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  1. Kiah breathed heavily, his heart galloping away in his chest. He cradled his head as a head ache swept over him, that was a bit too close for comfort. He couldn't hear much, still, though his insensitivity was fading. He wished he was deaf when The Shifter roared her triumph as she shifted to a dragon-humanoid creature. He pressed his hands over his ears, hard, wishing he could rip them off and throw them away. He parted his eyes slowly when she was done, seeing the confusion spread across her face like the fire below he didn't know why she was confused. But he couldn't explain anything at the moment, that girl was still down there in the flames! Was he perhaps too late to do anything for her?

    "What about the girl? Did you see her?"

    He cried, he had no idea how loudly, his ears no ringing from the Shifter's incredibly loud roar.

  2. Kiah yelped when the Shifter let loose an arrow at the earth, exploding in their faces and, sending them both flying as she spread her wings, grabbing him with a surprisingly iron grasp. Kiah shuddered, her thoughts and actions were pulsing through him like they were his own. He needed to get away from her, now! Such a powerful pain swept over him through her and because of the connection, he ripped himself from her grasp, snapping his wings open so he would not plummet to the earth. He beat his feathery wings coated in black hard to keep himself from being thrown back again as yet another wave of air battered at him as it struck. Another fire had been lit.

  3. The explosion of the weapon crashed into Kiah, sending him flying backwards. His ears heard nothing for a while, all but the sounding of some continuous bell ringing loudly in his ears. Kiah rose slowly from the place he had landed, but it was too late, for an ebony mass surrounded the girl and crazy man. And less than a second later, it went up in flames like the sun. He stood hastily, dashing away from the leaping flame's reach, he still caught fire. He patted his leg rapidly, trying to suffocate the flames that had his pants of fire. His entire body ached, and he faltered, he saw the Shape-shifter fall, blood rushing down her arm. Someone had a gun. There were two of them. He flew to her, unable to do anything for the other girl.


    He cried, he didn't know how loudly, he couldn't even hear himself at the moment, he placed a hand on her shoulder trying to steady her, mistakenly. He felt her pain rushing through his blood as he made the action, and heard her curse in her thoughts. He jerked his hand away, cringing.

  4. "I have honestly no clue."

    His brow furrowed. He should probably go check out what happened. that girl might be hurt. The tall young lady smiled at him.

    "You Do know that I'm just a shape-shifter, right? I can turn into anything I can imagine."

    His lips parted, one finger pointed at her in shock, but nothing escaped his throat. He'd have to figure this out later!

    "No. I've got to go."

    He launched poorly off his good leg, lopsidedly, he'd never had to launch with a bad leg before. He rose high up into the mountain top, and saw the girl lying on the ground, her hands a glow. And a man taring after her with the speed of a stag, acting like a crazy man. What in the world is going on? He landed a few feet in front of the crazy guy, between him and the girl.

    "What's going on?"

    He asked calmly, leaning heavily on his good leg.

  5. Kiah's gaze was plastered on the girl with bright red hair. She. Had. Wings! Just like him! He mouth tore from it's rusted shut place and hung open a bit. She was also form the circus! How cool was that? He'd always wanted to join the circus as a kid, but never found the courage to do so. He was about to speak when he heard a shattering rock in the distance. The same direction the other girl had taken off to. His head swiveled back to the girl with wings. Was she in on this? What was happening?

    "What's going on?"

    He asked, flying over to her, noting he had to look up to her.

  6. When he saw she meant no harm by her weapon by putting it away, he sighed and his shoulders slumped ever so slightly. He stayed on his ledge though, and decided to sit, his legs were so sore from all the biking he had done previously. It was too late to hide his wings...but not too late to take the memory of seeing him away from the girl with bright read hair. He mistakenly thought her head was on fire the second time he looked at it.

    "That's okay..."

    He said quietly, a slight smile brightening his face tiredly.

    "Just please don't do it again..."

    If he could just touch her, that's all the leverage he would need. He didn't have to touch her, but...What was he thinking?! He couldn't just take her memory away because it was endangering himself! That was such a horrible thought.


  7. Kiah heard a few little rocks sliding and it piqued his curiosity, he turned to find a young lady....with a bow! His eyes flew wide, and he searched for a ledge, he flew to it within a snap, and pressed himself against the mountain side, straining to breath quietly. She was human! Snap! This day was just getting worse and worse! His leg stung badly as he put little weight on it. Already it had begun again, he was being hunted like some kind of animal, never understood. He scowled, the memories of the last time still plagued his dreams. He wouldn't make that mistake again. His anger burned hot within him, he needed to leave this place, and search for yet another place to live, change his name, yet once again. This was getting so tiring.

  8. "Aaaaah!"

    Kiah cried in alarm, swerving to the girl on the rock. Another Hero! Or perhaps a villian. His wings flapped rapidly to keep him in the same place, starting to put slight strain on his spine. Oh-uh. Wings and everything. Too late now...

    "Are you alright? Did I hurt you?"

    Now she asks! After the fact... He placed a hand on his chest to calm his heart that had skipped a beat in shock. He looked at his cuts of his arm, the only really bad one on his leg.

    "I-I'm o-okay."

    He said quietly, shying away from the beautiful young lady, she was pretty close. What am I gonna do now? My bike's totaled, and I can't walk, and I definitely can't fly everywhere. People will think of me as some giant bird. A GIANT BIRD!!! He was a fool for staying there so long, he needed to land!

  9. (( aaaaaahh!! Trying to crush Kiah are we? xd.png ))


    Kiah yelped with alarm as he heard a deafening boom. He sprang up, and peered upward, where the noise originated from. He paled, which was saying something. Several large rocks cascaded down the mountainside with frightening cracks and the sound of a oncoming rock slide glued Kiah's heels to the ground. He was about to be pummeled to a pancake. Suddenly he tore his gaze off the rocks, he had only mere seconds to act, his head snapped to the left, the path was even more narrow that way, and rocks already were in his path. He jerked his bag up, he didn't know what to do. Stones of all sizes began to crash around him, quite a few snagged him as they went down, giving him multiple cuts and a few gashes. What the crap am I supposed to do now?! A massive rock covered the sun, aiming straight for Kiah. He could think of only one thing to do. He lept over the edge of the cliff, his wings tore through his hoodie, he pulled up hard and the updraft wind carried him high into the air. He stayed in one position for a few moments, gasping for air, his heart galloping away in his chest.

    "What was that all about?"

    He whispered to himself when he could breath okay, turning around to see the damage. His bike was totaled.

    "No, no, no! I just bought that thing!"

    He cried frustratingly, he needed to land before he was seen.

  10. (( Alrighty then smile.gif ))


    Kiah folded his feathery, white wings against his back tightly, and slid his hoodie over them. He looked like a hunch back, but that was alright. It couldn't be helped. His pack was ready, with all the books he would need along his journey, food, clothing and other gear. He shouldered, and headed out of his apartment. He locked up, and smiled softly at his apartment. His home. His sanctuary. Quite honestly he would miss the place. It held part of him there. He sighed, and touched the door where it marked which apartment he was in. 5B. He quickly vaulted over the steps, but drew up hard when he landed in front of someone. He quickly staggered back. It was the elderly man above him, Mr. Talan. He scowled at Kiah from his hunched over position. He didn't have to say a thing, Kiah knew what he meant.

    "Terribly sorry."

    He bowed as he quickly moved past the elder man, stifling a chuckle. He was a good natured man, he just didn't understand Kiah. Which, was the story of his life. No one cared to understand him. He yawned and unlocked his bike, sticking the chain and the lock, plus his keys in his already heavy bag. He climbed aboard his bike, and peddled hard. He needed to hurry up if he was going to make it to the mountains before nightfall.


    Finally on one of the tough, off trail, Kiah heaved for air and decided to stop. Sweat soaked him, his legs felt like jelly as he wobbled off the bike, taking down the kickstand, he made sure it was stable before he sat down. He rapidly breathed hard as he sat there, his heart the most evident thing in his ears.

  11. (( Alright, since you asked nicely and everything else is dead at the moment, I shall join you with your permission.))



    Birth Name: Kiah (short for Hezekiah)

    Nickname: Broken Song

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Hero/Villain: Hero

    Powers: Healing, telepathy, persuasion, can take memories away or give memories, if he enters his mind it's hard for him not see your memories, which can be either very painful for him and the individual, or extremely pleasurable, so he doesn't like to do it.

    Weakness: When he enters a persons mind, sometimes during the process his memories are showed to the person, and if the person is especially dark, it can turn him dark as well. He fights this a lot.

    Personality: He doesn't like physical contact, at all. So he generally avoids crowds, so as when he bumps people, he sometimes gets flashes of what they thinking, none too pleasant. Because of his powers he has grown up a very lonely young man, so he is socially a bit awkward, he has a hard time starting conversations and continuing them. He's a great listener though. He has a horrible temper, albeit he doesn't say anything when he gets angry, but the look in his eyes is enough to make anyone cower.

    History: Basically he grew up in public school, made fun of his appearance and because of his social stance, is an outcast, and a bit bitter for it too.

    Other: He always, always wears gloves.

    Looks: He is of average height, not a head over normally tall girls, perhaps say a few inches. five foot ten to be exact. His hair turned stark white over the years, and hangs in his eyes, which, one is silver the other is cornflower blue. He has lightly pale skin, since he usually wears a hoodie, his skin rarely sees the light of day, even in the summer. He has a kind look about him though, despite all he's been through. He just doesn't have any friends. He is of a slim build, though if he would ever take his shirt off one could see he is quite more muscular than at first glance would determine. Oh, and can he have wings?

  12. Username: Blade

    Level of roleplay: Ummm... I don't truly know. Some say I'm good.

    Preffered teacher?: Shadow2345

    Group or you and a teacher?: does not matter

    Preffered plot (if any): Sci-fi, medieval, stuff related to that...

    Is english your born language: Yes, sadly.

    If not, what is? (and would you preffer english or that language):

    Roleplaying example:



    Strike one, across the cheek. That was his choice. He inhaled slowly, preparing his blow with every possibility of it going wrong in his mind, he closed his fist with iron knuckles. He struck the man ferociously on the jaw bone, the man went flying. It only took him a few moments to rise to his feet. Eric hadn't thought his plan that far, his anger vanishing like mist in the wind. Replaced by cold, hard fear, his eyes flew wide as the horrendous look in the man's eye met Eric's. Eric exhaled as the man drew near, he fled like a crazy man set loose after fifty years. Sprinting back up the alley, the man hot on his heels with rage, yelling very unpleasant things. The dark alleys were filled with shadows, and almost everywhere Eric went, there was someone that was not on his side. Panting heavily, he met his doom: a dead end. More of the guys had joined up with the rage filled man, all coming to a halt when they saw Eric had no way of escape. Eric swallowed hard, his heart beat unnaturally fast, ringing in his ears, seemingly not getting enough air every gulp he made. His eyes snapped to the right, snapped to the left. This is going to hurt, isn't it? With that thought he closed his eyes for a fleeting moment, preparing to fight, or die. He balled his hands into iron fists, and began to charge the oncoming men. Abruptly a flash of pure white light assaulted his eyes, he launched himself back, throwing his arms in front of his face to hide his eyes from the painful light.

    "Come, this way."

    It was a whisper in his ear, and a hand grabbed his shoulders, forcefully guiding him away. Eric struggled, crying out in alarm, but it was no use. Whoever had a hold on him wasn't letting go.

  13. i dont mean to say that i am not insane, at times, but usauly, that is the way i am around people mine own age. because that is all i usualy get from people mine own age, they're always the plankton upon the top of the massive sea, when i wish that they would discover the depths of the great blue wonder, called the sea, underneath them. not that their isnt a time to be crazy, its just when it is time, my friends are bored, disrespectful, and annoyed by this. and this saddens me, greatly, because their is so much more to life than what 'tis on the surface. lol, i just turned this into a big and serious thing, didnt i?

  14. Most people say that i act older than I am, and i usauly don't like hanging around immaturity. i like hanging around people older than me because they are most of the time a whole lot wiser than i, and i need all the wisdom i can get. life is hard and life is full of pain, but in life one should never focuse on this, life can be full of joy, it all depends on how you react to it. I've had people tell me to follow my heart and emotions, but all i recieved from that is hardship and pain. I find that it does not matter ur age, but that you can be more wise at the age of four, than u are at the age of twenty.





    -sorry for the typos, i am reeeeallly tired-