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    *** I accept IOUs! ***

    I gift BSA hatchie packs to new users (those with no scroll trophy): if you're interested, shoot me a PM!


    Scroll goal: 2 CB breeding pairs of each dragon, plus 1 male, 1 female, and one ungendered hatchling to freeze. 2 2nd gen pairs of each dragon that isn't available as CB anymore. At least 2 2nd gens of every holiday dragon. At least 2 of each unbreedable, plus a hatchie to freeze.


    CB Hatchlings-

    Albino 2M 2F
    Alt Black 2M 2F
    Balloon 2M 2F
    Black Capped Temiarr 2M 2F
    Black Tea 2M 2F
    Blacktip 1M 1F
    Bleeding Moon 2M 2F
    Blue-Banded 2M 2F
    Blusang Lindwurm 2M 2F
    Bright Breasted Wyvern 1M 1F
    Brimstone 1M 1F
    Brute 2M 2F
    Canopy 2M 2F
    Carmine Wyvern 2M 2F
    Cassare 2M 2F
    Coastal Waverunner 1M 1F
    Crimson Flare Pygmy 2F
    Dark Green (Vine) 1M
    Dark Myst Pygmy 1M 1F
    Day Glory Drake 1M 2F
    Daydream 1M 1F
    Deep Sea 1M 2F
    Dorsal (Purple) 1M 1F
    Dorsal (Red) 2F
    Duotone 2M 2F
    Electric 2M 2F
    Ember 1M 2F
    Falconiform Wyvern 2M 2F
    Flamingo 1M 2F
    Frostbite 2M 2F
    Gilded Bloodscale 2M 2F
    Glaucus Drake 2M 2F
    Gold Horned Tangar 1F
    Gray 2M 2F
    Green 1M 1F
    Guardian 2M
    Harvest 2M 2F
    Horse 1M 1F
    Ice 2M 1F
    Imperial Fleshcrowne 2M 2F
    Lumina 1M 1F
    Magma 1M 2F
    Misfit Pygmy 2F
    Nebula (Purple) 1M
    Nebula (Green) 2M
    Nebula (Blue) 1F
    Neotropical 2M 2F
    Nhiostrife Wyvern 2M 2F
    Night Glory 2M 1F
    Nilia Pygmy 2M 1F
    Nocturne 1M 2F
    Ochedrake 1M
    Olive 2M 2F
    Pink 1M 1F
    Plated Colossus 1M 1F
    Purple 1M 2F
    Pygmy 2M
    Pyralspite (Alamandine) 2M 2F
    Pyralspite (Spessartine) 2M 2F
    Pyralspite (Pyrope) 1M 1F
    Red 2M 2F
    Red Finned Tidal 1M 1F
    Ridgewing (Regular) 2M 2F
    Ridgewing (Alt) 2M 1F
    Royal Blue 1M 1F
    Royal Crimson 1M
    Seasonal (Winter) 2M 2F
    Seasonal (Spring) 2M 2F
    Seasonal (Summer) 2M 2F
    Seasonal (Autumn) 2M 2F
    Seawyrm Pygmy 1M 1F
    Seragamma Wyvern 2M 2F
    Skywing 1F
    Speckle-Throated 2M 2F
    Spitfire 1M 2F
    Spotted Greenwing 1M 1F
    Stone 2M 2F
    Striped (White) 1M 2F
    Striped (Red) 2M 2F
    Striped (Green) 2M 2F
    Striped (Blue) 2M 2F
    Striped (Black) 2M 2F
    Striped River 1M 1F
    Sunrise 1M 2F
    Sunset 2M 2F
    Sunsong 2M 1F
    Swallowtail 1M 1F
    Thunder 2F
    Tri-Horned Wyvern 2M 2F
    Tsunami Wyvern 2M 2F
    Two Headed 2M 2F
    Two-Headed Lindwurm 2M 2F
    Undine 2M 1F
    Undine (Alt) 2M 2F
    Water 2M 2F
    Water Walker 2M 2F
    Waterhorse 2M 2F
    Whiptail 2M
    White 1M
    Yellow Crowned 1M 1F

    CB Metallics-

    Copper (Rainbow) 2M 2F
    Copper (Liver of Sulfate) 2M 2F
    Copper (Verdigris) 2M 2F
    Gold 2M 2F
    Gold Wyvern 1M 2F
    Silver 2M 2F

    Always looking for 2nd gen tinsels/shimmers!



    None currently!