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  1. hello, *bows* The last time I was here was at least a year ago. I have to say I thought that this RP would be complete by now. I'm a tad sad it's not. I hope you all continue to work hard as I'm looking forward to the ending.
  2. Love the books but I hate how slow it was Ilera All great but the main cariater of The Seventh Tower is way too anoring and the the books are too short. mange? never heard of this is it good?
  3. Yoshimori is a lot of fun to whatch and his cakes are great(do you read the manga) me, my fave is Kon from Suzumiya Haruhi as he does great naration.
  4. Anime Anime Anime So much to choes from but i do love angle beats now that was lovely Never seen D-Grey man and I only like the part of Death Note with L as Lights to crazy the rest of the time still lots of series in the futer. P.S. go Star Driver some more: card capture sakura, FMA B, Amaenaideyo!(manga's great), Gurren Lagann, Suzumiya Haruhi, Lucky Star, the list goes on and on
  5. wow that is of hate and it makes me think who to hate (2 mins later and i got it) All the AIs that just stand there and get in the way on all my shooter games Plus the kid in Fable 1 who is sick and you have to do the masive quest to make him better for no thing. Oh and the one at the start who goes "you gona stand there like a lemon"
  6. It is great Stunningfire and worth reading. Also to the people who hate it I have to say I don't care and can not wait for the new book coming out soon . So to my finle note What is wrong with caring for the environment.
  7. I have played 10, 10-2, 12 and 13 but have never finished any of them . Good thing I like them then Ha Ha Ha