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  1. That's exctly what my brother and I do while watching horror movies! Betting whi will die when and how. It's quite funny... if you know 'the rules' you won't bet on the wrong one very often. At first the b**** dies in some kind of disgusting way. Then it varies between the nerd and the (omigosh only) black person. The nerd dies in a little 'sexy' way... because he didn't get any when he was still alive. Poor guy. When the ugly guy gets the hot girl they will probably stay together and survive or at least die last. Oh! And every time a bad thing suddenly comes out of nowhere to kill someone ther is this sound... you know which one I mean, don't you? That's what's maing you startled in the first place. Not the monsters or axe murderers. But hey! It works!
  2. Hehe... that's because the movie is so great! And because you woldn't expect such a happy sounding song in a horror movie. Alt least if you don't know the lyrics. @Icepelt: You just killed the beautiful music in my head! How could you! So cruel... But oh well... I can still replace it with some nice pirate songs: *Fifteen men on a dead mans chest yohoho and a bottle of rum!...* One of my favourite songs ever! Pirate-music is sooo sticky that it truely keeps stuck in my head. Arrrrrr!
  3. You can try! They're quite cool people... I got to know the Keyboarder because they wanted our choir for some of their songs. unfortunately they where already behind their schedule so there wasn't enough time to practice. Well... at least two of our singers are now in the background in some of the songs. ^^ but because of the new lable it culd get hard. They just went on tour with a very popular middleage-rock band. Do you know Schandmaul? And to get back to the topic: yup! I like middleage-rock and just middleage music as well!^^
  4. As a vague guideline: when you have a rather low singing voice, you're alto. When you can sing high, you're probably a soprano. And the Mezzo Soprano would be something in between. My vocal range is from E (tough it's pretty hard for me to sing that deep) to f'' so I guess I'm Alto. Either that or Mezzo Soprano...^^
  5. @ Delphine: Yup... HolyHell sounds nice!^^ But Symphonic Metal is nice, too... There is a new band from where I'm from... they resently changed lables. Thie'r new lable organizes (with others, of course^^) some pretty important festivals in Germany. Maybe you don't know all but you might have heared about Wacken at least... You'll probably like them...
  6. Don't underestimate female singers! Symphonic Metal's good but they can be a lot mire heavy! Just listen to Arch Enemy... if you dare to...
  7. hehe.. you can't escape the Levas Polka! There's one that's stuck in my head since I watched American Werewolf: Bad Moon Rising (just ignore the Dragonball-video^^')
  8. Irish Folk Rock! Yay! Flogging Molly Dropkick Murphys Fiddlers Green ...
  9. @Zovesta: That's exactly the song I was thinking about! O.o
  10. I don't like any of them. but if had to chose I'd say Katy Perry... because... She kissed a girl and she liked it! Edit: It won't let me vote! Grrrr....
  11. Umm... it's as bad as you would expect... pop music by a 13-year old. She's too old to be adorable when she sings this (add something nasty here) and she's too young to see it as a joke. and it's pop, (add an other nasty word)! but in her age I think she has a right to be stupid. In a vew years she will realize her mistake and cry about it on her own. no reason to be mean now.
  12. Yea! Stop discriminating against blue people! rofl I'm more the horror movie kind of person. And there's a lot of bad films going aound in this genre. Especially the American ones with the cliché scenario: bunch of teenagers go to a creepy place because it seemed like fun first and then they get slaughterd one by one in a no longer creative way. Urgh! the last bad one I watched was 'Albino Farm'. I knew the whole plot and the order the teenagers would die after 15 minutes! (still watched the complete film... don't even know why.)
  13. I don't know much about his private life but I love his work. Who am I to judge? I wasn't alife back then. I wasn't there to see what he did and how he lived. I'm just reading his stories and poems and I leka them. Especially The Raven and his story about the Premature Burial... the fear of every human being... It still creeps me out... to think someone wakes up and has to realize that they are burried and noone hears them scream or knock or cry. The same with 'Berenice' here... And The Murders in the Rue Morgue are brilliant as well!
  14. Whoever voted for mine... Thank yoouuuuuu!!! ♥♥♥
  15. there where so many good pictures here! But Aerouant got my vote this time...
  16. I don't know the name but I've got the one with the gray tiger with green eyes. (I have a thing for tigers and green eyes ) My brother got the blue one with the Katana...
  17. Well a fish that swims downstream is a dead fish! but I think it would be mean to post the rose picture when someone already participates with a similar image. But I'm happy you liked it I'll take rubyshoes' and Autanas advice then and go with the house then. Since I think it came out nice. Thanks!^^ @Bonjourno!: I like the one with the basketball hoop best. That angle is interesting!
  18. I feel like a complete failure now... thanks! No, seriously! You are all so great! I got my AIPTEK-tablet as a christmas present two years ago and I do think that I improved but I'm still miles away from most of the stuff you draw... Oh! but I've drawn my mascot myself! that came out pretty cute. The leviathan isn't that good... I like the inked uncoloured version better. I'm also drawing some RPG characters for own use. (like this one or this one) but I suck in the more realistic styles... for portraits ans such there's still just the pencil for me... *sigh*
  19. Buhuuuu... T.T I wanted to enter my withered rose but someone already came up with that idea! hmmm... let's see what nice ruins I've got.... I'm no sure now. should I take this one or this?
  20. Hah! I did, too! but when you aren't that tired the atmosphere in the movie is actually quite good (as in spooky). At least in the parts I was awake and now the good advice from the horror movie geek: 1.) cliché horror movies with ridiculous plots are fun... but then don't watch the low budget ones. You can take bad quality when there is a nice storyline or at least a little profoundness. You can also take stupid plots when they are nicely shot. But at least I can't bear watching bad actors shot with cheap cameras trying to make an awful script into a movie that's even worse. (Just don't watch Strippers vs. Zombies... ) 2.) Don't always watch the american remakes of korean horror movies. The oiginals are way better! 3.) do never watch scary movie 3 before watching The Ring! >.< (everyone hates me now because i couldn't stop loughing while people died...)
  21. When I don't like a book right from the start it's mostly because of the bad writing style. I'm trying to give every kind of genre or storyline a chance but if the sentences consist of ten words maximum and every fifth and sixth word is 'classy blonde' I just cant go on reading. Since I'm into trashy horror novels (like when the author went overboard with the plot... NOT like in poorly written) that happens quite often. But as long as I have my John Sinclaire novels I'll be happy the sad thing about this is that it doesn't only happen with books you already expect to be bad. I once startet reading Dickens' Great Expectations, being a classic and all. It was interesting from the very beginning and I liked about the frst quater of the story... but then the main character became so... so... (Trying not to swear) I just came to hate that guy and after I got half through the book I just put it back into the book shelf and never touched it again. Because I don't friggin care what happens to that guy I hate! >.<