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  1. AMEN. TO . THIS. Your gendcer shouldn't really matter all that much...
  2. * poke poke * And what about chess... this is something I have noticed, it seems like the vast majority of chess players tend to be guys. ( Not without some exceptions of course). Is it that people still have the idea that girls can't. or is it just that males are more likely to be interested in chess? Just a thought. However, I can say this... I have played chess with the guys and won. Also, there are several examples of high level women chess players who could totally hold their own against their male counterparts ( look up the name Judit Polgar if you don't believe me.) So if it is the first, that idea is definitely false... girls CAN play chess; if the second, I am not srue about that one. As for myself... I don't view my 'femaleness' as having much to do with my ablities or worth as a person ( with the exception that males are often physically stronger than girls). I can study science , play chess, whatever... and if someone doesn't like it, well they can go stand on their heads for all of me... I might well just decide to do said thing SIMPLY to prove that yes I can. I do NOT support male chauvenism and it annoys me, however I think people often make a big deal out of little details, 'cus as some peeps on here have already said, people like to complain. I mostly do what I like... not what stereotypes say a girl is supposed to be like but I wouldn't cry 'sexism ' every time something doesn't work out, either.
  3. Tis your chopice... Don't forget to include Lynxpaw in the prophecy if possible... good side please.
  4. Lynxpaw saw the young apprentice walk up to them. She didn't appear to look welll, so she paused, waiting to see what the medacine cat would say and also to give her a chance to help if it were needed. The young she cat concidered... the apprentice had seemed, Lynxpaw didn't know, her eyes had a shaken, hollow look to them. She sighed, it was terrible that this was being done in the name of the clans. What was she to do? If she agreeed to help Moonpaw with her plan, it would mean never being able to go back to her own clan again, they wouldn't ever trust her after that. On the other hand... Moonpaw might not wish to leave HER clan either... she would wait and see what would be said. "Are you alright, Leafpaw?" she mewed to the third she-cat who had wandered up to their group... was Leafpaw to be trusted or was she too far brainwashed?
  5. Don't forget Lynxpaw! I wanted her to be in on this, too... if possible. Good side... Her line could be something like " The Lynx of the storm ( or thunder) shall guide the way."
  6. I suppose... Actually... i haven't entirely made up my mind as to whether she will accept moonpaw's plan or try to persuade her to go with her.... Notherwords... I am not sure whether she will stay with ShadowClan or not.
  7. LOLS! I like it... Lynxpaw skills sort of suite it.
  8. My thoughts EXACTLy... especially ones from StarClan, right? Edited to add: perhaps we should come up with lists of cats for the prophecy? Lynxpaw would be fighting to save the clans if we do this...
  9. * Nods* not a bad thought... ad perhaps even some cryptic stuff giving hints as to who the cats might be whose destiny it is to fulfill the profecy?
  10. I guess I had supposed something about ending the war.
  11. Lynxpaw listened to what the ShadowClan apprentice was asking of her... and was in for one more surprise. She hadn't realized that the other she-cat was blind!"You..., want for me to stay here, in ShadowClan?" she asked her as she indicated to the she-cat where her injuriess were. The thought of changing ShadowClan from the inside had honestly not occured to the young she-cat... and if she were honest the hought DID have a certain appeal. She had to agree that Yellowpath as leader would be a very bad thing. "Perhaps, though, she ought to wxplain the plan she had in mind to the other she cat as well." I had a plan of my own..." she confessed," I did not intend to stay here. " She rold the medacine cat what she had intended to tod... cover herself in the scent of her enemies to make herself hard to track as the clevershadows did and then make her way out of ShadowClan territory and back to her own clan." I even thought I could bring a few willing apprentices with me..." She added slyly."I believe ThunderClan would welcome you if you told Ravenstar what you told me... that you do not agreee with what ShadowClan has been doing; And I am certain that our medacine cat would albe more than happy to continue your training. However, I am considering what you have told me."This was true... the idea of being in ShadowClan, and possibly being forced to fight against her former Clanmates was a problem for her however. After brief pause the young she-cat simply had to know," What did you have in mind? I mean... what can two apprentices do? Yellowpath..." her voice trailed off... she assumed the other cat knew where her mind was headed with that thought.
  12. "Hey, Morty," the girl grinned," Would you mind if I tagged along? It is a little hard to hold a conversation with Pansear, here." She winked mischievously at the little fire monkey who waved a scolding finger at its trainer in return. Sereena sighed. Maybe I could find anothe pokemon or two myself... Pansear bounced down from his trainer's shoulder and begain to engage in acrobatics about the clearing.
  13. Hey, TMD... I like the banner with the cats on it, but I can't find the code for it... PLEASE? Oh! And here is another thought... usually in Warriors books, there is a prophecy of some kind... should there be here as well... like perhaps about the cat whose destiny it is to stop the Wars of the Roses? Just a thought...That is up to TMD of course.
  14. Lynxpaw had been somewhat surprised when the medacine cat apprentice had asked her to speak with her in private, but medacine cats often had reasons of their own for much of what they did and given the fact that the only cats these days that walked the path of the medacine cat were those with a greater than normal fear of StarClan, she trusted her. Ahw nodded the affirmative and began to follow the other cat. When they reached a spot, after carefully avoiding the puddles that were everywhere, that suited the other she-cat, she was even more surprised by the question the she-cat asked. " Of course I want the war to end," she mewed earnestly," Nearly all of ThunderClan do... far too many innocent cats have lost their lives as a result. Let's face it,the problem," she sighed " is that there are plenty of other cats that do not." After a momen't pause she continued," We never agreed with ShadowClan trying to rule the forest, We... I... don't believe that that is StarClan's will. They gave us four clans, and each with different sets of skills; I believe that is how they meant it to be... not one clan ruling the forest." She hoped that this did not offend the ShadowClan cat." The problem is as it has always been... Unless certain things change, I do not see how the war can end." She looked at the other cat cautiously... hoping tha what she said made sense, and also curious as to what the other she-cat had in mind. She must have a plan of somesort...
  15. Awsome! But, what should she do in the meantime... I was thinking of having her attempt to convince Moonpaw or Leafpaw to go with her, but niether of them ar eon ATM.
  16. Lynxpaw lay curled up in the opening to the apprentices den, which was fortunately well above where the flooding was. She had seen that the medacine cat's den had been flooded, as she had slinked around the camp mostly unnoticed. She had talked to a number of apprentices, although she had yet to get to talk to the medecine cat... she had a few wounds that she wanted to have seen to, that she had gotten when she had been captured b Yellowpath. her thoughts went back to the cats in her Clan. Was ThunderClan's camp in danger as well... Oh, how she wished that she could be there to help out however she could. As it was, she needed to be patient, she wasn't certain which cats she could trust... she might reveal her plan to a few of the apprentices she had seen who had been taken, as she had been.. Moonpaw, or so she had herd the medacine cat apprentice named might or might not wish to leave. Watching the cat's go by from where she sat, it became apparent that day to day life in ShadowClan was not very different from that in her own... the elders and kits needed to be cared for, freshkill had to be caught. But there was a difference,too. There were a few kits and apprentices with scared, hollow eyed expressions, as if what made them, well... them was being slowly stripped away to make way for ... something essle.
  17. Sereena saw the kid she had battled at the pokemon center pass by her and heaad into some of the thick brush... she followed him because she thought she had heard him trip and wanted to be sure the boy was alright... she had sort of taken a 'big sister' sort of feeling towards the boy. " You OK? She called as she walked up to find him locked in a battle with a wild Pidove... she scanned the pokemon with her pokedex... Unnova pokemon! The girl grinned. Pansear chattered, rooting for the other human.
  18. I am wondering... what should Lynxpaw be doing in the ShadowClan camp? Also, is it the plan for Leafpaw or more likely, Moonpaw to go with her when she escapes? Or is it the idea that she will stay there and help Moonpaw overthrow yellowpath from within to attempt to change ShadowClan for the better... I was thinking she would go back, but I would like to know what Backup and Dragcave think of these ideas... oh and you too, TMD. Also, I am still thinking on what Lynxie's warrior name ought to be... seems shadow is taken too. Lynxfang perhaps. The plan i had in mind is more or less as follows... Lynxpaw waits in the Shadow camp until nightfall, then , covering herself in ShadowClan scent to make her hard to track., and then she sneaks out, taking maybe a couple of willing apprentices with her and makes her way back to ThunderClan land. If Moonpaw wanted , this could be her chance... also Lynxie kinda wants to talk to her anyway...
  19. Lynxpaw stopped her attack, and looked at the tom curiously for a second... then she snorted with disgust and she turned to go back to the apprentices den... she had seen what she assumed must be the medicine cat apprenticce going bout looking for herbs... though the young cat had been watching her... she suspected that she would be paying a visit to the apprentices den before long. Once inside she mewed to Leafpaw that she was back... that Silverpaw could be a problem, though. Leafpaw she wasn't certain how much to trust with. Yes, she would have to speak with the medicine cat.
  20. The toms's reaction served to enrage the she-cat further, and her usual caution went out the window... she hurled herself at the offender with all the strength she had in her admittedly slender body, hopeing to knock him off of his feet. Her claws were out and she aimed a swipe at his side as she barreled into him. She might be slender, but she was a surprisingly fierce fighter, and she could be surprisingly fast, which might work to her advantage. This cocky tom-cat ought to be taught a few manners... he was a few moons older than herself, but he wasn't anything the equal of Yellowpath's skill in battle she guessed. "I think, no, I know that I am a ThunderClan apprentice warrior" she snarled" I may be slender," she hissed more softly," but do not ever make the mistake of believing that means I am weak."
  21. At that moment she heard another apprentice, evidently one who respected and looked up to Yellowpath, not far from the den begging to know if they had caught 'another one". No doubt he meant cats, the apprentice realized. For some reason this made her angry... more angry than she could ever remember having been. How could this apprentice support Yellowpath when he... she looked back at the other she cat, no doubt another one they had stolen... how could they have done this to her. Her eyes narrowed and went icy as she slipped easily out of the den telling Leafpaw that she would be back, and walked straight up to the young tom. It was as if the fury of LionClan and TigerClan was boiling hot in her viens, and StarClan help anycat that got between her and this cat. "Who do you think you are" she snarled, staring straight at the young tom," I am NOT some piece of freshkill that has been brought back, so do not talk about me as if I was." Her eyes flashed fiercely.
  22. After being draggged many foxlengths to the ShadowClan camp , the young ThunderClan pprentice found herself being roughly thrust into a den that reeked of ShadowClan... which made her sensitive nose twitch. She had yelped in pain at being so roughly handled... not that Yellowpath cared. That's what YOU think, the she-cat thought to herself as the tom told her that she would spend the rest of her life here, in ShadowClan; he had quite possibly underestimated her! She meant to escape, and the momentshe thought he was gone she picked herself up and she sat for a moment... only to have her thoughts interrupted by being prodded by somecat's paw. She turned to see a young apprentice... not much older than herself. The young she-cat smelled of ShadowClan naturally, but... WindClan underneath? She only had time to puzzle about this for a moment before the stranger introduced herself as Leafpaw. "My name is Lynxpaw", she said witha friendly grin, attempting to keep her sensitive nose from twitching furiously at the ShadowClan fox-stench which surrounded her. The young apprentice glanced arround to see who else might be in the den. Something made her feel sorry for this cat... she had probably been a cheerful and kindnatured cat, once; she could see it in her eyes and it was stilll there... though hidden, ShadowClan hadn't been able to entirely extinguish it. StarClan help me, the apprentice prayed silently... already she missed her friends and the familiar surroundings of the camp. She missed Fernflight and the elders and her fellow ThunderClan apprentices. A sad look crossed her face in spite of herself at the thought that if her plan failed she would never see them again, and if the Storm was bad here... part of her wished she was home helping her mentor with whatever needed done to protect ThunderClan from the storm. Which is why I must not fail... she thought... and who knew, perhaps StarClan had allowed her to be captured by Yellowpath to for exactly such a thing as she was planning...
  23. Lynxpaw's ears went flat back against her skull at this." I'd sooner die" she spat " And you.... you can rot in Dark Forest for all of me". Here she managed to get one of her paws free and attempted another swipe at her attackers face. However, the she-cat suspected that further resistance was useless... perhaps what she needed to do was to wait for the right moment to escape from her captor. She stopped struggling then, and relaxed a little at this thought, and a plan began to form in the she-cat's admittedly cunning brain. Perhaps there were other ShadowClan 'apprentices' who would welcome a chance to escape. She prayed silently to StarClan that her plan would not fail. "I see that I have no choice," she said more softly this time, as if the reality of the situation had dawned on her.
  24. i think thatI would probably be a Ravenclaw... I love to learn, and I respect and valu e intelligence above most of the other things mentioned.