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  1. I reset after I completed the snowman and chose to return the watch in the hopes that I would be able to try the day again ^^'
  2. Definitely sure I chose to return the pocketwatch, and my tree is still droopy as well. Does it have to do with me resetting the day?
  3. My reaction: I cannot wait! ^^
  4. Wow! I'm so lucky I stayed up. Can't wait to see how these dragons end up!
  5. -Joining the forum so late while having my account for nearly a year. -Quitting DC for a while and missing so many releases... -Mistaking a pink for a frill (AFTER they were discontinued) I still ahve no idea whatsoever how I did that...
  6. Avatar: 7/10 *shrug* It just looks cool. Name: 4/10 Signature: 9/10 Soul Eater is awesome, but Maka annoys me.
  7. N: 7/10 Guessing your name is Allie, I think it's clever A: 4/10 Meh, guess it's not to my taste S: 7/10 Cute
  8. Just be in under water googly Google gjubhj