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  1. https://dragcave.net/lineage/TM12C I love a good Swallowtail checker, thank you @Amberfly! https://dragcave.net/lineage/3xHXT I love the codes on the parents, thank you @Arcy! https://dragcave.net/lineage/B1cG6 I also love half-arrows, thank you breeder! https://dragcave.net/lineage/dPSnB Another wonderful even-gen Guardian, thank you breeder! https://dragcave.net/lineage/PaElr Thank you for the stair, bu_flame! https://dragcave.net/lineage/KlKbu Oh my gosh, thank you oNinetailo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/GkYnq Another great half-arrow, thank you @Syiren!
  2. Hello and welcome! Congrats on your CB Prize!!
  3. Projecting much? Fixed that for you. Republicans had a chance to stop him in 2016 before he got the nomination and chose to sit on their hands because they, like the rest of the country, didn't take his presidency seriously. Now they're tied to him and have to support him, no matter what treason he commits. Republicans are vulnerable in the Senate this year and could lose a lot of seats, just like 2018 and the House, so they'll be working extra-hard to keep their jobs. Harry Reid's aide once famously said that senators had two priorities: getting re-elected and representing their constituents, in that order. I hope the rest of the world realizes the very real possibility of Trump being elected for a second term. Re-election is key to him avoiding the litany of lawsuits waiting for him as soon as he vacates 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He's already asked foreign powers to help him get re-elected, and if he is he'll have no restraints, no checks on his power. He'll be a king without the title given how Congress is practically worthless and the judiciary is filled with McConnell-appointed judges. You think he's bad now? Wait until he gets another four years. The future of the country is at stake here.
  4. Please note the cost of the treatments in that article: $3,200 per patient. Also note that Trump is once again trying to get rid of the ACA, with nothing to replace it, during a pandemic, despite the fact that the administration had two years with control of Congress and the executive branch to get it done. The forum censors what I've been thinking for years. Chinese scientists have also discovered a mutated swine flu with strains of covid-19 that has the potential for human transmission. It's basically the 2010 swine flu with covid-19 mixed in, with additional mutative properties. I don't think it's transmitted to humans yet, but to have a pandemic candidate while we're already in the midst of a deadly pandemic... is something I don't want to think about.
  5. Hello and welcome! Please do not include links to your eggs and hatchlings in your posts, it's considered spam, but you can add them to your signature along with a link to your scroll if you'd like! We also have two onsite hatcheries you can use (this one is for 4 days or less left only). Have fun on the forums!
  6. Hello and welcome! I love dragons too. Which kinds of snakes do you like? I like mountain king snakes, king cobras, and boas.
  7. Hello and welcome! You couldn't PM anyone because your account had not been approved, you should be able to now!
  8. Hello and welcome! You might like our Flight Rising thread, along with the Encyclopedia Helpers thread where members post their dragons for easy access for views and encyclopedia completion. I need those Xenos, too, I've only caught one of the new ones so far.
  9. Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy the forums!
  10. This is about to get so much worse. Evictions are set to skyrocket starting July 1st in America. Where are people going to go? Many still aren't working. The homeless population is going to exponentially increase from this, and cities aren't equipped to handle it.
  11. I read about that. This is depressing too. What's more frightening is DeSantis has no plans to close the state back down. Even Texas has halted re-opening amid their surge.
  12. My thoughts exactly! I wasn't expecting this, and I am locked with AP goodies. I look forward to the challenge of grabbing them once I unlock!
  13. True story: my current dog actually ate a bee, it was circling his dish while he was eating. My dog does not like to share his food. Zero, please.
  14. Book Number: 27 Number Of Pages: 320 Book Title: Bright Author: H.D. Knightley Summary: This YA story centers around a teenager who questions society and government control to live her own life, risking imprisonment and death to be her own person and follow her own path. @catstaff I'm a huge Mercedes Lackey fan and noticed you're reading the Elemental Masters series by her. Would you recommend it? It's one of the only series by her I haven't read.
  15. This will most likely be official from early reports. Thank you for the link, @AngelsSin, I was getting ready to post my link which corroborates yours and your concerns about numbers being underreported. I don't even want to know where your mother gets her ideas from (because what you posted is by no means news) but that sounds like some Facebook nonsense I've seen floating around.
  16. I don't remember where I read it, but I saw in the news that Florida was getting ready to cook their numbers again by no longer reporting covid-19 deaths or cases. In fact, they were going to start deleting existing cases to prove to the public that after their recent spike, they've gotten everything under control and re-opening was a good idea and spend money, tourists! Let me see if I can dig up a source. It was leaking from sources within Florida's health department.
  17. Well, I wasn't going to share this, but after reading this I shall! Please enjoy these public comments from Floridians in Palm Beach after Palm Beach County made masks mandatory! This kind of attitude is everywhere, including with the religious nuttery thrown in. This is what years of an intentionally dumbed-down public education system combined with ignorance masquerading as religious worship will do to a large portion of the populace. Somewhere freedom became "I can do anything I want all the time!" to too many citizens. Seconded! Seriously, I've been saying for months other countries need to ban us from their shores. Until we get this under control as a country no one should let us in. California was one of the states doing well and now Governor Newsom has had to make face masks mandatory after a huge spike in cases, particularly in Southern California. Glad you're feeling better @AngelsSin! Please keep us updated!
  18. I hope you can get tested, @AngelsSin! Please quarantine yourself if you can in the meantime, and I'll keep you in my thoughts! Have you let your employer know? @Astreya There are mobile testing units available stateside, but they don't make housecalls, they just move from place to place. To get access to a doctor that does that is something 95% of the population can't afford, it's a very expensive service.
  19. Hello and welcome! If you mean your scrollname, there is no way to change it yet. We have two threads that discuss this, it is a feature a number of users would like. Please weigh in with your thoughts if either suggestion sounds good to you. The more members request support, the better the chance it will change.
  20. Hello and welcome! You can add your dragons to your signature if you would like us to view them, or you can add a link to your scroll! You can also add your dragons to our forum hatcheries for views: use this hatchery for non-ER eggs and hatchlings, and use this hatchery for eggs and hatchlings that have less than four days left. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  21. Hello and welcome! Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  22. Gen Z created the Tide Pod challenge and the toilet licking challenge, not to mention the ice cream challenge. They brought that bad rap on themselves. At least Millenials just unleashed avocado toast on the world. It should be remembered that that prank didn't depress turnout. The Trump administration didn't put a cap on tickets, so anyone could've gotten one and gone. This means his supporters didn't show up, which purplehaze pointed out and is the real story here. Some NBA players are openly wondering if they should return to playing sports right now, lest it take away from the very real progress being made on racial equality. They've said, rightly in my opinion, that this isn't the time to offer a distraction from these issues. There are more important things to focus on and other ways to escape. Sorry to hear about Florida, but I'm glad to see people near you taking it seriously. We're all in this together. I went out today and everyone was wearing masks. It was heartwarming. John Oliver hit another home run covering coronavirus and prisons yesterday. For our international members who want to view this, you'll probably need a proxy again to access it (thanks for the tip from the last video I posted, Fuzzbucket!)
  23. 53,718 I did some sleuthing and it turns out @trystan is correct, there are a number of hidden posts. Let me eat lunch and I'll go through and clean them out, hopefully that'll fix the counting issue! Thanks for the PM, @purplehaze!
  24. I get those all the time now. The Trump campaign must be on a spending blitz with these ads. I also love how many people believe Trump is a "patriot" because of that flag-hugging, it was a big hit at CPAC. For sports, as leagues get ready to try to resume, I'm wondering when they're going to realize it's not going to happen. I haven't read a solid plan from any league on what to do should there be an outbreak in any team once they resume. In baseball, all the spring camps have shut down due to at least six teams having staff or players with positive coronavirus tests, multiple NFL players have tested positive as well, and the NHL has players and staff testing positive too. After its initial outbreak with Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, and Kevin Durant, not a lot of new coronavirus cases are being reported out of the NBA. Even playing without fans, this is a perfect storm of coronavirus conditions with all the contact and body fluids that fly between teams. The MLB is at least trying with a new set of rules for players and staff, but given how often these activities happen during the course of one game, these rules aren't going to work. They really should just wait until next year.