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  1. the bot fly. it lay eggs under you skin....
  2. when you forget what your doing or holding
  3. Tf2, Half-life 2, Fable 2 and 3, Left 4 Dead 2, Oblivion, Minecraft, and The Zelda series
  4. the first video game I ever played was probably spider-man for the GameCube
  5. Fishpaste

    Edger Allan Poe

    I love how creepy his stories are
  6. the camp fire song song because everyone always sings it
  7. the elder scrolls 5, Gran Turismo, LBP, LBP2, and Tf2
  8. Any movie based video games. They always make no sense
  9. it used to be good then spongebob started to touch everyone all the time and sing and dance. They ruined him
  10. Pokemon. Digimon never really got my attention
  11. The Lord of the rings trilogy
  12. I love to draw and can only draw stick figures
  13. people who think they're your friend and follow you around. Scroll spam removed.