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  1. Cool I feel proud to sign.
  2. you know I think I feel depressed I really like the look of some of the dragons dressed up the way they are T_T I am going to miss it. they look so cool with their new colors this way. oh I will eat another cookie and get over it Happy Holidays all.
  3. well this being my first Christmas here I got all other eggs but Holly so I this over all ok.
  4. OMG i am in tears over the first story T_T. ty ty its great
  5. WOW their Beautiful I love them
  6. New Release! Oh Joy! thanks TJ
  7. ashhaidragon


    I love Lovecraft
  8. don't know if anyone said this but Voice of Rainbow's George and Zippy - as well as Doctor Who's foes the Daleks - dies My Webpage
  9. ashhaidragon

    Sad songs

    this is the saddest song in the world... I still cry when I hear him sing it
  10. Thank you TJ love the update
  11. wow this is a new feel
  12. i like the original show and it was cute. and funny side Nancy Cartwright played the voice of Gusty and a few other ch. in My little ponys
  13. sorry about before. but just wanted to share something i found funny.
  14. wouldn't they them self's become the angles ?
  15. Monty Python i love them.. and on the older note i am a huge fan of The Muppet Show.
  16. thank you i have been stressing over when it is coming out
  17. just asking....has the new season started yet ?