! We're not allowed to include links to our scrolls or growing dragons in our posts, it's considered spam, but you can add a link to your signature if you want us to view your dragons!
  3. Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy the forums!
  4. Hello and welcome! Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  5. Hello and welcome! I love your username, it reminds me of Fenway Park. Good luck getting a breeding pair for each species, it takes time and patience, but everyone starts out with nothing. You also have the Market where you can purchase eggs. This is also a great community, if you add to your signature or profile what you're looking for you have a good chance of being gifted the dragons you need. Have fun!
  6. Hello and welcome! I'd love to see you make a thread in Original Works and post your work!
  7. Every December I take my mod hat off for the holiday and join the members in the count as my present to the thread. This'll be the third year I've done this, it's tradition. Until then, however, BACK TO ZERO.
  8. Yes you will, come December when I help you count. Yes we are.
  9. Happy Birthday, DC! Soon you'll be old enough to drive your parents' car! I also need to catch up on these new lovelies, I am so behind!
  10. No stampeding wildlife, just me this time. I've bought stronger enclosures.
  11. *hamster stampede* Controlled the horses, but the hamsters got out while I was busy with them. Hamster stampedes are the cutest thing ever, though.
  12. *herd of mustangs runs through and tramples the count on their way out* Sorry, I've been trying to get them under control, but they got away from me. 😜
  13. Yes! Yes you do! Be one with Sisyphus! Push the count back up the hill!
  14. Good night! You had a good run, there, too, shame to ruin it. Almost.
  15. *flashes cutesy eyes* I have no idea what you're talking about. *Cough cough* back to zero.
  16. ditto Thanks for the inspiration @purplehaze !
  17. Since the new biome backgrounds have been up for a good week I'll go ahead and close this. Thank you TJ and artists for the art update!
  18. Hello and welcome! I think you'll enjoy our Flight Rising thread! Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  19. Hello and welcome, I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far! I hope you enjoy the forum just as much!
  20. Please: Use the search feature before creating a new topic to make sure you are not recreating an already created topic. Look for the correct section to place a topic in before creating your topic. Read the pinned topics to make sure that any questions you have are not already answered. If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.
  21. This thread appears to duplicate this thread, so please continue the discussion there.