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    My Wish List:
    Oh pretty please:
    2nd gen tinsel
    2nd gen silver/frill(male)

    2nd gen silver/rose
    2nd gen gold/val'09
    2nd gen gold/oldpink
    2nd gen gold gold(female)/lightning
    2nd gen alt sweet/black
    2nd gen alt sweet/flamingo
    2nd gen white/sweet
    2nd gen oldpink/sweet
    2nd gen oldpink/yulebuck
    2nd gen ice ice(male)/winter
    2nd gen ice ice(female)/black
    3rd gen daydream/sweet checker
    3rd gen red/yule checker
    2nd gen ice/ribbon
    2nd gen ice(male)/marrow
    2nd gen black/snowangel
    2nd gen tan tan/rose
    Any 2nd black black/metal(gold or silver)
    3rd gen metal/metal fail checker(gold or silver)

    2nd gen stripe stripe/spotted wing(female)
    2nd gen purple/marrow(male & female)
    2nd gen stripe/marrow(male & female)
    2nd gen black/marrow(male & female)
    2nd gen redDorsal/marrow(male & female) (either color dorsal)
    2nd gen ember/marrow(male & female)
    CB Stripe
    3rd gen black black/sweetling or val09 checker
    2nd gen redDorsal/altSweetling (either color dorsal)
    2nd gen any /spriters alt
    2nd gen black/rose or sweetling
    2nd gen stripe stripe/ice(male & female)
    2nd gen pink oldpink/marrow(male & female)
    2nd gen from old pink
    3rd gen from old pink checker or 2 breed stair
    2nd gen thunder white/thunder(male)
    2nd gen albino/marrow(female)
    2nd gen albino/snowangel
    2nd gen thunder(male)/old pink
    3rd gen even checkerboard stripe
    3rd gen even checkerboard sweetlings
    3rd gen even checkerboard val09
    3rd gen even checkerboard rose
    pretty lineaged reds


    2nd gen nebula/rose or sweetling
    2nd gen thunder/sweetling
    2nd gen daydream/rose,val09 or sweetling(unrelated to mine)
    2nd gen nebula nebula/sunsong(female)
    any non-listed 2nd gen ?/marrow
    CB Ice
    CB Magma
    Cb Thunder


    3rd gen even black/ice(male) checkerboard (either ice or black)
    3rd gen even pillow/magma(female) checkerboard (either magma or pillow)
    3rd gen even moon/thunder(male) checkerboard (either thunder or moon)
    3rd gen purple nebula ice/purple nebula checker

    Any Even or stair-step metallic PM for additional offerings from me

    Any Lineage Hatchies or ER only: