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  1. still haven't seen an eggy in the AP
  2. Yes, but some animals have a greater ability to damage the natural balance of an ecosystem than others and I would absolutely support a ban on cats in a location if they were determined to be too destructive to an area to the point where native species were being wiped out and I have three cats of my own. But right now while free roaming cats do cause damage its not to the point of ecosystem collapse in most areas whereas large pythons like the Burmese could tip the already fragile everglades into collapse on the level that Snakeheads or Asian Carp have done. I know lots of monster fish keepers used to get and covet Snakeheads but those are also banned now and rightfully so. Our desire to own and aquire certain creatures does not override our obligation to protect our natural areas and native species. Once an invasive creature is found to out compete native species to the point of possible ecosystem destruction than I think protecting the natural balance is a greater issue that superceeds individual rights. I don't believe the slippery slope arguement is valid. Animals being allowed as pets have been evaulated, banned, and than unbanned all the time. Sometimes restrictions are eased and sometimes they're tightened based on the need the situation. No one is going to suggest banning any animal unless it poses a significant health or environmental hazard. In this case they're evaluating the merits of the ownership of certain snakes and thats where the debate is staying.
  3. Actually with a Burmese python it can just as easily be the other way around... A Burmese that tried to eat too big of an alligator and didn't end up too well for the Burmese (somewhat graphic) http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/20...oneatsgator.jpg Another Burmese easily doing in a smaller gator http://kpbs.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com...7d38a6025dcea0e When it comes down to alligator vs burmese it just depends on whose bigger at that moment. There is no clear cut winner in that match. I would support a location specific ban on large pythons/constrictors. You can't make people not be stupid with their pets and invasive species can devastate ecosystems beyond repair so there's too much at stake to continue to allow them in areas they can live in andbreed.
  4. There's a lot of companies that more often than not have nothing to do with online copyright infringement on that list... Very happy mine isn't but than again I didn't see any internet based businesses on that list that I can recall. We had some of our tech guys ask Al Gore at our yearly kick off meeting about SOPA a few weeks ago and he basically said he thought the thing was a terrible idea. I've consistently seen talk about SOPA and PIPA building over the course of several months. Theres a vote coming up so thats why there's a sudden push for awareness so people do respond and do make their voices heard in congress and do remind politicians that the people elect them, not corporations.
  5. lol Yeah it was because there were a lot of people drawing similarities between the two dragons both on color and pose. And congrats on the win! I will definitely be using this lil' harvest for breeding
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/o9Gbb I almost wonder if someone bred that one to make a point I like it a lot though and will prolly bred it a mate
  7. I may have agreed with this assessment at one point but I'm finding the forums much more strict now than I have in the past and honestly these boards are probably the most strict I've been on in a while. In fact, these are the ONLY boards (or game for that matter) I've ever received any type of warning on and its making me less inclined to participate in any discussion and instead just use the forums strictly for the purposes of things like trading because I take warnings like a slap in the face and perhaps a bit too personally when I know my intentions are never to deliberately brake any rules. And its not like I don't know what it is to mod a board, I've modded and even admin'd for a while on a board with over 1000 members and 1.5million posts, not as impressive as this board sure but large still and yes it is a thankless job but still not without room for improvement or above critique which we welcomed and created surveys for, and if I ever found myself on a board that did not allow for commentary on staff I'd be out of there as quick as possible. I have to deal with my clients critiquing my job at work as well as all my co-workers and I appreciate them for it because its how I grow and improve. What is a forum without its members? A forum should exist for, by, and of its members or there will be no one left for which to discuss anything. Any forum that would deny thoughtful feedback on any aspect of the board is not serving the interests of its members and doesn't deserve to have them. Now don't take this as meaning I think these boards are THAT bad because obviously this discussion topic is here. I just think such a board serves as a poor argument or example of a standard of operation and personally know very few that work that way. (than again I wouldn't be on one with that sort of atmosphere)
  8. Almost same here. But I am only allergic to flu vaccine (it makes me feel MUCH worse than the regular flu) You sure its not an egg allergy? I can't get the flu vaccine because they make it with eggs and I have an egg allergy
  9. I ride the same amount in the winter and summer cause my barn has 1 large indoor arena and a 2nd smaller one to accomodate the boarders and lessons. Most barns around here have both indoor and outdoor arenas actually. We ride mostly outdoors in the summer cause it just gets too hot and dusty inside and than indoors in the winter cause its sub-zero outside....usually, this year is an exception to the sub-zero rule.
  10. I speak Chicagoese http://www.seanparnell.com/Chicago/Chicagoese.htm Mine fortunately isn't as thick as the "meatballs" though. (my loving term for the stereotypical meathead sounding Chicagoan, most commonly found commenting on sports radio talking about da Bears and dat der coach Lovie)
  11. Hmmm, I find it interesting that so many didn't like Mockingjay because I liked that one 2nd behind the Hunger Games and Catching Fire was my least fav just cause it seemed to drag after all the edge of your seat action in the first one.
  12. The barn I ride at has at least two horses that HATE to be groomed and also get nippy with the girth. They start flattening their ears, making faces and swinging their heads around. Normally they don't really try to connect but it has happened. Both of these horses are also only groomed and tacked by more experienced riders who know how to read their body language. The flip side is that both of these horses are also extremely good mounts who make an excellent stepping stone for advanced beginners to intermediate students. Perfectly well mannered when your in the saddle where it really counts. Since I know that these two horses are fussy about grooming and tacking I'll brush them with an elbow up so that if the horse suddenly swings his head around he'll bash into my elbow instead of taking a chunk out of me. Also, when tightening the girth I loop the arm nearest to the horses head in the reins and tighten the outside rein so I can feel it when the horse starts to bring his head around and stop him from trying to bite me before he actually does. Kizzikins - yeah, I ride in half chaps and they're definitely more about providing additional grip to the saddle and reinforcing your leg. Since I started riding in them I can't imagine not wearing them while riding now. My cues are stronger and I feel more secure in my seat.
  13. Actually you would be well within your rights to tell a customer to take their hands off you and if your workplace see's it differently and writes you up for saying that to a customer than that could fall into a sexual harassment lawsuit. Also if your manager refuses to do anything you can tell the customer something to the effect that you are not afraid to call the police if they don't stop touching/harassing you. You do have a right to work at a place where you are not harassed or made to feel uncomfortable from that sort of contact and the law would be on your side, at least in the US. Just cause your in a service position does not mean the laws aren't still there to protect you and/or suddenly don't apply and you can't stand up for yourself in extreme circumstances like that. ___ The worst thing I ever experienced was not technically having to do with customer service. I work as a recruiter and one time I had to call a list of names to inform them about a job fair that was taking place and when they may like to attend, thats it. Now granted the jobs being offered weren't the greatest but it was pretty simple to just say, hey not interested. Well one guy proceeded to curse me out with an expletive filled rant for literally 15mins about why I'm calling him, who am I, where do I work, whose my manager...on and on and on with an f-bomb laced into every other word. It was so bad that everyone sitting around me was looking over at me like "whats going on?" No matter what I said to this guy or offered or answered in the most non-confrontational way possible, he just kept on and on with the insults and swears and it was literally a swear every other word, no joke...for 15mins. I was tearing up by the end which had to have been audible in my voice as well but that did nothing to phase him and his onslaught, this was just an angry bully. After I finally got him off the phone my manager told me that if anything like that ever happens again I can just ask the person to please not talk to me in that manner and if they keep it up just hang up. That there's no reason someone should be allowed to talk to me like that. It was good to know that he had my back.
  14. Something I just wanted to point out, migration in nature isn't static and unchanging, its fluid. There are always species that alter their migration patterns or populations that cease to migrate and become permanent residents or species that start migrating or migrate further than before. You have have a species where some members of the species that live in one location migrate while a population in another area doesn't migrate or moves very little. An example of this where I live is observed in canadian geese. Canadian geese are supposed to be a migratory species but some populations decided to become permanent residents here because they've found consistent food supplies and ideal habitats from the human populations. So while on a whole canadian geese migrate, we do now have permanent colonies and flocks in this area. So I don't see why the dragon migration patterns wouldn't be fluid and designed to keep up with ranging demands. You can think of a species with high demand as being in a location that is nearly always catering to its needs with high resources so it doesn't migrate or migrates a little while a low demand species are in locations that are low on resources and have a greater need to migrate.
  15. I would support additional shading and small anatomy tweaks as well as a redone hatchling. I'm unsure of dimorphism though and I wouldn't want the current sprite totally redone. If dimorphism is implemented I would hope that the female spirte matches the male in color in feel...maybe different color flowers at the most.
  16. I never actually got the love over the old gold sprite and I just collected them for rarity's sake. Them and the regular black sprite but thats a different story. The more I look at the gold sprite, the more I love it and I definetly have to freeze a hatchling of them now, too adorable. I actually gave my CB gold a description the other day after so many years and very few of my dragons have descriptions. The sunrise/sunset change is very minor to me so I'm nuetral on it...still am not fond of the male sprite, its in like a totally different style to the female which creates a bad contrast in my mind. I'd like for them to have matching styles one way or the other but I definetly prefer the female sunset style still over the male. Liking the horse change. Much better shading and the pose tweaks are subtle and yet substancial enough to give it the same horse feel with a much more dynamic energy. Now if someone could just tweak the shield dragon so that I actually want it on my scroll...
  17. It was a CB Magma followed next by a CB Thunder. Ice evaded me the longest.
  18. No email Oh wellz! Will be vigorously trying to trade for one than Congrats to the winners!
  19. My first black alt was like literally one of my first dragons, maybe the second set of four if that.
  20. My first CB holiday were the Shadow Walkers. I've been around longer than that but never managed to get on for holiday releases. I think I tried for the pumpkins but just couldn't grab anything. I was able to catch a couple vampires though when they were given bite prior to my shadow walkers
  21. Sweet, got to name one of mine King Wenceslas
  22. Got all the snow angels, ribbon dancers, and Yulebucks I'm going to need for now...still missing that holly :/
  23. I've seen like 6 or 8 hollies but have yet to nab one
  24. I got a beautiful 2nd gen Snow Angel and Frill pairing